*NEW* ALL Major +15 Changes & Reworks To Happen In Year 6 [ 2021] - Rainbow Six Siege Crimson Heist

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Jäger Himself Too

15 күн мурун

Hello everyone, This video will cover all the major changes that will happen to siege in year 6, The following timeline is for each part of the video:
Roadmap 0:00
TTS 0:40
Core Changes 1:02
Menu Changes 2:10
Streamer Mode 2:26
Armor System 3:02
GONNE-6 3:27
Reworks 3:49
Customization 5:09
Reputation System 6:27
Crimson Heist 7:19
Border Rework 7:42
Kali Elite 8:08
BattlePass 8:39
Rank System 9:02
Board Game 9:40
#Year6 #Flores​ #Crimson_Heist​
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YoungProphecy1996 Күн мурун
This game is going down like sdnl stock.
MycatTookMyKFC Күн мурун
Please for the love of god don’t rework favela will legitimately drop the game I’ve had it since launch on pc Xbox and ps4
Aaron Күн мурун
An issue will be echo and maestro cams when they dead ngl. Imagine trying to 1v1 clutch and u get burned by maestro and echo cams. Good luck 😂
DankSouls v1
DankSouls v1 Күн мурун
Yeh lets try to make defenders less broken by making attackers more broken
8BitNeo Күн мурун
These are all things I wanted I can't wait!
Niek 2 күн мурун
I think all out would be too overpowered. but i think this is a step in the right direction. but i think only being able to move your drone if its a default drone. Echo and twitch drones would be stationairy if it was controlled by a dead player. Its kind of a middleground. This would require good preplacement and good hiding near site. This would require some extra thought about how to use them. On the other thought tho, attacker changement in the prep fase? Good but needs to be worked out, since twitch giving up her prepdrone is kind of a big nerf to her. she didnt need another nerf to her ability. They should make a system on a timer, you can select at the start of a round if you wanna choose to pick an operator now (you can pick freely, unlimited changes), or during the prepfase, you can only pick once (so no changes) during the prepfase. the prepphase operator pickers will be spawned with a default drone. if twitch spawns then she would spawn with 2 drones when picked in the prepphase, but when in the pre-pick phase twitch would picked she would spawn with her drone instead of the default drone. this would make it a more tought out mechanic. and maybe the ability to do that can only even be used twice or 3 times. so 2/3 have to pre-pick. I like the one shot secondary, maybe even make it 2 shots, since defenders have a lot and a lot of utility. gojo i think is a good buff, but give the dude a 1.5x on the vector, hes too weak else damagewise to really do anything since its a preplace and forget gadget, you even have to shoot it, i think this would put him at the right place in the meta. maybe even make his gadget throwable. also a good idea from myself machanicswise would to make a sort of af ghost of the abiltiy or gadget on the location where it would placed when you have it in hand. so players can place it, and have to pick it back up because they misplaced it. i didnt think melusi needed a nerf, especially not with flores coming into the meta. nice sledge mira counter, fun interaction, nothing to say. i also like the finka res idea. About the matchmaking: just redo the elo system. so the idea is this, your rank would not reset every season, your rank would from by taking averages of each other (per match) you will be judged on peformance comapared to teammates and enemies (influenced by their rank as well, needlees to say, you expect a plat to perform better then a bronze, they could also set custom values for how often you clear utility, set bonusses if you murder multiple people in a round with a custom multiplier. it should also use how well you play as a team into consideration about your rank, but thats too farfatched even for me. (and of course also a part of your rank would be determained by wins and losses). but essentially the best case senario would if you have 1.0, 1.0 kd on your rank. but if you do that you need a better ranking scale (you should essentailly make a scale with no cap, take the average number from all players combined, and make that essentially your (average rank) so top 50% i would suggest you base you scale like this (top 100% top 99% top 75% top 50% top 25% top 1% top 0,1%)
ItzzJozef 3 күн мурун
Wtf! Why Mira???? :(
ZdogPlayz 3 күн мурун
I don’t like the fact that there putting the operator in the battle pass but I think that’s just me
Thiago Chapadense
Thiago Chapadense 3 күн мурун
2:18 I wonder what Kaplan does
Julius Fricke
Julius Fricke 4 күн мурун
2:11 coastline and villa had a kid
ozzierobmorales 5 күн мурун
Am I the only person surprised that they aren't coming out with a new map !?
guilherme Tonietti
guilherme Tonietti 5 күн мурун
all started with tactic gameplay and realistic operatos, then we received invisible drones, invisible needles infected with aids and now, spirits can join the operation to control gadgets and shit. maaaaan this game is getting kinna crazy
burentori 6 күн мурун
Why does the new menu reminds me of overwatch
The Instant Noodles
The Instant Noodles 6 күн мурун
Its all cool but, when are they actually gonna add aim assist in multiplayer cuz i suck booty at aiming :P
The Instant Noodles
The Instant Noodles 5 күн мурун
@skull wund what
skull wund
skull wund 5 күн мурун
The Instant Noodles
The Instant Noodles 6 күн мурун
6:18 they’re bringing a pickle rick charm and thats really all the info i have so thank me later:)
The after death equipment this will be awful for the game.
Kking-Mike- 6 күн мурун
Please don’t tell me doc will have 180 health now.
Happykid31 6 күн мурун
Aight, 1v1 and four drone goin after you, AND SHIELD BLACK ICE? HUH? And there account is lvl 999 and he got 99999999 renown and credits?
Can Hakan Şimşek
Can Hakan Şimşek 7 күн мурун
all i just want is account transfer over platforms
Matthew Gervais
Matthew Gervais 7 күн мурун
6:10 Echo: 8/10, looks more like an event but still good. Doki: 3/10, blue hair? Really? That’s all?
Julian Reimer
Julian Reimer 7 күн мурун
jäger himself is a gold diger, always puting way too much ads
- Furret -
- Furret - 7 күн мурун
Just remove defence at this point
Jordan 7 күн мурун
All these changes are shit
I have More dads than you
I have More dads than you 7 күн мурун
Outback gets a rework before yacht? Rip. Also Hereford base should’ve been re-reworked before outback. They ruined one of my favorite maps (Hereford) and have yet to remedy it
The Wolffen around show
The Wolffen around show 7 күн мурун
Anyone else think that dead people using drones is a stupid idea and being able to melee a bulletproof window to break it is dumb
م تتلو
م تتلو 7 күн мурун
م تتلو
م تتلو 7 күн мурун
Which one event retrun come on to rainbowsix in new season
Matthew Tuka
Matthew Tuka 7 күн мурун
“We are bringing a small nerf to Maestro and Mira.” So doing an almost-rework change is considered small? What would be a big change then? They also just got rid of the “window” aspect of Mira’s black mirror.
Mincenchez 7 күн мурун
At what point are attackers close enough to melee a Mira without being shot trying to approach it? The only time I could see it being a problem is maestro trying to stop hard breaching basement on bank but even then if you just move it to site then the only way being meleed could happen is if the attackers control site.
Alex Mid
Alex Mid 8 күн мурун
Still waiting for menu customisation music from previous seasons...
KKH MATTEW 8 күн мурун
What the fuck is the reputaion guy talking about
KKH MATTEW 8 күн мурун
This is what heppens if your devs are bronze scrubs with no game knowledge. Give us back the old devs
Victor Suzuya
Victor Suzuya 8 күн мурун
why only idiots working at the ubisoft? the only thing that they doing good it's cinematic videos
Nox Equi
Nox Equi 8 күн мурун
3:10 I already though that the game was like that
Red Boss
Red Boss 8 күн мурун
You are going to spend half the round shooting drones
Blaim 8 күн мурун
Siege will die, fuck that devs, bring us back the first devs
ITZAGENT640 8 күн мурун
Oh boi, i cant wait for teamates to move my drone from where i put it and get rid of all my operator gadgets just because i chose twitch
Lars Huggenberger
Lars Huggenberger 9 күн мурун
6:23 thats probably a "rick & morty" portal (netflix series)
Hollyweed2 9 күн мурун
thats kinda too OP to move the drones while u are dead
Jacob Hodgdon
Jacob Hodgdon 9 күн мурун
Idk how i feel but the goyo should keep his shield
Producer - Topic
Producer - Topic 9 күн мурун
Nazeer Ahmad
Nazeer Ahmad 9 күн мурун
Is a UAE server being added
alirezaxdm720 9 күн мурун
Iranian operator would be cool
ShyV2- !!
ShyV2- !! 9 күн мурун
slowly they're ruining my favorite game...
8 Bitfan
8 Bitfan 9 күн мурун
the defenders got nerfed completely. The one thing about melusi nerf is that the banshee should atleast ping where the enemy is or the spot where the enemy was when he stepped into the radius of the banshee
jump_ strange765
jump_ strange765 9 күн мурун
bro the tts is op because in rank maybe can repick fuze when any choose another place like Basement
ethina 5
ethina 5 9 күн мурун
Maestro is terrible now wth
Cowsmakemayo 9 күн мурун
Don't have op switch during prep, at that point just have 6 pick but only in ranked and unranked
aLeJaNdRo 9 күн мурун
I dont speek inglish but I was waching this video no sé si escribí bien XDD
chocolate milk
chocolate milk 10 күн мурун
So no new maps ever?
John 10 күн мурун
I find it amazing how the devs find new and improved way to ruin the game every single season
tkn1 10 күн мурун
so now Melusi is usseles
tkn1 10 күн мурун
this update will have 100GB
Delmar_ 10 күн мурун
A bunch of these updates made me think the devs didn't realize April fools day is a over a month from now
Stun Gun Gaming
Stun Gun Gaming 10 күн мурун
Sweet, so no actual fixes, fucking typical🖕
Adam Tyras
Adam Tyras 10 күн мурун
I thought the whole point of killing echo and maestro was so that they can’t use their drones
JustGaming 10 күн мурун
my graphics look blurry as fuck and grainy just ugly af and i have everything maxed out can anyone help me sharpen the quality?
Hans Müller
Hans Müller 10 күн мурун
How much cost the battle pass in Y6 s1
ProGaming 10043
ProGaming 10043 10 күн мурун
I’m not liking these new changessss, I’m missing the old seige more and more
Vision4300 10 күн мурун
this is more of a meme than operation health. someone try to change my mind
NotFunMan 10 күн мурун
Yo the health change is just fucking stupid. Leave it at 100 for every op wtf
Ignis, Lord of flames
Ignis, Lord of flames 10 күн мурун
I'm honestly okay with the goyo rework
Rodrigo Yañez
Rodrigo Yañez 10 күн мурун
These guys consume more drugs every season, they are fucking the game with their reworks, just a matter of time for another big game company to create a similar game and good fucking bye buggisoft
Dragonslayer Ornstein
Dragonslayer Ornstein 10 күн мурун
I highly highly highly disagree with the idea of moving drones while dead. So much for the realism of Siege...
Cartier 10 күн мурун
I don't like how you can melee maestro cams its kinda wack, Leave the Mario alone smh
Brent Wouters
Brent Wouters 11 күн мурун
Another Goyo nerf (but rework then)?! Pro's never happy or what?! The first rework that should happen right now is a BB rework. Because if the 20 hp nerf comes to the live servers, he will not only be annoying to play against, but also be annoying to play. Come on ubi.. I'm not a BB main btw..
Just Your Average Zoomer
Just Your Average Zoomer 11 күн мурун
*We seriously need a new map*
Nate Waters
Nate Waters 11 күн мурун
Am I the only 1 who doesn’t understand what this guys saying
Sinister Jarl
Sinister Jarl 11 күн мурун
Gonne 6 is useless.. Imagine you are fighting 1 vs 1 and you have no bullets in your primary then you change into your secondary and have a shotgun with one bullet which doesn't make any damage to your opponent 😑👍
Martin Persson
Martin Persson 11 күн мурун
What will happen to your character portrait if you customize your elite skin with another say headgear?
THE Redneck samurai
THE Redneck samurai 11 күн мурун
Pog? R6 × Rick & Morty ????
gamer on
gamer on 11 күн мурун
6:24 rick and morty?
Nikolas Makarov
Nikolas Makarov 11 күн мурун
So that mean I can just kill myself to become immortal annoying defender instead of saving my life to be useful? InTeReStInG
Fabrice Olsence
Fabrice Olsence 11 күн мурун
What happen to rook and his plates ??? Give extra heal now ? Could be cool !
XEOICES 11 күн мурун
every single Turkish player expected Turkish operator in season 2 but we ended up seeing Indian Village. INDIAN VILLAGE!
Rellik Games
Rellik Games 11 күн мурун
It annoys me how kali got an elite but pathfinder ops and early year ops still don’t have an elite (castle, Monty, vigil, jackal, etc)
Pedro Don’t you mind
Pedro Don’t you mind 11 күн мурун
Wow okay, way to complete destroy maestro if you’re smart you’ll realise that Maestro requires him cams as a valk does. Seriously if you think that completely knocking out his cams vision in one hit makes sense then you’re obviously stupid and are just toxic because they can outplay you.
Fra8gZZ R6
Fra8gZZ R6 11 күн мурун
Rick and morty skins leaked
Roorider 11 күн мурун
Border rework actually looks good
A A 11 күн мурун
H3NTAI ? 11 күн мурун
2:18 who tf is KAPLAN?
Joshua Campbell
Joshua Campbell 11 күн мурун
We want battleye and bugs fixed Ubi: best I can do is let your elite dance with a different helmet 🙃
AltR6YT 11 күн мурун
Still nothing for Xbox/ps players lol nice welp gonna be stuck in sliver for next season too.
Silent Spectre
Silent Spectre 11 күн мурун
I think it would be better if attackers will be able to use drones when the owner is dead.. but never for defenders.. not one single defender should be able to control echo drones and mozzie drones.. even when they're dead.. that's the balance of echo.. either use your drone or fight by yourself and risk dying.. making echo use drone while dead makes him more of a must pick and he's already a must pick operator.. changing attacker during prep phase is fine by me.. unlike defenders, attackers don't really have a clear idea how to attack since they don't even know where they are going to attack in the first place.. defenders can already make a plan of defense during pick phase while attackers are just hoping that their guess of which bombsite the defenders choose will be correct.. that's one of the reasons I see why most teams pick the neutral operators (can do the basic stuff without getting too complicated)..
Sunfried_Tomato 11 күн мурун
Quit with the reworks... we want new maps
Mikase 12 күн мурун
Seriously being able to change ops mid prep is stupid what are the devs thinking
Stranger 2607
Stranger 2607 12 күн мурун
Why do I see kaplan
William P
William P 12 күн мурун
They should give defenders a gadget that works like a mini mute jammer that only stops drones
Andre Vieri
Andre Vieri 12 күн мурун
Oh my fkin god they literally nerfed Goyo to the dust. Even Mira was affected too. Melusi nerf is good since her gadget is pretty much annoying.
Raging Bull
Raging Bull 12 күн мурун
All this and they still can't fix hit-boxes.
Xavier Garces
Xavier Garces 12 күн мурун
Goyo needed a rework, his shield was way too easy to counter if you didnt have a competent team. Itll be interesting to see how his rework will work
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato 12 күн мурун
nerfed kali to oblivion, decides to give her a elite skin....
starlight moon
starlight moon 12 күн мурун
Finally an Croatian operator ❤️❤️🇭🇷
PacGames 12 күн мурун
when does it come
? 12 күн мурун
this game is dying
Redcy -G
Redcy -G 12 күн мурун
still waiting for the Filipino operator
Synchroshuri Xvenno
Synchroshuri Xvenno 12 күн мурун
Why the fuck do they nerf the cool defenders like maestro mira and goyo and buff finka, add mire utility destroyers and the secondary hand Cannon bs , I stg they're ruining their own game
さん1008石原 12 күн мурун
can't wait to play solo queue without the taiwanese and chinese guy tk'ing each other
Houra 12 күн мурун
well the game is ruined goodbye old siege 2015 - 2020
Benedict Fernandez
Benedict Fernandez 12 күн мурун
so if a 3 armour picks up rook armour does he get 160 hp or sum?
toad with the legs that go all the way up
toad with the legs that go all the way up 12 күн мурун
Now they are even more money hungry because now instead of paying 20 to 30 dollars once for 3-4 ops you have to pay like 10-15 dollars 4 times for new ops
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