Kevin Holland Wants To Make Derek Brunson Sh*t Himself

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The Schmo

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#UFCVegas22 #KevinHolland
The Schmo interviews #10 UFC Middleweight Kevin Holland backstage after he weigh ins for UFC Vegas 22. Topics include:
- Stirring trouble with Derek Brunson at weigh-ins
- Wants to show he can fight in the 170 lbs division next
- Not as hyped fighting Israel Adesanya after losing to Jan Blachowicz
- Fight Week like going to the club
- Henry Cejudo impersonation

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Tim Dot
Tim Dot Ай мурун
All talk no effort
juntjoo nunya
juntjoo nunya Ай мурун
Lol, he said "lust". I think he meant luster
GramZ TV
GramZ TV Ай мурун
Who’s here after Kevin Holland made himself look stupid?
Zack Green
Zack Green Ай мурун
He should of took the fight more serious against Brunson I like Kevin and all but he made himself look dumb in that 1
RisenFrom youtube'sAshesAgain!
RisenFrom youtube'sAshesAgain! Ай мурун
Wow... that title. The irony being Brunson "beat the shit" out of Holland!!! Holland rolled and farted right in Brunson's face, and even mentioned it during the fight after it happened!!!!
Zaheer Dawood
Zaheer Dawood Ай мурун
The irony here is it was actually Holland who SHIT himself during the fight....
Ed Dames
Ed Dames Ай мурун
Holland was a surging and entertaining UFC fighter who failed to deliver on the night he was supposed to be become the next big star in the UFC. With no less than the UFC Prez as his main enabler, he failed miserably to walk his talk. And I was one of those who bought into his hype.
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey Ай мурун
Lmao turns out Brunson punched a wet fart out of him
anony mous
anony mous Ай мурун
Derek brunson shitted himself but on kevin holland 😆
Eli Zevin
Eli Zevin Ай мурун
I turned out Kevin was actually the one to let out the gas last night
sven trogrlic
sven trogrlic Ай мурун
The Schmo is like a psychiatrist steppin' into the world of a maniac, just for to calm him down and trying to help him being a "normal" person/fighter ....without all the sxit talk during his fights!
Nivin Ай мурун
kevin let his own corner down talkin to khabib non sense, he shit himself with the GOAT's presense.
Zac Leeson
Zac Leeson Ай мурун
Well...not exactly how it went down🤔
Gokhan Ай мурун
Hate this chimo
Emmanuel Chidi
Emmanuel Chidi Ай мурун
Who is here after brunson make Holland shit him self
Nokhchi Ай мурун
haha holland would get f up by Khamzat
the cooked
the cooked Ай мурун
This didn't age well after he lost AND Bean dominated
Luis Orlando Fredes
Luis Orlando Fredes Ай мурун
I shit myself because this fight was shit...holland u talk to much .....
K2 Kajmak
K2 Kajmak Ай мурун
Kevin “you know what I mean” Holland
Mile Hy
Mile Hy Ай мурун
This guy is hilarious. Easily likeable
Fin Hor
Fin Hor Ай мурун
Thing's could get messy in there.💩
Bark Academies
Bark Academies Ай мурун
Everyone: Holland is almost to a title fight Dana: bring out the Brunson
fastguitar Ай мурун
Sounds goofy grunting over and over and over
Niko Niko
Niko Niko Ай мурун
This guy plays his cards right a STAR in the making chuw chuw
benjamin lim
benjamin lim Ай мурун
Brian Keane
Brian Keane Ай мурун
schmoe who is he who is he related too
Juuh Elikkäs
Juuh Elikkäs Ай мурун
eric andre getting seriously tanned
Devilmaycry- Joker
Devilmaycry- Joker Ай мурун
I hope Kevin loses so he can get humbled.
Michael Stupp
Michael Stupp Ай мурун
Schmoo Broo what tha actual fuck are u doing. Holy Moly yo interviews are so on point and u make every single even the cringest und stupidest fighter look good on yo interviewes. U bring the Real ones Out for the Fans man! Schmoo is rocking tha shoooow yoooo . Wtf im doing here im going Schmoo too
Clockwork Man
Clockwork Man Ай мурун
holland must be worried the middleweight division will be tied up for a year or more, so is keeping options open at 170 izzy fights till if he wins, but whittaker keeps winning also then whittaker would be after till so holland could be waiting for ages, then again he could fight one of the losers of those fights but options are good
Lofi Lee
Lofi Lee Ай мурун
I am actually surprised Brunson didn’t say to Holland “you’re too skinny bro”
money on my mind
money on my mind Ай мурун
How can u hate this guy🤣🤣
Joseph H.lalruatkima
Joseph H.lalruatkima Ай мурун
I hope he got his ass whip bad and never talk to much anymore
J A M E S Ай мурун
Fight Jake Paul 😂😂😂
Kies Nutrition
Kies Nutrition Ай мурун
Kevin Holland's interviews are just as entertaining as his fights. I could watch him fight every week and never feel bored . 😂
Elijah Allen
Elijah Allen Ай мурун
Kevin "you know what i mean" Holland
Shayan K
Shayan K Ай мурун
This guy's fights are so entertaining.. cant believe how underrated he is.. rooting for my man Kevin
Joseph Moore
Joseph Moore Ай мурун
Kevin Holland is gonna be an actor after he's retired
Terra Firma
Terra Firma Ай мурун
Styling and profiling son!
Big Dog
Big Dog Ай мурун
Holland got that rick flair drip
Ovidiu Mihai
Ovidiu Mihai Ай мурун
these two could make a show together
ThePalskinator Ай мурун
Everyone here is forgetting that Chael picked Holland to win the last time he fought.
OG-Rollz UFC Central
OG-Rollz UFC Central Ай мурун
Kevin Holland is the most talented hardcore MMA fan on Earth I swear. 😂
Armando Caballero
Armando Caballero Ай мурун
I love this guy
Zelim Uzhahov
Zelim Uzhahov Ай мурун
Schmo Armstrong
Joe Arispe
Joe Arispe Ай мурун
I swear every year I change my favorite fighter 🤦🏾‍♂️ my girls be telling me you say every ufc ppv is important. This ones free baby!!!!!
Richnwealthy Ай мурун
Never liked this schmo guy. So dumb.
Camilo Camarillo
Camilo Camarillo Ай мурун
Lmmmmfaooooooooo. Cejudo moment,,
The SHOP31 - Reviews & Reactions
The SHOP31 - Reviews & Reactions Ай мурун
How is this dude making CCC lileable...?
JaysKicks Ай мурун
Wassup w Schmo he sick or something? I feel like his energy not the same
Roger Frontera
Roger Frontera Ай мурун
The adhesive touch preoperatively warn because kilometer recurrently whip following a zippy alibi. judicious, thoughtful archeology
Whoop that ass Kev-o!!!
Lex Burns
Lex Burns Ай мурун
The Schmo is the Nardwuar of the UFC😂
Josh Worzie
Josh Worzie Ай мурун
Kevin Holland is the Deadpool of the UFC
Josh Worzie
Josh Worzie Ай мурун
I like this guy
Unpopular Opinion
Unpopular Opinion Ай мурун
This is a personality that you’ll love win or lose
The Candid Lad
The Candid Lad Ай мурун
This is a bit much don’t you think 🥲
sam lapoint
sam lapoint Ай мурун
i love holland hes got the potential to be the next big thing like a diaz or masvidal type thing, just hope all you fickle ass fans dont do him like you did mas and diaz, mcgregor, till, etc etc after a loss.
Kristjan Rom
Kristjan Rom Ай мурун
No Holland weighting 175 against Brunson is not a good idea, just look at Adesanya vs Blahowich.
David Adams
David Adams Ай мурун
Can't be letting Derek Bum-son forget them skinny comments, Kevin going to smack him into another promotion I reckon
asad kabir
asad kabir Ай мурун
He is going to lose i think but i hope he wins
ring of fire
ring of fire Ай мурун
He could get to 70 if he wanted to so you gotta respect him fighting at 85
the troy
the troy Ай мурун
Kevin Holland the living Afro Samurai👏👏👏👏👏
Tyler Durheim
Tyler Durheim Ай мурун
“It was me who farted in the Stewart fight” 😂😂😂💀
semko Ай мурун
The schmo is the worst interviewier lol. he acts like a kid...
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern Ай мурун
The UFC were hyping up the wrong guy in Khamzat. Should have been Holland all along.
xRyan Ай мурун
The schmo is just ufc nardwuar i love it
Bree Larson
Bree Larson Ай мурун
This bloke is awesome hahahaha
The Mini Berrics
The Mini Berrics Ай мурун
Cejudo is actually that tall wtf
Ben Zeltser
Ben Zeltser Ай мурун
He gotta win
Lee Van
Lee Van Ай мурун
Big mouth beat that boi💪🏾
Devildawg 0311
Devildawg 0311 Ай мурун
I used to hate the Schmo, but I've grown to like this little weirdo through the years hahaha
WinConsinSportsNutRW Ай мурун
Joseph Carlson
Joseph Carlson Ай мурун
I love Holland but that pizza line sounds mighty familiar... js
Cash K
Cash K Ай мурун
Got Big mouth wining this fight
C M Ай мурун
For being a straight killer Holland has a great sense of humor. Im a fan.
Monde Earl
Monde Earl Ай мурун
This kid likes Izzy, he definitely looks up to Israel Adesanya so bad.
Shane Wascherol
Shane Wascherol Ай мурун
Kevin Holland is my 2nd favorite fighter, 2nd only to Colby Covington
Clockwork Man
Clockwork Man Ай мурун
haha both are my favs to along with adesanya, i just love entertaining fighters who bring it
astheskylarksings Ай мурун
Crazy that Costa was more afraid of Izzy than Romero
Sam Choy
Sam Choy Ай мурун
schmo is lame schtik
Airgun Ballistics
Airgun Ballistics Ай мурун
This guy is a legit threat to the top 3 ..
Tony Yeptho
Tony Yeptho Ай мурун
The energy of schmo and Kevin "Hart" Holland is unmatched... 🔥 bring it on..
Sav Blixky
Sav Blixky Ай мурун
fave fighter rn
Kīn Ай мурун
The Deadpool of ufc
Trollogy Ай мурун
Holland is Deadpool before the accident.
Derbis the Eternal
Derbis the Eternal Ай мурун
Ya know it's like
Ryan C
Ryan C Ай мурун
If he wins I want him vs NATE DIAZ!
Ryan C
Ryan C Ай мурун
Izzy hasn’t been subbed.. so that can be done
Big Juice
Big Juice Ай мурун
kevin is high as fuck
John Keillor
John Keillor Ай мурун
Kevin Holland Rules
Doug Walters
Doug Walters Ай мурун
Get rid of the shield Shmo!!!!
Hingle McCringleberry
Hingle McCringleberry Ай мурун
Jaime T
Jaime T Ай мурун
Most enjoyable guy in mma right now
Kevin Corso
Kevin Corso Ай мурун
this dude cracks me up. both of them, really, but holland is clearly enjoying every moment and its contagious--i wish more fighters had a sense of humor
Jared Li
Jared Li Ай мурун
this is who kevin lee thinks he sounds like
Marco Lewhite
Marco Lewhite Ай мурун
Started to like this guy. Big mouths annoy the fuck out of me but he looks like an excited kid saying crazy shit its pretty entertaining and he's himself. The talking during fights is hilarious
The_SNT Ай мурун
He really wants to fight in 170 .... isn't it 😏
Njk Kavanagh
Njk Kavanagh Ай мурун
Holland is the future
Palmer S
Palmer S Ай мурун
Lookin like Kevin “Trailblazer” Cejudo in this interview
voiceoverduleey Ай мурун
0:35 He took a shot at Izzy
Rudy Renteria
Rudy Renteria Ай мурун
Awe man this one was epic Schmo!!!
Omar Q
Omar Q Ай мурун
Black guys who sound like frat boy Chad always rub the wrong way
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