Rednecks will turn anything into a Truck! (Truck Gang)

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Ginger Billy

Жыл мурун

I turned my ford Windstar into a FORD F-2FITTY SUPER DOODY!

Xxwolfie_packxX Күн мурун
My mom watched this video on facebook
moon blood
moon blood 4 күн мурун
Ginger Billy you say your truck can pull 20,000 pounds? your telling me that your truck can pull a fully loaded semi tractor trailer well if i save up move and i have my drivers license ill get a real ford f-250 and then we will compare trucks
Tyler Eichner
Tyler Eichner 5 күн мурун
It was a mini van before
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 7 күн мурун
Still better than a Ridgeline
Mateusz Jasinski
Mateusz Jasinski 8 күн мурун
Is this what Riley Green meant by “I wish even cars had truck beds.”?🤣
LSOH weld & fab
LSOH weld & fab 11 күн мурун
Looks like a poor man's Honda Ridgeline
Joel Mullins
Joel Mullins 11 күн мурун
the truck used to be a mini van lol
Greg Marshall
Greg Marshall 12 күн мурун
Truck gang
Green Hulk
Green Hulk 14 күн мурун
The truck is so bad, is don't get stuck in the mud, the mud gets stuck to it!!!
Kobe24 Angeles
Kobe24 Angeles 16 күн мурун
(ABS) A Bad Son of a b#$%& hahaha hands down i just subscribed,,, Baddest mama jama hahaha
Mason Mason
Mason Mason 17 күн мурун
It's street legal to
MrCliffda3rd 18 күн мурун
More truckly than a Honda Ridgeline....Truck gang!!
SOJC87 21 күн мурун
This man is this generations Red Green but the American version 😂😂
Brandon Holdeman
Brandon Holdeman 24 күн мурун
This is the channel that whistling diesel wishes he was.
Adam Bentley
Adam Bentley Ай мурун
Adam Beney😀😄😄😆😆😅🤣😂😇🥰😍🤩
Adam Bentley
Adam Bentley Ай мурун
Adam Bentley😀😃😄😁😆😅😍🤩😇🥰😍😛
Adam Bentley
Adam Bentley Ай мурун
Adam Bentley😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣😂😇🥰😍🤩
mark thurst
mark thurst Ай мурун
Where is the video of that going through the mud? I need it in my life.
John S
John S Ай мурун
Hilarious!! Love it!!
Crystal Roderick
Crystal Roderick Ай мурун
I ain't neva scared!!!!
Crystal Roderick
Crystal Roderick Ай мурун
His manliness might make me subscribe....I need a good laugh every now n then!!😜😜😜
Crystal Roderick
Crystal Roderick Ай мурун
Wow! He's an animal! 😎 This guy's a trip!
Tim 2 Apple Cell
Tim 2 Apple Cell Ай мурун
I see the inner truck within that sucker, give you an 8 on a scale to 10.
L MN Ай мурун
lilgreen58 Ай мурун
Why isn't he a pro wrestler!!!
jace arnold
jace arnold Ай мурун
Keynu Davis
Keynu Davis Ай мурун
any body see he busted his knee to the white meat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Whiffy69 ASMR
Whiffy69 ASMR Ай мурун
"That thing'd pop a wheelie" Its fwd so if you can make it do a wheelie id be impressed
Thomas Ай мурун
Jasmine Lopez
Jasmine Lopez Ай мурун
David C
David C Ай мурун
This cracks me up. He cut the top of a mini van 😂
Blitz Ritter
Blitz Ritter Ай мурун
please use some sunblock lotion
Juby Lam
Juby Lam Ай мурун
I wish all Americans would be like this legend
Juby Lam
Juby Lam Ай мурун
I'd ride into the sunset with you every day my dude no homo
Tha_Monsta88 Ай мурун
Bet this truck could out pull monster max in a tug of war. Call up whistling diesel
Matthew Huskins
Matthew Huskins Ай мурун
How many little shit boxes are for sale in your town bro
Damien Valdez
Damien Valdez Ай мурун
This guy Is the definition of turning nothing into something!
Ryan Cronin
Ryan Cronin Ай мурун
Our 2011 duramax will beat your car
Ryan Cronin
Ryan Cronin Ай мурун
@Caleb Heney yes it will it has 450 horsepower and a turbo
Caleb Heney
Caleb Heney Ай мурун
your doodoomax aint beating this
Robert Roser
Robert Roser Ай мурун
In Australia you would be called Ranga Bill.
Its Lex
Its Lex Ай мурун
that truck would be such a powerhouse that the tires explode xD
Samuel F
Samuel F 2 ай мурун
hey you said chevy don't got nothing on that well chevy does its called a blazer
The SD60 GUY
The SD60 GUY 2 ай мурун
I love V8 better man, sorry
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 2 ай мурун
David C
David C 2 ай мурун
It should have said, "Supa Dootie"
David C
David C 2 ай мурун
Thumb up yo fellow Ginger with cut off exhaust!
westwing23 2 ай мурун
Still better than a Honda Ridgeline.
Bob Lister
Bob Lister 2 ай мурун
We did cut the roof off a Ford Escort wagon years ago. Had to weld a bar between the door pillars and rear shock towers to keep the sides from folding in. Then a guy bought it from us and drove it across the country and back a year later. We originally were just going to beat it to death till we were offered $500.00
donald Foley
donald Foley 2 ай мурун
dume ass this a van
Caleb Heney
Caleb Heney Ай мурун
no its a truck. "dume ass"
Bobbi Schueter
Bobbi Schueter 2 ай мурун
I would literally pay for that car
Chris Neely
Chris Neely 2 ай мурун
That's a bad truck right dair!
jo big
jo big 2 ай мурун
LOL warning light for engine, big engine, ABS yeah right hahaha🤣
Stig 2 ай мурун
This dude can turn a glass of water into beer
Kelsey Smith
Kelsey Smith 2 ай мурун
So let’s talk about the start
Elana Hammer
Elana Hammer 2 ай мурун
Ps... I think your cat is looking for a new place to go potty in the super doody! Lol 🤔❤️✊😜🇺🇸
Elana Hammer
Elana Hammer 2 ай мурун
Uh yeah your warning lights are telling you that you are driving a blankety, blank, blank, rebuilt dodge! Lol Anyhow, I can look beyond this because I think 🤔 your funny especially fir a ginger! Lol 🤔❤️✊😜🇺🇸
Korie Stampley
Korie Stampley 2 ай мурун
Yes lmao truck game
MegaSlowe 2 ай мурун
Poppin' willies. 😂
TheCattledog2 2 ай мурун
Taking a super doody on everyone
Black Obelisk
Black Obelisk 2 ай мурун
Only matter of time before Billy attaches monster truck wheels onto a Prius
Karine Picard
Karine Picard 2 ай мурун
That’s a gay minivane not a. Cool truck
r briseno
r briseno 2 ай мурун
Kitty at 2:56!!!
K J 2 ай мурун
Sorry, that wasn't exactly him that I was talking to after all, so hold your horses until the race with Demo can be arranged. Until/if..
K J 2 ай мурун
You pick the road, I just arranged for Demolition/Abandoned Mansion to bring his 5-ton over to settle this challenge. It might take him a while to get there because despite driving fast, he may be stopped a few times because he's on his phone a lot of the time and tends to attract some random police attention, but he'll be there.
Michael McKay
Michael McKay 2 ай мурун
Ford custom built that dent. Love it
Caiden Boyers
Caiden Boyers 2 ай мурун
Truck gang where y’all at
Michael Ewing
Michael Ewing 2 ай мурун
mister smith
mister smith 2 ай мурун
Finally. A truck I can score in.
mister smith
mister smith 2 ай мурун
Eungel Renguul
Eungel Renguul 2 ай мурун
The dent on the hood is a custom dent...without the dent it pop a wheelie every time i dead
Ali Karar Al-Moussawi
Ali Karar Al-Moussawi 2 ай мурун
this is def a sleeper
Randy Randelson
Randy Randelson 2 ай мурун
He used his time wisely during the quarn and turned that Ford Aerostar into one bad ass truck. Needs to be jacked up though. I am sure they make a like kit for an Aerostar.
Rhonda S
Rhonda S 2 ай мурун
All you did was get a van afford van and it just cut off the top part of it and then just write it Ford on it in super duty F-350 Could tell by the way that was right it by him I don't the fries of a truck don't look like that Yeah that's right I just called you out
Caleb Heney
Caleb Heney Ай мурун
no its a truck. Its a ford f 2 fitty super dooty. got the badges and everything.
Eli Hummel
Eli Hummel 2 ай мурун
Imagine taking this to a car show just to see everyone's reactions. That would be priceless💯😂
David Harris
David Harris 2 ай мурун
He is a nut. Lol
Boggess Port IND.
Boggess Port IND. 2 ай мурун
How much do you want for that truck?
kimuseni 2 ай мурун
Downdraft - LOL
I Am Real Eyes
I Am Real Eyes 2 ай мурун
Isnt that front wheel drive...
Mark Dunbar
Mark Dunbar 2 ай мурун
Super Doody is right
Koko Sporkin
Koko Sporkin 2 ай мурун
Shheeesh 🥶🥶🥶
Wil aka Jigga Moo
Wil aka Jigga Moo 2 ай мурун
F. Rodriguez
F. Rodriguez 2 ай мурун
GB what’s up with wearing those Daisy Dukes?
Larry Whinnery
Larry Whinnery 2 ай мурун
This guy is hilarious!!!
shantor100 2 ай мурун
2 fitty 🤣
Blake House
Blake House 2 ай мурун
It's just a cheap ass Ford Windstar with the back cut off.
Caleb Heney
Caleb Heney Ай мурун
no its a f 2 fitty super doody. #truckgang
Derek Young
Derek Young 2 ай мурун
After watching this I'm going on Craigslist.
McTroll2 GroundControl
McTroll2 GroundControl 2 ай мурун
The level of this man’s satire is brilliant.
Wil aka Jigga Moo
Wil aka Jigga Moo 2 ай мурун
tetsuoswrath 2 ай мурун
Let's see you turn a moped into a truck. :{
Elias Baldonado
Elias Baldonado 2 ай мурун
Funny guy!!!!
Richie Cook
Richie Cook 2 ай мурун
The sheer AUTHORITY of how he exits that beast. Classic.
whatzit tooyah
whatzit tooyah 2 ай мурун
Previously unheard of levels of alpha coming from a man in short Jorts 😂😂😂
😐😐😐😐 2 ай мурун
“A ford ain’t got nothing on that” THAT IS A FORD F2FITTY SUPER DOODY
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil
Linux Jedi aka Big Evil 2 ай мурун
doody 😂😂😂😂😂😂
the revolver yt
the revolver yt 2 ай мурун
Xbox series truck
Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson 2 ай мурун
Boy you best be liftin that truck. Converted winter wins.
Ludwig Mjörnemyr
Ludwig Mjörnemyr 2 ай мурун
You should make a Lamborghini truck
Thor Out
Thor Out 2 ай мурун
That --van-- truck is awesome
Dee Rice
Dee Rice 2 ай мурун
CarsAndSirens1003A 2 ай мурун
0 to jail in 10 seconds?
Stephen Munene
Stephen Munene 3 ай мурун
Truck Gang!!!
Playing THE WHEEL OF PAIN with my wife!
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