Forgotten 1968 Pontiac Firebird - Will it RUN AND DRIVE 700 MILES?

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Vice Grip Garage

20 күн мурун

I traded my Corvette for a 1968 Firebird sight unseen. Then realized, the only way I'm getting home is in this 1st gen Pontiac. It was stated to have some issues, and hasn't been on the road in a decade. I've got a snow storm bearing down on me, and over 700 miles home. Think I'll make it?
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Samm Shroyer
Samm Shroyer Мүнөт мурун
Trade it for a supra
SOHN32 Adventures
SOHN32 Adventures 5 саат мурун
Get yourself a heater box out school bus if find one in yard. Another thing help if ever run into no heater issue again. Can't direct the heat but it keep you from freezing.
Right Leg
Right Leg 5 саат мурун
The dingleberry
SOHN32 Adventures
SOHN32 Adventures 5 саат мурун
Better run without a plate. Not sure if law changed. Use be had 3 days transport to destination. Nice see a classic back on the road again.
Right Leg
Right Leg 5 саат мурун
You always make me smile! Thanks sir
SOHN32 Adventures
SOHN32 Adventures 6 саат мурун
Get a coolant tester. Can pressurized system test without putting stuff all back together.
Out House
Out House 6 саат мурун
Pretty cool watching a guy drive right past your town on the interstate 🤙
Tim Alfrey
Tim Alfrey 9 саат мурун
Too funny!
Dylan Spaugy
Dylan Spaugy 11 саат мурун
Great content, keep it coming!
Michael Merta
Michael Merta 13 саат мурун
Absolutely love it I would call it adventurous in the blue bomber.
CodyDean 17 саат мурун
It's 75% of the way to an "Independence Firebird". Sparkly white wheels and a few stars, plus another 800 hp and the Independence fleet is well on it's way
CodyDean 17 саат мурун
Bo and Luke used the window... just sayin.
CodyDean 17 саат мурун
Benefit to having my little MillyWock-A M12, I can hook jumper wires to my battery pack and limp some tail lights home if need be!
Up2NoGood 20 саат мурун
We fixed them freeze plugs with the Hone. Then apply some blue loctite on the new plug. Works like a charm. And the plug still functions as designed. If it ever freezes again...
MasotankaTV 20 саат мурун
Say Derek I would like to see more on the Blue Flame if you have time to work on her plz!!!
M Kuehn
M Kuehn 23 саат мурун
had a bad moment at 1:05:50 when you climbed back in without replacing the hood lock pins. because 8:35 you open the hood without reaching under.
Tom Firestone
Tom Firestone Күн мурун
The Blue-Bird!
Iron Reed
Iron Reed Күн мурун
A little better than most of your barn finds...somebodies getting a youtube budget. That guys garage looks excellent.
Keon Frederic
Keon Frederic Күн мурун
" These leak and cause more fires than ex wives"!!!!! lol :) You guys are so good and funny... I think I'm gonna cancel my Netflix subscription
Nova four twoseven
Nova four twoseven Күн мурун
you can give it to me if you don't know what to do with it! seriously though these kind of solid cars don't come around often you better save on it or you will regret it later on. Congrats on a nice Fire bird!
Nova four twoseven
Nova four twoseven Күн мурун
Blue bird or Snow bird comes to mind or barter bird
Michael Porter
Michael Porter Күн мурун
chris apple
chris apple Күн мурун
fix it up and give it a way
MrBrianemmons Күн мурун
Field of vision, That is a classic
thehubby65 Күн мурун
Thierry Krijger
Thierry Krijger Күн мурун
Ricola, omg that was so funny hahahahaha
Jerry hokanson
Jerry hokanson Күн мурун
There is a 68-69 Pontiac 350 and turbo 400 at an auction in Mazeppa Mn. May 8-9.
damnatio memoriae
damnatio memoriae Күн мурун
Doesn't have the 6 cylinder ohc with a 4 barrel by John Delorean
Bearded Frog
Bearded Frog Күн мурун
As an official Michigander, I can confirm and sympathize, that our roads are truly that bad lol.
Allen Hanks
Allen Hanks Күн мурун
Your brave. I would have been pulled over backing out of the driveway and my car towed, tapered and arrested.
Kyle Cordle
Kyle Cordle Күн мурун
235/45R17 is a common Honda tire size. A Honda dealer might've had some
Parrish Investigations
Parrish Investigations Күн мурун
Two of the fastest cars I've ever had was my 93 Ssei and the 94 z28 I have now. I love what Derek is doing, I hope more dads have their kids watch this channel. Hot rodding is a dying art. That's truly a shame.
Parrish Investigations
Parrish Investigations Күн мурун
Bieri bird!
keeponpainting Күн мурун
Love the car wow. And great fixermeupper road trip
H D D 2 күн мурун
Great videos man. Love all the witty sayings......, maybe not......, who knows. Lol My buddy in high school had one of those cars. When you put it in gear, you had to keep your foot stomped down on the brake, or it would take off. Drove it once. That was enough for me. Gorgeous cars. You should find a guy who wants to spend the time and money to do it back right.
Jarrod Gilbert
Jarrod Gilbert 2 күн мурун
What monster would take out the 4 speed and put in an automatic?!
Darren Crawford
Darren Crawford 2 күн мурун
I'll take the firechicken.. send it my way.... on your dime of course..
bradley rogers
bradley rogers 2 күн мурун
Love it! especially the finale!
Dan Duntz
Dan Duntz 2 күн мурун
What two products did you put into your transmission? I didn’t really catch them, especially the second.
Link Hoskins
Link Hoskins 2 күн мурун
That car is beautiful, wonder what a feller paid for it.
asoom 2 күн мурун
you traded your car for a Mini Soda? couldve gotten a two liter for sure
James Eley
James Eley 2 күн мурун
You're in my backyard. I live in Jackson an work in Detroit alot. Got a motor yesterday in a field nice surprise a corn snake in the air intake.
smokey3271 2 күн мурун
Autocross it.
TC 2 күн мурун
Call it Phoenix
Dtronic2 2 күн мурун
That front tire separation must have been scary as sht and changing it on the highway at night!!! Great vid, but nothing will beat your field caddy!
Hunter Gawart
Hunter Gawart 2 күн мурун
I love them old fire birds I have a 1969 Chevy caprice and my dad had a fire bird
Eric W
Eric W 2 күн мурун
when is the next video on this car?
Dan Dufoe
Dan Dufoe 2 күн мурун
4 speed
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 2 күн мурун
Clean her up n keep. She's got too many good bones. Atleast 20k in parts.
Miner's Treasures
Miner's Treasures 2 күн мурун
The name of the car should "Death by Carbon Monoxide"
Dave Clark
Dave Clark 3 күн мурун
I'm Canadian on the east coast and we have terrible roads in Montreal and harsh winters that means a lot of sand and salt. I have NEVER seen a classic muscle car that has garbage of any kind in or near it. Since it only has a few months a year for road wear they are kept as clean as clean can be. The U.S. Just has so many more cars from every era, period. Anything here, has a 95% chance it came from the states.
Steve Ash
Steve Ash 3 күн мурун
I so love your show! Im from Down Under but love American V8s, Im hooked to this show. Great job mate.
Ace venture it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kevin McClure
Kevin McClure 3 күн мурун
1st gen fire chicken deserves a poncho powerplant, Muncie or borg Warner T-10 4spd too
Maples01 3 күн мурун
No such thing as a 'freeze' plug, they are core plugs, they are for removing of the sand after casting the block, they are not designed to pop out when coolant freezes, many inboard boat engines turned to anchors due to the blocks cracking because water was used for coolant, none saved by the core plugs.
Cammm Mitchell
Cammm Mitchell 3 күн мурун
Our road construction in Illinois only last like 22yrs no biggie
Moto Steve
Moto Steve 3 күн мурун
help me help me
Angel Angel
Angel Angel 3 күн мурун
Slydee Bird
Donald Garrison
Donald Garrison 3 күн мурун
Do you have any interest in getting a old Toyota running ??? That's my car !! You ate great !! Donnie Naples fl
Angel Angel
Angel Angel 3 күн мурун
Probably should've changed the filter first.
Earl Brown
Earl Brown 3 күн мурун
I've watched this video 5 times,I love this car
Charles MacGugan
Charles MacGugan 3 күн мурун
Rob Zombie mix tape and a bag of blow in the trunk lol
T25S40 3 күн мурун
These vids bring back memories of trying to keep old cars going out of necessity in the '70s and '80s, back when I had a string of '60s and '70s American iron. Some of them were on the ragged edge of being used up, which in cars of that era came a lot sooner than just about anything made since the '90s. They required so much more maintenance both routine and unplanned, but the good news was they were much more straight forward and easier to work on than cars today. I made a lot of mistakes, got very creative, made do without heat in the winter and AC (AC??? Ha!) in the summer, learned the difference between "wants" and "needs", a lot about cars, self sufficiency, and life in general.
Loco Moco
Loco Moco 3 күн мурун
This by far is the best looking will it run.
Dreamchaser Garage
Dreamchaser Garage 3 күн мурун
Jason Wilkins
Jason Wilkins 3 күн мурун
You asked for a nickname, I like bluebird.
Justin Daugherty
Justin Daugherty 3 күн мурун
If you got a long cold ride home..make sure you bring some cold snacks.???!!!!
joey duarte mangiardi
joey duarte mangiardi 3 күн мурун
Best show not on tv 😎
joey duarte mangiardi
joey duarte mangiardi 3 күн мурун
Go get a pontiac 400 for her 😎
Ralph Burns
Ralph Burns 3 күн мурун
Just the right amount of comedy!!!
Ralph Burns
Ralph Burns 3 күн мурун
Derek is the man!
Aaron B
Aaron B 3 күн мурун
It is in great shape. It needs to be brought back to originalish. Not concourse but a really nice driver.
Anthony Wyche
Anthony Wyche 3 күн мурун
Blue Bird
Howard Leaver
Howard Leaver 3 күн мурун
Lets call this firebird the blue storm
michael keady
michael keady 3 күн мурун
Bluebird?? One of my first cars was a 67 Firebird. I planned on driving it forever but it was stolen. Don't think I'll find another one for $300.00. You will need undercoating in the rust belt!
Blake Dean
Blake Dean 3 күн мурун
White Zombie
MsCaryopteris 3 күн мурун
Want! In high school I had a friend who owned a 69 firebird that he rebuilt and a new trans am. He lucked into a 67 firebird for a song from a little old lady. Instead of selling it to me, he raced it and blew up the engine. I never even got to see that car.
skyman520 3 күн мурун
i think it should be named The War Bird
metalmechanic 4 күн мурун
No more room behind the 2002 Firebird
J-Styga 4 күн мурун
@25:00 ... had to double check. Moves distributer .. cuts vid .. goes in car and starts right up with no long crank and no smoke!! Lol.
Brian Kilpatrick
Brian Kilpatrick 4 күн мурун
Frank 4 күн мурун
Rich M
Rich M 4 күн мурун
Trade the Firebird for a 1977 Cutlass Supreme or Cutlass Salon
Christopher Perry
Christopher Perry 4 күн мурун
Native Floridian here! The flamingo-shrimp thing isn't actually an old wives tale, it's actually how it works. It's not super uncommon (in certain environments) to find flamingo that are completely white, as a result of a food source other than shrimp, as well as algae low in beta-carotene in local water.
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 2 күн мурун
Attinborough just said they turn white when they spit a kid out. Nutrition n all
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 4 күн мурун
You were looking for ideas on what to do with the snow ❄️ bird I’ve got one sell it to me 🙏😁
Hot Rod Dave
Hot Rod Dave 4 күн мурун
fine automobile
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 4 күн мурун
A couple grand and some elbow grease that will be a sweet ride 🇺🇸
Neal Shields
Neal Shields 4 күн мурун
Michigan roads aren't the best dude...
Kevin Floyd
Kevin Floyd 4 күн мурун
Really enjoy your videos, instructional as well as funny. 1968 Firebird, Oh Yeah!
IZZY Eatz 4 күн мурун
How do you find cars like this????
Josh Robertson
Josh Robertson 4 күн мурун
Drive it to Nc and i'll buy it lol.
NamelessHivemind Gaming
NamelessHivemind Gaming 4 күн мурун
That's the dream car! i cant wait to get my hands on one of these.
eustace2c2 4 күн мурун
Could you list songs you use? I really liked the music you chose and would like to know who it is.
Zakk Gardner
Zakk Gardner 2 күн мурун
I like it too. I think most of what he uses on his channel is generic/royalty free stuff that won't cause problems with the youtube police. In other words, I don't know if even Derek could identify it.
FGIALC Gorge 4 күн мурун
Looks like it's set up for Pro Touring. Use for road course racing and cruising with the family.
FGIALC Gorge 4 күн мурун
I like the names Liberty and Phoenix but I probably wouldn't put those names together if I were you. That's a whole other genre on the internet.
carlos montoya
carlos montoya 4 күн мурун
Awesome trade AND staying in the Chevy family. For a nickname Blue Boris (as in Carloff).
twinv63 4 күн мурун
You should give it to me if you get over 1 million 100 thousand I think I / we bought it for you any way, give it up.
ScaleModelKustoms 4 күн мурун
Honest question, why wouldn't you just use a normal freeze plug instead of the rubber thingy? Is that a long term fix?
XENTITIEX 4 күн мурун
"I'm gonna give it just a touch of motivation here"
ComGetMe 4 күн мурун
Back in the day when I worked for "make up an excuse why it's not done yet" shops we called them "Fire Chickens"
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