Lionel Richie Tells Christian McGuckian “There's No Such Thing As Failure” - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

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Christian McGuckian has that “magic country stuff” going on in her voice, according to Luke Bryan, but she’s letting everything around her get in the way. Christian enters the American Idol audition room letting her nerves get the best of her, but after Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry take Christian under their wings, doing their best to make her feel comfortable during her audition, Christian is able to come out of her shell and show the judges that she has what it takes. Will Christian be able to overcome her insecurities and “dig in the right direction” during Hollywood Week?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

Jake Smith
Jake Smith 18 күн мурун
is she out of tone the whole time???
Buried YoUx
Buried YoUx 20 күн мурун
I read she was eliminated. Is there even a video of the miranda lambert gunpowder and lead?
Ceka Sergio
Ceka Sergio 21 күн мурун
She look a lot like zara larsson in face 😲
Brooke 23 күн мурун
No. You should not have done this to her.
BREESIA CUMMINS 28 күн мурун
She was making me nervous from the beginning!!!!!!
Sin Jon
Sin Jon 28 күн мурун
She has a nice tone but her nerves are getting the best of her. If she shakes that she’ll do well. She seems like the nicest person
Diane D
Diane D Ай мурун
I loved your performance 3/21. I think you did such a great job! Come back next year
Rachel Lampen
Rachel Lampen Ай мурун
What a sweetheart ♥️ best of luck to you!!
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly Ай мурун
Aww she’s so sweet . A little bit of help and she will be fantastic .👏👏
Keeton Alden
Keeton Alden Ай мурун
Now this is American Idol. Just a real person with no platform, chasing their dreams. This is what the show was all about when it started. Loved this so much.
Mark Case
Mark Case Ай мурун
Awesome .... from Travelers Rest SC. You are really good ... just a little practice, focus, drive, persistence and you will make it to the top. Focus ... Focus ... Focus.
Notorious Mch
Notorious Mch Ай мурун
Only got through cos Katy fancied her
dachshunds channel
dachshunds channel Ай мурун
she was really bad (sorry but its true), I don't know how and why they put her through but some really good ppl were rejected "they are not ready" "come back next year" and she is not even half as good as them and she gest the ticket!!!???...makes ZERO sense...
Steve Ай мурун
aww she's adorable. Talented
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu Ай мурун
I love her... Some people can just sing and you can easily tell,she has a story!!...I felt all sorts of emotions watching this audition.
Harwit Hay
Harwit Hay Ай мурун
Maria Marghareta
Maria Marghareta Ай мурун
One sentence. Protect her at all costs.
Rein Ай мурун
You know what made her cuter? Her humility
JJ Lam
JJ Lam Ай мурун
Sorry but she digged Katie. Already hit bedrock and there’s nothing there
Caitlynd Blevins
Caitlynd Blevins Ай мурун
I feel like she needed to sing a miranda lambert song
Mary H
Mary H Ай мурун
💕LOVE her voice, it is so rich and pure. I am looking forward to hearing more from her. She is the sweetest girl ever. I just love everything about her 💕
Adrian Phillips
Adrian Phillips Ай мурун
This was absolutely awesome!
Rachel Burnette
Rachel Burnette Ай мурун
Awww Ryan Seacrest is so kind...and the judges were so sweet with her❤
Tim Everett
Tim Everett Ай мурун
There something magical there!
Shelby M
Shelby M Ай мурун
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Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson Ай мурун
A young kid with some vocal coaching and the right song choices, she’ll be one to reckon with. Underneath her nerves, she has a powerful voice. Confidence comes with time.
Jaclyn Ай мурун
My favorite country girl! "Im from the south yall"
David Falise
David Falise Ай мурун
This is the very thing that this show is about........ I love that these judges have an awesome sense of compassion and know when and who to implement it on. This is how you discover real Talent -
presto beats
presto beats Ай мурун
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Vic Gabanna
Vic Gabanna Ай мурун
When you win you win when you lose you learn
Dennis M
Dennis M Ай мурун
Holy crap I watch many of these all the time and I never get emotional but damn great audition.cute lol girl.
Nyri So
Nyri So Ай мурун
So many great talents this season. Loving the wisdom and compassion of the judges.
Louis G
Louis G Ай мурун
Well I am not from South Carolina but I did just move to Fountain Inn so at least we have someone with this type of heart representing my new state. Remember to Breathe young lady. Good luck.
Vincent Florio
Vincent Florio Ай мурун
It's amazing that it took ten minutes to take her from the start to the finish and what a difference it made. What are you experiencing right now that is just a ten minute level up from where you are to a bit greater? I hope you find it!
David brown
David brown Ай мурун
you guys at american idol are great, love you all katy, luke and lionel .
Rolland Frederick
Rolland Frederick Ай мурун
What a little sweetheart. Blesses n respect for her to get out there, is awsome. So, big it up for yourself kiddo. Amazing vocals n voice. Your on your way. Letric Ch'o.
Sarah Godin
Sarah Godin Ай мурун
Dean Feyt
Dean Feyt Ай мурун
I am from South Africa and keep watching USA Idols.. wish we had this amount of talent here.
Kevin Crispien
Kevin Crispien Ай мурун
If she doesn't win I promise I won't be mad but if she wins I'll be happier than a pig in slop. I have never seen a cuter most adorable audition in my life. I really hope she goes far because this show can never have too much AUTHENTICITY. Just another thing that she has in spades.
Emerald Gilana
Emerald Gilana Ай мурун
i wanna give her a big ol' hug
stumantheman Ай мурун
I got a girl crush on her
Ella Mullins
Ella Mullins Ай мурун
not my cup of tea >:/
Janet Love
Janet Love Ай мурун
Get a vocal coach now! Take advantage of the time you have until you go to Hollywood.
M L Ай мурун
No at first but. . smthn about her voice.. imagine her with confidence n a makeover? could be a different lady
Johanes Saragih
Johanes Saragih Ай мурун are the real coaches👍👍👍 To give her a chance leads her to learn herself
Harry Len
Harry Len Ай мурун
Such a sweet heart!! Amazing voice … Girl!!
Raiha Marsden
Raiha Marsden Ай мурун
Sweetness in spades ♠️
Ashlee Williams
Ashlee Williams Ай мурун
Oh that sweet girl 🥺😍
L S Ай мурун
I thought she was like 13 or 16? Wow.
Dielson Vieira
Dielson Vieira Ай мурун
The judges are so sweet with her. I love when people know about empathy. Keep going girl. You gonna me fine. You have a bright future.
CobraKai Wizard
CobraKai Wizard Ай мурун
I'm sorry she didn't deserve to go through. That's what pisses me off all you have to do is cry a little bit and you get to go through. I'm sorry she can't sing and didn't deserve it
snide 2
snide 2 Ай мурун
Her voice is the cutest and softest in the entire competition. Opinions are like butt holes, we all got em..
Mr. Madman
Mr. Madman Ай мурун
this turned into Crying Idol, more you cry better your auditions goes
Ropilou Ай мурун
There are amazing, sooooo respectful
Tracy Bruce
Tracy Bruce Ай мурун
She needs to channel janet devlins singing style
Tracy Bruce
Tracy Bruce Ай мурун
The female clay aiken lol
Glen MacTavish
Glen MacTavish Ай мурун
Ive listened to the original and the Harry styles version. Obviously Christian McGuckian needs a bunch of work before she can polish off "girl crush" but let me tell you the southern accent as used in this tune makes for something truly special. If she got proper training she could really make a lot of great music. Love it.
Buddy James
Buddy James Ай мурун
I think she's a sweet soul. However, I do believe she needs a lot more work and training. This wasn't good at all and kind of hard to watch. Hopefully she'll prove me wrong.
Lorenz Cobretti
Lorenz Cobretti Ай мурун
these judges are awesome!
Jamie Pena
Jamie Pena Ай мурун
She just gave me chills
tom shahar
tom shahar Ай мурун
1:06 he was so sweet!
Emily Thomas
Emily Thomas Ай мурун
Dark horse. She, I think, will be very teachable and grow in spades as she develops more confidence in herself. She has a quiet strength that will grow very powerful once she taps into it.
Liam Ай мурун
Bless her heart, such a sweet soul.. Hope you do well
cat Ай мурун
she's very cute, i love how natural she is, i think she could be popular singing songs just as she is now! definitely needs a bit of confidence is all.
SUSANA92 Ай мурун
Nerves definitely got to her. You can hear it in her voice. Wonder how she'll make it through Hollywood week.
The M3
The M3 Ай мурун
They are so kind ❤️😍
Gailamir Ай мурун
No doubt this girl has a voice, but that was painful to watch.
Jane Hunter
Jane Hunter Ай мурун
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Honestly, I didn't like her audition but she seems very sweet. Looking forward to how she does in the next round.
MGF Gir Ай мурун
This girl was singing the song the way it goes. Evidently Lionel and Perry didn't know the song. Luke knew how it goes. They didn't give her a chance. This is not a fair judging.
Hanna L. Lavoie
Hanna L. Lavoie Ай мурун
auditions like this are the auditions we look back at after they've won americal idol.
Colt Ай мурун
Awwwww 🤗
wira azmi
wira azmi Ай мурун
she has the tone, and i love her attitude..
Durante toda la audición yo estaba like: Please Said Yesss!!! no se pq pero me vi en ella. Im so happy she is innnnnnn!!!!! AAAAAAAhHHHH
issystar96 Ай мурун
How did she get through?
snide 2
snide 2 Ай мурун
By having an extremely unique and soft voice..
Aidan Austin
Aidan Austin Ай мурун
She has so much potential, like she just needs lessons and she could be a star
D W Ай мурун
Not good enough....
connie maloy
connie maloy Ай мурун
Loved her country voice! She just needs to build confidence
Susan Routley
Susan Routley Ай мурун
Those judges are the best. So awesome to her.
Shonta Taylor
Shonta Taylor Ай мурун
Yeah she seem sweet but the vocal just wasn’t good enough to go through when many others actual had a good vocal and was sent home. These judges clearly have an agenda beyond judging real singers
Jason Waz
Jason Waz Ай мурун
Luke,Lionel,and Katie seem like genuinely good people. I love that.
ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Ай мурун
She looks so young, like 16. Didn't believe she's 20
candita mcguckian
candita mcguckian Ай мурун
She is actually 21 and yes she looks super young and I tell her that she will appreciate that good skin when she gets older!!!
Jasmine Holman
Jasmine Holman Ай мурун
Omg I like her!!
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith Ай мурун
There where like 10 more people they said no to way better than her. So they say u cant sing country unless ur from the country go somewhere with that stupid shit
snide 2
snide 2 Ай мурун
Its true. Fakes are annoying..
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers Ай мурун
I can’t believe that she got a “Golden Ticket to Hollywood”.
candita mcguckian
candita mcguckian Ай мурун
@Matheus Souto Bastos thank you so much 😊
Matheus Souto Bastos
Matheus Souto Bastos Ай мурун
Voices can be worked, but she has already the most important thing : Believability
Sue Gilbert
Sue Gilbert Ай мурун
She's good but she needs a little more work.
Vicki Davenport
Vicki Davenport Ай мурун
I love moms shirt!
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas Ай мурун
Katy’s little snippet of her voice at 6:32 😍
Andrea Schönenberg
Andrea Schönenberg Ай мурун
Didn’t think she can sing rn but I do believe she can improve her voice and go far one day, she definitely got the sympathy vote but girl WTG take this has an opportunity and enjoy.!!! Wish you the best.!
thirteen Ай мурун
These judges are the best!!! they're kind, polite, they don't bring anyone down
Patricia Coleman
Patricia Coleman Ай мурун
Congrats she was good
Orce Tata
Orce Tata Ай мурун
yes yes he deserves he deserves very very very very much he sees that he likes music He has a certain inclination towards music but even more than that he has a clean voice he deserves a lot No but 10
Yoryina Alvarado
Yoryina Alvarado Ай мурун
Has a great voice .Definitely 👍 will do good 👍
Shelby Driscoll
Shelby Driscoll Ай мурун
This is just awful... I’m so sorry to be so forward but jeez what is going on here ? Magical things??? I don’t get it... she was off key and cracking seems like their just sorry for her I mean come on though did everyone else not hear it? Reminds me of someone singing in the car that can’t sing... seems like this was the year for all the bad singers to have a chance so far... it has become so much about their story and personality that it’s barely a singing show anymore... just annoying. Simon wouldn’t have let this shit fly so many mediocre singers getting golden tickets...
harlie brooke
harlie brooke Ай мурун
if she got in, murphy definitely should have. she will not win. sorry to say that, but it just didn't work out
Tedderman johns
Tedderman johns Ай мурун
I thought she needed to feel the song a little more but it was all the timing. That was great.
Brian M
Brian M Ай мурун
Very odd how they pick people.. I'm sorry but she very pitchy..still can't believe she got in and others who can sing but their image isn't what they like so they got the 👢🥾
She needs A LOTTTTTT of work. She just lacks confidence, and she has to conquer the nerves. I honestly feel when she conquers her nerves, everything else will fall into place.
snide 2
snide 2 Ай мурун
We all need a lot of work
g00dGuY34 Ай мурун
What's the name of the song playing in the background while the judges are deliberating? The acoustic guitar. I've heard it before but can't remember the name
Ollie Jordan
Ollie Jordan Ай мурун
oh poor thing.
Jimcrowd Ай мурун
I’m not crying, you’re crying.
Living the Dream
Living the Dream Ай мурун
She is a diamond in the rough, an undiscovered talent that just needs some grooming. All of the judges recognized the uniqueness of her voice, if she had a song on the radio you would know who was singing it in two notes. All three of those judges have songs that you recognized when flipping thru the stations and that is Golden! She may not make top 10 but will grow considerably because her purity will carry her through! Will wager she is the “dark horse” in this competition and look forward to watching her perform. Watch out American Idol!
candita mcguckian
candita mcguckian Ай мурун
@Kevin Crispien OMG thank you both so much she is an amazing young lady! But I’m a bit biased cause I am her momma 🥰 she has a huge heart ❤️
Kevin Crispien
Kevin Crispien Ай мурун
You hit the nail on the head with that comment. I haven't even watched any of the episodes yet this season and wasn't planning to. Until now! I saw a few auditions on YT yesterday and fortunately Christian's was one of them. I've got a girl crush and her name is Christian Mcguckian. She is so likable and talented and I am also on her team. I agree that she may be a long shot to win but I hope that her likability keeps her in the competition as long as possible. I would also like to see her come back next season if possible to show how she's improved.
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