I really gotta start listenin to my wife.

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Ginger Billy

11 ай мурун

Soooo, my wife accuses me of not listenin to her....now I know why.

LocotubeQc QC
LocotubeQc QC 16 саат мурун
Funiest &#_$$ ever !!
Pizza pie 38
Pizza pie 38 18 саат мурун
Sweet home Alabama
Pizza pie 38
Pizza pie 38 18 саат мурун
O the sky’s are so blue
Jet Raven
Jet Raven 18 саат мурун
lmao man you got that right
Maliceah 3 күн мурун
Every marriage has that same communication problem! lol. Thanks for pointing it out!
TheKajunkat 6 күн мурун
I tell my wife " If I listened to everything you said my head would explode. If you want me to do it, put it on a list". Don't work worth a damn, but I says it.
Reviews ‘n’ things
Reviews ‘n’ things 7 күн мурун
That leave blower would be great for a ghostbusters costume
ionicatoms 8 күн мурун
Flat out told the wife her argument was meaningless since it was “I told you that yesterday!” I’m like, why in the heck did you leave this to-do sitting out on the dining room table if it was already done?! Woman makes no sense!
maggie notto
maggie notto 8 күн мурун
OMG I laughed so hard I fell off my bed. But I feel her pain the struggle is real
Arcnologia 9 күн мурун
The funniest part was when he said blowing everything but the dust 😂
Michael paterson
Michael paterson 10 күн мурун
You need to buy a mini DeWalt shop table leaf blower🤣😂🤣
Irishhawk 12 күн мурун
2:20 The funniest shit i ever heard😂
billbo baggins
billbo baggins 12 күн мурун
Did he say! ( It puts the lotion in the basket )?
Melissa Hinkley
Melissa Hinkley 13 күн мурун
Todd Kimbrell
Todd Kimbrell 14 күн мурун
Bucket List Item #1 HAVE A BEER WITH GINGER BILLY. can we make this happen?
Michael Rich
Michael Rich 15 күн мурун
LoL bless his heart. he got smarter and wiser. you're awesome 😎 dude. GO AVENGERS!!!!!
Michael West
Michael West 16 күн мурун
Listen to your wife? Yeah right!! We are men after all.
Darren Skjoelsvold
Darren Skjoelsvold 17 күн мурун
This video just broke me. I thought I would watch it and have a little chuckle. Now it's 1am and I am still laughing at this and not getting to sleep. I have got to stop watching these videos before bedtime.
Salamander Anime
Salamander Anime 17 күн мурун
I think this happens to every man
Ruth 17 күн мурун
Dude. I’m only ever dusting this way again.
Casey Hanger
Casey Hanger 17 күн мурун
Are you my dad?
Rob Andera
Rob Andera 18 күн мурун
I can relate, just ask my wife 😄😄🤣🤣🤣🤣
SC2Klepto 18 күн мурун
His explanation of his communication issue is spot on for evey guy living. 🤣 Lol he said, "Actually listen to her."
Tiffany Harvey
Tiffany Harvey 18 күн мурун
This video made me subscribe
Eyes On the Kingdom
Eyes On the Kingdom 19 күн мурун
he's not a comedian, he's a genius. and this poor veteran's hero
NotMyLife 19 күн мурун
Yes, don't be thinking about NASCAR while your wife is talking to you! You can think about NASCAR later, like at church.
Casey Hanger
Casey Hanger 17 күн мурун
That cracked me up, great comment!
charles valentino
charles valentino 20 күн мурун
Clem Cadiddlehopper
Clem Cadiddlehopper Ай мурун
😆😆😆I blew everything, everywhere😂
Elana Hammer
Elana Hammer Ай мурун
Just an observation as a fan... uh yeah, maybe you should be proud that your son is into whippets? Lol Sounds like he either likes the concepts of self- discipline or he’s into a specific breed of dog! Lol 🤔❤️✊🇺🇸😜
Tony Levisee
Tony Levisee Ай мурун
This dude is awesome. I like this guy
Kennedy McGovern
Kennedy McGovern Ай мурун
Hell, I aint even really listenin to you while you're talkin...and I clicked on you.
Ann Howcroft
Ann Howcroft Ай мурун
Oh yes, my husband's line; You never told me that.
isiaha Miller
isiaha Miller Ай мурун
David Jackson
David Jackson Ай мурун
what you should have done was duck tape all the little stuff down first so you didna make a big mess. there ya go!
matthew gill
matthew gill Ай мурун
Just don't get married.... problem solved
matthew gill
matthew gill Ай мурун
Nothing better than handles in the middle of a cabinet door...... are they for decoration..... are they functional.... who cares
MountainGiant Ай мурун
R dudstars.
Samuel Schick
Samuel Schick Ай мурун
"When the leaf blower blew the cast iron claw foot bathtub through the wall, it was at that moment he knew he fucked up."
Thunder Road
Thunder Road Ай мурун
Eric Lembeck
Eric Lembeck Ай мурун
This is just the most wholesome and goofiest freaking thing I’ve ever seen in my whole damn life.
whirlybird n
whirlybird n Ай мурун
Modern-day buff Francis?
F100 Ай мурун
2:09 🤣🤣😂😂 💀 💀 💀🤣🤣😂
David Smith
David Smith Ай мурун
Wife needs to answer question back and forth. Shock her lol... that's how me and my wife play
brenda fleming
brenda fleming Ай мурун
Steph T
Steph T Ай мурун
My dad does this exact same thing😂😂
kaydro Ай мурун
I wouldn’t want my 5 year old son makin whipits, or somethin
Tinkering with Poppy
Tinkering with Poppy Ай мурун
your awesome man lol
Zcb Bender
Zcb Bender Ай мурун
We don't think you really used to leaf blower in the house because if you did you would have showed us because your wife really would have kicked your ass if you really did that I always say I may not always be right but I'm never wrong and that's what you should tell your wife everyday it'll make a good relationship 😂 but if you do say it to her make sure you get the reaction on camera lol and use the leaf blower we want to see it rummage through the house
KennyShin Ай мурун
Why did my laptop auto to 4k quality and why does this channel have 4k quality!?
Tony Jackson
Tony Jackson Ай мурун
Better be a REDMAX 8550 blower 🤨🤣
Aj Ruiz
Aj Ruiz Ай мурун
Ginger billy ....the movie... thumb up ... For yea.....
Thomas Deas
Thomas Deas Ай мурун
At this point I think we need to see a female. lol
That Lol Guy
That Lol Guy Ай мурун
Good man 👍
David Twitchen
David Twitchen Ай мурун
You are priceless brother, love your work or as your wife would say , lack of it 😂
Chancey464 Ай мурун
Men are genetically born this way, no fault of your own. JustAThought
Lourdes Lopez
Lourdes Lopez Ай мурун
That was a great advice brother. If men listen to their wives wisdom things will be a lot better‼️. This was a funny video,😂🤣
Curtis Sylvester Jr.
Curtis Sylvester Jr. Ай мурун
Christian Labrador
Christian Labrador Ай мурун
“Tornader “ 🤣
Blayne MacPherson
Blayne MacPherson Ай мурун
Dang dude. You funneee. You got so out of control you blew your shirt off sh!t man be careful with them there leaf blowers.
Jason A
Jason A Ай мурун
not just you every grown-up man that is married have a problem listening to their wife
Jacob Eakright
Jacob Eakright Ай мурун
That's dusting with more power
Bro. Glover
Bro. Glover Ай мурун
This guy is very funny. Typical male.
Fen Wolf
Fen Wolf Ай мурун
Boy you have ADHD (so do I)
Claude Rivet
Claude Rivet Ай мурун
U are so Brutal ..... Man i like ur Video's..... Ur BADASS MAN ... LMFAO
matthew barela
matthew barela Ай мурун
I'm dieng!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ever having A rough day put this guy on it'll get better effing love this man not in the gay way!!!!!!
Not Sure
Not Sure Ай мурун
I love this guy!
1SassyBoar G_Life
1SassyBoar G_Life Ай мурун
I feel ya. I don't remember either lol
1SassyBoar G_Life
1SassyBoar G_Life Ай мурун
Scott Fenton
Scott Fenton Ай мурун
There are subjects where that happens alot of times!
Rodney Bardin
Rodney Bardin Ай мурун
I did this I was on the 2nd floor. Fortunately, I gave my cats parachutes.
Nunster's Place
Nunster's Place Ай мурун
that was stupid
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith Ай мурун
Behind every angry woman stands a man who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.
makis pas
makis pas Ай мурун
How you said hilly billy we said ΜΠΡΟΥΤΖΟΒΛΑΧΟΣ
Kevin Rogge
Kevin Rogge Ай мурун
This is literally my wife and I
J S Ай мурун
I love you Hill Billy
Egg Good
Egg Good Ай мурун
Take his advice
Steven Phelps
Steven Phelps Ай мурун
Oh hell! This guy is too much 😂🤣 I love it! Lol 😆
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas Ай мурун
Marauderson Ай мурун
C'mon man! Why didn't you crank it up?
john mcinnis
john mcinnis Ай мурун
And is wife never asked him to do another thing after that ,EVER AND THAT WAS HIS PLAN ALL ALONG.
Ronnie Daniel
Ronnie Daniel Ай мурун
That well work
Red Stone
Red Stone Ай мурун
Relatable Marriage advice. Subscribed.
Dear Red
Dear Red Ай мурун
Dude, please run for president.
JMA Cleaning Company
JMA Cleaning Company Ай мурун
Ginger Billy is the best 🤣🤣🤣
Rene Kroeger
Rene Kroeger Ай мурун
Uses air quotes! 🤣😂🤣
Wilson Freeman
Wilson Freeman Ай мурун
That's just us men! We bring the Nuke when they tell us to use the conventional grenade! It might be overdone but we git'er done!
MrMoto .Psycho
MrMoto .Psycho Ай мурун
OMG Thats ME! Three days ago, I used the leaf blower to clean all the dust & dirt from the overhead floor joists. (This of course is where the laundry, and her craft room are) Hey, I got my job done in a few minutes, dunno why it took her two hours to clean her stuff...
a 6
a 6 Ай мурун
Redmax the best
Brian Berkley
Brian Berkley Ай мурун
Leaf blower in the house!! Bad idea. Dumbdumb.
Thirsty 4more
Thirsty 4more Ай мурун
Wonder which one blows better.
67 C10
67 C10 Ай мурун
I like the way you think!!! It’s just the application that needs a little fine tuning!! The leaf blower is fine, just don’t rev it up all the wayyyyyy, seeeee??? Sheesh!! God bless ya! Love ya all!! (Sorry, it just popped up in my head, couldn’t stop myself. You might understand.)
Keith Craig
Keith Craig Ай мурун
Let her find you handy. Handsome is overrated.
Rose Lagos
Rose Lagos Ай мурун
We love you too 👍😄❤️❣️💋 and your wife !
420 mtz
420 mtz Ай мурун
i love this video
EastBay Chevy510
EastBay Chevy510 2 ай мурун
Don't be huffing them air dusters lol causes brain damage
Jarsia 2 ай мурун
this is why women need give all instructions in writing
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos 2 ай мурун
Not gonna lie. I thought it was a potato gun he was holding in the picture. Then I played the video.
Garrett Roberts
Garrett Roberts 2 ай мурун
C Budabii
C Budabii 2 ай мурун
You to funny son 😂😂😂 Budabii NYC456 💀💯💪🏽🥊🗽🇵🇷
Meronda Roumillat
Meronda Roumillat 2 ай мурун
Jjacob8600 2 ай мурун
Basically all guys
Keaton Girard
Keaton Girard 2 ай мурун
welcome to ADHD Billy! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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