Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Playful In New YouTube Video

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are launching a KGglobal Channel! The royals announced the news that they are joining the platform in an introductory video. Prince William and Kate Middleton already have playlists with more than 50 videos. The clips are broken up into categories and highlight their previous tours, speeches, engagements, projects and more. The announcement comes on the same day that the Duchess is busy at work. The mom of three is dressing up her work from home attire and stunned in a blue Zara blazer with a prominent collar and six gold buttons.

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Kate Middleton \u0026 Prince William Are Playful In New KGglobal Video

kyle ptrick
kyle ptrick 5 күн мурун
lovely to watch this couple..
marij321 12 күн мурун
So poised and regal. Catherine is a true English rose. She is everything you would want a queen in waiting to be. Such a lovely, bright, regal couple.
Brenda Needle
Brenda Needle 26 күн мурун
Prince William and Duchess Catherine are the perfect couple. You see so much love and respect they have for each other. They will be the perfect King and Queen, when it is their time
Gail Hitson
Gail Hitson Ай мурун
Thank you for bringing to light before the world the BBC's and Bashir's unacceptable intolerable behavior on Princess Diana's interview with Bashir.
Sokkha Mey
Sokkha Mey Ай мурун
Do not think about the future, you have reigned as the Queen or king of England, never happen to both of you. Make sure you have enough money to pay me. The hell calling you everything minute kate Middleton.
Water Poppy
Water Poppy Ай мурун
Brilliant: Catherine and Prince William...... You are an Inspirational Couple....and just wanted to Wish Both of You the Very Best for the Future, with Your Little Family.... and Your New Y Tube Channel.... May You Soar to Great Heights! This: You Richly Deserve. Remain as Grounded, as You already are...and the World will Remain at Your Feet for All the Right Reason's. God Bless XX xxx
Steven Ай мурун
I smell jealousy coming from Harry and his leach.
Conn47 Ай мурун
Conn47 Ай мурун
Kabawheza Diana
Kabawheza Diana Ай мурун
Tolen Ngoruw
Tolen Ngoruw Ай мурун
The prince and princess of Cambridge England they look so awesome.I am from India I love them so much.
rosa diaz
rosa diaz Ай мурун
Wish you the best from Honduras central America
Anne Harton
Anne Harton Ай мурун
Hats of to these royals! William knows that he is born to this life and will work hard for it. While Hazzle wants just the perks. Proud of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Erlinda Pena
Erlinda Pena Ай мурун
Very classy couple Kate is an asset to the royal family.
mogznwaz Ай мурун
William took years to decide Kate was the one, for her sake as well as his own. That boy really has his head screwed on - unlike his brother
Thelma Romero
Thelma Romero Ай мурун
desperate to clear their damaged image, as human they look..yet they killed Diana and many others through centuries. the truth must prevail💪👁✝️
Sarah Karobari
Sarah Karobari Ай мурун
U people do only charity work that it self show how much power u n ur secret queen have power in civil government of u.k😂😂🤣🤣🤣
In silence
In silence Ай мурун
Wonderful role models.....for the aristocracy as well as plain ole family ties. Love seeing them....in love, sharing love, caring in a real way for their jobs.
crisrob Uman
crisrob Uman Ай мурун
Damage control for the next king 🤴 maybe!!! But I like them more than Megan . I am not a political person in fact I am a-politic. But Megan she is so narcissist. Poor Harry
Mary Schultz
Mary Schultz Ай мурун
I am an older person so I am not sure I will be here to see these two become King and Queen. I am really hoping I can be though. They are just an amazing couple with a beautiful family. Queen Elizabeth has served as a great example for them. A strong woman, a loving, attentive mother, and a formidable head of state. I respect her immensely for being able to handle all of these roles well. I see Kate following in her footsteps.
Mimisko Cat
Mimisko Cat Ай мурун
They all look gorgeous 💗 Greeting from Turki
Chrissy C
Chrissy C Ай мурун
Their PR people have really been in overtime since the Harry interview
Kerrie Honsa
Kerrie Honsa Ай мурун
They are so gorgeous
EL Ай мурун
A new side? They're always goofy
D Hager
D Hager Ай мурун
Kate had the right upbringing & class to adapt to all the royal hullabaloo. She'll make a wonderful Queen one day.
Linda Heath
Linda Heath Ай мурун
Such pretty hair🤗
Loulou Ай мурун
If they want to represent the modern monarchy, they should be more spontaneous and affectionate. Together, they look so frozen. They should take exemple from other couples... Ex: Victoria and Daniel in Sweden, Zara and Mike, Eugénie and Jack, Beatrice and Edo... monarchy is not what it was long ago, Divorce was not accepted and look now: majority of the Britain royals are divorced and marrying commoners ( Kate is a commoner).
deborah sundahl
deborah sundahl Ай мурун
How would you feel if people called you by your birth name even though you’ve been married for ten years and have three children! Come on! She is Duchess Kate now!
Holley Johnson
Holley Johnson Ай мурун
When that $90 jacket is bought and paid for with money she earned outside of tax payers $, then she will become "relatable". When she steps from out in front of the camera, takes off the tiara and drops the title, then she will become "relatable". She is a form of someone's imagination of what she should be. What you are seeing is a facade, crafted by experts in fake.
Violetta Terzi
Violetta Terzi Ай мурун
so they judged Meghan and Harry for this and then followed in their steps to modernize.
J Gibbs
J Gibbs Ай мурун
America please note: this is what REAL royalty looks like.
Pye Young
Pye Young Ай мурун
HOLD STILL... YES, that is what is called a genuine ROYAL CLASS ACT! What a wonderful gift project, Duchess Catherine. LONG LIVE the future QUEEN CONSORT!
Cathy Marshall
Cathy Marshall Ай мурун
It’s wonderful to see two young people appear to be so much in love, and interact with each other and their family so lovingly.
cat leroy
cat leroy Ай мурун
So fake, the crown or the firm did a great job making people forget about William adultery
Joselynne C
Joselynne C Ай мурун
What's the name of their youtube?
Don't touch me I'm rich mina and rosé' bitch
Don't touch me I'm rich mina and rosé' bitch Ай мурун
Arghh ..my fave couple😍 ..such an icons .
komino emi
komino emi Ай мурун
Just here for all the fake love. Lol royal reality show
Simply Me
Simply Me Ай мурун
Now they want to be a celebrity after criticizing Meghan and Harry you are not racist but you are attention grabber🤣🤣🤣 “Meghan how to be popular- kate” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carry Chris
Carry Chris Ай мурун
I would call Kate Middleton as cunning as a fox. She is the one who caused so much problem to Meghan and Harry. Karma will get her one day.
Defence Bangladesh
Defence Bangladesh Ай мурун
Beautiful Hair Love that colour.
Adelaide Wilson
Adelaide Wilson Ай мурун
So lovely to see prince william and duchess catherine join us out here in the bigger picture 🇳🇿
vany C
vany C Ай мурун
Kate is genuine.
Dewi Susanti
Dewi Susanti Ай мурун
Great! They're the 'Best ' couple in the World. Why Prince Harry marry a divorcee Meghan? Meghan is not a fairy tale. Because she is wicked against her biological father, step sister, the daily mail, and Royal staff.
Stuff Joo
Stuff Joo Ай мурун
Moderizing the UK will not work for them.
Stuff Joo
Stuff Joo Ай мурун
She'll never be a Diana nor never be wildly admired in the USA No matter what anyone says or feels different.
Alise Porter
Alise Porter Ай мурун
Beautiful couple! Good wishes for their future. May they stay strong like Queen Elizabeth II.
EM MCM Ай мурун
Such a wonderful and properly fit for ROYAL FAMILY!!
Donna MacDonald
Donna MacDonald Ай мурун
Perfection. Our future Queen. We are so blessed. 👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏
patricia schuren
patricia schuren Ай мурун
I adore these two
carol hall
carol hall Ай мурун
great to see you on your channel .and the news about your family by you .not hearsay or assume things about you all good luck to you both
Salesad Mieze
Salesad Mieze Ай мурун
Now this is what class is, people. not the Meghan and Harry show
Carmelo E Rodriguez
Carmelo E Rodriguez Ай мурун
Kate is going to save the monarchy for William, what a pick for that young man.
Roxy Girl
Roxy Girl Ай мурун
Love you from northern Ireland perfect family
Burak Koç
Burak Koç Ай мурун
🇬🇧 =🐷🫁
Robin Ely
Robin Ely Ай мурун
I have always loved Dianna and her sons But Kate and William are stunning They are true Royals
Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean Ай мурун
William is blessed having her as a partner in life. Ordinary girl, but classy. She's the real Duchess who will become a queen😍😍😍, not like the other one, the 'wanna be...'😴😴😴
Ann Menzzasalma
Ann Menzzasalma Ай мурун
Don't they get enough attention? Need KGglobal.
Manjula Adappa
Manjula Adappa Ай мурун
Transparency of the Royal couples work definitely is most welcoming......May they have all the goodwill from citizens globally!!
TraceyLynn c Falconer
TraceyLynn c Falconer Ай мурун
Happy mothers day everyone 🌹💕
Rina in London
Rina in London Ай мурун
I love the royal family
makila7715 Ай мурун
Kate is genuine and naturally graceful, Meghan's attempts at being 'royal' and trumping Kate are cringeworthy and betray her second rate acting career.
Rose Radford
Rose Radford Ай мурун
These two are so cute together.
Thelma Agondez
Thelma Agondez Ай мурун
Can't wait for them to be on KGglobal...♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ginger Baker
Ginger Baker Ай мурун
Nice hair. Soft.
Marjolaine Ай мурун
not the comments smelling like racism rotting under the rug 🥴🥴
Lily Compton
Lily Compton Ай мурун
This is pure class.
Lana Lazar
Lana Lazar Ай мурун
God bless. The two of you are just beautiful. Good luck. Look after yourself and your beautiful family.💝💝
G GG58
G GG58 Ай мурун
I just love this girl. William picked well with Catherine x💗
Karyn Sue Pohlmeier
Karyn Sue Pohlmeier Ай мурун
I love Prince William and Duchess Kate! They are the epitome of Royalty and both are so graceful.
Gail Smith
Gail Smith Ай мурун
Kate and William are the best
Chantal Sejalon
Chantal Sejalon Ай мурун
Vive Kate et William. Kate est une très jolie femme ,très classe et gracieuse. Il représentent bien la couronne Britannique. Je les adore.🇫🇷
Lourdes Magat
Lourdes Magat Ай мурун
Awesome couple.
Linda Plumbley
Linda Plumbley Ай мурун
I thought she was pregnant and having a baby soon
DennisOswinFunGaming Ай мурун
Karamoko Divaka
Karamoko Divaka Ай мурун
And give up teenager's giggling showing teeth and saliva.
Karamoko Divaka
Karamoko Divaka Ай мурун
Kate without any personnality exists through her beautiful dress, hat,heels,heavy jewels.But haughty,without any consideration, and concrete help to folks.
Karamoko Divaka
Karamoko Divaka Ай мурун
Lazy kate,full of jealousy and wickedness towards harry's wife. Why ? The queen has given her all the privileges,honours,heavy jewels,3 kids,william future king.But kate,still hates meghan ! !
Roberta Smith
Roberta Smith Ай мурун
You just gona love this girl. She totally compliments Prince William, they genuinely look happy and together unlike his brother and partner !
Lucienne Ай мурун
Eva Grant
Eva Grant Ай мурун
All these compliments to William and Kate are in my opinion not so hidden knocks on Harry and Meghan William and Kate are OK, but very predictable and not as exciting
Merria Woods
Merria Woods Ай мурун
So staged and fake, unfortunately this is in competition with all the attention shown towards Harry and Meghan.
Jossette Monroe
Jossette Monroe Ай мурун
This looks fake af! lol
gazpipe916 Ай мурун
who gives a shit
CJ P Ай мурун
I like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and I am from the USA! I like them because they're high-end, classy but is able to juggle being down-to-earth and humble at the same time, which is, like, a hard thing to pull off for some. It's usually a huge indicator of people who have been on the highest tier in social status and wealth for centuries (Prince William). They wear their high status and wealth with so much ease that they're not "affected" by it. You can tell by the way they present themselves publicly. I think people shouldn't judge them based on American values and way of socializing. They are British so naturally they are going to be different. I don't mean that to devalue the American "way". But the British people have a different culture, values and mindset. I think it's even more different if you are a senior royal member like they are as they are constantly in the public eye and being scrutinized for every little thing. They not only represent themselves, they represent the Royal Family, the British people and the Great Britain.
Lesa Brydson
Lesa Brydson Ай мурун
Psalm 145
John Abela
John Abela Ай мурун
Beautiful couple 👫..Beautiful family 👪.. God bless you ALL. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN 👑 🇬🇧. CHEERS 👍 🇲🇹.
Ally W
Ally W Ай мурун
Yes Catherine is hugely uplifting which is what the public needs more than ever right now,😇 Not dragging people down like a certain someone thats a relation only by marriage 🤔
Alan Trowbridge
Alan Trowbridge Ай мурун
They are brilliant but I hope they don’t overdo this kind of thing...the public might tire. But don’t get me wrong, I think they’re lovely.
Варенька Ай мурун
Очень красивая пара. Как для нашего менталитета - очень сдержанные в эмоциях...Но видимо, такими и должны быть короли и королевы...))) Счастья и радости ребятам... и их супер-красивым деткам!!!
Pegasus Ай мурун
You don't even give a link to their channel? That seems very ungracious of you.
Daisy Rose
Daisy Rose Ай мурун
So sick of hearing about William and Kate in this obviously orchestrated PR stunt to show a softer more personal style. Its so obvious to me this is just to gain public approval after the racist and other accusations made about them in that interview.
Daisy Rose
Daisy Rose Ай мурун
@Victoria Ross yup....didn't even watch just said what I said and unsubscribed from access. Like I said over this PR stunt.
Victoria Ross
Victoria Ross Ай мурун
Yet you clicked on a video about them...🙄
Ray Harris
Ray Harris Ай мурун
TheEastEnder Ай мурун
It’s quite rude to call her just Kate Middleton. She’s called Duchess Catherine
Nissa. F
Nissa. F Ай мурун
Kate and William are making the monarchy proud, great work guys!!
Fawzia Mc
Fawzia Mc Ай мурун
Love you both
mayra maritza ayala
mayra maritza ayala Ай мурун
Bellos tidos5
Gloria Leon
Gloria Leon Ай мурун
Valerie Hill
Valerie Hill Ай мурун
It’s so obvious they are trying to “rebrand” themselves. I can’t imagine why.
Rainbowdancer Of Light
Rainbowdancer Of Light Ай мурун
So proud of William & Kate - pure light & beauty -- lovely to see you both on KGglobal - welcome my lovelies 🥰
Arsie Espino
Arsie Espino Ай мурун
I can see the future in England. Obedience is better than Sacrifice. I love this couple. Praying for them.
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