Crepes - You Suck at Cooking (episode 123)

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You Suck At Cooking

Ай мурун

Crepes are a not just a thin edible pancake. They're not a cake at all. They're a crepe.
1 large egg
⅓ up flour
¾ cup milk
This will make around 4 decent sized crepes
Make raw egg pudding with the egg and flour
Add a bit of the milk and Wangjangler until smooth
Repeat until you have no milk left
Let the batter sit for an hour if you're a baby who loves following the rules
Put a small amount of butter in a pan on medium heat, then wipe it out with a paper towel, or an expensive silk scarf
Pour some batter in and swirl it. For a medium large pan around ¼ to ⅓ cup of batter will be enough. For a 37 foot pan you'll need ten gallons of batter
Cook until crispy crusticles start to form
But you can probably skip blowing and also don't use your fingers if you're worried about burning yourself. Just use a spatula or try to flip it in the pan...but honestly good luck lol you're not that good at flipping.
Cook the other side just a bit and then you know, stuff it or roll stuff in it, or fold stuff in it, or make crepe origami. Your call

creative name
creative name 13 саат мурун
dude how do you not have a record deal yet
A Menrva
A Menrva 21 саат мурун
I make my crepe batter in a blender, no patience and no clumps
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou 2 күн мурун
That batter was way too thin
Shihab 3 күн мурун
01:54 tilt the room LMFAO
Yosely Ferrer
Yosely Ferrer 4 күн мурун
OMG, this is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 burning the message, crepe diem, the keto crepe 🤣🤣🤣🤣 how do you come up with this stuff?
zzz 6 күн мурун
Vantronet 6 күн мурун
0:23 Where do i get a 3rd cup of WEED dust from?
DameAndThatGame 6 күн мурун
GF sends me to clump hell so much ugh
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 6 күн мурун
Does this guy like live in a forest
Brett 7 күн мурун
Hey, it's been almost a year since you blamed Covid for not getting a Valentine. I'm not talking to the YTuber, I'm talking to you who is reading this. It wasn't Covid. You just weren't quite there yet with your significant other. Stay with it. You'll get there.
Ian Foley
Ian Foley 8 күн мурун
There breakfast fruit roll ups to me
jgmc2 9 күн мурун
There is 2 types of crepes: the sweet ones and the salted ones called "galettes" Well to make galettes, it's sarazzin flour.
Hunor Rácz
Hunor Rácz 10 күн мурун
In hungary these are pancakes (But not everywhere)
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas 12 күн мурун
I like the videos but the best part is the end song and doggos
Jabbebe 14 күн мурун
What are donkey eggs😭
Jabbebe 14 күн мурун
2:44 😭
Shreddy Mercury
Shreddy Mercury 14 күн мурун
Dude the finishing song
ML Wessel
ML Wessel 14 күн мурун
Dude you write cool jingles to sing along and wangjangle with!
Birk Svendsen
Birk Svendsen 15 күн мурун
You said you weren't making pancake, but every where in europe this is what a pancake is
Naxis31 15 күн мурун
Every word that comes out of this guys mouth slowly makes me question about me sanity
Isaiah Pelletier
Isaiah Pelletier 16 күн мурун
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 16 күн мурун
so that's how plumbuses are made
kery 18 күн мурун
my favorite part about this channel is the footage of his dogs running with his songs playing
Magic Pocket
Magic Pocket 18 күн мурун
Happy dogs made me happy
Lou Drake
Lou Drake 18 күн мурун
That background music at the beginning used to be the intro to the podcast DynamicBanter. Can I get two horn honks for this video
Дрегног Сейлорс
Дрегног Сейлорс 19 күн мурун
Shit, amerkans have found the recipe of Russian pancakes
Brutus B. Martins
Brutus B. Martins 19 күн мурун
Only 10 gallons of horse milk?
Casper Adam
Casper Adam 19 күн мурун
"run full speed into your tri-pod" made me laugh way too hard
R River
R River 20 күн мурун
Imagine Aliens find this Channel and think its all true.
Gab 20 күн мурун
Crêpes is just the translation for pancakes
Örlogskapten Shmanya
Örlogskapten Shmanya 20 күн мурун
lmao in russia we have bliny, and dgaf about american pancakes or european crepes (tho this one is similar). And also it's not a "snack" there, we consume those in enormous amounts as a full meal with literally everything or with nothing at all and bake it until it makes a mountain that would feed a whole neighborhood
Emil Viktorsson
Emil Viktorsson 20 күн мурун
Is that background track the music from club penguin?
thetypewriter bitch
thetypewriter bitch 20 күн мурун
LBGF 🤣😂🤣
Bradimus1 20 күн мурун
Nutella and vanilla ice cream.
Alisa Perez
Alisa Perez 20 күн мурун
Yo that song is a bop
Cheri Carreon
Cheri Carreon 21 күн мурун
I love you, was having a boo-radly day until l ran into your you-tube on crepes. Love cooking crepes and l love your post. ❤❤❤ try the hair straightener sometimes on your crepes for that golden color.
Squid Jello
Squid Jello 22 күн мурун
RigbyStudios 04
RigbyStudios 04 23 күн мурун
Don’t add a bunch of milk like he did cause I made it and it didn’t work because there was to much milk
Everybody Drip frog
Everybody Drip frog 25 күн мурун
I call them creepeys
Jor Blor
Jor Blor 25 күн мурун
Who hurt you
Sammy Dunbar
Sammy Dunbar 26 күн мурун
xfallenxlostx 26 күн мурун
Sorry, but had to stop as soon as crêpe was pronounced incorrectly. It is said like “krehp,” not “crape.”
Uncensored Banana
Uncensored Banana 26 күн мурун
2 donkey eggs
Din0za 27 күн мурун
It's not crepes it's stuffed pancakes!
Ravenous Elf
Ravenous Elf 28 күн мурун
This are Slavic Pancakes.
Jake R
Jake R 29 күн мурун
7 years later and your still making great cooking videos
FAZZ Ай мурун
add a teaspoon of salt and you have norwegian pancakes.
Tobiwolf Ай мурун
2 donkey eggs ..... where do I get those ... or how do this exist ?
isees Ай мурун
Next recipe is gonna be Blini
Fluffymiyster Ай мурун
Love the song and have missed them!
Chloe Ай мурун
I have that same cutting board. Just thought you'd like to know.
Marouane meftah Tf
Marouane meftah Tf Ай мурун
Bro tip:for sweet crepes add vanilla sugar or vanilla flavoring or vanilla extract you wont regret
Marouane meftah Tf
Marouane meftah Tf Ай мурун
Kaoutar Ай мурун
Hi, I just found out about this channel,... Yes I have a lot of questions 🙂
Pople BackyardFarm
Pople BackyardFarm Ай мурун
these look amazing
Neil Allen Lopez
Neil Allen Lopez Ай мурун
The best idk cooking show
Paridot Ай мурун
i cant beleive how long its been since i watched this chanle its so funny
Paridot Ай мурун
mmmmm crispy crusticles
YomonostrA Ай мурун
Thats not crepes, Thats swedish pancakes
Gracie Stickells
Gracie Stickells Ай мурун
he really burnt a message into a crepe using a soldering iron..... xD
Techi Ай мурун
Does fliping the room work too when fliping the Crepe? What about fliping the pan? Does a Half Flip of a Room and Half Counterflip of the pan work too?
James Rosewell
James Rosewell Ай мурун
Is the Crepes Song on Spotify?
Aaron Beams
Aaron Beams Ай мурун
Pancake Girl, sucked into an extractor fan! Meringue Man, baked alive in an oven at 180C Degrees! Waffle Guy, caught in an electric eggbeater! NO CRÊPES!!!
blackcatooow Ай мурун
3:33 MaN
keo kawasaki
keo kawasaki Ай мурун
You suck at _something_
Tree Ай мурун
Python_mooping Ай мурун
Make asian crepes or nothing
Ghost Ай мурун
my fav place ever used to serve the best sweet crepe of my life. Nutella banana strawberry crepe oh my lord ohhhhhhh my lord.
QWOP Ай мурун
Mhm *crusticles*
geile schnitte
geile schnitte Ай мурун
Really appreciated that new wave classic there at the end
Melody Von der Pfalz
Melody Von der Pfalz Ай мурун
grape? loool
9437Ruhana Sabnam
9437Ruhana Sabnam Ай мурун
This is just the best cooking channel out there on KGglobal.
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil Ай мурун
This is such a lovely dog!
Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson Ай мурун
i am crying with laughter
Ryan Frank
Ryan Frank Ай мурун
Cause I’m a crepe I’m a weirdo
ImmaSingWhatIWant Ай мурун
I was just trying to find out what crepes were and I found... this.
Love Murphy
Love Murphy Ай мурун
Glad I found this channel. Love your sense of humor lol
Cursed Sinner
Cursed Sinner Ай мурун
Milk flour and eggs... I pain
Julian Alcanzaren
Julian Alcanzaren Ай мурун
Only flip once whoever is watching btw. Basically everything is right except the fact that he flipped like ten times. Treat it like pancakes only flip once
Reagan aka ya boi
Reagan aka ya boi Ай мурун
The crepe song was a jam
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo Ай мурун
i feel like he puts so much effort in these for no reason but i love it
Tesla TC
Tesla TC Ай мурун
Where do I get a flour magnet
Im Phanta
Im Phanta Ай мурун
PRO TIPP: When the pan is already hot in your opinion, wait 1-2 minutes. That way the first one will turn out good aswell, since they just suck because of uneven heating. I ignore this though, I snack the first one while making the rest anyway.
The Abstract
The Abstract Ай мурун
Believe in salami brocolli and ghosts
Moe Lester
Moe Lester Ай мурун
Bruh where’s the intro
Private Investigator
Private Investigator Ай мурун
This isn’t just a cooking channel. It’s very entertainmenting
Private Investigator
Private Investigator Ай мурун
Can someone please tell me where I can find one of those wheat magnets? I looked everywhere.
Avi Saxena
Avi Saxena Ай мурун
Mobile Terrarian
Mobile Terrarian Ай мурун
The song made me remember those old karaoke songs with random videos
I Am an idiot but
I Am an idiot but Ай мурун
Nice dog
I Am an idiot but
I Am an idiot but Ай мурун
Just tell me how to make it
F L Ай мурун
I made these today and let me say Ill never put My a breakfest pocket with a tortilla if i can make it with crepes they was good as hell
Bruh Ай мурун
123 let's go
bn ezabela
bn ezabela Ай мурун
now I knw why I'm geting fat!! it's all those air calories!!
F L Ай мурун
Im making crepes today
Miss Kassaman
Miss Kassaman Ай мурун
Did anyone ever find out whose animals these are😍😂😂😂
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson Ай мурун
Dude you are one of the funniest people online and your recipes are bomb too. Thanks for all your awesome videos.
Louis Ай мурун
omg im totally new on this channel and... jesus this is so funny
167IsaBella Ай мурун
Exactly like hungarian pancakes. Except we fill it with whatever - moslty with sweet things - and roll it into a straw. Only when you make the "hortobágyi" meat filled version, you fold it into a rectangle.
Secret Scarlet
Secret Scarlet Ай мурун
0:10 lol the subtle joke of showing the wrong ingredient with the voice over... I love small moments like these. XD
Recovering Soul
Recovering Soul Ай мурун
0:18 for me
coscorrodrift Ай мурун
"that's a smart looking crepe" 10/10
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