How YOU can land a passenger aircraft! 12 steps

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Cool aviation stuff! 👉🏻
What if a Passenger was the ONLY one left to land the plane? Could a passenger theoretically do it, without ANY previous knowledge or training?
In todays Special video, I will go through the required steps that will have to be taken in the cockpit in order to set the aircraft up for a safe auto-land. There will be around 20 different individual steps that needs to be taken and none of them can be omitted or done in the wrong order. This all depends on the passenger getting into contact with Air Traffic Control and being reasonably close to a suitable runway.
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Chapters in the video:
00:00 Intro
01:06 Enter the cockpit
02:15 Get Headset
02:55 Set Radio Frequency
03:58 Set Audio Control Panel
04:30 Talk to Air Traffic Control
06:00 Set Emergency code
06:50 Tell ATC how much fuel you have
07:13 Control Auto pilot
07:55 Start Descending
09:25 Control Turn
10:30 Control Speed
11:25 Set your seat
12:55 Your instruments
13:40 Autoland setup
15:16 Slow down
16:14 Select Flaps
17:35 Set Autobrake
18:55 Arm approach
22:15 Lower gear/flap 15
25:30 Control on the ground
28:00 Landing
29:00 Shut engines down

Mateo Ceballos Querol
Mateo Ceballos Querol 7 мүнөт мурун
what button do you press to talk? i didn't understand that
Diederik Haalman
Diederik Haalman 5 саат мурун
mayday mayday mayday, I am on the runway, the aircraft goes too much to the right, do I push the right foot pedal or the left foot pedal?
Andrew Landen
Andrew Landen 11 саат мурун
Remembering Helios, a pilot's oxygen mask seems like the best first step. You might be able to get the aircraft down quickly enough to spare the lives of everyone else on board, including the pilots. Then you just let them take over when the come to again. Otherwise, excellent video. Maybe I can fly the 737 in the flight sim now.
Mindaugas V
Mindaugas V 13 саат мурун
And captain Joe said no.. You can't.. I start to love mentor pilot more.... :D
The Trader Sam
The Trader Sam 14 саат мурун
the comments here are Hilarious, BTW interesting video, always loved flying..
Romeo Whiskey
Romeo Whiskey 14 саат мурун
LOG it. (If you don't have one...go out and BUY're a HERO)
Zaphod Whiskers
Zaphod Whiskers 15 саат мурун
Ok...... so...... say it's NOT a 737-800?? What then?? Say it's a -300 series or god forbid a -200 series??? You remember those right?? The ones with the good old JT8-D engines?? Steam gague instruments..... NO AUTOLAND!!! Basic autopilot flight director but come on...... not everybody gets to fly on the latest greatest equipment!!! In fact my bet is if we were in a -800, the forward cabin attendant would be the one to get on the radio and follow the basic landing checklist setting up the autopilot, autoapproach, and autoland computers...... I'll go even further and say that unless there's been some major structural damage, that flight attendant would most likely just sit there monitoring instruments making slight corrections and take the plane to its original destination rather than attempt a landing at the closest airport!!! That way the airlines doesn't have to pay for passenger accommodations etc to get them to their original destination!!! The modern glass cockpit is an AMAZING THING!!! But there's no real stick and rudder flying involved in normal flight category!!! Only very rarely does the cockpit attendant need to actually FLY THE PLANE!!! Come on!!! What fun is that??? Hell ANYBODY with flite sim 5 or better can taxi, take off, fly, and land anything including the 37, 47, and the CONCORDE!!! Talk about a handful..... fly that damn Concorde by yourself single pilot!!! I'm a pretty great pilot IRL and I have yet to land that damn thing successfully!!! Either I'm too fast and can't stop or i get too slow and stall the fker too high to land but too low to recover!!! There's a reason that one has TWO sets of controls!!!! I can fly rings around the Concorde with the SR-71!!! IT WAS DESIGNED FOR SINGLE PILOT FLIGHT!!! How about another video with a much more realistic situation?? Like the model that most air carriers are flying!!! THEN talk one of us down just like that stewardess in that movie Airport '77 or '78...... where they get the company's chief flight instructor to talk down the stewardess that is the captain's girlyfriend....... and she does it just fine!!! Hell I'm an actual pilot ppsel⁸⁸ and I'm sure I could do it!!!
4tonymt 16 саат мурун
As I reach for a parachute
Speedbird 16 саат мурун
There isnt any..🤪
ItzTrace 17 саат мурун
I'm not gay or anything but that accent is *finnnnnneeee* 👌
ItzTrace 17 саат мурун
Really turns me on.. 👀 No homo
Brian Bartholomew
Brian Bartholomew 22 саат мурун
Step 16: Set Parking Brake 😬 Step 17: Shut down engines
Speedbird 16 саат мурун
Step 16: Set Parking Brake Step 17: Turn off the A/P Step 18: Turn off your IRSs Step 19: Turn on the apu Step 20: Shut down engines 😉🤭
LA Sculpt
LA Sculpt Күн мурун
heh. not if it has MCAS i guess
Speedbird 16 саат мурун
No MCAS on the 737NG🤭
sampath aditya
sampath aditya Күн мурун
I love you man! This video will save several lives one day.
Dee Nutz
Dee Nutz Күн мурун
Thanks for the warning about not trying this at home. Lucky I heard this, I was going to go out and land one tonight. 🤔🤔
dennis ternent
dennis ternent Күн мурун
actually it was very informative and could save lives in an emergency. Great job
Awesome Sir. Simply superb lesson for an emergency landing by a passenger. A big salute to you 👏🙋
Aaditya Pratap Singh
Aaditya Pratap Singh 2 күн мурун
Goodness, the autoland system and the radio frequency changes are really hard to understand.
C D 2 күн мурун
No sir, you did an amazing job!
JLC Driveway Ramps
JLC Driveway Ramps 2 күн мурун
If you fail you die together with 300 others. But dont panic.
Shahzad Adil
Shahzad Adil 2 күн мурун
Whatvis the purpose of autopilot if everything is manual.. There should be one emergency button which select all the frequencies , ils, speed, heigh automatically according the nearest airport
Salah 2 күн мурун
In the first step how the passenger will know which frequency number to enter ?!
Jennifer Capps
Jennifer Capps 4 саат мурун
@Salah Good I hope we can get to know each other
Salah 11 саат мурун
@Jennifer Capps Am fine thanks & you
Jennifer Capps
Jennifer Capps 15 саат мурун
@Hello Salah how are you doing
strange beautiful music
strange beautiful music 2 күн мурун
These days, cockpits are locked, and nearly impossible to break into. On the outside chance the cockpit door is unlocked, I doubt there would be anyone aboard the aircraft that could follow this rather complex set of instructions. The only exception being someone who is an experienced private pilot.
Speedbird 16 саат мурун
C D 2 күн мурун
Guess you never worked in the field then :)
pickels98 2 күн мурун
What if the pilots had no time to unlock the cockpit door....? no options for the ONLY one left. Ding-dong: "is there a locksmith on board?"
Jorge Azevedo
Jorge Azevedo 2 күн мурун
Amazing 👏 👏👏👏
xyzct 2 күн мурун
Step 1, Volume 7, Chapter 34, Section 5, Subsection C1: _Solve the Generalized Navier-Stokes Equation for Nonlinear Aerodynamics Using an Abacus_
Charles Mayeux
Charles Mayeux 2 күн мурун
It takes pilots intensive training to learn this. A frightened passenger will not remember all of this. He/she would need specific directions and another person helping to MAYBE get it.
Daniele Iannarelli
Daniele Iannarelli 2 күн мурун
“Important not to panic at this stage”... That suggests there’s a stage still to come at which we *should* panic. Surely it’s important not to panic at *any* stage.
salem bekri
salem bekri 2 күн мурун
Thanks for the useful information 👍
Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson 2 күн мурун
Well first step would be to get the radio on and say mayday mayday passager flying the plane I need help landing and treat me like I have no clue what I’m doing because well I don’t.
roman terradellas
roman terradellas 3 күн мурун
Now imagine to make it in a old plane that not have autoland.
clik uk
clik uk 3 күн мурун
I think 99% of people trying to make contact could not do all that or remember your instruction WHY NOT JUST HAVE ONE BUTTON FOR THIS To simple
Speedbird 2 күн мурун
Because an aircraft has pilots😆😉
Syed Zaghlul Ali
Syed Zaghlul Ali 3 күн мурун
Runway 08. Arthur Hailey.
coolajmal vlogs
coolajmal vlogs 3 күн мурун
I thought it was very tough ..but now understood it's every easy😛
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza 3 күн мурун
1.8 Million people have watched this video, I feel better already while flying
Valerie K
Valerie K 3 күн мурун
i'd shit myself when the alarm went off @20.
MegaMick 3 күн мурун
Seems like setting the right radio frequency is the hardest part! there should just be a "one push emergency frequency button"! Thanks for sharing
ukballyhoo 3 күн мурун
Another great video, really interesting. "If you're a nervous flyer, download these instructions" - like one of those who burst into tears on takeoff? 🤣🤣 Yes that would be good therapy for them, I can see the logic there.
BINOD POUDEL 3 күн мурун
I would have to pull up GPS on my phone first, not really worried about controlling the aircraft.
Pius N Nwachukwu
Pius N Nwachukwu 3 күн мурун
The plane can fall off the sky in just 4 mins, this video took 29 mins to explain.
Alex Gayle
Alex Gayle 4 күн мурун
Thank you
Dustin Shaffer
Dustin Shaffer 4 күн мурун
Push the yoke all the way to the dash, and pull the throttle all the way until you hear the engine roar. Now unfasten seat belt, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.
Reiner Lang
Reiner Lang 4 күн мурун
Good Instructor ! No.1 priority Learn Radio instructions and then talk to the right people .
MrBiaux 4 күн мурун
Surgeon vs Pilot: Which one has more stress in their duty?
Speedbird 3 күн мурун a mile😆
Gary Keyes
Gary Keyes 4 күн мурун
Great video for a "God Forbid.." scenario. Also for pilot enthusiasts (like myself) to be inform on the possibility of having take over or assist in an emergency!
Marcel s
Marcel s 4 күн мурун
Ok ladies and gent Dose anyone know how to fly a plane Me: yes I fly a cessna 152 I was waiting for this day all my life
Nick Poeschek
Nick Poeschek 4 күн мурун
I imagine “mayday mayday, passenger flying the aircraft” would be officially classified as a Code Brown situation. I was impressed at the Mythbusters episode where, if I remember right, the ATC was able to talk them down to a reasonably decent landing.
Jennifer Capps
Jennifer Capps 15 саат мурун
@Hello Nick how are you doing
Affiliate Lifestyle
Affiliate Lifestyle 4 күн мурун
Wow! What a guy!
Sean Kim
Sean Kim 4 күн мурун
Takes deep breath, Opens eyes and sees the ocean
JM F 4 күн мурун
the radio explanation is not very clear. "obs you need to release the button lol " what button?
1220b 5 күн мурун
Saved to favourites just in case.
Zenaida Chavez Terrobias
Zenaida Chavez Terrobias 5 күн мурун
Thanks for sharing. In case no choice. Hope I got good wifi to watch you again.
Vinnie Koch
Vinnie Koch 5 күн мурун
This is great information to know. Hopefully we will never have to use it, but good to have. Are these procedures pretty much the same for BOEING jets and AIRBUS jets?
Speedbird 4 күн мурун
General similarities, but no, not really.
Protoka 5 күн мурун
Spend 100+hrs practicing take off and landing. Still have no idea how to work the radio works. Simbrain.
Cami Lito
Cami Lito 5 күн мурун
Piece of cake‼️
bullshed58 5 күн мурун
This video was very interesting but I still don't think most people can handle that kind of pressure
Elighttice 5 күн мурун
Al-Qaeda liked this video.
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 5 күн мурун
Fascinating. Thank you
LTC Games Division
LTC Games Division 5 күн мурун
Someone here knows how different cabins in different models are? Becasue clearly there are significant changes, but mainly, do Airbus and Boeing try to make them the most similar possible? (When the aircraft have similar capabilities). And what model would this be? I can see it has 2 motors so its not the worst situation one can be in hahaha.
Speedbird 5 күн мурун
No cabin in a flight simulator😉 This is the cockpit of a Boeing 737NG..most likely a -800, but I cant see the temperature control panel on the P-5 panel so its hard to tell🤷🏻‍♂️ An Airbus cockpit looks completely different🤭 But the simulators are exactly like the aircraft type cockpit.
James Eddy
James Eddy 5 күн мурун
Excellent video, very interesting. Glad I will never have to use it.
S. Morris
S. Morris 5 күн мурун
In 2021 please tell me why there is not a huge button clearly marked in the cockpit "no pilots press here" then the auto pilot completely takes over the entire flight and radio transmissions and landing of the plane. Go figure.
Speedbird 5 күн мурун
Because of logic..😆
A. Pérez
A. Pérez 5 күн мурун
If the passenger is an airline pilot of a similar aircraft. Other than Including myself. Uh60 Blackhawk and single engine fixed wing aircraft. I would give it a shot though lol
宮崎庄部フルール 5 күн мурун
WHAT? a 30 minute vid? I ain't got no time anymore. Pls help me, I need to land this plane immediately
Clear Adventure
Clear Adventure 6 күн мурун
1. You have to do 5 things you will never remember to talk to help on frequency 121.5 2. He says you have to push a button to talk, but does not show the button. 3. I am six minutes into this video, realizing every plane is different, so all these panels and knobs may be in different locations. 4. They should make getting a hold of help easier. 5. Good luck.
Clear Adventure
Clear Adventure 5 күн мурун
@Speedbird Good catch, I was still busy trying to figure out all the other procedures that are too complicated in an emergency for a novice. My bad. There should be ONE emergency button, even for pilots that are in a bad way, sick, etc, to make all those things happen at once. It is anything but hard to create. They make this like a typewriter, too hard to make sense, and that is on purpose.
Speedbird 5 күн мурун
2. 4:34
The S Word
The S Word 6 күн мурун
Step 1. Cocaine, Opium, Cannabis... maybe a quick comedy in flight movie..
Zakna 6 күн мурун
yes.. but how do you open the door to the cockpit? :o
Speedbird 5 күн мурун
Xavier C.
Xavier C. 6 күн мурун
after landing uneventfully and powering off the engines: *autopilot disengage alarm starts blaring while the cabin goes dark* me: holy fuk, we're all gonna die!
guitawrizt 6 күн мурун
*_Cool- piece o' Cake._*
ʞɔᴉᗭǝlpooN 6 күн мурун
Just connect an Xbox controller and you will be fine /s
Jaroslav Vrzal
Jaroslav Vrzal 6 күн мурун
Why do you suggest the right seat. I´ve been used to fly the airplane from the left seat so, I would be feeling more comfortable
Kevin E
Kevin E 6 күн мурун
This was the perfect video I’ve been looking for. I don’t wanna learn how to fly. I just want to know how to land Lol. 👍🏾👍🏾
hector vargas
hector vargas 7 күн мурун
When the emergency crew reach the cockpit they will need masks because it will be an awful smell from me shitting on myself!
KabbalahSherry 7 күн мурун
Wait, so you're telling me, that the most important 1st step, is to know HOW to get access to Air Traffic Control using old school radio frequencies, etc... when I can barely get WiFi to work most of the time?! On the ground?! 🤦🏻‍♀️😩 We're DEAD in that case...
Julius 7 күн мурун
The best tutorial you hopfully never need
T Kandy
T Kandy 7 күн мурун
Brilliant video, well done. Now we need to watch a video of what to do if you have to emergency land somewhere that is not a runway, so you cannot use auto pilot.
DCussen 7 күн мурун
If I’m in the scenario, I will forget everything I’ve seen in this video. However, I will download it and do a quick refresh and we will be fine.
Raymond Meyers
Raymond Meyers 7 күн мурун
Anybody with half a brain and the ability to follow instructions could land a commercial aircraft with the latest avionics.
N.S.A. 7 күн мурун
Me: ”Guess the rapture didn’t take me. Or was it Thanos?”
Sai Praveen
Sai Praveen 7 күн мурун
I don’t think that this will never happen in any of the passengers career
Juan Yepez
Juan Yepez 7 күн мурун
Nowadays with that Technology on board. It’s a yes
Ilgar Majidov
Ilgar Majidov 7 күн мурун
That`s great lesson. For more safety, is better to connect remote pilot with full access. For example the computer measures both pilots health condition. If something wrong, system sends request to connect pilot on the ground to safety land the aircraft.
Milan Djuricic
Milan Djuricic 8 күн мурун
Stewardess: We lost both pilots! Can anyone please land the plane? Passenger: Inshallah, I will land it! Allah ak... Stewardess: Anyone else? ... Passenger: But I am a trained pilot, I can land. ... ... Stewardess: So.... No-one?
jimbom02 8 күн мурун
What a champ awesome video hats off to you mentour
Gregory Kosins
Gregory Kosins 8 күн мурун
No, but I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night! (USA cultural reference).
Jonathan Ulery
Jonathan Ulery 8 күн мурун
I would rather take my chances landing than taking off ...take off is the hardest part of flight ....
Darwin Risdon
Darwin Risdon 8 күн мурун
Piece of cake! Hardly any details to remember; ...where do I order my pilot's license from? 😐
Jennifer Capps
Jennifer Capps 15 саат мурун
@Hello Darwin how are you doing
rohit nautiyal
rohit nautiyal 8 күн мурун
I will probably just KGglobal on how to land 737-800.
Žiga Tretjak
Žiga Tretjak 8 күн мурун
Easy peasy unless you have to do it
Yafuker Sheldon
Yafuker Sheldon 8 күн мурун
My luck, I'd swallow a goose. Or is there a button for that?
Graham j.
Graham j. 8 күн мурун
Why do they get paid so much they do f all
MeK-DirT 8 күн мурун
1 - save this video in favorite 2 - make sure that the plane has wi-fi
Ihana Kaunotar
Ihana Kaunotar 8 күн мурун
Omg this radio is too much 😅😅😅
John Sun
John Sun 8 күн мурун
Why the engine thrust level never change when speed is change to slower? I assume you would need less power to slow down.
John Sun
John Sun 8 күн мурун
Now I can be a hero 1 day.
Trace Stevens
Trace Stevens 8 күн мурун
This was a great experience landing a plane! Terrific!
Stenzolid 8 күн мурун
Hur fungerar autolanding i extrem sidvind? Kan systemt avbryta landningen själv och göra ett nytt försök eller vad händer?
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez 9 күн мурун
piece of piss, dunno why these pilots get paid so much !
dan ionel
dan ionel 9 күн мурун
So basically you can fly the plane with 3 buttons but the radio has like a million buttons?
Edward Wood
Edward Wood 9 күн мурун
Wow amazing good info
Dr. 9 күн мурун
How come he didn't reverse the engine to assist the braking
Dr. 5 күн мурун
@Speedbird thank you.
Speedbird 5 күн мурун
@Dr. He explained why tho..well sort of😆He could have added that the runway is more than long enough🙄
Dr. 6 күн мурун
@Speedbird but he didnt use it..just curious.
Speedbird 6 күн мурун
10 ON 10 - Travel & Entertainment - हिन्दी
10 ON 10 - Travel & Entertainment - हिन्दी 9 күн мурун
I'll prefer to push the *'Land at nearest airport'* button... 😎
Alan Geisdorf
Alan Geisdorf 2 саат мурун
What ? Did you not learn to fly by the seat of your pants ? your missing all the fun.
CraftingCat 99
CraftingCat 99 7 күн мурун
Turbo Prop Flight simulator?😁
Daniel Goodman
Daniel Goodman 9 күн мурун
This is a cool video even if the scenario is unlikely. I enjoyed it.
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