UFC Vegas 21: Edwards vs Muhammad - Put Some Respect On My Name | Fight Preview

  Көрүүлөр 146,316

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ай мурун

Preview the UFC Vegas 21 main event matchup between Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad that has huge implications for the welterweight division.
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Tell-it 13 күн мурун
Leon whooped this guy Lol
Barry Jerry
Barry Jerry 21 күн мурун
Tell-it 13 күн мурун
Lol... Didn't age well for Belal.... Leon whooped him
V I Ай мурун
You can come to my place for a drink 🍸 afterwards and we can fight for no money and stream it I doubt you know the meaning got respect
mohammed imran
mohammed imran Ай мурун
Just imagine a Muslim girl was fighting in UFC?
Joseph Bellotti
Joseph Bellotti Ай мурун
Who here after the eye poke
Vaishali Asem
Vaishali Asem Ай мурун
Sony tv
Jason Stallone
Jason Stallone Ай мурун
Belal is hungry as hell... Damn!!
Tell-it 13 күн мурун
Nah lol
Live in the Moment. Mind Body Spirit Healing
Live in the Moment. Mind Body Spirit Healing Ай мурун
Edwards DIRTY NASTY FIGHTER.. he better be BANNED from all arenas !!! GOD BLESS YOU BELAL
Michael Groninga
Michael Groninga Ай мурун
He did on accident Edward's even felt sorry
Wergar_ The_WarWolf
Wergar_ The_WarWolf Ай мурун
Who's here after Muhammed got Jon Jones'd? quite a shame cos Leon was piecing him up
waldo Ай мурун
third326 Ай мурун
Cormier commenting about the inadvertent eye poke is ironic. He is notorious for doing it on purpose.
Scott Dog
Scott Dog Ай мурун
No contest. The ultimate green fucking egg more like it. Start taking points away instead of televised no contests. Herb Dean strikes again fight got out of control and someone got hurt. Dana white allowed this to happen.
Uka Kazor
Uka Kazor Ай мурун
Crazy eyepoke
Ronin Ай мурун
Ahhhhhhhh Leon looked so good. Wtf. Ahhhhhhh
Austin Kyle
Austin Kyle Ай мурун
The thick receipt unintentionally connect because unit unexplainably alert after a distinct cupcake. best, furry furtive fireman
Reda El Fakir
Reda El Fakir Ай мурун
Are you guys fucking kidding me edward defeated the psychopath the mexican and you gonna tell me he's not gonna suffocate this shitiest fighter ever you guys are just hyping it up because that guy spend alot of time in america
Reda El Fakir
Reda El Fakir Ай мурун
Bilal is gonna lose and god knows what else
Aye Boi Lee Abundance
Aye Boi Lee Abundance Ай мурун
Belal "The guy that always twitters his opinions on other people's fights" muhammad
rainy rain
rainy rain Ай мурун
When you hear it as the last name and the first name
Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali Ай мурун
As a Muslim you have to be shaving your private regions as a given... seeing Bilal raise his arms is super disappointing.
clownsheep22 Ай мурун
Put some respect on my burger! Tastes good
clownsheep22 Ай мурун
Somebody’s 3 has got to go
Marchoupi Ай мурун
Muhammad has got the ''Shakush'' to make it happen
El Piña
El Piña Ай мурун
ReSPECt is one of those things you don't ask for
Fernandez Randy
Fernandez Randy Ай мурун
Jermaine Shaka-momoh
Jermaine Shaka-momoh Ай мурун
Edwards deserves more respect one of the best in the game, don't know why they didn't make the masvidal fight, he would whoop him
ALi Sevgi
ALi Sevgi Ай мурун
Leon sounds sooo weird. Does he have something in his mouth when he talks?
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Muttui vek u
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Zawng belal a ve hi a.. Ka beng hrep. Chak ania
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Pussy belal
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Lets go
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Betting 10k on edwards.. . Lets make some money
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Lets go ed
Muansanga Chhangte
Muansanga Chhangte Ай мурун
Mrinal Managoli
Mrinal Managoli Ай мурун
Edwards vs Usman for who gets the most respect on their name. That and the belt....
Waka Flocka Project
Waka Flocka Project Ай мурун
Finally ufc!!
Aj Kurcic
Aj Kurcic Ай мурун
I got edwards winning on this on he just a better stand up striker and bellals grappling I don’t think will be strong enough for edwards.
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar Ай мурун
Leon wins by ko
G M.
G M. Ай мурун
Leon be like "Mans not hot"
Samantha Girikhanov
Samantha Girikhanov Ай мурун
Belal: remember my name Leon: put some respect on my name Usman: who?
Joe King
Joe King Ай мурун
come on Leon, with bisping retired us Brits need someone to rep.
destroyerplayer Ай мурун
James K
James K Ай мурун
Cody No Love vs Amanda Nunes
zcubings zee cubes
zcubings zee cubes Ай мурун
Daniel Cormier:put some cupcakes and chicken on my plate
KhalidMMA Ай мурун
Who we choosing? Going Edwards UD
Paul Bentley
Paul Bentley Ай мурун
Its going to be a fantastic fight I know that much. I cannot figure out who will win, maybe its 50 50. Both fighters are definitely in top shape, both seem confident so it's going to be savage and explosive. I think I slightly favour Leon, because he's a Brummie!
jason da mason
jason da mason Ай мурун
Belal will smash Edwards, The kid has It !
Barry Irlandi
Barry Irlandi Ай мурун
respec on da name
duman5596 Ай мурун
*Put Leon and Stipe in the octagon and have a debate. See 'who can undertand who match'.*
Rosewel Alcaraz
Rosewel Alcaraz Ай мурун
I dont fucking understand what edwards says
Jean Paul
Jean Paul Ай мурун
I’m sold lol let’s Go Belal
outofthepicture Ай мурун
Dependant Director
Dependant Director Ай мурун
Belals head is HUGE
Murad 1988
Murad 1988 Ай мурун
Go Muhammad and knock him out whole the Ummah is behind you ☝️
taylor Pearce
taylor Pearce Ай мурун
Omg Leon's voice always gets me 🤣
Inside MJ
Inside MJ Ай мурун
2:07 - 2:10 The voice over and Leon's talking during entrance is Synced. Amazing!
Vince Yahshuah
Vince Yahshuah Ай мурун
Leon wins By KO..! Via Elbow
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson Ай мурун
He was put on the earth to fight 😒 what a helping hand 🤣
S O M B E R Ай мурун
If Muhammad wins and gets a title shot he'll get absolutely destroyed by Usman lol
Michael Somer
Michael Somer Ай мурун
Every fighter has heart. Leon for the win no doubt
JustAnotherAsianGuy 2
JustAnotherAsianGuy 2 Ай мурун
what is his name again .... i forgot
I Skip Ads
I Skip Ads Ай мурун
When I see Leon I always think of Masvidal giving him a 3 peace ✌🏼
Holy Kafir
Holy Kafir Ай мурун
If he trains during Ramadan he might not be 100%, but having the chance to fight the N#3 in the division is a great opportunity. But for some reason I cannot see him becoming a champion.
Brian Dillinger
Brian Dillinger Ай мурун
Let's go Belal, make us proud man
Joseph Egwele
Joseph Egwele Ай мурун
UFC, I give it to you guys; y'all can promote your fights. Never heard of either of them, and yet superhyped for the bout🙌🏿🙌🏿
Dafydd Johnson
Dafydd Johnson Ай мурун
ashamed i took pleasure in the 3 piece, all in on edwards now (shudv always been), hope they give him mas next
Th3 5kull
Th3 5kull Ай мурун
Easy night for leon scott
Brandon Uwanawich
Brandon Uwanawich Ай мурун
Remember my name put respect on my name he’s never fought anyone like me I’m. A dawg I got heart - most over used cringe lines lmao
Joseph Bellotti
Joseph Bellotti Ай мурун
If Muhammad beats edwards it will be be upset of the year
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern Ай мурун
I think most people are underestimating Belal but I think, if he's dogged enough, Leon should get the victory.
Tyrone Ай мурун
Edwards will dominate forgot his name.
nial obrik
nial obrik Ай мурун
They both deserve it.let's go champs
HowAboutNo Ай мурун
Not saying Belal is not competitive here, but him saying there's no quit in him just made me laugh. Edwards literally built his career on beating people who "never quit". Between Luque, Barberena, Cowboy and Dos Anjos alone, that's a whole lot of heart being pieced up by a calm Edwards. I do think if Belal manages to hold the pace, Leon could easily gas. Easier said than done, tho.
Lucas Godoy
Lucas Godoy Ай мурун
running their mouths like that.
Philip Chan
Philip Chan Ай мурун
Muhammed will beat Leon!
Koa Pennock
Koa Pennock Ай мурун
Leon is probably “technically” better but the fight game is crazy - I would’t be surprised to see a Muhammad underdog W
callumrk29 Ай мурун
What is the song called?
DanielMOFO Ай мурун
Edwards has to prove himself. If he loses he's probably let go
Will Mosse
Will Mosse Ай мурун
Not really. Even if he loses, he’s won 8 of his last 9 fights
dvtofk Ай мурун
Who else is here because of Jorge masvidal
Laura XNXX Videos
Laura XNXX Videos Ай мурун
Mualaf Indonesia
Mualaf Indonesia Ай мурун
I am support belal Muhammad 🤗💖 i love Paletina 😭
Coach Naser ناصر عبد الستار ناصر
Coach Naser ناصر عبد الستار ناصر Ай мурун
Viva Palestine 🇵🇸 let’s do this!
9Trillionaire Ай мурун
Bilal has that hunger
Michal Znamenacek
Michal Znamenacek Ай мурун
faris shaf
faris shaf Ай мурун
Belal the type of guy to tweet in between his own fight to promote himself. Lol
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Ай мурун
You gotta put that work in no matter what, lol
faris shaf
faris shaf Ай мурун
Beelal trying to sell himself the best he could but not all chinese products are worthy
Pha Xiong
Pha Xiong Ай мурун
Edwards got this easy
Yassine Guermouj
Yassine Guermouj Ай мурун
the one Muhamad that he was like a sport man is the greatest boxing Muhamed Ali🍂🌿
MMA UK Ай мурун
taleton Ай мурун
Edwards every time!!!
TrippTooMuch Ай мурун
hyped for this but the music selection still sucks
The Hoe Police
The Hoe Police Ай мурун
first conor then izzy 2021 looking like the year of the underdogs
Luka Marčinković
Luka Marčinković Ай мурун
That has got to be one of the weirdest nicknames ever. Suits someone that wears sunglasses in the octagon. Good fighter tho. but to say that leon hasn’t been in there with dog like him, it’s blatantly wrong when we know that leon was there with the champ, the dogfather of welterweights. Sometimes less is more.
red tying
red tying Ай мурун
Belal will finish him off tomorrow. Trust me.
Love Nature
Love Nature Ай мурун
Muslims are taking over.
paul rowland
paul rowland Ай мурун
Lets go rocky Edwards 💪🏾
Stephane Lee
Stephane Lee Ай мурун
Leon Edward=King Nasir 😂😂😂
Agc Ай мурун
I swear mohammed talks too much and too fast it's obnoxious
Basic Cannabis2
Basic Cannabis2 Ай мурун
Leon the king........ If you gotta tell a fighter to remember your name.. That speaks on the person fight game.. Cause if he got skilllls.. I will remember off his skills
Dracula D
Dracula D Ай мурун
What's the music in the background?
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