Andy Ruiz vs. Chris Arreola: First Look | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

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4 күн мурун

Check out the first look at some of the most explosive moments from the clash between Andy Ruiz Jr. and Chris Arreola. The two Mexican-American fighters went toe to toe with non-stop action from Dignity Health Park in Carson, California. Also catch what FOX Sports' team of boxing experts had to say about the big fight. Buy the PPV here:
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Andy Ruiz vs. Chris Arreola: First Look | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

PBC ON FOX Күн мурун
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luke Cotterell
luke Cotterell Саат мурун
What a lovely suit Lennox. Looking splendid, not letting the brits down
Ehh WassupThot
Ehh WassupThot 3 саат мурун
A scene from dances with wolves 🐺 lmfaooooo
True blitz
True blitz 4 саат мурун
Ruiz fights better when he's heavier
Marta Figueroa
Marta Figueroa 4 саат мурун
Seems like Andy Is not the same
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page 10 саат мурун
Highlights? 45 seconds of twelve rounds!
Max Payne
Max Payne 10 саат мурун
I say make it like a Mickey Ward Arturo Gotti trilogy where there's a guaranteed purse of minimum 3 million per fighter after taxes net net
Realness Realness
Realness Realness 11 саат мурун
To all those who actually thought luiz was ever capable of beating wilder u need to stop chill and think, chris vs wilder, wilder messed him up he did a much better job than luis did, and this time luis was in shape, i think the people who say luis is great must be aj fans,
Obie Thrice
Obie Thrice 12 саат мурун
What was up with that black dude wearing a rug? So confused.
hany hany
hany hany 12 саат мурун
Tae Space Alien
Tae Space Alien 13 саат мурун
Heavyweight boxers should go watch the night sky together and see which one breaks first. Then it would be on and cracking. Maybe learn to talk out their emotions then fist fight if something bad happens.
Luis Vidal
Luis Vidal 16 саат мурун
FOX PBC Lowlights
Steeve Rogers
Steeve Rogers 16 саат мурун
Editing sucks
John Winters
John Winters 18 саат мурун
" Dances with Wolves "... ha ha .. you sarcastic ... LOL
Yas 96
Yas 96 18 саат мурун
They look like brothers lol
Rommel 20 саат мурун
Instant dislike for this highlight 👎
Johnnyfastlane cumwitit
Johnnyfastlane cumwitit 21 саат мурун
I saw Chris win.. boxing always political that's why I can't watch it
Peter LLewellyn
Peter LLewellyn 21 саат мурун
Ruiz should fight Dillain White
Ahmed Mehboob
Ahmed Mehboob 22 саат мурун
Who win
paul keegan
paul keegan Күн мурун
Why does the title of this video say HIGHLIGHTS? The video is 4:26 and they barely show 48 seconds of the fight🤔
Kevin Lysberg
Kevin Lysberg Күн мурун
Insta @realkiwimedk Watch my channels for truth about our industries, Swedens political left interest has illegally locked me up at an asylum and shut down every of my other accounts. This is not for followers but for truth. Ill upload every single day.
musweu mulijani
musweu mulijani Күн мурун
Shawn Porter is officially from Lesotho he now wears blankets like a Masotho
Abdul Rahim
Abdul Rahim Күн мурун
Ruiz definitely was holding his breath in instagram pictures.
Carlyle Kamali
Carlyle Kamali Күн мурун
Chris could KO AJ
Bardamu3000 Күн мурун
Hopefully, this pbc disgrace is gonna go bankrupt. They are jokes
gino mark carbo
gino mark carbo Күн мурун
editors might be andy ruiz big fan!
African Son
African Son Күн мурун
Even my 5 year old niece could do a better job. Take notes from dazn.
Prince Tae
Prince Tae Күн мурун
Visio W
Visio W Күн мурун
All I heard throughout the fight was yearning Anthony Joshua
Murad 1988
Murad 1988 Күн мурун
Ruiz should fight Aj one last fight both won 1 fight.
Jairo Velasquez
Jairo Velasquez Күн мурун
Me recuerdas a Maidana, esa agrecividad sin dar paso atras, sigue así y lo lograras todo.!!
aaron morgan
aaron morgan Күн мурун
Why does Sean porter have a cape.
aaron morgan
aaron morgan Күн мурун
That was a good fight credit to Chris turned up.
Tony 001
Tony 001 Күн мурун
this guys can fight,real warriors 💯💯 respect
G Check tv
G Check tv Күн мурун
Any and all ties or draws automatically goes to Andy Ruiz. He's the previous and potential champ, which means money and eyeballs
Lina'a Mohmmed AL_hasusa'a
Lina'a Mohmmed AL_hasusa'a Күн мурун
أخي نائم منذ 2016...💔
Phileeep Aye
Phileeep Aye Күн мурун
Highlights without the only knockdown? It was the highlight of the entire fight!
WolkerSam Күн мурун
Lol where is knockdown from round 1???
Harley Odgers
Harley Odgers Күн мурун
Man Ruiz has a chin he has speed and power and he is a LUMP💎💎
Yudy De la cruz
Yudy De la cruz Күн мурун
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SugarKingObi Күн мурун
What is that guy wearing?
Alvin Cares
Alvin Cares Күн мурун
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Carmelo Jimanez
Carmelo Jimanez Күн мурун
Pelea del público
Flavaofthemonth Күн мурун
Shawn Porter brought his childhood blanket to show and tell
jul b
jul b Күн мурун
Boxers from lockdown
Antwuan LaMont
Antwuan LaMont Күн мурун
How do you put together a highlight reel and not have THE ONLY knockdown of the fight not in it.....
Raymond R
Raymond R Күн мурун
Damn Chris just hurt his shoulder but good win for Ruiz
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Күн мурун
This Ruiz wouldn't have stood a chance against Lennox
Rican Bee
Rican Bee Күн мурун
Rican Bee
Rican Bee Күн мурун
Tyson!!!!! waiting for you
Chrisc2000 Күн мурун
What kind of ignorant morons watch this garbage
Hector Jimenez
Hector Jimenez Күн мурун
Same as his close friend..El Canelo...winning without knowing why...
Bartek Rutkowski
Bartek Rutkowski Күн мурун
David Olivas
David Olivas Күн мурун
1 minute of highlights and then the rest of the video is talking heads lol come on PBC
Bishop 619
Bishop 619 Күн мурун
Ruiz looks bad
brooklynboi11207 Күн мурун
Giovanni Gil
Giovanni Gil Күн мурун
Two Mexicans love it
LeftHookOuch McArm
LeftHookOuch McArm Күн мурун
When Ruiz trains he looks tight with his technique. When he boxes he looks like a mess.
Steve Baker
Steve Baker Күн мурун
Even more strange than the lack of actual fight action in this video was Shawn Porter wearing a blue rug! 🤔
Foxina Nesbitt
Foxina Nesbitt Күн мурун
Is it gonna go to blanket on
Foxina Nesbitt
Foxina Nesbitt Күн мурун
That’s a gangster look at all those rounds
Vicc Күн мурун
Shawn Porter have a flu or something?
David Edwards
David Edwards Күн мурун
LET'S GO!!!!!!! HE LOOKS GOOD 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
ceejay1872 #55
ceejay1872 #55 Күн мурун
ruiz 🤣 got punched about
Messi Zala
Messi Zala Күн мурун
Ruiz Jr. was the best fighter.. Arreaola had two good rounds then not much
Donald Brown
Donald Brown Күн мурун
Bad judgment
zion beltran
zion beltran Күн мурун
whats with that litle boy ?
Ben Richards
Ben Richards Күн мурун
Both fighters phat af. Bored
Виталик Күн мурун
Andy Ruiz : - Joshua.. Where are you ?
Azazel 2001
Azazel 2001 Күн мурун
Man that was a beautiful and exiting fight😳❤
【hanyi Cuisine 】
【hanyi Cuisine 】 Күн мурун
very nice! Give him or her more subscription, praise and comments, thank you
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among us
among us Күн мурун
Help get 1000 subscribers
Maelyn Zozobrado
Maelyn Zozobrado Күн мурун
Andy and cris , respect each other
Aaron’s World
Aaron’s World Күн мурун
Styles make fights
Tomaltach O'Fearghail
Tomaltach O'Fearghail Күн мурун
Highlighting the analysis - not the fight - retitle this.
Dat_Boi 412
Dat_Boi 412 Күн мурун
What in the world was this?!? This wasn't a highlight video this was a lowlight video terrible video y'all should be ashamed to even post this with the word "Highlights"
Enos Moaning
Enos Moaning Күн мурун
The older fighters be whooping the younger guys.
Cristofer Ivan
Cristofer Ivan Күн мурун
Unos vergasotes mucha fuerza demasiada
Jimbo7 Күн мурун
Whoever scammed fox into hiring them as an editor is the biggest scam artist in the world. Literal dogshit level editing, and embarrassing for a network this big
X IV Күн мурун
Now that Ruiz is lighter he seems easier to KO
Sagar Puri
Sagar Puri Күн мурун
This kind of fight keeps on happening in MMA.
Elissca living
Elissca living Күн мурун
Let’s go Andyyyyyyyy
Gnarly_ Cro's
Gnarly_ Cro's 2 күн мурун
Birdie Seamans
Birdie Seamans 2 күн мурун
Ruiz is a dawg, you gotta hurt him to get him in the fight and then it's beautiful to watch. Bite down on the mouthpiece and grip n rip!!!
Friend of Jesus
Friend of Jesus 2 күн мурун
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lanono 2 күн мурун
lanono 2 күн мурун
lanono 2 күн мурун
Jessica Annalinda
Jessica Annalinda 2 күн мурун
Look like 2 mexican grizzlies going head up ..! Whoa
Juan Rios
Juan Rios 2 күн мурун
Still waiting to see the “highlights”.
You Tube
You Tube 2 күн мурун
Damn Ruiz looks in A LOT better shape than when he fought Joshua
John Holmes
John Holmes 2 күн мурун
Selamet Naima
Selamet Naima 2 күн мурун
He deserve to fight AJ for the third time for sure.
Ray Bee
Ray Bee 15 саат мурун
After that second fight Landslide no he doesn't and I am not joking
Luciano Bernal
Luciano Bernal 2 күн мурун
Wtf 42days later
eriberto lima
eriberto lima 2 күн мурун
Everyone wants Andy Ruiz va deontay wilder but Deontay would drop him quick
ourforgiveness *com
ourforgiveness *com 2 күн мурун
ourforgiveness *com
ourforgiveness *com 2 күн мурун
OneEyedBills 2 күн мурун
45 secs worth of highlights LMAOO horrible
How To do it
How To do it 2 күн мурун
Blacks and Mexicans are built different
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