Incredible moment as Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier meet backstage after UFC 257

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2 ай мурун

Conor McGregor called for a trilogy with Dustin Poirier and labelled him a warrior as the two fighters exchanged words backstage after #UFC257.
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Brett Werner
Brett Werner 2 күн мурун
I do very much appreciate the respect some fighters give each other after fights. It’s great to see.
Atis Hub
Atis Hub 6 күн мурун
This means who are honorfull sportsmen. Respect! ;)
JimmyWatchingGames 7 күн мурун
too bad he's tainted this humbleness with recent events on twitter
Ali Ibrar
Ali Ibrar 7 күн мурун
Who's here after dustin came out saying conor didn't follow through with his promise on the donation? xD
Akash Gode
Akash Gode 7 күн мурун
Who is here after they both started beefing again on twitter over Dustin's charity donation
Kof 8 күн мурун
Who else is here after mcgregor dipped on poriers charity😂
T Chu
T Chu 8 күн мурун
Mad respect to Connor for taking defead and humble.
User Name
User Name 8 күн мурун
Dustin may have won the fight, but he didn’t win the donation money.
Kevin Barrett
Kevin Barrett 9 күн мурун
The only guy not wearing a mask.
Duncan Feng
Duncan Feng 9 күн мурун
damn he looks geriatric hobbling around like that
stephen cohen
stephen cohen 9 күн мурун
That was a cool 😎 moment man the old Conor Mcgregor would have been different but it's great to see Dustin get his due they are gonna do it again aswell that leg 🦵 or calf is F up.
Noel Campell
Noel Campell 10 күн мурун
This is one the reasons millions love and respect Connor Mcgregor. Sure he's an idiot at times but who hasn't been. And respect to Dustin for handling the encounter so professionally.
Kidd Vader
Kidd Vader 8 күн мурун
@Dr. Ruhe lol
Dr. Ruhe
Dr. Ruhe 8 күн мурун
where the money at conor
alfa romeo
alfa romeo 11 күн мурун
Everyone: walking with a mask Connor: Fook the mask!
Russell Mcgowan
Russell Mcgowan 13 күн мурун
Tbh am a mcgregor fan but out of all the opponents who he beat Dustin is the only one who has changed for the better I think
Joe Cockram
Joe Cockram 14 күн мурун
Prue class from the champ champ.
Anonymous squirrel
Anonymous squirrel 14 күн мурун
O man khabib really did humble him.🤣
JoeTheSlow 14 күн мурун
Conor mcgregor is resisting the urge to call him peahead
Dennis Carlo Reyes
Dennis Carlo Reyes 15 күн мурун
Very respectful mcgregor
David Mc
David Mc 15 күн мурун
Nelson from the Simpson’s: “haw haw!”
Michael Queen
Michael Queen 16 күн мурун
The amount of respect he has is crazy and when they fight again he will win
Phil Cliffe
Phil Cliffe 17 күн мурун
There will be no dolly throwing today!
Phil Cliffe
Phil Cliffe 17 күн мурун
Takes in on the shin like a true warrior.
T Y 18 күн мурун
He came he saw he conquered....he will rise again
Shafain Ali
Shafain Ali 19 күн мурун
Khabib make him humble
Syed Fawaz
Syed Fawaz 19 күн мурун
Khabib did humbled him like he said he would
Eemeli Kantanen
Eemeli Kantanen 23 күн мурун
Loses a fight, walks out like a man without excuses, now we go again, train even harder. When u are at the gym, give always 110% of your self, outside the gym, have fun and dont think about sports.
Bob Will
Bob Will 24 күн мурун
Last thing I would deal with limping to my car would be a camera in my face.
Hamus Spivilgary
Hamus Spivilgary 25 күн мурун
Connor was destroying him. Got caught, then game over. Fights turn in an instant.
OFChaot 27 күн мурун
To this day hard to watch ffs
Kevin Kozlowski
Kevin Kozlowski 27 күн мурун
Humble Connor isn’t as much fun but it is good to see and better for him his career and his well being
Afonso Reis
Afonso Reis 28 күн мурун
I would love to see McGregor fighting someone he doesn't like now
baisteescruncher 29 күн мурун
what is great about conor is even though he losses all the big fights or tapping out he is always up for doing it again
wilz trepee-a
wilz trepee-a Ай мурун
Without mc gregor ufc is nothing.
Dominic Meehan
Dominic Meehan Ай мурун
Incredible video....3 minutes of a man limping?! Well done BT sports, glad I'm not paying a
General of your mom, your best reptilioid
General of your mom, your best reptilioid Ай мурун
Macgregor is done
Karl M
Karl M Ай мурун
Conor is a guy that I think any average person can't relate to. Quits his job to pursue an outlandish dream. How many of us want to do that on a daily basis....
Lim Lmtra kangtsung
Lim Lmtra kangtsung Ай мурун
Win or loss he is stll the best
Dominick Ruiz
Dominick Ruiz Ай мурун
Yo why did he cripple McGregor like that yo haha
Jan Gabriel Prion
Jan Gabriel Prion Ай мурун
i think connor wanted to showcase his boxing and was confident to go for 3 rounds. he was not calling out for 1st round ko and said it himself that he wants highlights and more time in the octagon
Sagi Vijayarama Raju
Sagi Vijayarama Raju Ай мурун
Now he perfectly stole the Vince McMahon walk😂
Xalilrahmon Sobitov
Xalilrahmon Sobitov Ай мурун
I like Khabib but i like Conor as well both are great fighters
Xalilrahmon Sobitov
Xalilrahmon Sobitov Ай мурун
Conor mcgregor is the one who brought us to ufc i didn't even know anything about it so respect to this person
Muhamed Sherifi
Muhamed Sherifi Ай мурун
Im gonna make him humble 😋
Knott Chu
Knott Chu Ай мурун
Lumberjack Poirier chopped down that cherry tree.
James Sonam
James Sonam Ай мурун
Conor is still best
zzO Ай мурун
Conor Mc crutches
Pavol Löbb
Pavol Löbb Ай мурун
why arent there a irish flags on that RR
spontanp Ай мурун
Respect. That’s how it should be in sport.
ivan sivic
ivan sivic Ай мурун
i wait for doubt me now Conor
Scissoroar Scissoroar
Scissoroar Scissoroar Ай мурун
I could beat him up
Joshua Branson
Joshua Branson Ай мурун
Conor is a one legged chicken Tapper
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion Ай мурун
conor’s calf killed by kicks, limps to the rolls royce and opens the door for his lady sugar sean’s calf gets killed, screams “call an ambulance! call an ambulance! yes for me!”
Jesus Mora
Jesus Mora Ай мурун
Connor humble now
Bang Napi
Bang Napi 2 ай мурун
0:00-3:37 camera on him.. poker face. 3:55 camera off him CM: “fooooookin hell me legs... mamamamamma..”
Peter Beck
Peter Beck 2 ай мурун
He will be back. Win and retire a winner. The leg injury will be good in the movie .but conner will get one chance mire Dan the man will sort it 📠📠📠📠📠📠📠money talks
The Ghost
The Ghost 2 ай мурун
Wonder what he said to the mrs that got bleeped out...
Baber Israr
Baber Israr 2 ай мурун
Connor learn some respect from pirore he’s a legend he fought khabib how much he has got his respect ✊
*** 2 ай мурун
So humble in every defeat. 🇮🇪🍀💯👏 Proud to be an Irish man
Nicola Pagnin
Nicola Pagnin 2 ай мурун
Rispetto reciproco... Un Conor diverso dal anni fa
Rafa Kops
Rafa Kops 2 ай мурун
Xavier Cage
Xavier Cage 2 ай мурун
Look the contrast between Conor and Dustin, Conor looks like a businessman and Dustin looks like homeless.
Eko Paster Praise YAH¡
Eko Paster Praise YAH¡ 2 ай мурун
I AM HERE 2 ай мурун
Mc gregor is humble in defeat goodman.
Tej Kumar T A
Tej Kumar T A 2 ай мурун
Iam really upset,wn u loss fight against Poirier,and come back from that injury,take rest and stay safe.wn ur in injury u gave a great respect to ur wife for firstly u opened the door ur wife.😁 Keep smiling ever and forever👍👍, Conor come back I wanna to see u in fight.
JOHN Ramos
JOHN Ramos 2 ай мурун
He is a champion in my book living legend 🙌 👏
JOHN Ramos
JOHN Ramos 2 ай мурун
The man a real life expendable
JOHN Ramos
JOHN Ramos 2 ай мурун
Yup he walked out like a soldier 4 real
sakib Khan
sakib Khan 2 ай мурун
😅😅😅😅 I curse his way of walking
Running Fox
Running Fox 2 ай мурун
McGregor trying his best to patronise Dustin as he hobbles away like a rat
oni kage
oni kage 2 ай мурун
Habib Khan
Habib Khan 2 ай мурун
Those two defeats make him to think & speak like human no more like d*g b**king.
All Things Considered
All Things Considered 2 ай мурун
Brilliant fight Dustin and great respect from McGregor
PONOR 2 ай мурун
well Khabib really make Conor humble
TheGriffin025 2 ай мурун
What i liked best about this vid: Connor can´t barely walk but opens the car door for his wife, then takes the walk around the car...honour...
roby darwis
roby darwis 2 ай мурун
Aing atoh cokorna pincang hahaha.....
roby darwis
roby darwis 2 ай мурун
Sukur kokodna pengkeh
PADDY'S GLOBAL NEWS Khan 2 ай мурун
It started with a "Million Dollar Walk" BUT ended with a "Humble Walk Of Shame" 🤣🤣🤣
Nicholas Kane
Nicholas Kane 2 ай мурун
Haha I like how he moves his arms to make the limp look normal . Lol
Altered Mind
Altered Mind 2 ай мурун
Why doesn't he just use the crutches? Who cares what it looks like. Dafty
Nate Diaz Best
Nate Diaz Best 2 ай мурун
Black Panther
Black Panther 2 ай мурун
Connor already proved he’s the best years ago now he has nothing to prove because he’s already made his mark in the ufc he’s a legend
Valentino 2 ай мурун
This is just business.
Amos chawnghlut
Amos chawnghlut 2 ай мурун
how great this guy
Drop Kick Murphy00
Drop Kick Murphy00 2 ай мурун
That's exactly how a champ takes an L. Sean OMalley the poor sport needs to take notes
Aritra Ghosh
Aritra Ghosh 2 ай мурун
Respect ❤️❤️
Grif Luke
Grif Luke 2 ай мурун
Still holds the door for his wife?... still cheated on her and had a baby
Darren Maguire
Darren Maguire 2 ай мурун
🤔 nothing wrong wit his leg, Dustin put him asleep before he hit the canvas 💯,, he gave Dustin $ 500,000 before the fight hoping Dustin would go easy on him, fair play to Dustin he shut tat mouth piece up,👏👏👏
Choco Later
Choco Later 2 ай мурун
Khabib be like: Mission accomplished. He is humble now.
Future UFC champion
Future UFC champion Ай мурун
like that running bloke had anything to do with it
Choco Later
Choco Later 2 ай мурун
@J Get on with it haha
J 2 ай мурун
Hate how y’all put Khabib in literally everything.
belay zenica
belay zenica 2 ай мурун
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn thats hard n true gettihg a khabib t shirt today
yellow black
yellow black 2 ай мурун
zaid mesmar
zaid mesmar 2 ай мурун
What da fook was dat??...... Man i miss the old conor mcregor
King Queen
King Queen 2 ай мурун
My leg has came out of the socket 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
FLUFF Ball 2 ай мурун
Willie Ortiz
Willie Ortiz 2 ай мурун
Gotta respect what he's done for the sport we all win we all lose he took it like the warrior he is he'll be back for sure
Scotty GetRight
Scotty GetRight 2 ай мурун
Conor has a pretty bad knee injury too
Sam Yapp
Sam Yapp 2 ай мурун
looks like Wilfrid Brambell
Rainbow Rose
Rainbow Rose 2 ай мурун
See how well he takes a loss. Fair play to him.
Krunal Yenurkar
Krunal Yenurkar 2 ай мурун
Conor who made me watch MMA..I love u Conor from india
Chris 2 ай мурун
I’m a big fan of mcgregor but I’m very happy for Dustin that he won this I like Dustin a lot
Konrex konrex
Konrex konrex 2 ай мурун
For a second: is he gonna drive Me: PLEASE DON'T LET HIM DRIVE
aMAZINg 2 ай мурун
Yeah lmao when he started going around i thought the same thing for a sec
Unspoken Truth
Unspoken Truth 2 ай мурун
seems connor foot was a baloon, and his shoulder come out of the socket
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