Zion Williamson Breaks Down The Viral Video of Him Being Guarded by The 5’6 Kid | w/ JJ Redick

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JJ Redick

Ай мурун

Zion Williamson has had many high school highlights but none are as memorable as him being guarded by the 5'6 white kid. He talks about the viral video, how he felt in the moment and why he has respect for the kid today.
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JJ Redick
JJ Redick Ай мурун
Hey, everyone. We wanted to give you all a sneak peek of the podcast dropping first thing tomorrow morning. Be sure to subscribe to watch the full interview. Shoutout Bryson Bishop.
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I\ll gure lover
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Yusha Syed
Yusha Syed Ай мурун
​@Collecting Cardboard Don't mock. Allah(swt) is always watching.
Remo 50 Cal
Remo 50 Cal Ай мурун
Daniel McCauley
Daniel McCauley Ай мурун
they finally got zion to do it!
Carlos Mendoza
Carlos Mendoza Күн мурун
Damm he’s like Steven Rogers before he transformed
ajdivu hducia
ajdivu hducia 2 күн мурун
Zion really seems like a cool guy man
Al Boog
Al Boog 4 күн мурун
Dude a state champion now🗣 you can’t teach heart!
yulisis subong
yulisis subong 11 күн мурун
cmon were not stupid based on your reaction it didnt show a respect on ur reaction nigga. real talk. 🤨
J_Marsh- 17
J_Marsh- 17 15 күн мурун
How you go from senior to freshman 😂😂
Gyeon 7 күн мурун
Senior in HS or freshman in college
pandaboy 545
pandaboy 545 15 күн мурун
Zions body does not fit his voice
Joi ri
Joi ri 18 күн мурун
bro fr if that was me i would be cussing my coach lmao
Shaun O'Leary
Shaun O'Leary 19 күн мурун
Maybe a coach calling out a team for using an overage athlete? It ain't just Hispanic people in baseball with bs ages.
Fero C
Fero C 21 күн мурун
The kid grew up to be Larry bird. Inspirational...
Damola Odulate
Damola Odulate 21 күн мурун
No one is saying it wasnt an and1. He missed an easy shot so lil man kinda did his job in that play. Zion prolly missed one free throw too.
Juhan Voolaid
Juhan Voolaid 22 күн мурун
Yeah, he's a good kid. Zion, I mean.
the zion stopper that's what he should be
Eric Hunt
Eric Hunt 24 күн мурун
What difference does it make hes white????? Hes 5'5
Re Pure
Re Pure 24 күн мурун
This kid is the next Steve Nash.
Sreys Streams
Sreys Streams 24 күн мурун
I hope you have an awesome day
Schöfer Film
Schöfer Film 24 күн мурун
He looks like Benneth Hundt 😂 a young german professional player 👌😁
Steve 25 күн мурун
That guy trying to brag at the end is cringe AF 😬 😬 😬
Luke Beds
Luke Beds 26 күн мурун
2:22 the courage required? You're playing a non contact game with him, not taking him on one on one.
lablofi rutipba
lablofi rutipba 26 күн мурун
The merciful notify paradoxically copy because shape sadly pinch outside a stereotyped bank. incompetent, various edward
Ben Gnaden
Ben Gnaden 26 күн мурун
When did Zion get locked up? #Justiceforzion
Jonathan Ford NOCKDOWN Bowhunting
Jonathan Ford NOCKDOWN Bowhunting 26 күн мурун
Amen mad respect!!! Zion is a best and that kid was gunna make him remember him and he did
Russ Andolina
Russ Andolina 26 күн мурун
But if he was the 5’6 kids blocking a 6’6 white guy.. it would be stop bullying Zion. No one ever says “scrawny black kid” because they think it’s bullying or even a racist remark, but bash white guys all you want.
Jordan Manago
Jordan Manago 26 күн мурун
What a cool guy. Big fan
James Haynes
James Haynes 27 күн мурун
I’ve got respect but his full name is....
choob 27 күн мурун
What foul
Jack Spalden
Jack Spalden 27 күн мурун
Ya’ll should show him getting buckets too 👀
Tevusalane 28 күн мурун
His name is Bryson Bishop. He grew to be 6' tall and led his High School to back to back state championships. He also received a basketball scholarship to a D1 school in South Carolina.
Tevusalane 28 күн мурун
When I read the title, I thought it was about Julian Newman.
jeff mair
jeff mair 28 күн мурун
That kid annoys me
Connor Michael
Connor Michael 28 күн мурун
He was actually an 8th grader in this video
Bryan oppong
Bryan oppong 28 күн мурун
Who you picking Bryson bishop or Julian Newman ?
Bryan oppong
Bryan oppong 28 күн мурун
Who you picking? him or Julian Newman
Duffy Duff
Duffy Duff 29 күн мурун
When you play your kids everyday in hs ball 😂 to easy.
Dave Augustyn
Dave Augustyn 29 күн мурун
Zion head look really small lol
BTS Dance Studio
BTS Dance Studio 29 күн мурун
Its not funny that kid of being hurt. Thank god Zion is a good guy!
Nonyadamn Business
Nonyadamn Business 29 күн мурун
Hey @jj redick I’m from vinton Virginia you use to play basketball with one of my neighbors his name was Jason he was a Jamaican dude he lived over on Ramada road I actually met you one time when we were both younger! You have always been a beast mad respect to you man!
David Amuka
David Amuka 29 күн мурун
Repent and turn to God
Greg 29 күн мурун
Notice how those twi changed their tones when Zion said he respondeds him? Smh
Rod Munch
Rod Munch Ай мурун
I can’t stand Duke (UK grad) but Zion seems like a good dude.
Andy Weaks
Andy Weaks Ай мурун
In Junior High School I was a skinny 6' white boy, probably weighed about 160lbs. In a game against the best team in our conference I had to guard a 6'5" mountain of muscle named Larry Easley. He was a man, I was punkass little kid and I would guess he looked at me the same way. He was scary. His older brother Walter played football at WVU and in the NFL. Larry ended up being one of the State's best players, I ended up being made fun of.
R Lee
R Lee Ай мурун
Mad respect to the kid And Zion. No win situation for the kid but he took his assignment with pride. God I hope they do a follow up on him and find out he grew 8 inches and is now a 6'4 SG.
Ashley Cook
Ashley Cook Ай мурун
The temporary hydrogen untypically snore because locust osmotically knot versus a absurd pen. zippy, cheerful pumpkin
Stewart Allen
Stewart Allen Ай мурун
Bishop...state championship, as a junior, 6'0 tall...2/3star player....probably as good as JJ was at that age
Wet ASPHALT Ай мурун
Luke King
Luke King Ай мурун
Flying Beaver.
Flying Beaver. Ай мурун
The whole point of that take was so he could bring up his 35 point game
Sho Murakami
Sho Murakami Ай мурун
Zion: Don't disrespect me like that. Saying that actually disrespecting the white kid.
Roaringlionz Productions
Roaringlionz Productions Ай мурун
See them become future NBA rivals.I SAID IT FIRST!!!!!!
Anne Lamott
Anne Lamott Ай мурун
I love that he had to end it with a sick brag story lol
Will Hackett
Will Hackett Ай мурун
"Bryson the Enforcer"
krleifield8 Ай мурун
Zions a class act
k333rl Ай мурун
being a 5'7" white kid who played in high school, i know exactly what this kid went through. you know you don't really stand a chance, but you go in hoping they get sloppy with the ball or get over confident and just get in their way in hopes to get them to make a mistake. on the other hand, he may have also been a player with plenty of fouls to spare and just went in to cause a rukus and put someone on the foul line.
The successful black man women can't stand
The successful black man women can't stand Ай мурун
I swear this is the first time I ever heard Zion speak. His voice doesn’t match his dunks
epaphroditus Gaming
epaphroditus Gaming Ай мурун
Overrated nba player why he is in the nba? Why everybody want him in is he an illuminati??
troplaya55 Ай мурун
Zion’s reaction didn’t seem like he respected anybody… Like he was too good for anyone to even bother. He can say whatever he wants now, but the footage tells a different story. Not a big deal, but I’m not taking the bait.
Dominic Brogsdale
Dominic Brogsdale Ай мурун
Cant lie I respect little homie, David and Goliath at least he tried!!
TwistingWords Ай мурун
You be doing a lot of back peddling expecting Zion to make fun of this kid with you but the moment Zion says he respects him "i gOT ALot oF rESpeCt fOR HiM ToO"
Cunnik K
Cunnik K Ай мурун
😂😂video just started and love it we need more Zion commentary shout-out out Bryson Bishop for having the mindset to guard him 💯
RyanReed TV
RyanReed TV Ай мурун
Nobody gonna bring up how this just like the 80s movie "lucus"?
Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz Ай мурун
That kid was ready to GO! Came in with confidence, intimidation, and bodied Zion. He did his job of fouling him and not letting him get that shot it. I’ll take a player like that on my team anyday of the week.
Mike Coxlong
Mike Coxlong Ай мурун
I would have just locked him up
Matilda Brooks
Matilda Brooks Ай мурун
Me being 5’0’’ playin college hoops like: Awww is that what I look like?! (Sighhhh) jus call me Bishops lols.
darrell harvey
darrell harvey Ай мурун
How can you not like this Guy !
Woke_RD Ай мурун
JJ just wanted to mention his 41 pt game at the end of the video
Jake McCoy
Jake McCoy Ай мурун
That was just silliness, not courage.
Jake McCoy
Jake McCoy Ай мурун
@MiniBirthMyChildren ...I just disagree. If the kid was Zion's size, then that would be courage because people would expect something. The kid knows nobody expects anything and has nothing to lose. He is free to do silly antics, commit fouls that require no skill, etc. I have been in this kid's shoes where I was asked to guard somebody who was clearly way better. There was no pressure because nobody really expected me to stop him.
MiniBirthMyChildren Ай мурун
Silliness from the coach sure, courage from the kid
ArmandoVideos Ай мурун
That 5'6" kid is going places.
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson Ай мурун
Zion is way classier than JJ
Adam Ramsden
Adam Ramsden Ай мурун
At least the dude stepped up!
K.O Ай мурун
Cool Dr Money
Cool Dr Money Ай мурун
U know it's America because they wanna celebrate someone for being mediocre bit most importantly being white lol
mikewabrown Ай мурун
Awesome moment
EasyRider912 Ай мурун
Kid would do good in the military... That's someone I'd want having my six
Pete Adler
Pete Adler Ай мурун
Zion a REAL ONE!
Va neela
Va neela Ай мурун
Zion with poo poo internet....
K Hunigan
K Hunigan Ай мурун
"It's not the dog in the fight, its the fight in the dog". Kid showed BIG 💓!
Halo FBI Clan
Halo FBI Clan Ай мурун
Respect ? It’s not mma calm down he didn’t even make the shot,
Jojo Viray
Jojo Viray Ай мурун
A white boy.🤣🤣🤣
Alex Dumitrescu
Alex Dumitrescu Ай мурун
Kids actually nice with it, d1 commit at CSU
CHOPii Ай мурун
Bryson can ball out too.
topspinaurelius Ай мурун
I will take that kid on my team any day, he got more fights in him than his entire squad
Isac Noel
Isac Noel Ай мурун
Get a interview with Zion and that young man...that would be cool!
D.J Moore • 2 years ago
D.J Moore • 2 years ago Ай мурун
What coach did this to that kid, they set him up for failure
Reginald Cortez
Reginald Cortez Ай мурун
White dude ?
Who Cares
Who Cares Ай мурун
Ngl Zion seems to be a great person. One of the more genuine stars out there, hope the fame dosent get to him.
Klemen Kladnik
Klemen Kladnik Ай мурун
JJ - you should invite the man to one of your podcasts...
Kabita Sahu
Kabita Sahu Ай мурун
Viraj Bansal
Viraj Bansal Ай мурун
He was an 8th grader at the time now he’s committed to a d1 school and led his team to back2back state titles if I’m not mistakes. Kids a beast
David R
David R Ай мурун
Now I know why JJ Redick is so disliked. Yes this was a unusual video because of the size difference but to humiliate another player who is not as talented as you or who was not blessed with your freakish physical attributes is not funny. To say you were once an A@shole is not accurate, you still are one.
Michael Wiggins
Michael Wiggins Ай мурун
Wow stupid me I got half way through the video before I realized JJ and Zion Duke allum
Xrandomdonalds Ай мурун
He is actually hella good now
P. g.13
P. g.13 Ай мурун
most respectful nba player
Kim Bailey
Kim Bailey Ай мурун
Represent NOLA Zion🤗🤗🤗😍
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas Ай мурун
Pretty funny Old Spice commercial. Too bad I dont spend money on unnecessary bath products.
Ricma Maddafakka
Ricma Maddafakka Ай мурун
Respect for respect.
addali med
addali med Ай мурун
M@ Ай мурун
Kid did a good job
Jones Evangelina
Jones Evangelina Ай мурун
not even that long ago
Feliciano Media Co
Feliciano Media Co Ай мурун
😂😂😂😂😂 Cant Help It! 😂😂😂😂😂 JJ Come To NYK Brudda! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Michael Holler
Michael Holler Ай мурун
This kid transferred the next year and scored over a 1000 points in his career. He scored 16 points in the final game, his team won state!
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