WHY do pilots say HEAVY? Wake Turbulence EXPLAINED BY CAPTAIN JOE

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Dear friends and followers, in today´s video I´ll be explaining, why pilots say "Heavy" at the end of their callsign.
I´m sure many of you have listened to LIVE ATC conversations here on youtube, and ever so often you can hear the controller and the pilot communicate with each other and the pilot always ends by saying his callsign and "Heavy" at the end.
The "Heavy" is related to the ICAO wake turbulence categories. As all flying objects create turbulent air in their path, airplanes create so-called wake turbulence. And the heavier and the greater the angle of attack is the stronger the wake turbulence become. Therefore it´s absolutely vital that airplanes keep a safe distance to each other so to not enter the turbulence of the preceding plane.
Cause of that matter the ICAO came up with a wake turbulence weight category chart.
But see more about the minimum separations etc. in the video :)
Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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KeinWunder 2 күн мурун
Do a video in german 😍
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 4 күн мурун
Ah yes, 2.26 million pilots watching this.
Rocky Go
Rocky Go 9 күн мурун
I imagine a cessna approaching like Cessna 143 "Cute"
Miriam Schmitz
Miriam Schmitz 10 күн мурун
There are no German subtitles.. ☹️
Neel Shah
Neel Shah 10 күн мурун
Glider flies high than procedding aircraft cause wing top vortices created by glider are negligible or can say less than procedding aircraft.
thebeaz1 11 күн мурун
Thank you for that important information.
Zinah Awab
Zinah Awab 14 күн мурун
Mr Joe you are not a captain you are a first officer
Daniel Wainaina
Daniel Wainaina 19 күн мурун
This question has been bothering me so much,,, Thanks Captain Joe
Darth vader
Darth vader 26 күн мурун
Subtitles suck shit
Don'tSpikeMyDrink 9 күн мурун
they are not that bad
ss ll
ss ll 27 күн мурун
why arent youtube tutorials available when i was 10. now its too late for me to switch career... T_T
William Edward
William Edward Ай мурун
The rapid philosophy sadly peep because memory advantageously prick down a agonizing quiver. humorous, future futuristic pilot
DzyMsLizzy Ай мурун
Once I read a definition of stress as, "Coming in to land at a large airport in a small plane, with a maximum speed of 140 MPH, followed by a commercial jet with a stall speed of 140 MPH." I don't know how accurate this is, as I'm sure there would be sufficient separation managed by ATC.
Marc Bergeron
Marc Bergeron Ай мурун
Ok! But if wake turbulences are so dangerous for airplanes who following us, how can it be possible for multiple airplanes to fly in tight formation without losing control?
George Reynolds
George Reynolds 24 күн мурун
The turbulence is behind the aircraft in formation. Small aircraft, including fast display jets, don't produce anything like the turbulence behind a large heavy aircraft.
George Payazitis
George Payazitis Ай мурун
They say heavy coz of the weight of the aircraft, maybe.
robert dickson
robert dickson Ай мурун
I stupidly thought heavy meant every seat occupied = heavy. duh... My next watch is 'Flt. attendant steals hotel van. 'Hot date?
56PapaBear56 Ай мурун
I miss the Concord also
Anushree Mohan
Anushree Mohan Ай мурун
Your videos are awesome ! I don't think anyone makes such detailed videos like you do.
Denial1984 Ай мурун
Aaditya Pratap Singh
Aaditya Pratap Singh Ай мурун
Captain Joe (about the Concorde): God I miss this plane. I: You definitely aren't alone, captain. 😔
eLem3nT Ай мурун
Ok so they're not calling the airplane fat? 🤔
Kyle Pifer
Kyle Pifer Ай мурун
When I was a kids we had to stack before landing at JFK. We circled around and dropped so long that I got sick🤢🤮. Do they still do that kind of stacking??
SharkJawYokel Ай мурун
I’ll save you 10 minutes: heavy means the plane is heavier than 130 tonnes and said as a reminder during radio communication.
CHIMOY Ай мурун
Houses near runway needs special rooftile Philippine houses near NAIA: pathetic
Alphaville86 Ай мурун
Heavy means the pilot needs to go on diet 😂 well done pilot
Paul M
Paul M Ай мурун
Captain? really?
Carl Ай мурун
Excellent explanation 👍
Heidi Coleman
Heidi Coleman Ай мурун
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nomebear Ай мурун
Super = Airbus A380, Antonov An-225 Mriya
Jesse James Bell
Jesse James Bell Ай мурун
Big Jet, Big Wake of turbulence !!
d gronzega
d gronzega Ай мурун
Yeah, ok. But WHY do they say heavy?!
George Reynolds
George Reynolds 24 күн мурун
To alert following aircraft that there is a turbulence risk. On a calm day, this turbulence can hang around for a few minutes, and a light aircraft could be flipped upside down if it encounters the vortices.
Martin Moore
Martin Moore Ай мурун
Capt Joe is not a Captain, his rank shows first officer
Diana Hilburn
Diana Hilburn Ай мурун
I always dreamed of flying on the Concorde. Beautiful plane
Gustavo Sanchez
Gustavo Sanchez Ай мурун
What's the word again heavy
C Y Ай мурун
Because Great Scotts! Was taken
Para Ай мурун
You are a very positive guy and very knowledgeable which of course you have to be in your line of work. Very well explained Joe
McCoy RiDEs
McCoy RiDEs Ай мурун
its my dream of becoming a pilot, but it will only be a dream, shattered dream, 😭😭😭 stay safe always captain joe,
numbr17 Ай мурун
I really like this channel! Nice work Joe! Very informative, and plainly explained to those of us new to the content. Really appreciate this.
Harry Van Der Meulen
Harry Van Der Meulen Ай мурун
I always thought a captain has 4 bars.........
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Ай мурун
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Delta Methrin
Delta Methrin Ай мурун
Jargons, every trade has it's own jargons.
LK Ай мурун
Excellent. I thought heavy meant we are leaving so we are loaded W gasoline.
Eduardo Bogosian
Eduardo Bogosian Ай мурун
@8:28 "God I miss this plane" We all do captain... We all do...
LPVit Ай мурун
good stuff, don't know how that info will be helpful to me but it's so interesting XD
BenjWarrant Ай мурун
You said 'preceding' plane when I think you meant 'succeeding' plane.
Doug Callahan
Doug Callahan Ай мурун
depends on the size of the flight attendants
Susan Muraguri
Susan Muraguri Ай мурун
I'm learning from you, Captain....will that make me a pilotess some day?.....lol!
Paul Collyer
Paul Collyer Ай мурун
No chance of me becoming a pilot anytime soon, but I’m a curious bunny. I always thought it meant they were fully loaded etc. This makes far more logical sense. Thank you
Lunatic Fringe
Lunatic Fringe Ай мурун
Plane full of fat sistas is heavy!!
Vanduir Da Silva
Vanduir Da Silva Ай мурун
Very cool information!!!!
James Lindsey
James Lindsey Ай мурун
It means there's a fat lady on the plane,lol
Jas B.
Jas B. Ай мурун
If a more efficient version of the Concorde could be built and operated at a profit would you pilot it?
SFC Tapia
SFC Tapia Ай мурун
When passengers are getting up to much or unruly the flight hostess calls CPT and puts on the return to seatbelts and bumps the plane around.
socalsilver Ай мурун
RickySTT Ай мурун
How is the Boeing 757 categorized, since (before the wings were retrofitted anyway) it created wake turbulence above its weight class?
Regular Guy
Regular Guy Ай мурун
Somewhere on the Tube is a video of a Cessna 182 landing at LAX. The comments section is priceless with advice on how the pilot should have called ATC. "Cessna 182 Heavy requesting your longest runway", that sort of nonsense.
pmailkeey Ай мурун
8:00 "...a glider ALWAYS flies a little higher than the tow plane...." Oh no it doesn't. It depends whether they're using the high tow position or the low tow position ! The low tow position - as the name suggests, has the glider slightly below the towing plane. So which is better ? A: The low tow position. So why is it rarely used ? Because the towing plane is rarely a Lancaster bomber - or other suitably powerful aircraft. Most aerotows are carried out with very small single-engined planes. The engines are quite adequate for the plane but without a 'trailer'. Some small aeroplanes are not suitable as tow planes as their engines aren't powerful enough. So you set off on tow with only 'adequate' engine power for the 2 aircraft. The first thing to note is that the glider is always airborne before the tow plane as it needs less airspeed to fly. So the high tow position is quite a natural choice. However, where it really matters is when the towing plane is airborne - the glider is being towed from the tail of the light aircraft - so if the glider is slightly above the light aircraft, the light aircraft's tail is being pulled slightly upwards by the pull of the glider. This is FINE ! The towing plane pointing a bit down can accelerate & fly safely. However, if the glider is in the low tow position, it is pulling the towing aircraft's tail down, tending to make the aircraft climb. But has the aircraft engine enough power for an enforced climb ??? OK, so they can lower the elevator to keep their nose down or level - but in doing so, it creates more drag - which needs to be opposed by the thrust the engine might not have ! So, for small tow planes with not a lot of excess engine power, the high tow position is nearly always used for safety ! If the tow plane was a Lancaster, no one would care where you were ! For info, the tow rope can be released at all times from both the glider and the tow plane. It is normal for the tow plane to leave it attached until about to land (as that's likely where the rope's needed again). To protect both aircraft, the ropes have a 'weak link' commonly with a breaking strain of 1,000 lbs. [Dad used to take me to the gliding club some weekends back in the 70s - early 80s.]
pmailkeey Ай мурун
8:07 +frames 3, 4 & 5 - WTF was that ? The two light aircraft were literally overtaken by something going supersonic speeds !
thebeaz1 Ай мурун
It's a pretty big aeroplane..........
tennisbum Ай мурун
Very concise explanation, well done
John Boughton
John Boughton Ай мурун
Flying Fat Dumb & Heavy
Jt Williams
Jt Williams Ай мурун
If this guy is a captain, why does he only have 3 bars? Duh! 🤪
thewargod1995 Ай мурун
So how is "Captain Joe" wearing 1st Officer stripes?
thewargod1995 Ай мурун
@Mark Taylor No. But it is my first time commenting. So instead of a smart ass comment how bout an explanation?
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor Ай мурун
So it’s your first day here, huh?
atomflyer44 Ай мурун
I thought the winglets that most aircraft now have were to reduce the wingtip vortices or wake turbulence?
Jim Malley
Jim Malley Ай мурун
Goose, I can't reach the ejection handle!!!... you gotta punch us out!!!
billp4 Ай мурун
cause it sounds cool?
Belkys Ай мурун
BASE : ON , OTHER , [ POI-LOTS , ( TURBULENCE ) , IS , DUE , TO , GETTING TO , ( CLOSE ) , TO [ THE VAN ALLEN , RADIATION , BELTS ) OR TO , SOME , ( THE DOME ) , OVER , THE , EARTH. [ 🌎 ] .😳... ( PROOF ) ? . SEE , TRU YOUR , WINDOW.😳 THE [ DARKNESS , OF , SPACE 🤓) . .( JUST , ( MILES ) , AWAY ) 😳.!!!!! .DO , SOME , RESEARCH .? .📚📖📚!!! .
You just answered one of the biggest questions I had about Jets but never did any research. Thanks.............
David Moutardier
David Moutardier Ай мурун
Thanks for the information. Excellent!
XxMidnightToker420xX Ай мурун
I miss the concord also. I remember as a kid watching them at coney Island heading for jfk or leaveung jfk it seemed like maybe once day you'd see maybe 2 concords out of all the planes maybe Alil more but man I miss that pointy nose and how the nose angled down when it came for a landing. Ugh what a truly beautiful aircraft. I was lucky enough to see one in person after they were decommissioned there was one at the aviator center in Brooklyn for a Alil while I'm glad I was alil older then to truly admire it up close in all its glory
Ben Klassen
Ben Klassen Ай мурун
I learned something. Thanks.
Minor Issue
Minor Issue Ай мурун
Yeah, atc usually treats fat pilots differently. You can approach faster if you claim heavy, since fat people have more burden on their bodies. They need rest ASAP.
Steve Guest
Steve Guest Ай мурун
That’s great Info very interesting
Robert B
Robert B Ай мурун
“God I miss this plane” You, and me, and so many others ;) Greetings toward München from across the “pond” in Alabama! Guten Flug, Herr Kapitän! Und es speziells Schwiizer “Grüezi!” as I am sure you’ve heard many times approaching ZRH 😉
Alec Mayo
Alec Mayo Ай мурун
Don't captains wear 4 stripes, vs a first officer's 3 stripes? Should you be First Officer Joe?
:l Ай мурун
7:21 Home owner: I hate the noise of the aircraft and my roof is damaged Me: You bought a house near an airport Home owner: .......
Bruno Tulliani
Bruno Tulliani Ай мурун
My wife calls me "Speed bird Heavy!" when in bed.
Cheick Diarra
Cheick Diarra Ай мурун
this is so cool
Communism is Evil
Communism is Evil Ай мурун
Very interesting explanation. I thought all planes were heavy! I hope the aviation industry will sort out woke left turbulance! 😆
mickd6942 Ай мурун
Remember watching air crash investigations where wake turbulence caused a small private jet to flip and crash into a city center in Mexico I think
Martin Espinosa
Martin Espinosa Ай мурун
I thought it meant they had ravioli for lunch
Terry Burke
Terry Burke Ай мурун
hate to break it to you but a kilogram is not a ton.
Rushin' Truckin'
Rushin' Truckin' Ай мурун
This was fascinating! Had no idea but makes sense.
Kleur van de Ogen
Kleur van de Ogen Ай мурун
Boeing 747 is "Heavy" Airbus A380 is "Super".......
Niteen Mehendale
Niteen Mehendale Ай мурун
Thanks, I've always wondered what "heavy" signified
Valerie DeMello
Valerie DeMello Ай мурун
Always wondered about the "heavy ", thank you for taking the time.
thebeaz1 Ай мурун
all 3 seconds........
Mark Rossow
Mark Rossow Ай мурун
so yes are nails in wood houses slowly shaken loose if in a flight path ?
Nu Pagadii
Nu Pagadii Ай мурун
Cuman in time 2:14 U have traditional PZL-104 Wilga/Gull.... NOT some ultra light plane....
bllourias Ай мурун
...and that is the reason there is so much empty and cleared fields around airports. Now, I know
Mingchen Zhang
Mingchen Zhang Ай мурун
Kleur van de Ogen
Kleur van de Ogen Ай мурун
AN 225 is "Super"......
Edin Fifić
Edin Fifić Ай мурун
Sort of like the wake a (speedy) boat leaves behind on water.
Richard Joe-Leonn
Richard Joe-Leonn Ай мурун
I’ve always wondered what heavy meant for thanks
Bill Dillon
Bill Dillon Ай мурун
And geese and ducks have figured this out without a slide rule.
Doug B
Doug B Ай мурун
Blasted out of the video by an ad.
eM Pe
eM Pe Ай мурун
What? I tend to listen to atc transmissions nearby and never heard heavy... isn't it reserved to the busiest airports? Also I heard speedbird callsign from the USA airports usually...
D F Ай мурун
I was in a small plane as a passenger once that hit wake turbulence. The plane rolled 45 degrees right then quickly rolled 45 degrees left before leveling. I didn’t realize what happened at the time but the panic in the pilot’s voice certainly didn’t help 😂
Gozar 111
Gozar 111 Ай мурун
I still remember when we could fly to places.
Jopflah Ай мурун
Wake turbulence caused the crash of small jet at John Wayne airport in Southern California killing top executives of the In-N- Out Burgher chain. This happened several years ago.
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown Ай мурун
"lined up like pearls on a necklace." I want to be sure ARTCCs get credit for that too 😉. TRACON may take credit but they merely fine tuned what center did, believe me! But I know what you meant, haha
Alucard Ай мурун
They really are fat shaming the concorde
Jamie Milsom
Jamie Milsom Ай мурун
Hi Tom you won’t read this but if anyone else can answer the question it would be great. Why do fighter planes or stunt shows like the red arrows not get affected by the wake from the other aircrafts in front as the fly all most touching
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