Belal Muhammad Honored to Learn from Khabib

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The Schmo

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The Schmo catches up with #13 UFC Welterweight Belal Muhammad during UFC Vegas 21 fight week. Topics include:
- First career main event
- Taking advantage of Leon’s recent inactivity inside the octagon
- Face-timing head coach between rounds
- Envisioning the victory
- Chicago food
- Advice from Khabib going into this matchup
- Breaking down fighters
- Sheath Underwear

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Dylan Ай мурун
my guy schmo is definitely buzzing from coke in this
Mike Bipping
Mike Bipping Ай мурун
YES SIRRRRR. so glad Bully B, Main Event Muhammad, is getting the respect he deserves!!
hammy hamm
hammy hamm Ай мурун
have a good cry belal
GreenIllness Ай мурун
Israeli-Palestinian dialogue making progress 👍
Parakram Basnet
Parakram Basnet Ай мурун
Idk why he reminds of borat😂
astheskylarksings Ай мурун
You can really tell where dude grew up at and who he grew up with bra like seriously bra
blue skyz
blue skyz Ай мурун
👁 👁 👃 . 😉👈
Mohsin Ай мурун
I like him, but leons a savage
Aziz Ait
Aziz Ait Ай мурун
I am waiting for that HANNNNNNNNNNN
anuma nuva
anuma nuva Ай мурун
Sorry pal
Malcom x
Malcom x Ай мурун
Hope Bilal has a perfect recovery and comes back to a win ✌️
Artur Beterbiev
Artur Beterbiev Ай мурун
I hope his eye is OK
Altair123 Lol
Altair123 Lol Ай мурун
Im from the future, came here with a warning. Whatch out for the eye poke!!
Wasteland Vikingr
Wasteland Vikingr Ай мурун
Ali Abdul Aziz Ali Also known as Ammar al-Baluchi, the Pakistani national is a nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and cousin of jailed 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef. He is accused of being an important facilitator of the September 11 attacks, transferring money to US-based operatives and assisting nine hijackers on their way from Pakistan to the United States. The Pentagon said he sent about $120,000 to hijackers for their expenses and flight training.
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson Ай мурун
belal looks good with both of eyes in this video, too bad he's gonna have to invest in an eyepatch in the future
Imighteatu Alilhungry
Imighteatu Alilhungry Ай мурун
I’m a fan of both fighters 👍🏽👍🏽 may the best man win 👏🏽🦾 #muhammadVSedwards let’s gooooo!!!!!!
320speed Ай мурун
Let's go Moh!! You got this.
livewire livewire
livewire livewire Ай мурун
Edward's bout to smoke that lil ass!!!
Amir Muhammad
Amir Muhammad Ай мурун
Making duas for you Belal!
seek meekness
seek meekness Ай мурун
Belal did a great job. felt like he was looking at me
Edin Pandzic
Edin Pandzic Ай мурун
I hope he wins...I am tired of all these inactive semi-retired fighters....especially top ranked ones who are just waiting in line for their title shot
Red Sheikh
Red Sheikh Ай мурун
Inshallah a huge victory
Red Sheikh
Red Sheikh Ай мурун
Belal “for me” Mohammad
Peace Be With You
Peace Be With You Ай мурун
Belal is hungry and that’s always dangerous for any competitor. Leon striking though is sharp and I hope ring rust doesn’t effect him. Will be a war of wills in there
Heavy G312
Heavy G312 Ай мурун
Chicago in da House!!!! Represent!!
steven1234554321 Ай мурун
belal cannot eat hot dogs because muslims don't eat pork. Belal was so nice about avoiding that topic! Belal you the champ I am gonna bet big on you! Remember the name!
Lii Oren
Lii Oren Ай мурун
lmfao this is my first experience with this interviewer, "the schmo", and his whole demeanour and style is epicly hilarious LOL !
Ashi Kabi
Ashi Kabi Ай мурун
Cool dude but man this is a real test for him. Leon is easily I'm the top 5 of the division with Colby and Gilbert. Best of luck buddy
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Ай мурун
Leon Scott vs Bolhall Muhammad, neither of these guys is anybody's fool. Its just one of those things
Mai Thai Panda
Mai Thai Panda Ай мурун
I was expecting this dude to sound like Drago lol
Arty Clutch
Arty Clutch Ай мурун
Maybe commentator material in the future?! Not surprised about him having a podcast.
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224 Ай мурун
Belal’s the real deal 👏
daniel gonzalez
daniel gonzalez Ай мурун
So much energy
FloatingMan Ай мурун
Get in Bilal 🙏🏽
Faris Johan
Faris Johan Ай мурун
All the best to Belal 👊😎
H Ай мурун
Really want Belal to win. Amazing guy. Plus Edwards is boring and bland guy, no personality. One dimensional
Thatsgoodmoney Ай мурун
Belal “Freeballer” Muhammad
Sum Ting Wog
Sum Ting Wog Ай мурун
He really 👃🏽 what he’s talking about lol
TheTylamo Ай мурун
Betting the house on Belal. Remember the name!
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
I'll send you my spare tent
ArizonaHurley Ай мурун
Bad move man
Matt Rainwater
Matt Rainwater Ай мурун
Let’s get it #Belal!
Charles Floyd
Charles Floyd Ай мурун
When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Ariel helwaini in a hat
Just Me
Just Me Ай мурун
Belal has a HW head and an amateur ring-name
Zach Ай мурун
Love the Schmo asking the Muslim fighter what his favourite hot dog is lol
some local guy
some local guy Ай мурун
Hi schmo, nyc to meet ya
Max Ай мурун
I love the schmo but why would you ask a Muslim where his favourite hotdog place is? 🤣
2 Devious
2 Devious Ай мурун
We have kosher and halal franks 😄
Bear Sound
Bear Sound Ай мурун
ask a muslim about hot dogs? lol
JACK * Ай мурун
Sounds like he’s pinching his nose let go !!
MAK Kal Ай мурун
Lol Schmo
Nick Parry
Nick Parry Ай мурун
Did just ask someone with a name like Mohamed, "what's the best hotdog" 😂😂😂😂
Zeneb Osman
Zeneb Osman Ай мурун
@jfwqnkjfn jknfkjqfk Muslim don't eat pork at all.
jfwqnkjfn jknfkjqfk
jfwqnkjfn jknfkjqfk Ай мурун
We eat hotdogs and sausages, we just need to make sure there is no low-quality pork meat in the mix.
Violation Nation
Violation Nation Ай мурун
@Zeneb Osman not what u think it’s made of they taste good but not real meat
Zeneb Osman
Zeneb Osman Ай мурун
What is hotdog 🌭 made of?
MHJ paladins
MHJ paladins Ай мурун
he can eat hotdog
Luanmondi Nuhaj
Luanmondi Nuhaj Ай мурун
Slique 2000
Slique 2000 Ай мурун
He's cool, but he has an extremely punchable long face!
Seamus O'Sullivan
Seamus O'Sullivan Ай мурун
ayyyy schmos from chicago. Explains his awesomeness
AcidGlow Ай мурун
Best 🌭 lol 🤣
mad zak
mad zak Ай мурун
Belal could be a next UFC commentator with a nice spoken English ❤️❤️
Believe in your self
Believe in your self Ай мурун
Thank you so much Mr. Schmo. , You are truly the best at what you do in your craft sir thank you so much for everything and all the great interviews you bring!!!! You are a legend my brother. ! !!!!! God bless !!!!!
Saul Marquez
Saul Marquez Ай мурун
DJ Khaled if he was actually in shape
Billy Banks
Billy Banks Ай мурун
Both are Palestinian...
Ovi 113
Ovi 113 Ай мурун
im pretty sure someone is getting eye poked in the next fight
TheEnvelope Ай мурун
The balls on Belal, you gotta respect him putting his hand up for this bout, we aren't even sure how his leg has held up since the Lima fight.
Martin Casey
Martin Casey Ай мурун
Awesome fighter but I can't see him getting past Leon Edwards.
Domi Stock
Domi Stock Ай мурун
This dude looks like Ariel Helwani after getting stung by bees.
Doon Siddique
Doon Siddique Ай мурун
Lmaoooo made me giggle
Stock X
Stock X Ай мурун
Its something with his eyes
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Bender Rodríguez
Bender Rodríguez Ай мурун
Belal "French Montana" Muhammad
Sean Abbott
Sean Abbott Ай мурун
Good interview, Schmo!
Sean Abbott
Sean Abbott Ай мурун
I’ve been with you, Belal “Remember the Name” Muhammad!!! ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Sean Snipes
Sean Snipes Ай мурун
Belal and Ariel should have a Nose Off
Sarmad B
Sarmad B Ай мурун
French Montana of the UFC Belal Mohammad
Vonsaker Ай мурун
Real question is can Muhammad put more pressure than rda? This one is a fun one boys!
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Same result, edwards clenches, and elbows on the break
FightWorld Ай мурун
4.17 Khabib part.
blake Landon
blake Landon Ай мурун
You can tell off the bat this is a smart guy. Hope he can take out Leon.
Todd Laury
Todd Laury Ай мурун
This dude is going to get smoked
Ifti Alam
Ifti Alam Ай мурун
How come he has such low amount of subscribers? He's pretty much everywhere and everyone seems to love him, including the fighters.
Connor Muckerman
Connor Muckerman Ай мурун
I was rooting for edwards until Belal mentioned portillos (and Lou Malnatis 😂)
Mazen Al-Darwech
Mazen Al-Darwech Ай мурун
Gotta hit up that Illuminatis joint in Chicago 🤣🤣
convo will
convo will Ай мурун
I'm so happy to have you out there Schmo. Always the different interview the lol the tacky-ness you are for us the fan. Real fresh spin on the average ones but from when you started you do have the real slick questions that the die hard fans do want. Appreciate you Schmo!
OnceGreatBritain Ай мурун
Belal sleeps saturday night
Azayn Ай мурун
Didn't know Schmoe was a Chicago guy too! The accent definitely explains it.
Kagemusha08 Ай мурун
lol isn't that just his impression of old timey Jewish comedians
AdamantMovies Ай мурун
Unfortunately he will lose, does not matter if he is a great guy or not. Skilled as he is with all the pressure, it does not really matter. He'll take the L vs Leon.
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Devin The Devil Hampshire
Devin The Devil Hampshire Ай мурун
Out here speaking like a fortune teller 😂
King Zabian
King Zabian Ай мурун
"I bear witness that there is no deity but God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God."
MusiQ8dict Ай мурун
@Cuervo Delgado hey bro, I am a Muslim and I am from India. I take pride in my religion Islam and respect your beliefs. Chill out bro... Practice what brings you peace. Love and hugs. Allah Hafiz.
Zeus Ай мурун
@Cain Thompson "im too travelled and well read" if you are you would belive in the spaghetti monster aka the One true god otherwise you are just a braggart
Hugh Chungle
Hugh Chungle Ай мурун
@Cain Thompson too travelled and too well read for religion? what does that even mean? as if religious people are just uneducated cavemen that don't travel or read lol, the classic egotistical atheist thinks he has it all figured out
Cain Thompson
Cain Thompson Ай мурун
@Zach Tavaris happy for you. I'm not getting into a war of words. Have a lovely day.
Zach Tavaris
Zach Tavaris Ай мурун
@Cain Thompson Not travelled enough, nor too well read. Fool but a happy one.
King Zabian
King Zabian Ай мурун
Remember the name Mohammed
Mehmood Khan
Mehmood Khan Ай мурун
Everybody learn something from khabib
Dave Odd
Dave Odd Ай мурун
He's great, but I don't think he's ready for Leon Edwards. Bad move on his manager's part. Let him work up the rankings and he will be ready.
Thought Criminal
Thought Criminal Ай мурун
Too old
Dustin McDowell
Dustin McDowell Ай мурун
Schmo running the casting couch on us
Matthew Chadwick
Matthew Chadwick Ай мурун
Leon will make easy work of this fool. He about to find out that there is levels to this
Any nelk fans out there ? Because i think this guy looks like he could be steve will do its ? Maybe the smile but yeah.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Ай мурун
What are you smoking?
So happy i found this channel i love the schmos style and approach
Hussein Hammoud
Hussein Hammoud Ай мурун
He trained with Khabib? ... maybe he’s got more of a chance than we think Lol
Pale Amigo
Pale Amigo Ай мурун
Frankies Pizza in the southern suburbs of Chicago is your best bet. Their Pizza is so good they were not allowed to sell within the city limits!🤣 Good luck to Bilal and great video! Thank you!
Todd Escourt
Todd Escourt Ай мурун
Belal may be moving up to #3 ranked WW
Imran Khan
Imran Khan Ай мурун
I'm boarding his train now, excited to see where it's going. CHO CHO!
Mohammad Porky Haram
Mohammad Porky Haram Ай мурун
belal " gimme that uranium enrichment " mohammadan
Bella, Jesus is the only way. Belal, alla is fake, alla is satan. Good luck bud
Zullu Balti
Zullu Balti Ай мурун
He sounds like he has taken air from a balloon
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez Ай мурун
can he make any eye contact
Stefan Ай мурун
French Montana got buff yo
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas Ай мурун
I'm loving the smaller octagon and I'm loving this fight! I am rooting for Mohammad but I give the the W to Edwards if I'm betting.
Leonardo Castanheira
Leonardo Castanheira Ай мурун
Did he just ask a muslim what his favorite hot dog is?
Leonardo Castanheira
Leonardo Castanheira Ай мурун
@DVRKMVZTXR 963 Sure but the ones he mentioned probably weren't halal.
DVRKMVZTXR 963 Ай мурун
Theirs halal hotdogs
The kustom Knight
The kustom Knight Ай мурун
Sorry if it's a natural issue just weird really turns off the interview sorry to say
The kustom Knight
The kustom Knight Ай мурун
That dude is so ceingey man wtf is he on.
zab dab
zab dab Ай мурун
Mate is that Jon anik 😂😂😂
James Doe
James Doe Ай мурун
Am I the only one that finds bella slimy. There is something shady about the dude.
DVRKMVZTXR 963 Ай мурун
Just u
Sohaib Abbasi
Sohaib Abbasi Ай мурун
Didn't expect that accent from belal
Rami Jadallah
Rami Jadallah Ай мурун
What accent?
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