Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock Takes Jay Around In The Rare Shelby Cobra | Jay Leno's Garage

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2 ай мурун

Jay gets to spend the day with two legends; Jazz musician Herbie Hancock and his rare 1963 AC Shelby Cobra. With less than 1,000 made, Herbie Hancock is the longest original owner in the world of this vehicle.
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Jazz Legend Herbie Hancock Takes Jay Around In The Rare Shelby Cobra | Jay Leno's Garage

C A 4 күн мурун
So happy to have seen him play many times
sean lawless
sean lawless 12 күн мурун
Very cool
DCXXX 13 күн мурун
Amazing car and owner!
Sergio Del Valle
Sergio Del Valle 13 күн мурун
Now that's a great story just saying
anthony silva
anthony silva 14 күн мурун
Herbie could be driving the Oscar Myer Weinermobile and he’d still be cool AF.
John Guilfoil
John Guilfoil 14 күн мурун
Nobody cooler on the planet...God made me funky(Headhunters)
Robert Frias
Robert Frias 14 күн мурун
The vision to see the greatness in that car and then keep it all those years. And be a genius musician all in one person.
tgmjr tgmjr
tgmjr tgmjr 15 күн мурун
No masks? Outside?? No social distancing?
Matt Saucer
Matt Saucer 15 күн мурун
Dream car.
David Peltier
David Peltier 15 күн мурун
My guess is 2 million is probably the low estimate the car is awesome.
Larry Born
Larry Born 15 күн мурун
As if Herbie wasn't cool enough already...... ;)
Saul Amezcua
Saul Amezcua 16 күн мурун
Herbie hancock and miles davis racing a cobra and maserati? WTF IS COOLER THAN THAT!!!???
Scott Brandon
Scott Brandon 16 күн мурун
For $2,000,000 you could sell it and have a great retirement.
KorbinX 16 күн мурун
Herbie Hancock looks pretty good for his age. I mean he did sign the Declaration of Independence
Donald George
Donald George 16 күн мурун
There is nothing not cool about this entire video. The car, the stories.
John Kimble
John Kimble 17 күн мурун
you might be cool, but you'll never be Herbie Hancock beating Miles Davis in a drag race with enough time to light a smoke by the time he catches up cool ;)
John Kimble
John Kimble 17 күн мурун
he also did the music for death wish
Smiley 17 күн мурун
Cool guys, cool cars and cool music! What else can we ask for? Great vid!
Mack Avelli
Mack Avelli 18 күн мурун
The fact he bought it new and has kept it throughout the years is dope!
Don Ron Drungus
Don Ron Drungus 18 күн мурун
Hearing Jay Leno saying “jazz cats” creeps me out big time
soma 18 күн мурун
That sales man gave one of the dislikes!
Doctor Garbonzo
Doctor Garbonzo 19 күн мурун
Awesome episode !
The Pill and Jaded Show Podcast
The Pill and Jaded Show Podcast 19 күн мурун
say it right Jay.. not 'nasty' sales man... RACIST salesman.. wonder where that racist POS is now? :-)
jared price
jared price 20 күн мурун
Uh, FUNK legend is more like it
Steve Paige
Steve Paige 21 күн мурун
Denzel looking good for his age.
Louis GREEN 21 күн мурун
Aaaaghhhhh. They should of had Chameleon blasting out of the sound system as they drove down the road. When you look in a dictionary under the word "Cool", it would be a picture of Herbie and the Cobra driving by.
Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan 21 күн мурун
I made it 30 seconds. The opening words distort and misinform. Incorrect cliche. I love Herbie and really don't care about his car. His car makes him "cool"? Please.
JJ Ryan
JJ Ryan 21 күн мурун
It was so great to see him perform with a trio a few years ago.
Max Farah
Max Farah 22 күн мурун
It’s crazy that Herb is older than jay leno by 11 years yet looks 15 years younger than him
Casey Skipper
Casey Skipper 22 күн мурун
Dad bought his 64 for $4,000.
Mr Ding
Mr Ding 23 күн мурун
200,000 miles on it, that’s what cars are for!!!
Hayden Exer
Hayden Exer 23 күн мурун
There truly is people you want for nothing and those who work they're entire lives, everyday, just to to thrown out on the street to save those at the top
19Ron66 23 күн мурун
If/when that car comes on the market, I daresay it would be considerably more than just $2m.
kingsofcobra 23 күн мурун
This man is 81 years old....LEGEND!!!
Jonny Lemons
Jonny Lemons 24 күн мурун
Bobby Boombatz
Bobby Boombatz 24 күн мурун
Beyond Cool !
MIKE FEINSTEIN 24 күн мурун
Wow two great men, and what a car, Jay you never seem to amaze me with the cars you have or the people you know that have them. An original AC cobra
Goliat eXperience
Goliat eXperience 25 күн мурун
This guy look like a father of the chocolate rain Kid!!!
Bruh-Shah Dust Of The Ground
Bruh-Shah Dust Of The Ground 25 күн мурун
The #1 hippest cat that walks the face of the earth.
Samuel Toomer
Samuel Toomer 25 күн мурун
Love Herbie! One of my inspirations, musically!
Hiram Abiff
Hiram Abiff 25 күн мурун
Maiden Voyage! My favorite Jazz composition ever. Well, then again my AC I owned for 21 years is a close second.
SuperFacecloth 25 күн мурун
promerops 26 күн мурун
What a great guy is Herbie Hancock! He has been married to the same woman since 1968 (Herbie seems to be in things, like marriage and car ownership, for the long haul!), he holds degrees in music AND electrical engineering, has been an innovator in music from the early days of his career, looks about half his age and seems like a thoroughly nice man.
deshaun dozier
deshaun dozier 27 күн мурун
I’m 40 and we look the same age
Dream Film
Dream Film 27 күн мурун
Get rid of the Cobra 🐍 It's dangerous 🔥
Charles Middleton
Charles Middleton 27 күн мурун
How cool of a video was this?! What a treat!
daniel Pantoja
daniel Pantoja 27 күн мурун
Protect at all cost
CPTMorada 27 күн мурун
I got to meet Herbie one day back in 2006 traveling to South America. Couldn't believe it was him, at an airport in Rio, Brazil, in baggage claim, noone one around, just him and one other guy. He was the nicest, laid back, most humble musician ever. Had a great conversation with him. Was a huge fan of his, especially his work Head Hunters..such a chance meeting. Never forgot it!
Mark Rushton
Mark Rushton 27 күн мурун
was there anyone in the Miles bands who wasnt cool? they were playing in the Miles davis band - enough said
Kurt Womack
Kurt Womack 28 күн мурун
Thanks for sharing Herbie! Seemed weird to see Jay as passenger.
Julious Bass
Julious Bass 28 күн мурун
racist salesman
RD 28 күн мурун
John Hancock....it's Herbie Hancock
Vitality Massage
Vitality Massage 28 күн мурун
1:58 What a great LAUGH!
Vitality Massage
Vitality Massage 25 күн мурун
@Tyler Westman Something is wrong with your timer.
Tyler Westman
Tyler Westman 25 күн мурун
That’s after his laugh it’s 1:53
Z birmingslam
Z birmingslam 28 күн мурун
6k for a shelby cobra 🤣
Bruce 29 күн мурун
He is 80 years old.
Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant 29 күн мурун
Yeaaaaah man!
Todd Gaak
Todd Gaak 29 күн мурун
John Hancock? It's * Herbie* Hancock. Derrrr!
Carlos Alberto
Carlos Alberto 29 күн мурун
3:36 jay is wowed not just any car does this
Karl Vance
Karl Vance 29 күн мурун
Thank you Jay for this. It brought The Icon the very deserved attention. Miss seeing you drive around town as of late. All the best.
Funky' Furballs
Funky' Furballs Ай мурун
Looks like a slightly modified AC Bristol... Never knew these existed.
Rob Tullius
Rob Tullius Ай мурун
I would say much higher than 2m....
Rob Tullius
Rob Tullius Ай мурун
Thats a crazy valuable Cobra
Rob Tullius
Rob Tullius Ай мурун
We loved V.S.O.P. and all his Miles work early on.....Herbie was a huge influence on my brother Kevins Jazz career....
Dre Cool
Dre Cool Ай мурун
The great thing is that all of the players who gigged with Miles have a story......lol
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Ай мурун
Milton Coles
Milton Coles Ай мурун
Herbie Handcock is a SUPREME LEGEND.... Also up there with Mount Rushmore of the Hip Hop community!!!!!
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Ай мурун
Yes, and also an icon.
cthulhu sashimi
cthulhu sashimi Ай мурун
And he was one of the framers of the constitution.
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Ай мурун
AC is English
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe Ай мурун
THIS, I didn't know. I've always been a Herbie fan, this just made me that much more of one.
Nesptah Soitis
Nesptah Soitis Ай мурун
Very Nice!!!
Bryan Alfonso
Bryan Alfonso Ай мурун
Great stories and comments: The sales story. The Miles story. The model's story. The uniqueness of the vehicle and the owner are indeed unparalleled.
jeff pope
jeff pope Ай мурун
Wow !
Tom H
Tom H Ай мурун
Pure gold. Thanks.
RC LIFT OFF! Ай мурун
If you guys stop for coffee i'm telling Jerry!
B Blutarsky
B Blutarsky Ай мурун
Jay brings balance to this video. Two of the coolest things ever, Herbie Hancock and his AC Cobra, and one of the most uncool things ever, Jay Leno.
Isaac Lipman
Isaac Lipman Ай мурун
amazing for 80!!!!!!!!!!
robtk3 Ай мурун
An American treasure... owned by an American treasure.😎
W A Ай мурун
Herbie Hancock is one of the worlds greatest people, I love that guy!
Maikel RetroGamer
Maikel RetroGamer Ай мурун
i came across herbie because of prodigy sample, such a cool dude. i dont like jay, but i like he gave the man some shine
Dexter's Finest
Dexter's Finest Ай мурун
"So, Donald Byrd, who was my roommate who actually discovered me..." 😯😯😯😯😯
Mexican Zeppelin
Mexican Zeppelin Ай мурун
Nice wheels. Originals don't come along every day.
Cheefekeefe Ай мурун
Amazing episode!
Michael Marino
Michael Marino Ай мурун
Herb smoke no cigs....
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson Ай мурун
Was this Jays Maiden Voyage in this car? Lol
Rich Ай мурун
Who else thought it was Chris Rock?!
The300ZXGuru Ай мурун
no where near 2millionj Jay i thought you were a car guy. Like Dennis always says if that is all matching numbers holy grail car its worth about 8 to 10 million.
Green Orchid
Green Orchid Ай мурун
Rocketman owns a rocket car!🤔💥📈😆😆😆✌ 2021y love that he actually drove it!🎶🎵🎶🎵
smokefree08 Ай мурун
What a nice dude.
Inconviently Honest
Inconviently Honest Ай мурун
Legendary musician, legendary car.
Summer Lake Photog
Summer Lake Photog Ай мурун
This is soooo 😎❗️👏
David Millar
David Millar Ай мурун
So, Herbie's in his 80s? Man, he is still sharp.
Steve Hazlewood
Steve Hazlewood Ай мурун
Herbie fantastic car and stories. I had no idea you are a car guy. All the best, keep the great ride going.
Tim Atkinson
Tim Atkinson Ай мурун
Great investment very cool!!!! One of my favorites musicians!!!
Alden S.
Alden S. Ай мурун
Absolutely beautiful 😻
Edison73100 Ай мурун
Mario Cassar
Mario Cassar Ай мурун
Wow....two legends.....enjoy life.
Stephan Leo
Stephan Leo Ай мурун
74Beeper Ай мурун
This is great
jjj1951 Ай мурун
6 grand for a Cobra in 65
nonov yobiznez
nonov yobiznez Ай мурун
$6000 for a cobra.
cc Rider
cc Rider Ай мурун
Herbie's uncle was my first pottery instructor, Gilbert Hancock. RIP to an amazingly talented and spiritual human being, who is dearly missed.
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