UFC Fight Night 187 Face-Offs: Leon Edwards vs Belal Muhammad

  Көрүүлөр 15,202


Ай мурун

See Leon Edwards, Belal Muhammad and the rest of the fighters staredown at the UFC Fight Night 187 Face-Offs: Leon Edwards vs Belal Muhammad from The APEX in Las Vegas.
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Arstan Kyisaev
Arstan Kyisaev Ай мурун
Leon “Your eye is mine” Edwards
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez Ай мурун
Fkinn Leon had to be a drag again.
Justin Wiseman
Justin Wiseman Ай мурун
I'm done with Leon Edwards. I dont wanna watch the eye poker. It's no wonder leon was set aside for a year. Put leon aside for another year please.
NotUrAvrage34 Ай мурун
@BWJ agreed
BWJ Ай мурун
He should have been DQed. He had a previous warning. It shouldn't matter if it was intentional or not; he had one freebie.
fugimmeausername Ай мурун
What did UFC fans do to deserve 3 WMMA fights in the prelims? Surely that's cruel and unusual punishment?
Saad Abbasi
Saad Abbasi Ай мурун
Belal Insha Allah
jbravo70 Ай мурун
Beak nose
Jaroslav Reif
Jaroslav Reif Ай мурун
Leon is monstrous for welterweight :D
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You Ай мурун
After Kennedy vs Carlos in last event, I’m not even missing prelims. There should be many good fights
mike moon
mike moon Ай мурун
If Leon loses this he’s got a long climb back to the top, if not done. I’m hoping Belal smothers him and takes his cocky ass out of the mix.
Rasmus Fjell
Rasmus Fjell Ай мурун
Go Rocky
Notsoseriousguys2121 Ай мурун
Edward's going to knock Belal out. He has 5 rounds to do it... plus he needs to get that respect back that Masvidal Robbed from him!
NotUrAvrage34 Ай мурун
So much for knocking him out with an eye poke !!
Jay Deez
Jay Deez Ай мурун
That’s what I think. Honestly, he would kill Masvidal, but not my boy Covington. I think Covington should get Masvidal next.
Nuuh Ali
Nuuh Ali Ай мурун
Remember the name Mohamed. The most famous name (Mohamed) in the world. PROPHET MUHAMMAD WAS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN TO EVER LIVE ON THE EARTH.
b b
b b Ай мурун
Damn Belal has a huge head lol
Kevin Mard
Kevin Mard Ай мурун
Lets go Belal!
Alpha MMA
Alpha MMA Ай мурун
0:51 wtf is sticking out of her pants out back?
Jay Deez
Jay Deez Ай мурун
Butt plug
Alpha MMA
Alpha MMA Ай мурун
@vinny spina lol Dodson does, too lol
vinny spina
vinny spina Ай мурун
Some of the women use a vibrating butt plug just before the fight you pull that material and it activates the battery!
Alpha MMA
Alpha MMA Ай мурун
Sans DW, there are masks galore herein...lol... Prob old granddad DW the one giving peeps the virus...
Goran Miljanic
Goran Miljanic Ай мурун
Ige vs Tucker, the best fight on the card.
Antonio Sabattini
Antonio Sabattini Ай мурун
@NotUrAvrage34 I lost roughly the same what I won on Davey Grant so I'm ok. Still ahead big time on Blachowicz and Skyler Philips fights. Blachowicz was a jackpot.
NotUrAvrage34 Ай мурун
@Antonio Sabattini how much did u lose ?
Goran Miljanic
Goran Miljanic Ай мурун
@Joe Garcia Because I said so
Antonio Sabattini
Antonio Sabattini Ай мурун
@Joe Garcia They're both bangers... Tucker stronger one me thinks.
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia Ай мурун
Ige vs Hall originally. Why would you think the backup to Hall would be best fight on the card?
God Soldier
God Soldier Ай мурун
Ruben Torres
Ruben Torres Ай мурун
Good card can’t wait 🥊🥋
itsgeofoo Ай мурун
Remember the poke muhammad
fuckyomainlilnigga Ай мурун
@ShezzaBoyy if I’m not mistaken the prelims should start at 10 pm and the main card at 1 am on UK time
ShezzaBoyy Ай мурун
@fuckyomainlilnigga what time mate in UK time
fuckyomainlilnigga Ай мурун
@ShezzaBoyy prelims start at 5 pm n main card starts at 8 pm eastern time
ShezzaBoyy Ай мурун
When does it start
Teddy Ай мурун
"One more sleep."
Mocha YT
Mocha YT Ай мурун
Lmao ur pfp💀💀
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly Ай мурун
Hope Leon gets flopped the whopper
Kiab Toom Lauj
Kiab Toom Lauj Ай мурун
@Joe Kelly RDA was #4 --- the SAME RDA that Mr. MAGA fought, when Mr. MAGA was #4, a fight that gave Mr. MAGA the Interim Welterweight title --- when #12 Leon put him through a meat grinder to win a lopsided score of 148 to 137. Mr. MAGA's decision win over the then-#1 RDA was a BARELY win of 145 to 140. (Lawler was a washed up 36 year-old veteran, like Cowboy when Leon fought Cowboy, when a peaking 28 year-old Mr. MAGA won a decision over him. Woodley's also a washed up 37 year-old when Mr. MAGA TKO him, with rib injury.) What's more, BOTH Mr. MAGA and Leon lost to Usman... but Mr. MAGA had a broken jaw & 2 physical pummeling needing immediate help from the referee at the prime age of 30, just last year. Leon, on the other hand, lost by decision to a peaking 28 year-old Usman over 5 years ago, as an unranked lanky journeyman with no wrestling, TDD, or BJJ whotsoever. (...Mr. MAGA's longest winning streak was 8. Leon also has 8 right now. After Saturday, if he wins, he'll have 9. And, chances are, Mr. MAGA knows fighting a 6'2" peaking Leon right now, his chances of fighting for the title against Usman is next to not happening, since Leon would beat him even worse than what the slow, bad kneed Usman did to him. But he MAY get a chance to fight Leon AFTER the latter having secure the title. And then he will be beaten up badly and he will retire or just be a "gate keeper" like others he's made fun off all the time...) Of course, we know numbers and reality don't mean any thing to you MAGA folks; but those are on record.
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly Ай мурун
@Aseem Akhimed tell me how he deserves a title shot? name me one person in that top 5 WW that’s he beaten? Name the person that he feels like it was notable enough for him to be robbed?
Aseem Akhimed
Aseem Akhimed Ай мурун
U wish lol sad neek
Son Of Nun
Son Of Nun Ай мурун
Lets Go Martinez 🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻
Son Of Nun
Son Of Nun Ай мурун
stewart and Anders is going to be crazy!... so is the Edwards and Balal joint
DiegoThaw Ай мурун
6:11 hay mala sangre parece, No me gustó la actitud de Muhammad Vamos Leon vas a ganar
Brian Elmore
Brian Elmore Ай мурун
Dam Angela Hill is cute!
Cameron Azadi
Cameron Azadi Ай мурун
Ew dude
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores Ай мурун
Angela Hill sounds like she swallowed a voice box
Ollie Ай мурун
Spann should cut his hair he’ll make weight
? Ай мурун
6:11 hey Muhammad is more short but he look at his opponent without any fear ⭐⭐⭐⭐👁️👊
OoLiiMiiT3D Ай мурун
Doesnt matter, I think Leon makes it look easy
ThePoloKing Ай мурун
Gavin Tucker not looking like he took this fight on short notice that's for sure! Not surprised that man is always putting in work. Ige vs Tucker is going to be a war!
ThePoloKing Ай мурун
@NotUrAvrage34 Unfortunately the man walked into a big shot and got caught. It happens, its fighting. But hey you're right though. You aren't average, you're way below average 😂
ThePoloKing Ай мурун
@vikingsfan2218 Anyone can get caught, its fighting. The no brain internet trolls with nothing good going on in their lives always have something to say though.
MrWorstnameever Ай мурун
@NotUrAvrage34 same with you. Post the link to your UFC fight
MrWorstnameever Ай мурун
@vikingsfan2218 when did you fight in the UFC? I’m interested in looking at some of your fights
vikingsfan2218 Ай мурун
Short ass war lmao
Air Cortez
Air Cortez Ай мурун
Parlay Edwards, Darren Stewart, fight doesn't go to decision b/w Spann vs Cirkunov, Fight goes to decision b/w Ige vs Tucker, Hill by decision.
NotUrAvrage34 Ай мурун
U lost every bet u loser !
Alex Wolf
Alex Wolf Ай мурун
@Air Cortez good luck
Air Cortez
Air Cortez Ай мурун
@dps in my bookie, it shows +478 Seems like a safe bet to hit. Adding Martinez too will be a good booster.
dps Ай мурун
thats really good, what are the odds
Nj81 Ай мурун
Belal had something stuck in his teeth Muhammad
Coach Alokozay
Coach Alokozay Ай мурун
Good fight but I don’t like it
Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner Ай мурун
Tucker vs Ige gonna be a fucking scrap
Makaveli Ай мурун
Belal “don’t forget my name” Muhammad
Alejandro Durante
Alejandro Durante Ай мурун
Muhammad 👍
Qhalif Qhalifah
Qhalif Qhalifah Ай мурун
Dr. Josef H.
Dr. Josef H. Ай мурун
Leon has been off for so long man
Bleach Ай мурун
I have a feeling that Muhammad is going to knock out leon
pecfree Ай мурун
Lana Felix
Lana Felix Ай мурун
can't wait to see this match up
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