Piloting AIRBUS A330 out of San Francisco | Cockpit Views

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Just Planes

5 ай мурун

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Just Planes
Just Planes 5 ай мурун
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panthrasleo 2 күн мурун
One of the best cockpit view video ever seen.
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 9 күн мурун
After ALL THAT , it still comes down to a good old fashion map
John Regis
John Regis 10 күн мурун
Teach me how to fly the plane Please
Ali Asghar
Ali Asghar 11 күн мурун
Best pilots of best airway. Both areVery confident
Levi Utsler
Levi Utsler Ай мурун
@MOUSE koi noooo no kekkekwlllu I I i
M.Buğra Esin
M.Buğra Esin 2 саат мурун
15:10 how cool pass is this..
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 10 саат мурун
This was excellent to watch. Thank you x
Lee Gungadin
Lee Gungadin 11 саат мурун
Amazing communication and team work ! Such a delight to watch these videos.
Frank Meuris
Frank Meuris 11 саат мурун
Love that Irish lady! Kudos.
Skins Conrad
Skins Conrad 19 саат мурун
I watch these videos for the sole purpose of reaffirming how stupid I am! There’s no way I could even get to first base with all these gizmos, gadgets, and what fuck! I really hate god! But, but, I could drive the shit out of the luggage cart!
Tarzan Rıfkı
Tarzan Rıfkı 19 саат мурун
The Great Attractor
The Great Attractor 20 саат мурун
Can’t wait till they enforce skin color versus competence in the pilot program. Should work out well for the industry. Since Skin Color diversity is what really matters...
Bryan Thompson
Bryan Thompson Күн мурун
秀島一生 Күн мурун
Jacob Spannbauer
Jacob Spannbauer Күн мурун
That’s pretty impressive that an a380 can even get a wheel off the ground eve specially when it’s classified as heavey
Official Clarence
Official Clarence Күн мурун
I see how it is so easy to simulate training as it looks so ultra realistic.
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan Күн мурун
It's great to watch fiona flying airplanes. A very beautiful lady
panthrasleo 2 күн мурун
One of the best cockpit view video ever seen.
OHT Original Himbeer Toni
OHT Original Himbeer Toni 2 күн мурун
I love the crabs at Fisherman’s Wharf! You too? Greetings from Germany Bavaria Munich OHT Original Himbeer Toni 👌😎
Traveling Leaflet
Traveling Leaflet 2 күн мурун
I appreciate all pilots and navigators. Amazing!!! This is exhilarating to watch. So many details and precision needed with knowing all of the instruments and what each means and the exact flight plan. Each career specialty have their own language and this video demonstrates that well. I additionally appreciate all the crew who deal with the people in the plane with their ups and downs, sometimes literally. You might not always get the thanks that you deserve, so on behalf of many of us out there, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I am not forgetting the ticket agents, baggage handlers and runway directors and everyone else who helps keep our airports running with safety and health in mind. Everyone has their own unique job and I know has to deal with situations that are not always favorable, including when drugs/alcohol or inclement weather is involved. God Bless!!!!
d t
d t 2 күн мурун
d t
d t 2 күн мурун
so much information, thats why i always crash on flight simulation.
Carl Virkus
Carl Virkus 2 күн мурун
xXx wow you are so beautiful pilot, I would like you to fly me around the World please in your nice plane!!!!! xXx💏😍😋😘👨‍❤️‍👨👢🤡🍰😷👌🍹👍💂⛸️ LOL
Max Crosswind
Max Crosswind 2 күн мурун
Indications normal so they are. V1 so it is... Rotate so i will. Gear up to be sure.
Frank Quinn
Frank Quinn 3 күн мурун
Anyone who has watched the epic TV channel " aircraft investigation " knows the role human error plays in disasters. I would have complete trust in Fiona and her colleagues
Ricardo Moran Arnulfo
Ricardo Moran Arnulfo 3 күн мурун
Ibu 3 күн мурун
Im indian hi
Shibu Pb
Shibu Pb 3 күн мурун
Just Planes
Just Planes 3 күн мурун
Mancanproud 3 күн мурун
And why would you comment negatively on this..absolutely unbelievable..Fascinating to admire the attention to detail in flight process..and reassuring too..thank you for your professionalism .
John Dexter
John Dexter 3 күн мурун
She's awesome! Super clear and pro.
Steve Snellgrove
Steve Snellgrove 3 күн мурун
Why aren’t they wearing their masks 😷... lol 😂 what a joke !!!
Gayla Aucoin
Gayla Aucoin 4 күн мурун
Cool. Ive never been on a plane before. 😁awsome. Loved this ❤️
Bikers On Call
Bikers On Call 4 күн мурун
Why punish us with midroll adds, I never let any of them run if I can catch them, I doubt anyone else does either, put two adds up front and two at the end, I will let them run, and I encourage others to do the same. Most of us multi task, a midroll add can run from 3 or 4 mins to an hour plus, usually louder than the video itself, with subject matter we usually don't care about, when they come on we have to stop, run to the pc ,and shut it down. Midroll adds drive viewers to add free subscriptions and add free browsers, which diverts / eliminates the revenue stream away from content providers / channel owners.
Bikers On Call
Bikers On Call 4 күн мурун
00:11 through 11:39 So you're telling me that it really is that simple to get ready to get ready to prepare to start thinking about getting set up to consider heading to the staging area, and eventually on to the actual runway ?
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Fiona. Don't trust this Captain. He's going on about a bottle below.🥃🍺. I can love you better than him.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Fiona. You are so beautiful you could melt an Arctic glacier.
Ralf S.
Ralf S. 4 күн мурун
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Shrek. I am pilot in command on this flight. My charming co-pilot Fiona will be flying us to Dublin..... I love this!
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Fiona. You're hair is tossed and tussled. Gorgeous first thing in the morning.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Fiona. Just a heads up. I hate eggs at breakfast. They are gross. I usually get breakfast link sausages and pancakes with butter and maple syrup.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Have a great flight Fiona. I love you. 😘🍾.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Fiona. It's lonely here at the Hampton Inn. Let's have a bubble bath together.🙂.
Gail Wisniewski
Gail Wisniewski 4 күн мурун
There’s no such thing as a routine flight
Gail Wisniewski
Gail Wisniewski 4 күн мурун
No such thing as a routine flight.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Both liquored up. Fiona is sexy.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Captain is imaging Fiona without any clothes on.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Captain isn't listening to a word Fiona is saying. His mind is in the gutter.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Fiona. Let's spend the weekend together. We can make love and go to an AA meeting. Are you drunk here?
EmotionallyExhausted 4 күн мурун
Great video, and very professional pilots.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Fiona. I'll be at the Hampton Inn Toronto all spring. Room 331.
Psych_ Truth
Psych_ Truth 4 күн мурун
Interesting fact. The San Francisco International Airport is not in San Francisco!! It is owned by the county of SF. ;)
weekendpartier 4 күн мурун
A chick pilot?? No way, man!
David Patrick
David Patrick 4 күн мурун
Amazing clip. Great job by co-pilot...
Just Planes
Just Planes 3 күн мурун
Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks David
Fritz Dolcine
Fritz Dolcine 4 күн мурун
An amazing job .
Frank Quinn
Frank Quinn 4 күн мурун
If ever I was in an emergency, I would trust her, calm and totally competent
Frank Thingholm
Frank Thingholm 5 күн мурун
Damn - she could sell fish in large quantities in a harbour auction. During the departure briefing she talks superfast and completely skips the visual element of looking at the maps. The captain hasn't much chance for agreeing or disagreeing :)
Michael 5 күн мурун
Can’t believe they permit beer in the flight deck.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
Irish people drink every waking minute.
Michael 5 күн мурун
Aer Lingus does not have a sufficiently diverse group of pilots.
Andrew Pippa
Andrew Pippa 5 күн мурун
I wish all passengers could see how many pre-flight checks go into ensuring getting from one destination to another. Superb job Fiona!
SFC Tapia
SFC Tapia 5 күн мурун
I feel safe with fiona at the wheel. She's really smart. 😎🇺🇸
SFC Tapia
SFC Tapia 5 күн мурун
I feel safe with fiona flying the freedom bird, she's really smart. 🇺🇸😎
Richard B
Richard B 5 күн мурун
Don't think I could trust a female pilot
KPEC3arrival 5 күн мурун
Wow Fionn is hot...maybe the lass and I should celebrate this flight with a kiss?
George Sotiropoulos
George Sotiropoulos 5 күн мурун
Wow what a beautiful and awesome video I love it ❤️
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 5 күн мурун
Fiona. Let's go for walk down the beach after making love. 😊.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 5 күн мурун
Fiona. I'm at the Hampton Inn room 331. Just knock. I'll be drunk and naked.
BOB P 5 күн мурун
They’re talking in all these number I’m like what? To much to remember dang wouldn’t want their responsibility.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 5 күн мурун
Fiona. We can start with a nice oil massage and then a bubble bath. See were the evening goes. Hampton Inn Toronto. Don't make fun of my private pilot license.
Humans R Ants
Humans R Ants 6 күн мурун
Dam 23GB patch
Laverda Jota
Laverda Jota 6 күн мурун
Where was the Sat Nav , I couldn’t see one .also they never mentioned if it was automatic or manual gear box.
xriz 6 күн мурун
Wait a second. They took off 28L 22:25 shortly after 22:30 theres a landing clearance for traffic on final. Can someone hook me up if this is legal in the US? Its 100% forbidden in germany and i suppose other eu countries. And that is for good reasons. Ok weather was vmc here but still...?
sweedlepipe 6 күн мурун
There's a mistake in the procedure. They forgot to upload the Guinness.
sweedlepipe 6 күн мурун
Nevertheless, it was a very enjoyable watch.
maya kins model
maya kins model 6 күн мурун
Good job 👏 👍 👌
Z5280 6 күн мурун
It would be awesome if passengers have the option to hear and see what the pilots say and see. I hate the view from the side of the plane.
mary viccaro
mary viccaro 6 күн мурун
Where's the yoke?
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 6 күн мурун
As a private pilot her speech/lecture isn't as complicated as it seems. She's trying to sound like a genius.
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 4 күн мурун
@Just Planes agreed.
Just Planes
Just Planes 4 күн мурун
She's trying to give the viewer a good explanation of what's going on and doing a great job...
Brian Kugler
Brian Kugler 6 күн мурун
Aahhh fiona!
Just Planes
Just Planes 4 күн мурун
Matthew Bryson
Matthew Bryson 6 күн мурун
Strippers are not lying when they tell the guy they are saving money for school during a lap dance. Proof is here.
Bunny H
Bunny H 6 күн мурун
Best thing in the world is flying, well besides sex, but flying is I suppose us clothing optional. I know how crucial they mash because I am a US NAVY VET and Naval aviator. But for all the pilots who work Tirelessly THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU DO. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!
Vincent M.
Vincent M. 6 күн мурун
I could never
EET FUK 6 күн мурун
Their callsign is Shamrock? I love it!
EET FUK 6 күн мурун
The best Fiona of all time
Ro ito
Ro ito 6 күн мурун
James Burns
James Burns 7 күн мурун
Everybody making a big deal out of female co-pilots needs to realize that if you can operate a laptop computer, with some coaching from the pilot in the left seat, you can fly an Airbus.
FortuneSeek3rz 7 күн мурун
So are they receiving every message coming from the control tower or just certain frequencies? Seems like a lot of cross talk chatter that is making it harder for the two pilots to communicate with each other.
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 7 күн мурун
I like pressing buttons, but not doing paperwork.
костя щербак
костя щербак 7 күн мурун
Ніхира незрозумів де українська
David Davies
David Davies 7 күн мурун
Can you imagine a Plane full of Feminist Crashing that plane lol .... No way I’m Flying on that plane with a Woman at the Controls. Get Back on the Drinks Trolly Girl.
Kathryn A
Kathryn A 7 күн мурун
I love to fly- as a passenger. I was tense just watching their checks! Great job!
PTAIP 7 күн мурун
SF is such a hole.
Alan Senzaki
Alan Senzaki 7 күн мурун
I never realized how big airbusses are.. 2 floors of people! Tremendous responsibility for its pilots.
mike chavez
mike chavez 7 күн мурун
You have to be one smart Cookie to fly a commercial airliner.
Mark B
Mark B 7 күн мурун
I really enjoyed this video watched every second of it. I have much more respect for the pilot, copilot. Must involve extensive training. God bless, safe travels
Whiteelk 7 күн мурун
Kind of ironic how even just watching a video of it makes you nod off mid flight
quantanglement 7 күн мурун
I wondered if I just couldn't see the 'steering wheel' in the shadows - looked up yoke for these models and found out these planes don't have one - just a side stick. Evidently there are different opinions about these. So, how was the plane taking off - mostly computer? Anyone know?
Dave Valant
Dave Valant 7 күн мурун
Have always had utter respect of two professions. Surgeons and airline pilots. I consider myself of at least reasonable intelligence but when I see video like this of what pilots do I feel completely brainless. Big respect!
Amalia Amalia
Amalia Amalia 8 күн мурун
Fantastic work...Reminds me best years of my life
Eddie Charles
Eddie Charles 8 күн мурун
Really enjoyed watching this. V professional
Schmitty 13
Schmitty 13 8 күн мурун
Great work! Shamrock☘
Black Tulip
Black Tulip 8 күн мурун
Oh no I forgot what that button does !!!!
Philippe BORFIGA
Philippe BORFIGA 8 күн мурун
Very good movie. Thanks to take time and deep about the preflight :)
g a
g a 8 күн мурун
Why are almost all the displays so analog, including modern military planes? It looks like a dinosaur. Get up with the times.
Suprio Mukherjee
Suprio Mukherjee 8 күн мурун
Ron Grimes
Ron Grimes 8 күн мурун
Can you imagine being the child of a pilot. Breakfast time: "OK, family. Let's huddle to go over our plans for the day in minute detail."
Ron Grimes
Ron Grimes 8 күн мурун
I would be like, "I didn't quite get all that. Could you please repeat it a couple more times?"
xriz 6 күн мурун
They dont see it the first time. Its them rechecking whats going on. And rough emergency plans. And you get better at memorizing sid stuff. It follows more or less the same ideas. No need to overcomplicate things. But its a lot all in all still. True
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