What are the black flags at the US Capitol and why are there so many buses around the Congress?

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A number of requests have come in to film the black flags at the US Capitol building along with the seemingly endless parade of buses at the US Capitol. I went out yesterday to make some video of both of these things, but I also went through my archives over the last month and found some other videos that might be helpful.
In short, it seems the black flags are POW/MIA flags that are now required to be flown at the Capitol, the White House, military cemeteries, and post offices due to a law signed by President Trump in 2019. The National POW/MIA Flag Act, Public Law 116-67, was signed by President Trump on November 7, 2019 and should mean you’ll see this flag anytime you see the Capitol or White House on TV, or even when you visit your local post office.
The second question was about the buses. Why are their tour buses when there are no tourists? From what I’ve seen, the National Guard has been using these unused tourist buses as a shuttle service. I’ve gone back in my video files over the last month and pulled up some scenes of these buses moving around between the DC National Guard Armory, the Capitol and hotels and other locations downtown. I’ve seen them during the day and at night.
Is every single flag flying a POW/MIA flag? Is every single bus I see a National Guard bus? I can’t possibly know that. No one can. I can only show you what I see during my walks. If you have a specific place you want me to film, hit me up and I’ll try to take a hike down there so you can see it too.
Thanks for watching.
PenguinSix is an apolitical guy in a political town who likes to walk a lot. He has hiked over 17,000 miles (27,000kms) in the past six years and is still walking today. He is an American expat who spent the last decade in Hong Kong with his family and is now back in Washington DC, continuing his daily ritual of taking very long hikes around the city catching the sights and sounds of the city while live streaming to share with others. History, culture, life as an expat (with reverse culture shock), and the patheticness of the Chinese food in Washington DC are regular topics of discussion. Feel free to follow him on other social media accounts such as:
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M Chopin
M Chopin 2 күн мурун
Hilarious! Flying POW flags while the admin makes prisoners of its own citizens...not to mention big tech cancelling people effectively making them MIA.
Chief ECA
Chief ECA 8 күн мурун
Why am I missing all of these videos?! (KGglobal)
Catherine Anderson
Catherine Anderson 9 күн мурун
How many protesters do you see around DC? How many National Guard troops are being wasted there instead of at the border, where they are needed due to JB’s dictatorship? Do most ppl not like the fence or support it! So disgusting and UN AMERICAN? God help us!
Henry Parent
Henry Parent 21 күн мурун
No Mercy For the loser
Donald May
Donald May 22 күн мурун
The black flags at the Capitol is telling everybody that it is disease with Communism I know red supposed to be for communism but these communism are dead from the neck up some people call some meat heads aren't you would call a Meatheads
Cherre Dyer
Cherre Dyer 22 күн мурун
What are they so afraid of? Freedom?
Greg Fitton
Greg Fitton 22 күн мурун
It’s looking more and more like this was a coup rather than an election, just looking from an other country.
bau 23 күн мурун
Carolyn J Frazier
Carolyn J Frazier 24 күн мурун
Traci Merrill
Traci Merrill 25 күн мурун
Philip Jones
Philip Jones 26 күн мурун
God bless our President Donald J.Trump. America misses him more than you'll ever know. Best President ever in my life time.
RH 6 саат мурун
So you're 4 years old?
Madeline Cesnalise
Madeline Cesnalise 26 күн мурун
Thats a p.o.w. flag
Daniel Knauf
Daniel Knauf 27 күн мурун
“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” - Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson 27 күн мурун
Only thing wrong is our Capital looking like an armed camp like Moscow,Berlin and even London during WWII.
charles hall
charles hall 27 күн мурун
But didn't Trump sa he don't believe in people that got captured or caught. Hum. Oh yeah he said that about John mccain.
marie catherine Petit
marie catherine Petit 27 күн мурун
Salut de France . Quel malheur de ne pas comprendre l'anglais . J'en rage , de ne pas comprendre . Bisous
Donald Hancock
Donald Hancock 28 күн мурун
It's getting bad when the government has to have the national guard protect them from the people that are said to have voted them into office and they want to take my guns I need.my guns protect my family from the government
Donald Hancock
Donald Hancock 28 күн мурун
The busses are there to hall the left to Guantanamo
Leedog Smith
Leedog Smith 28 күн мурун
Ron Mangrum
Ron Mangrum 29 күн мурун
Speaking as a United States 🇺🇸 Marine. God bless America, President Trump and all Vietnam Veterans! POW/MIA! SEMPER FIDELIS FOREVER! OOHRAH
William Vaughn
William Vaughn 29 күн мурун
Looks like pow mia flags to me
George Alexander
George Alexander 29 күн мурун
I had thought that ALL 🇺🇸 🇺🇲 AMERICANS ARE EQUAL NO MATTER THE SKIN COLOR...BUT NOW THE ⚫ BLACKS want to be MORE than equal!!
George Alexander
George Alexander 29 күн мурун
BLACK ⚫ FLAGS FLYING AT OUR CAPITOL?!? The next thing will be COMMUNIST CHINESE 🇨🇳 FLAGS flying there!! 🤬🤬👹👹👹👺👺👺👿👿👿👿
Sick Man
Sick Man 29 күн мурун
All I see is a people afraid of their goverment.
Sick Man
Sick Man 29 күн мурун
Americans should be horrified.
Blue Denim
Blue Denim Ай мурун
Glad I found you🇺🇸🇺🇸Very informative, thank you 🙏🏻
Deborah Maggart
Deborah Maggart Ай мурун
When are they going to turn the American flag upside down to show a country in distress
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller Ай мурун
Thank You
Droopy Dude
Droopy Dude Ай мурун
Its my veiw that the people in charge in Washington are the enemy of our constitution and freedom. The National Guard should be detaining our elected officials.
Mike Carr
Mike Carr Ай мурун
The National guard seems to be the upcomming Gestapo. They are another threat to the republic.
Walt Gibbs
Walt Gibbs Ай мурун
Easy became se satin runs it now and has for many years
Jr Gut
Jr Gut Ай мурун
Whats crazy is congress get away with very thing spend lots of tax payers money.send our women and men to countlesd wars.but is never held accountable.god forbide i have an opinion
George Stiebler
George Stiebler Ай мурун
I'm glad I'm old enough not to have to work
George Stiebler
George Stiebler Ай мурун
All the other ones I'm coming in to get your job don't feel so bad you only did it the right waynow they want to give the people did it the wrong way to go ahead and take your jobs could you know they ain't here just to go to the farms
Pattie Prophet
Pattie Prophet Ай мурун
Thank you
Jo Blow
Jo Blow Ай мурун
Maybe they rounding up the politicians and busing them to correctional facilities where they belong
Craig Mahan
Craig Mahan Ай мурун
Hayward Jablomey
Hayward Jablomey Ай мурун
summation: the people of America are now P.O.W.'s and their legitimate gov't. is M.I.A. 💣💩🇺🇸💀🚽
Reina De Castro
Reina De Castro Ай мурун
You are trump ?are you?you still calling president trump it shows you are
Bob longdickder
Bob longdickder Ай мурун
Well that particular Black Flag says m i a p o w on it I'm sure you can figure that out
Mainiac Ай мурун
Nice huh of the people for the people by the people, the filthy rich crooks people..
green mountain farmer
green mountain farmer Ай мурун
They are P.O.W flags they have always flown
Americanus Terminus
Americanus Terminus Ай мурун
Wait you mean to tell me people do not know what the POW/MIA flag looks like?? Wow that's sad
bostonjedi Ай мурун
first of all GOD BLESS AND ty for the work you are all doing in conservative radio and TV. we love you. 2nd: ...I wonder if the people who operate these now, socialist, soon to be Communist, companies EVEN realize just how evil they are. Very sad. PLEASE: Yes wow ok This vid I am posting is long and a "conspiracy" piece and I, myself because of time constraints almost turned it off to watch at a later time... UNTIL I got to (ironically enough) 3.33 (: o) You'll see what I mean but Please don't skip, watch from beginning to that point. Please please all Americans NEED to see this to understand exactly what is transpiring right now. God 🙏 bless us all. Watch "Communist Subversion | A Plan For Total World-Wide Control | Part 1" on KGglobal
Life Is Poetry
Life Is Poetry Ай мурун
Government are cowards.
Dawn Hartwell
Dawn Hartwell Ай мурун
Funny how our Dear President Trump never needed fences and National Guard troops surrounding him but this administration is so scared of the people they represent they feel the need to have extra protection and keep the people of the United States out.
Dawn Hartwell
Dawn Hartwell Ай мурун
Oracle Pink medium and psychic Tarot
Oracle Pink medium and psychic Tarot Ай мурун
The black pow flag is for the babies there finding underground in the tunnels
Alan Haywood
Alan Haywood Ай мурун
Is this anything to do with troops entering and investigating the tunnels which we know exist beneath the streets of Washington, and by all accounts are used for very nefarious reasons.
Kirk Veselka
Kirk Veselka Ай мурун
That is the POW MIA flag.
Judas Germanotta
Judas Germanotta Ай мурун
Bullshit I see black guy lags every where it's old news
CAL For Trump
CAL For Trump Ай мурун
Would the flags and the buses have anything to do w/the loss of 200 soldiers in the DUMBS...?
Oceane Brieze
Oceane Brieze Ай мурун
President Trump served the land and people he loved with integrity and dedication. God bless him always🙏🏼🇺🇸♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸♥️🙏🏼🇺🇸
David Trobaugh
David Trobaugh Ай мурун
Deborah Chapa
Deborah Chapa Ай мурун
They are doing eight hour shift because there are more of them now. Pathetic. I feel like I am living in a communist country. Not what I wore the uniform for.
Deborah Chapa
Deborah Chapa Ай мурун
They are doing eight hour shifts because there are more of them now. Pathetic. I feel like I am living in a communist country now.
ray soltero
ray soltero Ай мурун
Kim Kelch
Kim Kelch Ай мурун
Glad people are learning all the Good President Trump was doing. And more to come.
May Camilleri
May Camilleri Ай мурун
Good for you.
Cherry Williams
Cherry Williams Ай мурун
Our government now looks like a dictatorship.
dlite45 Ай мурун
They're circling the wagons around the camp to protect them from the insurrection.
edward haynes
edward haynes Ай мурун
❤️🙏 Through your eyes we’ve been able to see, hear and experience our Capitol and it’s surrounding places if interests. You are loved and appreciated by all!
Apple Jacks
Apple Jacks Ай мурун
They just been doing this for idk, 20 years or longer by now
Apple Jacks
Apple Jacks Ай мурун
You all don't know what a POW flag is?????? 😭 Sad........
Trump Groupie
Trump Groupie Ай мурун
This is insane. Illegal immigrants allowed in with citizens while they are behind major fencing and barbed wire. 🇺🇸🇺🇸WE CAN AbolishGov.com cuz GovernmentWorksFor.US so we can say YoureAllFired.US & DefundGovernment.US 😂😂
Lady Heidi A.B. Lady Heidi A.B.
Lady Heidi A.B. Lady Heidi A.B. Ай мурун
Criminal activity by the left & rynos
Lady Heidi A.B. Lady Heidi A.B.
Lady Heidi A.B. Lady Heidi A.B. Ай мурун
Nope, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, busses where there because of ongoing criminal activity by the deep state and their co conspirators
Crystal Risley
Crystal Risley Ай мурун
Christian Finlayson
Christian Finlayson Ай мурун
The winds always blowing the wong way...positive vibes towards Texas.. and harrp..fuck your steroid clouds..
Bryan Waitman
Bryan Waitman Ай мурун
This what it looks like after the biggest win in our history.
#Not My Potato
#Not My Potato Ай мурун
Oh! Trump did so much for us. I wonder how long it will be until 🥔 Joe ends this too
#Not My Potato
#Not My Potato Ай мурун
Pirate flags?
Stick Stickley • 100 years ago
Stick Stickley • 100 years ago Ай мурун
I drive by the Pentagon every day and have seen the POW/MIA flag everywhere. God bless
wanderdworld Halen
wanderdworld Halen Ай мурун
Im surprised they havent mouted 50 cals on top those buses. I wander if Nancy has one of those guys guarding the ice cream freezer
Terrell Brunson
Terrell Brunson Ай мурун
The reason why the black flags are on the White House and tbe capital buildings is because they are prisoners of war the why the fence is still up so no one can get out.
Debra Charles
Debra Charles Ай мурун
Beautiful windows!
Sly Smilin Cat
Sly Smilin Cat Ай мурун
Sooo Glad To See That Flag Next To Our National Flag 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Skylark Myself
Skylark Myself Ай мурун
Prisoners of war , it doesnt make sense , what troops how do we know there not isis coming through our recently open borders , we all know they are up to some thing per po seeing for something obviously, it's still is messed up , and they are hiding something from us . Thanks for being our eyes
Skylark Myself
Skylark Myself Ай мурун
ISIS is come to America for their created for biden hillary and pelosi mic ect , its as coup in america
nick hair
nick hair Ай мурун
POW flag I wonder why
Patric Akelech
Patric Akelech Ай мурун
The fact that SCOTUS, GOP, Fed. Government has enabled a fraud Biden/Harris admin should terrify legal voters.
Lord Master
Lord Master Ай мурун
Black flags?Henry Rollins must be visiting
Li CM Ай мурун
Thank you for showing us instead of telling us and letting us decide.
Viking Child
Viking Child Ай мурун
Click bait. 👎
williamdaniel10 Ай мурун
I have a flag pole in my front yard, and fly the American flag and POW MIA flag Everyday.
Dafis Gibson
Dafis Gibson Ай мурун
Love it.
Henry Gauthier
Henry Gauthier Ай мурун
Hope the lone star banned will soon get out of all this unamerican circus. Let the libtards and the Antifa commies lead the desunited states of Unamerica to the final disintegration...
Guitarguts63 Ай мурун
John West president trump for recognizing those who never made it back or are still missing today they should never be forgotten and we should be displaying that flag every single day of the year
John Sheppard
John Sheppard Ай мурун
Why are they still there?
Astri Groth
Astri Groth Ай мурун
Wasnt that a Q - flag???
Rose Q Aguon
Rose Q Aguon Ай мурун
Using the buses to transport migrants to WH...for shelter..
Kathy Halley
Kathy Halley Ай мурун
So, why do we need troops and fences at the capital????
penguinsix Ай мурун
No idea...
Stephen Faulkner
Stephen Faulkner Ай мурун
POW/MIA. Prisoners of War/Missing in Action
P Jj
P Jj Ай мурун
maybe theyre dropping off some border crossers in d.c.....why should texas and arizona house and feed...bumblebiden wanted em...send to his house
Andrew Manley
Andrew Manley Ай мурун
As a USCG veteran, it sickens me to see the fencing around the Capital building and yet not where we need it the most, on our Southern Border. Now we know who the Privileged Class is, a Congress?
USA Ай мурун
Only a non-Patriotic American, non-veteran, would not know what the POW/MIA flags symbolize.
Geri Price
Geri Price Ай мурун
Canadian here...I think that's a wonderful sentiment flying the flag. My question is , aren't we supposed to be lowering our emissions? Like the pipeline not going through for that reason. I'm thinking those buses use a lot of fuel. Thanks again. I find this all interesting.
Rick the concerned
Rick the concerned Ай мурун
Isn't it amazing how the pos democRATS want a permanent wall round themselves but want the boarderwall torn down cause,you know, they're so worried about their dematard supporters health so much an all. Just sayin!
LanieJuanita Whitehurst
LanieJuanita Whitehurst Ай мурун
The people are the stock holders in the federal government so the people should be voting for the salaries of their employees in the federal government/bureaucracy
j para
j para Ай мурун
Those are pow flags. Nothing wrong there imo
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