COVID | As Pyres Burn Non-Stop at Mumbai’s Crematoriums, Workers Demand to be Vaccinated | The Quint

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With the number of those succumbing to coronavirus recorded in thousands in Mumbai, crematoriums have been burdened with long queues of bodies. The workers there have been working day and night with pyres burning continuously.

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Kiyoone 24 күн мурун
Fluffy Flower
Fluffy Flower Ай мурун
These people should be able to receive vaccine right away if they want. These people are more than heroes.
lorraine Gonsalves
lorraine Gonsalves Ай мурун
Hope these people are taken good care with proper salaries and good and good accm
SHARKY op Ай мурун
Donna Berube
Donna Berube Ай мурун
I wish these good workers to be vaccinated promptly...
Deepak Chawla
Deepak Chawla Ай мурун
Hey bhagwaan mehar kar hum sab par.
Scott Morris
Scott Morris Ай мурун
God continue to bless the people who are working non stop
amalraj x
amalraj x Ай мурун
v D
v D Ай мурун
Salute to these people...pls prefer vaccinating them... Give good money to them... A good funeral atleast gives rest to the souls...😭
Marry Me
Marry Me Ай мурун
Govt are suppose to hire more workers at the crematorium
Khaiser Begum
Khaiser Begum Ай мурун
Due to fear of this pandemic people feel fear inside them which is the main reason ur immune system gets affected or gets weak due to fear which is a negative thought or feeling for people getting affected with covid-19. A person who takes precautions & does not take the negative thought of fear inside them will not get affected with any kind of pandemic like covid-19
Firefox Rage
Firefox Rage Ай мурун
Arrest all film jollywood people and cricketers.
Firefox Rage
Firefox Rage Ай мурун
Arrest MODI.
Basic Things
Basic Things Ай мурун
I feel so sad for them....they are working so hard and here we are complaining about life....there is so much be worried of....
Mahesh Vaidya
Mahesh Vaidya Ай мурун
You should have covered the dhankuar wadi crematorium in Kandivali west and seen how they handle things , literally a business being run there
Uma Uma
Uma Uma Ай мурун
They should first get vaccinated. Authorities should look into this immediately. God bless you all 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Margarita Galacio
Margarita Galacio Ай мурун
Please pray prsy pray for india Lord, Jesus Christ,maaws ka sa kanila. . In Jesus name, Amen😊❤💙
Anna Carter
Anna Carter Ай мурун
The army could solve this in a week
Prisha Shrivastava P.S.
Prisha Shrivastava P.S. Ай мурун
God bless you all....... please God bless them n their families 🙏
Souvik Das
Souvik Das Ай мурун
Why there so much shortage of electrical crematorium ??? And it usual takes 25 min to cremate a body .
C R Ай мурун
Please give immediate financial help and better safety wear to cremation workers.
Vivek Appuswamy
Vivek Appuswamy Ай мурун
5:38 onwards he is literally crying...hats off to them..!
Ravindra Yoka
Ravindra Yoka Ай мурун
Good work
Deepti Krishna
Deepti Krishna Ай мурун
Feel sorry for these people
Satyam Tiwari
Satyam Tiwari Ай мурун
In place of this Negative video The Quint Would have choosed to make some positive video Shame on this Fake news factory The quint
MyRinto Ай мурун
Amid the surge in coronavirus cases, the Uttar Pradesh government is providing oximeters and thermal scanners for cows housed in the state's 'gaushalas'. More like this  From Mata to Menace: How the holy cow may end up 'eating' votes  IMAGE: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath feeds cows at Gaushala in Gorakhpur. Photograph: ANI Photo A recent press release from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's office also said the state government has issued instructions to set up help desks in every district for the welfare of cows, taking forward its cow protection agenda. The government has issued instructions that all cowsheds must strictly follow the COVID-19 protocol, and made wearing masks and frequent thermal screening mandatory there.    It is providing thermal scanners and oximeters, apparently to detect early symptoms in animals of COVID-19, which authorities said Thursday had killed 353 people in the state over the past 24 hours. There are reports of hospitals turning away patients and long waits at crematoriums at several places in the state as it battles the second wave of the pandemic. The press release on cowsheds said the 'gaushalas' will be 'equipped with all the medical equipment such as oximeters and thermal scanners for cows and other animals as well'. 'In view of the current Covid situation, a total of 700 help desks for the welfare of cows have been set up across the districts of the state. With this, 51 oximeters and 341 thermal scanners have also been provided to ensure better animal care and testing,' it said. The statement said stray cows in large numbers are being given shelter at the 'gaushalas' due to the efforts of the chief minister. The government is also rapidly increasing the number of the existing cow shelters to deal with the stray cattle menace, it said. Giving overall figures, it said 5,268 cow protection centres have ensured the well-being of 5,73,417 animals so far in the state. Apart from these, there are larger cow sanctuaries as well in the state.   The statement also referred to 'fodder banks', set up during Adityanath's tenure. There are 3,452 of them, feeding stray cattle. Under the 'Mukhya Mantri Besahara Gauvansh Sahbhagita Yojana', the UP government gives Rs 900 per month to farmers who take care of stray cattle. In 2020-21, the state government gave Rs 38.98 crore to 130 cow shelters.
Shivam Summiter
Shivam Summiter Ай мурун
Atleast people when they die in our culture don't take space.
deepika suresh
deepika suresh Ай мурун
Government waste hai . Kuch nahi karege . Hatts off to these workers who r doing their job without any expectation. Politicians are waste . Politicians should learn from them .
Dondazle Proh
Dondazle Proh Ай мурун
Dont take the vaccine it will kill us all we must put our trust in GOD who is the greatest vaccine of all humen made vaccines
no Name
no Name Ай мурун
We need to learn from our mistakes , WE SHOULD USE ARTIFICIAL BURNERS ONLY for cremation. Using firewood would not be sustainable.
brian rodrigues
brian rodrigues Ай мурун
These are the real people who work 20hrs+ without any Tonic... While the fake ones relax in a 20000crore mansion
AS Ай мурун
God, please help the people in India. People who read this comment, please also try to provide any possible help to them (monetary help, donating medical equipment or medications, oxygen cylinders/concentrators, or medical transportation/ambulances). This is so disturbing, God help them!
Amit Ghosh
Amit Ghosh Ай мурун
Manzil Toh Teri Yehi Thi.... Par Sari Zindagi Bet Gayi Yaha Ate Ate 🙏
Maruf Ahmed
Maruf Ahmed Ай мурун
We are praying for our indian brothers and sisters from Bangladesh, be strong and be safe
wangchuk bubble_bruno
wangchuk bubble_bruno Ай мурун
They should be vaccinated first.shame on government
Priy V
Priy V Ай мурун
These Nobel men needs to be vaccinated first on priority...
Aayat Malik -The Princess
Aayat Malik -The Princess Ай мурун
It's the results of Kashmir Lockdown.
Zareen Shaikh
Zareen Shaikh Ай мурун
Isme aam logo ki kya galati h? ALLAH ek maasum pe zulm ki saza dusre maasum ko nhi deta! Common people no matter where they belong are victims to Unjust politicians and extremists people! ALLAH insaaf karta hai wo badla nahi Leta!! Every Muslim prays to ALLAH for every atrocities being done on our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world. We should also not forget that non Muslims also belongs to ALLAH and we should pray and have empathy towards them too!!
Aayat Malik -The Princess
Aayat Malik -The Princess Ай мурун
Or karo Kashmir ka Lockdown.
Lourdes Fernandes
Lourdes Fernandes Ай мурун
May god take care of these people. 🙏
Iban Dalin
Iban Dalin Ай мурун
These are our heroes they sacrifice everything at this time no matter what,they got no time to rest ,may be no proper sleep as well...Sir we send you love and respect....
Ratu naisau
Ratu naisau Ай мурун
God bless india through this difficult time....
Shavini Sha
Shavini Sha Ай мурун
Oh....God...please save them......I am getting tears.....🙏
SD Ай мурун
I think workers at crematoriums and burial grounds should not only be vaccinated as frontline workers but also be insured for they risk their lives when even relatives are wary of conducting the last rites.
sree vani
sree vani Ай мурун
🙏 to all .... They are not even asking any great things ... Just vaccination which is a must to these people who are with effecected people 24/7... Gov should consider this... And provide vaccination atleast to these great people 🙏🙏
mr indian
mr indian Ай мурун
there should be a protocol for safe social distancing between the reporters! REPORTERS PLEASE DONT BE A SUPER SPREADER!
Shilpa Anantha
Shilpa Anantha Ай мурун
My eyes were wet as l hear their noble service. 🙏🙏🙏
BigGameSpot Ай мурун
salute you are real heros
The•cosmic Pri•Si
The•cosmic Pri•Si Ай мурун
Abe thoda positive news v dikha lo jo theek ho r h unk vid v dikha do dara k maar doge logo ko tum 2 kodi k media wale
Virendra Kumar
Virendra Kumar Ай мурун
Han bhai last 2 weeks se mujhe bohot anxiety hora hai ye sab dekh dekh ke
sab ji
sab ji Ай мурун
Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi Modi. Har baar Modi sarkar.
Vivi lolo
Vivi lolo Ай мурун
Take a look at what is happening today. Here are some of the Bible prophecies that are being fulfilled. Go thru the following scriptures.... 1. The songs in the temple will go away. (Amos 8: 3) 2. The corpses are so numerous that they are thrown away. (Amos 8: 3) 3. The earth will shake (Amos 8: 8) 4. The Festivals and Celebrations become sad. (Amos 8:10) 5. Bitter days ahead. Amos 8:10 6. You will not be able to hear the Word. Amos 8:11, 12 7. A young people fall unconscious when they are young. Amos 8:13 8. Marriages will be without celebrations. (Jeremiah 16: 9) 9. People will die of deadly diseases. (Jeremiah 16: 4) 10. They will be not be able to mourn for their dead. They will not be able to bury their dead. Jeremiah 16: 4 11. They will not go to the house of sorrow. And will not show sympathy. (Jeremiah 16: 5) 12. Big and small, old and young will die. There will be no one to bury them. (Jeremiah 16: 6) 13. It is forbidden to go to a feast/celebrations. (Jeremiah 16: 8) 14. Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors: hide thyself for a little while, till the fury pass away. (Isaiah 26:20) 15. The pride of men shall be humbled, and the lofty shall be humbled. (Isaiah 2:11) 16. Wash your hands so that they do not die. (Exodus 30: 18-21) 17. Keep distance if you have symptoms. Cover Mouth and Avoid Contact (Leviticus 13: 4,5,46 Mask) 18. Whoever is sick should stay inside their tent for 7 to 14 days (Leviticus 13: 4-5, )
Reshma Patil
Reshma Patil Ай мурун
Really salute to these workers,I will pray to God for u and ur families to get happy and healthy life
Reshma Patil
Reshma Patil Ай мурун
Really shame on government
Reshma Patil
Reshma Patil Ай мурун
They should be vaccinated first...modi government don't think of people at all
elvie Reyes
elvie Reyes Ай мурун
God bless this all people working in crematory, keep them safe and protect them every second. and all people in India, and all over the world as well. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bazm-e-BaniHashim بزمِ بنی ہاشمؑ
Bazm-e-BaniHashim بزمِ بنی ہاشمؑ Ай мурун
Allah o akber, 06-05-2021, 23 Ramazan 1442, Thrusday , 11:00 am
Galaxy Pinto
Galaxy Pinto Ай мурун
God protect this people who r helping god will definitely look after them
Shilpa Anantha
Shilpa Anantha Ай мурун
NRSK Trading
NRSK Trading Ай мурун
They are real workers and helping people in difficult times
evil TRUCKie
evil TRUCKie Ай мурун
This is Vulture journalism rubbing salt on wounds of affected why the hell you don't mince a word against wet market reopening in China go there and cover from where it originated and show videos of graveyard of America which is at top in fatality rate......
Nation歯引き Ай мурун
That’s what you got from this? You are one angry person.
A unnisa
A unnisa Ай мурун
This the spirit of Bombay...
Pinku Choudhury
Pinku Choudhury Ай мурун
Show some wisdom dear Gov't...they should be the ones to get vaccinated in the first place as they are more vulnerable to be exposed to this virus...please do something ...they shouldn't have asked for it....Shame on us.
Alex Jos
Alex Jos Ай мурун
Iknei upto stunt
A M S BEE Ай мурун
Amarjeet Singh
Amarjeet Singh Ай мурун
1:00 classic reply mera to janam he shamshan ghat mae hoya hae
ZOCCOK Ай мурун
Our polticians are responsible for this wave of covid. 3 Months Ago the health minister claimed victory over Covid, political parties like BJP, TMC, etc. held huge and massive political rallies which became superspreader events. Truly our country's politicians are pathetic.
garyish Ай мурун
Yes but there's a thing called individual responsibility. Mumbai is doing better than Delhi because of both BMC and because almost all Mumbaikars have been masking up. Something you didn't see in north India where everything from holi to nizamuddin to kumbh to election rally was going on like it is 2019.. I support Modi's reform agenda but I have attended ZERO rallies. Support doesn't mean stupidity.
Hitler and the Nazis would be proud of modi and the BJP on how fast they are killing people ..
CManJ789 Ай мурун
Very sad stories 😭😭😭 Stay Strong India 🙏
M M Ай мурун
Dear God, please bless these people with good health, healthy children and happiness... 😢
maryam zafr
maryam zafr Ай мурун
Agar modi PM na hota tou shayad is mulk ka qismat kuch awr hi hota awr aisy death na hoty shayadagar inho ne imran khan ki tarah modi ko hataya hota jis tarah nawaz sharif ko hataya gaya tou acha hota.. From Pakistan
Sridevi Gowravaram
Sridevi Gowravaram Ай мурун
Dum politicians are below all the doctors, all other people like these , what do they think. They are not above all. they put people lives at stake. No right to do this.
garyish Ай мурун
Touch wood! Thanks to BMC, the situation in Mumbai is under control and not wild like in North India...This is a race against time.. we need to vaccinate... FAST!
Zareen Shaikh
Zareen Shaikh Ай мурун
Yes but people don't accept it. Even though the cases are high in Maharashtra the mortality rate is also high and the crematoriums are not crowded with 80-100 corpses a day like in North.
Karma Ай мурун
This will be the great sad history for future generations
Karma Ай мурун
All we can do is 🙏 pray
ashmeet singh
ashmeet singh Ай мурун
Feeling Sad for everyone in the world who has lost anyone. May Waheguru Ji bless everyone. I don't have words for anyone's personal loss.
Rohit Rawat
Rohit Rawat Ай мурун
बंगाल दंगो पे भी बना दो वीडियो ।।।।। वहा वीडियो बनने से फण्ड नही मिलेगा न।।।।
lubna s
lubna s Ай мурун
These people deserve recognition and help. The least the leaders could do is get them vaccinated. These are the people giving the dead dignity. That's the least anyone could do.
Anjana Ай мурун
Of course these people should also be vaccinated Salute to these people 🙏 UP ke logon ko isse serkjns chaiye Wahan to Covid bodies ko haath hi nahin lagata hai. Khud family members ko karna padta hai
Mohamed Mustafa
Mohamed Mustafa Ай мурун
One day our PM, Yogi, amithsha also has to settle here, but they ignoring as if they are immortal.
DL Ай мурун
Rich or poor ever one goes from dust to dust which we all forget...
Madhura R
Madhura R Ай мурун
I hope these workers are properly vaccinated. God bless them.
Geeta Phanjoubam
Geeta Phanjoubam Ай мурун
Pray for each other God is above all
dolia satish
dolia satish Ай мурун
Bhai frontline guards hain ye.. respect to these guys.. Long live.. Love to u guys..
Soum Nag
Soum Nag Ай мурун
V Chandrashekar
V Chandrashekar Ай мурун
Wow, first government / Corporation employee who says "Koi Mangein Nahin Hain". He only asks for vaccine which is a very fair demand.
Harshit Bari
Harshit Bari Ай мурун
I think, they must get vaccine immediately... during this pandemic, they are doing this work amid tough and risky conditions.
Rudra Nirmalya Devnath
Rudra Nirmalya Devnath Ай мурун
May GOD bless them. 🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️🇮🇳 Jai Hind Jai Bharat
Mary Magdala
Mary Magdala Ай мурун
God bless 🌹🌹
Sun Rise
Sun Rise Ай мурун
Respect 🙏
Ashish K Nainan
Ashish K Nainan Ай мурун
The empathy shown by these men. So much respect to these gentlemen. God bless them and their children always. Difficult times.
Tushan Imam
Tushan Imam Ай мурун
@Aishwarya maiti Absolutely 😔
Aishwarya maiti
Aishwarya maiti Ай мурун
When u witness deaths on daily basis, it does humbles you down..
Princy R
Princy R Ай мурун
Kudos to The Quint for covering ground reality news risking their lives. Seen more widespread news here than on TV.
masked engineer
masked engineer Ай мурун
What about graveyard workers , don't they require recognition? They also work hard all day,only showing majority religion.
masked engineer
masked engineer Ай мурун
@Zareen Shaikh kuch bhi bhai kya,kabhi jana kabrgah tm pata chalega wo log kitna mehnat karte hai,par media wala ko to bas majority religion ke log ki hi mehnat dikhti hai
Zareen Shaikh
Zareen Shaikh Ай мурун
Kuch bhi ?
Rushil Patel
Rushil Patel Ай мурун
To all those who think such things are *internal matters* :if you wanna show your nationalism, help these people.
Rushil Patel
Rushil Patel Ай мурун
Salute to the Indian doctors whose advice was ignored during the first wave, died in the first wave, knew that this wave was coming all along, tried to speak up about it, saw the religious, political and social gatherings, and now are again battered by the second wave and are dying again. Also, hats off to all those are being forced to work amidst enormous exposure just by the virtue of their job.
Atalia Ай мурун
My complete admiration and respect to all the anonymous heroes,may they be safe.
John Snow Kumar
John Snow Kumar Ай мурун
Earlier, for many decades, I heard that there were far more births in that country than deaths. Up to about 2019 and earlier, all over India, in a city where 100 new babies were born overnight in 10 hospitals, about 5 Funeral places in that same city wound have about 5 people to bury or cremate each of the five funeral homes or funeral pyre places. In other words, in India, there were way more births than deaths in that country for the last 100 years or so, every year. Even in 2020, there were relatively few coronavirus deaths in that country, and there were more births in uneducated families. From April of 2021, or from about April 1st, 2021, every thing changed and there was a surge of coronavirus cases in India in industrialized states and cities. In places with many cases, there were many interactions by local employees with multinational companies and with countries such as China and all other advanced countries of the world. For decades in India the state government officials or ministers used to say they fear asking uneducated people or poor people to have less babies, as this results in less votes from the public to the political party of their liking.
Kishore Roy
Kishore Roy Ай мурун
Even if no lockdown Ban public train and domestic international flights for 15 days , check effect Talk with big private engineering Management colleges making loses Allow them to start MEDICAL and NURSING COLLEGE AND HOSPITALS immediately Then CENTRE actually can double MBBS and nursing intake and create jobs in 2021 itself and be ready before covid19 3rd wave
Tanmay Deshmukh
Tanmay Deshmukh Ай мурун
Cover voilence in west bengal
Tanvi B.
Tanvi B. Ай мурун
Maharashtra has managed to control deaths than, Delhi, UP, Gujarat as they started lockdown early, I am saddened for oxygen leak and deaths, but all govt must do action than talk. Lockdown is the only option for now, thank you MVA.
Zareen Shaikh
Zareen Shaikh Ай мурун
Divy Agarwal
Divy Agarwal Ай мурун
Quint so many videos on gujarat earlier and against bjp..but not a single video on killings in bengal post election...shows such a horrible media group you are...
Raj Bhatia
Raj Bhatia Ай мурун
Inn sabhi ko Namaskaar hai...aapka dhanvaad hai bhai..aapne yeh dikhane ke liye socha
Omer Farook
Omer Farook Ай мурун
Presidents rule in maharastra
Black rnb
Black rnb Ай мурун
lol seriously 😂
Rosmin Little
Rosmin Little Ай мурун
They should be given vaccines as essential front line workers. They dont even have gloves .
Deepak D'Souza
Deepak D'Souza Ай мурун
Why aren't they already tagged as essential workers and vaccinated? Even teachers have recieved vaccines. Are we forgetting these people due to class?
Tarun Saraswat
Tarun Saraswat Ай мурун
Inko hoga nhi khoon pkka h inka
Rain Maker
Rain Maker Ай мурун
Even some doctors and nurses aren't vaccinated yet.
Atalia Ай мурун
You might be right.Castes have to disappear.
koolkok28 Ай мурун
They need vaccination first
Shrikant Jadhav
Shrikant Jadhav Ай мурун
I heard even teacher have been working in covid center
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