Kevin Holland: Khabib Greatest LW of All Time; I'll Give Paulo Costa Another Skinny Ass Whoopin

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Helen Yee Sports

Ай мурун

After weighing in, Kevin Holland spoke to Helen Yee about his upcoming fight against Derek Brunson, how many times he hopes to fight in 2021, Paulo Costa vs Jared Cannonier, landscape of the middleweight division, working with Coach Bob Perez at Main Street Boxing and Muay Thai, Khabib Nurmagomedov officially retiring, and more. #UFCVegas22 #KevinHolland
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Brian Keane
Brian Keane Ай мурун
great job !!!!!!!!
Joe Craft
Joe Craft Ай мурун
I love Kevin Holland. He is entertaining.
Abdur Rahman Khan
Abdur Rahman Khan Ай мурун
In other news water is wet
iskandar mohamed
iskandar mohamed Ай мурун
her mask keep going down, anoying
Abdul Qadir
Abdul Qadir Ай мурун
Kevin top man
Blue 7lvn
Blue 7lvn Ай мурун
His hype is not over yet guys , A long way to go, till his hype done, he strings 2 or 3 wins together, hes hype will be back on warp drive
Blue 7lvn
Blue 7lvn Ай мурун
Schmolicious looool
Amri Mustaqim
Amri Mustaqim Ай мурун
I wanna slap those jelly
Riddim Ай мурун
Who is here after he got his ass whooped by Brunson 🤣
YAbishh S
YAbishh S Ай мурун
He lost
King Pasha
King Pasha Ай мурун
Joe Skill
Joe Skill Ай мурун
The thumbs up is for Helen..👍🏽
TR09 Ай мурун
Flavio Araujo
Flavio Araujo Ай мурун
Didn't age well
Sam Robert
Sam Robert Ай мурун
He's an absolute idiot.
ThePalskinator Ай мурун
He fought nothing like he usually does this last one imo. He seemed to focus solely on his goofing around and not on his skills/aggressiveness that he usually balances in with it perfectly. Just watch his last 5 fights and you'll notice. Disappointing for sure.
jacob de villiers
jacob de villiers Ай мурун
Fuck! he needs to my friend.
Rob The Vampire Slayer
Rob The Vampire Slayer Ай мурун
This didn't age well.
Amazing personality backed with endless energy.
William Stalvey
William Stalvey Ай мурун
Dana white summed this cat up after the beatdown he got from Brunson.... Would suggest getting some additional training
Oscar Picaso
Oscar Picaso Ай мурун
25 mins yea. 50-45. seem he was not serious against db
Clot-in-Eye Joe
Clot-in-Eye Joe Ай мурун
helen yee is the hottest reporter in sports.
Philip Landers
Philip Landers Ай мурун
So he definitely threw that fight with Brunson
Goodboy Ай мурун
Lol, not a costa fan but pretty sure he would destroy jared
Teorie Fortnite
Teorie Fortnite Ай мурун
So he just wanted to go 5 rounds XDDD
Jon Kun
Jon Kun Ай мурун
This man took the hype the wrong way.. his mouth out grew his skill.
Michael Emery
Michael Emery Ай мурун
@bazil cardamone my issue is in the corner he was goofing off instead of listening to his corner, and at the end of the fight where there was like 12 seconds he just gave up instead of trying to get a last second ko. He is a good striker but if he wants to move up the ranks he’s has to to take this more seriously
bazil cardamone
bazil cardamone Ай мурун
Weird way to look at it, he probably would’ve lost to Brunson whether he was talking or not and if we would’ve knocked him out like he almost did everyone would be praising him. I think the mma community overuses the word hype. Anytime a fighter gets popular and then loses everyone says hypetrain derailed......... or it’s two elite fighters and one has to lose lol
Richard White
Richard White Ай мурун
Hes a proper helmet like
Ali Elhelali
Ali Elhelali Ай мурун
"He might bang me up for 20 and I bang him up for 5" I predict deez tings
Wasiril Aswad
Wasiril Aswad Ай мурун
As a reporter myself. I have to say, Helen you are a great journalist! Great question and superb follow up from all his answer! i really enjoy watching this interview! very professionally done!
Helen Yee Sports
Helen Yee Sports Ай мурун
Thank you!
abusubhi311 Ай мурун
If Chris Tucker had a younger brother...
Brody Porche
Brody Porche Ай мурун
Holland tryna hit that
Jonathan Kabasele
Jonathan Kabasele Ай мурун
he didnt focus on the task at hand. such a missed opportunity. smh so much
The Swagger
The Swagger Ай мурун
This guy and Vince Staples share an ancestor
yeyo1990 Ай мурун
5:13 No, the only man to go undefeated and unscathed, there fixed it for you Kevin.
Jonathan Gary
Jonathan Gary Ай мурун
Kevin trash talking while losing reminded me of McGregor flashing a big smile at the end of round 2 against Khabib...far from reality
Detroit What
Detroit What Ай мурун
Kevin "land more jokes than punches" Holland
Adharuddin Abd.Rahman
Adharuddin Abd.Rahman Ай мурун
Watching this after the fight feels weird 😂
ES90745SJ Ай мурун
Holland wit the L 😆 L
Richy Richard
Richy Richard Ай мурун
Kevin Holland got smashed.
Samiël A
Samiël A Ай мурун
they in a bubble right, why the fuck is 'always neutral' helen wearing a shitty mask. and knows everything kevin does, schmoo is gonna whoop her
Max Max
Max Max Ай мурун
Calm Down Pig
Lord Berus
Lord Berus Ай мурун
Big mouth about to be put in his place mark my word's he ain't making it to the top 5
Sum Solution
Sum Solution Ай мурун
Holland just called the fight in this interview
J Man
J Man Ай мурун
Now you coming of a loss also
Omario Ай мурун
From the title I thought he's going to say "another skinny baby"
dinkin' flicka
dinkin' flicka Ай мурун
I don't care if Kevin wins or loses but I will watch him fight. This guy's crazy and entertaining 😂
lucky khanyile
lucky khanyile Ай мурун
Hollywood got to audition Kev... Young, funny, entertaining, hardworking. MCU here is your next super star.
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons Ай мурун
“Who’s here after Brunson dominated Holland”
H K Ай мурун
Helens got a bangin bod
Danny Whitmore
Danny Whitmore Ай мурун
Gutted he lost
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel Ай мурун
5:00 dildos 🙄 really ?
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel Ай мурун
U came for Khabib Time 4:40 ?
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel Ай мурун
Kevin "Preacher Lawson" Holland ?
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel Ай мурун
KhabibTimeStamp ?
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel Ай мурун
2:35 his Reaction u even watched my shower,hmmmm
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel Ай мурун
Class act: When Helen Covers her face more than her b**bs 😂
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel
Hesham HeySham Khan Official Youtube Channel Ай мурун
Khabib illegally streaming UFC in front of Dana White.. Illegal steamers : hey Dana uncle what the fook just happened now ?
M DGAF Ай мурун
Who's here after big mouth got dominated for 25 minutes🤣
Evat Ай мурун
dude, this masks are useless and every time that they slipping off your face it's so distracting. Buy a medical one, they are made to stay on the face
Prithvi B
Prithvi B Ай мурун
Why does Kevin Holland remind me of Theo Von lmfao
777killad Ай мурун
Ysr Aks
Ysr Aks Ай мурун
wow that was a disappointing fight from holland. Horrible. Wtf is dude thinking.
Tengo Ай мурун
2:32 Didn't Helen get the memo? We're not supposed to tell people what we do in the shower!
I like the super hero outfit
dHov Ай мурун
You’re a really good interviewer. TBH.
Eddie Chacon
Eddie Chacon Ай мурун
That’s a hard interview for Kevin 😜
R Conn
R Conn Ай мурун
Sweater puppet game nice...
Khanivore Ай мурун
Calling out Costo, let's all be serious Paulo went to to with The Soldier of God, he will rip Holland.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown Ай мурун
It means guns we know
J F Ай мурун
'If he can fight half as good as he talks, he'll be a superstar' Dana on when he first met Conor. Guess same goes for Kevin.
J F Ай мурун
why is your intro music so loud??
Ghostpro1980 Ай мурун
He pack dat thang too so if u go his way u will GET CLAPPT
Desmond Schinkel
Desmond Schinkel Ай мурун
Kevin truly suprised me vs jacaré. He can find a way to win vs anyone
Freddie Miranda
Freddie Miranda Ай мурун
Thank you Helen I like all your interviews they are real and what can you say about Holland he's doing it he's got the champion mentality.
The Last Of Matan
The Last Of Matan Ай мурун
Love this guy
FTF Felo 696
FTF Felo 696 Ай мурун
Helen maybe is stealing ppl vital energy eryone know she pretty asf
Niko Niko
Niko Niko Ай мурун
Shmolicius baby Shmolicius meaning for those who don't know. Shmo your chick is HOT
Nickolas Bruh
Nickolas Bruh Ай мурун
“Smokey in the back yard taking a shit!..”
Galileo Shift
Galileo Shift Ай мурун
smolicious kevin holland #putsomerespectonhisname
Gerry Taylor
Gerry Taylor Ай мурун
Kevin has lost before think he would be more humble .
Combat 62
Combat 62 Ай мурун
Yesterday ass grabbing today Banging 25 min ? Imma head out
sinkiy Ай мурун
Who’s Paulo Castile?
Thierno Diallo
Thierno Diallo Ай мурун
Another skinny ass whooping 😂😂
akaSimplex Ай мурун
Kevin Holland is Israel’s biggest fan
bolt man
bolt man Ай мурун
Lets set up a petition-----Helen for ring girl--bikini of course--😀
حمدو وز
حمدو وز Ай мурун
KH is a very very tough matchup for Izzy IDGAF
Dimeast Ай мурун
You reckon? 🤡
Lewis Charlton
Lewis Charlton Ай мурун
Kevin Holland reminds me of dc youngfly
william flowers
william flowers Ай мурун
GSP is the 🐐
william flowers
william flowers Ай мурун
Who’s this girl??? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤤
Aries Waters
Aries Waters Ай мурун
Wicked markings on that shirt Helen
Mahdi Lyamlouli
Mahdi Lyamlouli Ай мурун
Kitana interviewing jack Briggs
Black Messiah5150
Black Messiah5150 Ай мурун
Her mask REFUSES to stay on her nose.
igor r
igor r Ай мурун
why he call her all the time "man", she clearly did fake boobs so he won't be confused. damn now I am confuse
Mr.France 1007
Mr.France 1007 Ай мурун
Who doesn't love Helen
Dylan Renfurm
Dylan Renfurm Ай мурун
This boy deserves to win hahaha
Clockwork Man
Clockwork Man Ай мурун
i like holland, his shit talk isnt nasty or in bad taste, he doesn't go on about not getting his opportunity or racism all the time he's just going out and taking care of business in his own style, i hope he can beat brunson and get into the title picture
000firebird Ай мурун
PLOT TWIST: Helen Lee and Helwani are the same person..
Henry Ай мурун
Schmollicious, we agree!
Rence Gumop-as
Rence Gumop-as Ай мурун
do you even think he could go down to Welterweight? hell naawwww
The Son Man
The Son Man Ай мурун
I am liking Kevin more and more!! Dude is a character and a top notch fighter!!
3lweezy Ай мурун
Only got one question... helen tits real? Asking for a friend ofcoarse!!
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