Music at "The Funeral of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh" | In honour of Prince Philip 🙏

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CHOR GESANG - Das Musikmagazin

CHOR GESANG - Das Musikmagazin
CHOR GESANG - Das Musikmagazin 2 ай мурун
You can find a new compilation of all music pieces at the funeral here 👉 00:00​ | "I Vow to Thee My Country" 02:39​ | "Supreme Sacrifice" 05:14​ | "Jerusalem" Hubert Parry 07:14​ | "Nimrod the Hunter" Edward Elgar 11:08​ | "God Save the Queen" 11:53​ | "Funeral March" Johann Walch 18:54​ | "I am the Resurrection" William Croft 22:10​ | "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" William Witting 25:26​ | "Jubilate Deo" Benjamin Britten 28:12​ | "Psalm 104" William Lovelady 33:32​ | The Lord's Prayer "Our Father" 36:25​ | "Russian Kontakion of the Departed" Sir Walter Parratt 40:39​ | "Flowers of the Forest" by Pipe Major of The Royal Regiment of Scotland 42:44​ | "A Lament and The Last Post" played by the Royal Marines 44:26​ | "Reveille" played by the State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry 45:32​ | "God Save the Queen"
Maxwell Addo Koranchie
Maxwell Addo Koranchie Ай мурун
Thank you so much. I was actually searching for the first song by the military band.
@Lee Davies for me it's I vow to thee my country
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Ай мурун
nimrod always gets me
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Ай мурун
who else shed a tear or two seeing our Queen sat alone
You should actually look up the military band's who played the music, I think a lot of that would be very fitting for such an occasion 😥
exaudi33 22 күн мурун
May God make His face to shine upon the Prince. He gave his all. We will not see his like again.
horsewoman 23 күн мурун
And to think that the real King is pure Royal, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour was wrapped in linen cloth and buried in a borrowed tomb. He is Royal, these man made royals are nothing compared to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Now HE is the only royalty in the world. This is all for show.
Emmit Stewart
Emmit Stewart 23 күн мурун
In another time, in a more pleasant year, the church would be packed in his honor. Somehow the empty church just makes it more impressive.
deley paule
deley paule 25 күн мурун
Extraordinaire music for thé prince Philip ordered n'y himself bravo
david weston
david weston 25 күн мурун
Makes me sad to find the Prince didn't make 100. Sad music. I wish they did Come Sweet Death on the pipe organ for that funeral. Hate to say it but the indoor part was really pathetic, especially the lack of a choir or the organ or any congregation. I'd have granted variance to restrictions, otherwise frozen the body and waited for covid to end. Maybe they'll have a real service complete with people later on. RIP Prince, the manliest man I've ever known of. Seeing this castle and the whole thing makes me sad I live in a country with no history except for killing all the natives and building tract homes. Why can't we have conquered the whole world and built castles 1000 years ago? I haven't visited England or Europe because I know once I see it in person, I won't be able to live in the US ever again.
Balty Dupond-Dupont
Balty Dupond-Dupont 25 күн мурун
Cérémonie magnifique empreinte d'une simplicité fort à propos avec la perfection britannique. Reposez en paix Monseigneur.
Neel Ghodke
Neel Ghodke 26 күн мурун
Prince Philip chose the best music for his funeral. I cried when his coffin was being carried out. RIP Prince Philip rest in eternal peace
Rob Perrins
Rob Perrins 27 күн мурун
Well done to everyone involved.You gave him the send off he deserved for what he has done for our country.So sad to see our queen sat on her own.God bless our queen and RIP Prince Philip.Thank you for your service.
Max von der Bohnensuppe
Max von der Bohnensuppe 27 күн мурун
R.I.P. Prince Philip 🙏
ukoze 28 күн мурун
Very beautiful and poignant. A musical evocation of the life and values espoused by Prince Philip!
Joyce Finn
Joyce Finn 28 күн мурун
God bless the lengends king Of british HRH PRINCE PHILIP OF EDENBURG AMEN GOD AMEN GOD
Katie Toomey
Katie Toomey 29 күн мурун
This song choice was so good I was close to tears🥺
mike barnabe
mike barnabe 29 күн мурун
Quick Bury the Bastard Traitor .
반야심 Ай мурун
여왕님의부군으로서당신의모든능력내려놓으시고희생으로훌륭한삶을사시고별세하신필립공님은진정,위대하셨습니다! 경의를표하는바입니다! 고이,잠드소서.ᆢ삼가,명복을빕니다!
Olaf De Koning
Olaf De Koning Ай мурун
En prachtig verstelling van het kor, pijp orgel, verschillende zangers en lieden! Altijd mooi in en Kadreekaal! It is my hope that the Prince knew Jesus Christ personally!
Geoff Stevenson
Geoff Stevenson Ай мурун
Oh Valiant Hearts.. Even downunder here in the last fringe of the Empire it makes a man feel proud to feel English blood still running in the veins..!!
ThomasLB1960 Ай мурун
Ich möchte Queen Elsabeth mein Beileid aussprechen. Aber auch seinen Kindern und Enkeln. Sie haben einen i.d.T. großartigen Menschen verloren, der mit seiner Weisheit, zuletzt aber auch mit einer würdigen Milde des Alters, die Familie getragen hat. In diese Position aufzurücken, und dieses Erbe weiter zu tragen, ja, mit dem Anspruch des Verstorbenen, sicher noch "überholen" zu sollen, ja zu müssen, um dem Anspruch dieses Mannes an sich und Andere gerecht zu werden, ist eine Lebensaufgabe. Wer sich dem stellt hat es nicht leicht! Aber er hat ein würdiges Vorbild!
true blue
true blue Ай мурун
Rest easy HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. A great servant to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and greater commonwealth. For your service in defending Britain during the Second World War. And for your strength and guidance to our majesty Queen Elizabeth ll we the British people honour you. 🇬🇧
GUY PERIN Ай мурун
Étant Français je garderai un souvenir merveilleux de cet Homme exemplaire le Duc d’Édimbourg ( HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh ) Présent et fidèle aux côtés de sa Majesté la Reine Elisabeth II , Respect et Honneur . God save the Queen !
Matt7895 Ай мурун
Incredible rendition of Nimrod.
CADET P Ай мурун
I cried during the whole funeral event it was too much for me to handle 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 the duke of Edinburgh and I share a spirit of adventure, family, charity and equestrian traits
CADET P Ай мурун
Now I will never meet him 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
john aitchison
john aitchison Ай мурун
What the UK stands for. 🇬🇧🇬🇧
englishrose78 Ай мурун
Serene and Majestic, truly British. The Dukes sense of humour carried his coffin on a land rover. Nice one Phil. We do Pageantry so well
MR Smith
MR Smith Ай мурун
I find it so sad that such a good man never got the pat on the back he should have our Press and media painted him as a grummpy old man when in fact he was the opposite God Bless you Duke
M Scott
M Scott 25 күн мурун
He was an excellent man, one of the very best. To be honest, and he would admit it himself, he could be grumpy, especially first thing in the morning. It was soon over and he was his usual sunny self. First met him over 50 years ago. He never changed. Scrupulously honest and direct and loved to be disagreed with. He loved a good debate, especially when the other person could argue their own position. He would listen and often say, 'yes, but ' and make a very accurate reposte. Absolutely irreplaceable.
Ethan Strout
Ethan Strout Ай мурун
Played so well RIP Prince Phillip
Neil Toatasi
Neil Toatasi Ай мурун
Proud men
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh Ай мурун
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh Ай мурун
Donald J. Trump Was Judgment GUILTYHighTradment By SupremeCourt DNC-Us-Federal-Gov #AVOI
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh Ай мурун
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh
Umberto IVDèCari CagnazzoMcPiersonYXTh Ай мурун
Glory #ToUNCLEKINGPhilypEdinbourghEllingtonSavoyeCarignano #RIP #PSGodSAVEPRECIOUSMajeStyAuntyQueenELIZABETHII
T R Ай мурун
Seamus Carter
Seamus Carter Ай мурун
RIP Prince Phillip. Watched it live with my 2 young children, one day they will realise the greatness of the man. Stunning and I mean truly stunning. The mighty Nimrod epitomises the music.
Jonathon Couriard
Jonathon Couriard Ай мурун
Palsm 104 really drew the emotion levels to the max, so much emotion in the way those singers sang. I have never heard this before or cant find a better recording
Last Samurai
Last Samurai Ай мурун
The first song😭😭😭🔥
stuey36 Ай мурун
If you strip away the titles and uniforms, we have an old lady who lost the love of her life
GM Danielson
GM Danielson Ай мурун
Or all the millions of ordinary people who've given far more far quietly to their country who didn't get this fanfare!
Etheral101 Ай мурун
@GM Danielson How are they suppose to have this fanfare for every individual. Theyd be going on several times a day till the end of time. This isnt even a fanfare by Royal standards, but subdued. He asked for it to be quiet and small. This is more than one persons death anyway. These ceremonies amd traditions are the last things left of British culture not destroyed by the far left.
GM Danielson
GM Danielson Ай мурун
@Etheral101 Exactly my point. Everyone else: lumped together for a day; Philip gets the fanfare. Note my use of "this" in the OP.
Ken M
Ken M Ай мурун
@Etheral101 Spot on, m8 👍
Etheral101 Ай мурун
Dont know about where your from. But in UK we haveRememberance Sunday. Where songs, parades and prayers are done for the millions who died in war. The Queen and Prince Philip have been in attendence for many decades to pay respect to those souls .
Kathirvel Prabakran
Kathirvel Prabakran Ай мурун
sorry captain sar think of saving
Vic tacey ettle
Vic tacey ettle Ай мурун
It must be hard for William and Harry when they hear that song probably reminds them of Diana's funeral
Rakan bani ahmad
Rakan bani ahmad Ай мурун
Patrick Liu
Patrick Liu Ай мурун
No shit Pajeet, 150 years ago Britannia did rule the waves.
Vous partez en voyage ? Non car je pars en voyage !
Vous partez en voyage ? Non car je pars en voyage ! Ай мурун
Quintessence of European and Occidental civilization
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman Ай мурун
So sad 😢😢😢 God safe the queen 💕💕💕
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman Ай мурун
Sorry to say nothing to do with you lot only England so f off
Andrew Herman
Andrew Herman Ай мурун
God safe the queen wahhhh such sadness 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Dennis Roy Hall
Dennis Roy Hall Ай мурун
Listening to this quite sublime music and watching in complete admiration the humble duty so well carried out, I can only express my deepest thoughts in one phrase from the heart: May the Good Lord Bless the Royal Family, HM Queen Elizabeth here and all these good Soldiers true, and the People of Great Britain.... Have to confess and even tho’ I followed this film time back when it was but days after the decease of Prince Philip R.I.P., and now how many weeks are we on, my feelings broke completely when I saw Prince Charles and the Princess Royal Princess Anne walking together.... behind their Father; how utterly moving! I have always but always been impressed by Princess Anne’s utter steadfast loyalty to her Brother through thick and thin and long may it be so.... Bless You All....
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Ай мурун
and cry again at the pipes
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Ай мурун
Phillip was more than a consort he was a King in all but Title
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Ай мурун
OMG not the point when our Queen stops and looks behind ..set me off again i cried at the time and doing again
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Ай мурун
if anyone gets chance look up prince phillip in his own words with him around windsor its fantastic
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Ай мурун
may you rest in peace HRH Duke you served us well an honour to this nation and her and you shall be missed
Felix 230404
Felix 230404 Ай мурун
he lives still in my fortnite account, pray to get a skin for him
Олег Анатольевич
Олег Анатольевич Ай мурун
Кащей издох!
Jefferson Kee
Jefferson Kee Ай мурун
Beautiful service and great music. I appreciate the Funeral March by Walch was previously thought to be one of Beethoven's and correctly attributed here. Ludwig wrote two funeral marches (one for piano and the symphonic second movement from the Eroica) as well as one set of variations on a funeral march by another composer, but not the one played here.
Kimo Rodhe
Kimo Rodhe Ай мурун
Thank you finally I know the song I've been looking for
I'm wanting to have I vow to thee my country played at my funeral, I already have things sorted out because of my health, the only thing that held this great man's funeral to the way it should have been is the pandemic, God bless you Duke of Edinburgh, I done one of your award schemes when I was 9, it's one of the best things that I have ever done, I really feel for the Queen I can only imagine how she must be feeling after 73 years of marriage, may God bless you and protect you your majesty x
Kay Jay
Kay Jay Ай мурун
Absolutely stunning
Gatwick Smith
Gatwick Smith Ай мурун
May His Royal Highness, Prince Philip will have a rest.
James Sidebottom
James Sidebottom Ай мурун
God bless Prince Philip great loss very moving and so very sad day indeed for our Nation! and for the Royal Family and for her Majesty the Queen bless her!
E. Sherry Miller
E. Sherry Miller Ай мурун
Your Majesty, I mourn for your great loss.
Patricia Yeiser
Patricia Yeiser Ай мурун
The Croft Burial Sentences should always be followed by Purcell.
Anthony SEYMOUR Ай мурун
God bless Prince Philip, let this music be heard for a thousand years, in memory of this great man. R. I. P.
Phil Copeland
Phil Copeland Ай мурун
So movingly dignified with all the services rerpresented.
Joanne Seeger
Joanne Seeger Ай мурун
A moving tribute to a Total country gentleman, devoted husband, & England's most Royal, loyal father! J.Seeger, Wisconsin.
Жанна Пятова
Жанна Пятова Ай мурун
Freyr Mervick
Freyr Mervick Ай мурун
Fair winds and following seas, Your Royal Highness.
Kiara Madeleine
Kiara Madeleine Ай мурун
Watching this back almost a month since the funeral. Its so moving and very emotional. A beautiful service for an amazing man
Mikel Lozano
Mikel Lozano Ай мурун
Most American newscasters at the network level wouldn't know 'class' if it bit them in the hind quarter! The days of class ended with the likes of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite! Prince Phillip - May your memory be eternal.
Peggy Lindenthaler
Peggy Lindenthaler Ай мурун
I pray he rests in peace.
Coralee J. Smith
Coralee J. Smith Ай мурун
No hugging now-a-days but the queen needed a big hug!!
Bob Powers
Bob Powers Ай мурун
Aside from "Nimrod" being so popular and famous, it's so fitting that Elgar is played at this funeral. His "Nursery Suite" from 1931 was dedicated to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret!
Bob Powers
Bob Powers Ай мурун
This arrangement of "Jerusalem" is based on the orchestral arrangement by Sir Edward Elgar, probably the most popular arrangement of it played in the UK.
Bernadette Semple
Bernadette Semple Ай мурун
Beautiful....when I Vow to thee my country music started playing I started singing beyond all praising... 😳
Deb0rah1 Ай мурун
I started crying within seconds of ‘I vow to thee my Country’ Absolutely superb service from start to finish. May he be at peace. God Bless sir xx
Yunis Az
Yunis Az Ай мурун
Doris Sturm
Doris Sturm Ай мурун
Beautiful Music!
Brian Abe
Brian Abe Ай мурун
Honestly, I'd just like to know how they mic this music
James S
James S Ай мурун
No doubt the leftie trolls will complain about cost as usual.! I’m sure all those troops attending are in full time military employment and this is part of their duty, thus costing no more than their normal wages. Besides that, it was a movingly monumental ceremony deserved of a loyal and proud monarch who devoted his life to queen and the country he adopted as his utterly without compliant. To that, I salute you sir🙌🏼 May you rest in peace and god rest your soul ❤️
Mary Mc
Mary Mc 26 күн мурун
Your polluted a magnificent ceremony with your petty politics
Shellie Eyre
Shellie Eyre Ай мурун
do you really have to use this thread to air your political grievances?
Yourture Ай мурун
Prince Philip in heaven with Queen mum and King George V11. and Princess Margaret. we will miss him
Pax Britannica
Pax Britannica Ай мурун
Rule, Brittania
John Peacock
John Peacock Ай мурун
It is too much of a coincidence that Prince Philip died on the 99th day of the year at the age of 99. The Royal Family and the mainstream media are lying about the date that he died. Why would they do that? They are both in the Deep State.
Callem Taurerewa-McNeill
Callem Taurerewa-McNeill Ай мурун
I vow to thee my country was Princess Dianas favourite hymn
Ronald Quinn
Ronald Quinn Ай мурун
Such a beautiful funeral for such a beautiful man💐💐 R I P Prince Phillip 🇬🇧🙏🌹🕊
Jennifer Bate
Jennifer Bate Ай мурун
I’ll never understand people who can give a thumbs down to this beautiful music! Perhaps their affections “as dark a eribus”?
Jo Ай мурун
With him, an age passes - and we are the poorer for it.
Karen Coker
Karen Coker Ай мурун
beautifull funeral prince philip
John 3:16
John 3:16 Ай мурун
The souls of the departed can rest at ease and rest assured that if they are in Christ there is no death, only eternal life, for Jesus proclaimed that He is the resurrection and the life and on this promise we who are in the faith can be sure for all eternity. God bless the Royal Family and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second.
Norma Wilson
Norma Wilson Ай мурун
The pipes at the end broke me.Beautiful music throughout. RiP Prince Philip, rest easy sir.
Kim Wilkes
Kim Wilkes Ай мурун
made me cry watching hes Funeral REST IN PEACE
ugo lagazzi
ugo lagazzi Ай мурун
Very amazing the pose of the soldiers,face to land and arms down.
Laura Marie
Laura Marie Ай мурун
The music stirred my soul. One of the most respectful and patriotic funerals I’ve seen.
Pauline Lawless
Pauline Lawless Ай мурун
Me too. I keep replaying it. Good for the soul and moves me every time.
Most beautiful and meaningful music. Western Civilization at its best. This is the end of an era where we have let go of a great man. Not a perfect man by any means. A true patriot, a devoted husband, and as the Queen so graciously said it, "My strength and my stay." There is nothing else to add.
IntelĹⲉc丅Ⲉηgliѕ卄 24 күн мурун
Lovely comment...
Recon Reece
Recon Reece Ай мурун
Rest in peace we will miss you
Richard19551 Ай мурун
In Ottawa and Kuala Lumpur, in Nairobi and Delhi, Belfast and Singapore, Tucson and Rangoon, Capetown and Sri Lanka, Aberdeen and Melbourne, Perth and Miami, Cairo and Lagos, New York and Toronto, Auckland, Calcutta and Kuwait, Georgetown and Bermuda, San Diego and Cardiff, Durham and South Bend - they watch and mourn.
Alain Chambala
Alain Chambala Ай мурун
Wearing a muzzle and social distancing is required.
Alain Chambala
Alain Chambala Ай мурун
Trumpets of fame, you are my mouths
Cwmbran1984 Ай мурун
The tears started running down my face as soon as “I vow to thee my country” started & didn’t stop until the end of the funeral. Prince Philip was a much loved man and will be sadly missed by everyone 🥺😢
María Cristina
María Cristina Ай мурун
I cried also the whole ceremony and I am not British, I don't even have British blood. I am from Argentina, but I admired Prince Philip and the ceremony went very deep in my heart.
nor az
nor az Ай мурун
A fitting tribute to a great man A beautiful service. May he rest in peace.
Marie MASSON Ай мурун
????? 1st music at 0.00 : Gustav Holtz The Planets !!! Jupiter !!!
Etheral101 Ай мурун
Its part of it. The British composer Gustav Holst was asked to make a patiotic hym and he used part of Jupiter.
Putra Pratama
Putra Pratama Ай мурун
Marcel Negru
Marcel Negru Ай мурун
Impresionant,lacrimi in ochii mei.
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