Boys Do Our Makeup - Merrell Twins
Our Room Tour! - Merrell Twins
Shalini Talukdar
Shalini Talukdar 23 саат мурун
Nessa and Ronnie should be casted in a web series
khadiza siddique
khadiza siddique 23 саат мурун
I love james llerrem
Hina Ali
Hina Ali 23 саат мурун
Carol is a cool dacer
POORNA SHARMA VIII-E 23 саат мурун
Can I get a heart plz Btw i m just 12 n ur my role models
Aleina Polon
Aleina Polon 23 саат мурун
Kristina Havel
Kristina Havel 23 саат мурун
What abat the mites from mabane.
Shammoty 112
Shammoty 112 23 саат мурун
Am i the only person confused about how did nessa ate one chip of Cheetos then started dying I eat a the whole chips and I enjoy it without feeling it is hot 😂
Tisha Reddy
Tisha Reddy 23 саат мурун
I wouldn’t be alive without this show 😩
Harmony Humbert
Harmony Humbert 23 саат мурун
Omg omg these are my fav
Leila Tilus
Leila Tilus 23 саат мурун
Is it just me or who is having a Merrell twins marathon while we’re in coronavirus doing nothing
Kawther Albannay
Kawther Albannay 23 саат мурун
I love u guys especially carol u make me laugh every time I watch marrell twins exposed oh i love ur merch so much ❤️❤️❤️😅.carol is so funny.
Emma Donoghue
Emma Donoghue 23 саат мурун
Moana: I hang out with the rock. I love your vidos
BeatsbySUPREME 23 саат мурун
am i the only person that thaught they acualy got a house and clicked faster than he flash
Zoe flower
Zoe flower 23 саат мурун
I Love that they use tiger for the tiger exhibite
Simon Zhohmai
Simon Zhohmai 23 саат мурун
Which country are you from
Zoe flower
Zoe flower Күн мурун
Poor Venessa gets markers Oh well Nessa got the cellphone Poor roni dosent get the cellphone Poor Nessa only got a few gifts
Fleur Erethea
Fleur Erethea Күн мурун
usha rani
usha rani Күн мурун
OMG i am lightning to this song for 1000000000 times it is sooo amazing
Alex and Mika
Alex and Mika Күн мурун
Alex reacting to this *silence*
abdul gafoor
abdul gafoor Күн мурун
I think nessa is gonna win 🤔
sup alex
sup alex Күн мурун
my baby roni in this video tinyyy
Afrah Aisha
Afrah Aisha Күн мурун
Nessa Glasses are of copper colour
Ianlove Olsson
Ianlove Olsson Күн мурун
VLOG BLOG Күн мурун
Hello, you welcome ❤️🌹❤️🌹
IRONJAY Retacco Күн мурун
The most wonderful twins
Snig D
Snig D Күн мурун
Nessa looks firee so does RONI
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Күн мурун
Veronica feeling herself and the outfit was such a personality change for a sec lol (6:51)
Haley Morgan
Haley Morgan Күн мурун
I have literally never heard of Ryan Higa and I’ve been watching KGglobal for a long time ! Has almost 22M wth where have I been lol
Caitlin Hill
Caitlin Hill Күн мурун
Their facial expressions while acting as themselves prove they're not like that at all😂😂😂
Sameen Shahid
Sameen Shahid Күн мурун
Tiger is done with y'all
Bethan Louise Beauty
Bethan Louise Beauty Күн мурун
Anyone else think Roni and Nessa are very picky!? Lol
Zoe flower
Zoe flower Күн мурун
My mama eats Meltesers. I drink milo I never tried twinkes but I wanna
Emma White
Emma White Күн мурун
Your next vid should be you guys opening and reviewing fidget toys! It’s been so popular on TikTok and KGglobal
wtf?! Күн мурун
KGglobal recommended this out of nowhere. And I love it🌸
Manha Tazmeen
Manha Tazmeen Күн мурун
Sorry I couldn't find the tiger emoji
Mikaela Guevara
Mikaela Guevara Күн мурун
is it just me or at 00:36 there's a clip missing
Manha Tazmeen
Manha Tazmeen Күн мурун
Kawaii Күн мурун
Wilyan Thalya
Wilyan Thalya Күн мурун
Yesss!!! please make a season 2
Araleigh Rane
Araleigh Rane Күн мурун
Anyone from the future? Lol
Stepphyrnai Kharmyndai
Stepphyrnai Kharmyndai Күн мурун
anybody notice that they just flipped the name merrell to llarem and paul to luap
Insha Fathima
Insha Fathima Күн мурун
Roni looks soOoO freakin cute in the blue wig 💙🤍💙🤍
Naila Nizar
Naila Nizar Күн мурун
plssssssssssssss make part 3 plsssss
Naila Nizar
Naila Nizar Күн мурун
the video was soo funny haha
Sridhar Rao Tatavarthi
Sridhar Rao Tatavarthi Күн мурун
This video is really funny my cheeks are literally panning
Simon Zhohmai
Simon Zhohmai Күн мурун
I love your voice are so good I want the same voise as you
Sridhar Rao Tatavarthi
Sridhar Rao Tatavarthi Күн мурун
Yes we want part 3
Asma Күн мурун
Why is the subscribers are frozen and not increases?!😂💖💜
Simon Zhohmai
Simon Zhohmai Күн мурун
Tiger is such a good boy
Hanna Urbano
Hanna Urbano Күн мурун
Yesss!!! They're almost 6 million subs 😍
Carolina Adamantopoulou
Carolina Adamantopoulou Күн мурун
nessa should make an advert for krispy kreme
Tavlyn Bijoy
Tavlyn Bijoy Күн мурун
I want a heart from the merrel twins big fan of you two ❤️
Chiavan Күн мурун
Who else remembers 4 years ago when they did a live stream on hitting 2 Million subscribers OG GANG WHERE YOU AT
Aadhya Gupta
Aadhya Gupta Күн мурун
I was waiting for ep 12 for so longgggggg
Tasneem Challa 0210
Tasneem Challa 0210 Күн мурун
Your videos are always so fun
Kathleen Dacasin
Kathleen Dacasin Күн мурун
I loveyou guys❤️❤️
i love you guys this completed my day❤
fahmida suchana
fahmida suchana Күн мурун
Only the true fans remeber becki's hair ( wig) It was used on the makeover video
Mi Young Bae
Mi Young Bae Күн мурун
I need bloppers
fluffy unicornz
fluffy unicornz Күн мурун
When my friends or family come she like clean up clean the house up 🤣😂😹💖💖
Clarie Arevalo
Clarie Arevalo Күн мурун
maheskoro my friend
maheskoro my friend Күн мурун
Yay another merrell twins exposed when will a episode 13 come out?!
Precious Vue
Precious Vue Күн мурун
My hand used to be like that too it hurted
Shammoty 112
Shammoty 112 Күн мурун
Nessa was so cute when she sad DADDY 🥺♥️ 4:58
DP Gorong
DP Gorong Күн мурун
Omg this is back
Ariya Imchen
Ariya Imchen Күн мурун
When Roni says to nessa "This is ur smaller eye" Nessa : no this is my bigger eye and that is my smaller eye Me : 😂😂😂
maryam Күн мурун
9:55 It's all fun and games until that sheet of paper was your dad's important document...
Aleksandra Głogowskaa
Aleksandra Głogowskaa Күн мурун
Just My things
Just My things Күн мурун
We need more flu house's sick contents
Stacey Luu
Stacey Luu Күн мурун
Best Exposed merrell twin video!
Julia Martinez
Julia Martinez Күн мурун
I want the miraculous shirt
Ayyo help them reach 6 million subscribers they are so close!!! 💕💕👑
Elisabeth Steiger
Elisabeth Steiger Күн мурун
Just on Ignis
Just on Ignis Күн мурун
Am i the only one who thinks that Vanessa gives Billie eilish vibes in sweat shirts.
Didi correa
Didi correa Күн мурун
Yes you guys did it!!!
Araleigh Rane
Araleigh Rane Күн мурун
Me scrolling if i missed a merrell twin video and found out that this was 2 years ago when it's like it's been only 2 months
Didi correa
Didi correa Күн мурун
What boyfriend?
Itsbluefire 101
Itsbluefire 101 Күн мурун
At 11:59 it’s so funny 😂
Majo Muentes
Majo Muentes Күн мурун
I love Carol 😂