My Minecraft Server is INSANE
Carving a pumpkin in real life
I deserved this...
6 ай мурун
Minecraft chill background feels
Sabotaging Fundy in Fall Guys...
My subreddit was a mistake...
Teejay Kaye
Teejay Kaye 4 саат мурун
It's wild how even in older videos with no face cam I can perfectly imagine his smile whenever he laughs, it's the ultimate good vibes
Chrystel EO Dobs
Chrystel EO Dobs 5 саат мурун
Hi! I am ur new daurter Ashsley SerienaHQ
DrShiba 5 саат мурун
Minecraft's LUCKIEST Moments Of ALL TIME #4 2:48 Minute Remember this?
khang BARRY.
khang BARRY. 5 саат мурун
:) .io
khang BARRY.
khang BARRY. 5 саат мурун
14 Years Ago
Paper Crane
Paper Crane 5 саат мурун
Wilbur probs just lost half of his fangirls lmAo
TuaToon Studio
TuaToon Studio 5 саат мурун
The BadLands Philza's Most Hated Biome
TuaToon Studio
TuaToon Studio 5 саат мурун
Deals and Money: A Dream SMP Special
Ellnate 2.0
Ellnate 2.0 5 саат мурун
Joey and benny = new mrbeast
remember to stay hydrated and drink water
remember to stay hydrated and drink water 5 саат мурун
Phil played halo?
Nilorthoox 6 саат мурун
i found that skeleton in my xp farm and i dunno why i killed him-
NoodleBob 6 саат мурун
This man is the embodyment of not giving up
Jed Eco
Jed Eco 6 саат мурун
Wowww ,
Nathaniel Plays
Nathaniel Plays 6 саат мурун
T ributes were paid today to a young marketing executive who was knocked down and killed in a road accident in south-east London. Matthew Adams, 22, was hit by a car and thrown into the path of an oncoming bus as he crossed the road outside East Dulwich railway station.Apr 2, 2015 We must pay our respects
Ady Rocks!
Ady Rocks! 6 саат мурун
when coal didnt drop xp :/
egg 6 саат мурун
How dare you not like spongebob Phil
IAm FuzzyDolphins
IAm FuzzyDolphins 7 саат мурун
Partifact 7 саат мурун
Pure Bliss
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 7 саат мурун
Wilbur: I HATE ANTEATERS THEIR BABIES ARE PINK AND WRONG, THEY EAT ANTS AND THAT'S NOT OKAY. Also Wilbur: Why don't you eat the sand? it would make it easier, it is fun to crunch on the car ride home.
Dhakir T
Dhakir T 7 саат мурун
I am colr blind it helped
ThatPoggersOne 7 саат мурун
I to eat sand but from my moms vase and she tells me to put down grandma
Dino Playz
Dino Playz 7 саат мурун
Phill u called urseelf old lmao 57:30
Hidden the 2nd
Hidden the 2nd 7 саат мурун
A "Create New World" button started his life in minecraft
Sean Buchanan
Sean Buchanan 7 саат мурун
11:23 AMONG US???? SUSSY????
Endersgaming345 7 саат мурун
mr_clump 7 саат мурун
why isn't he using a shield
mr.banana man
mr.banana man 7 саат мурун
Do you think you can put a shulcker box inside of a shulcker inside of another shulker
Bluecherry Lollipop_qwq
Bluecherry Lollipop_qwq 7 саат мурун
Me: Oh, they are carving pumpkind, this will be a nice stream :D Ph1lza: oH sH**- Me: *turns off volume* i think ill go and see ranboo and tubbo make pancakes ,:)
Tino Breezo
Tino Breezo 7 саат мурун
God loves you so much and so do I ✝️❤️
Ibrahim Sheikh
Ibrahim Sheikh 8 саат мурун
No one: Ph1lza’s chat when he is flying for the first time on an elytra: “Hes swimming but like in the air”
CFHowelsss 8 саат мурун
i don't think he has his appendix removed
Kihbg Njj
Kihbg Njj 8 саат мурун
ScooX 8 саат мурун
baby zombie was planned
ari_dønthugme 8 саат мурун
Dadza :) I like that :>
ari_dønthugme 8 саат мурун
not a Gaming channel
not a Gaming channel 8 саат мурун
My noob mind can not handle this much skills
Ryan Bennet
Ryan Bennet 8 саат мурун
Hey phil uour origin smp character needs some more things to it they can at least make you wear diamonds gold is heavir than diamonds but just has less armour value
Blake Ashby
Blake Ashby 8 саат мурун
And then techno vowed to never let a baby zombie near philza again
Bigbassman 8 саат мурун
I wasn’t even born when this was posted
MuffinMan 8 саат мурун
9:53 you can tell hes saying oh shit
Rhett Mueller
Rhett Mueller 9 саат мурун
“I got to be pg shit” Philza 2019
josh kramer
josh kramer 9 саат мурун
i have watched this video way too many times lol
catfor lift
catfor lift 9 саат мурун
yes pog camp
Jacen C
Jacen C 9 саат мурун
I wish I had the resolve that you do to just not get visibly angry / titled about stuff like this. Major props to you my dude
Gaming LoneWolf
Gaming LoneWolf 9 саат мурун
Phil's laugh here. 10:01
craftwire 9 саат мурун
Dragon's blade
Dragon's blade 9 саат мурун
I didn't believe the sand mafia thing so I searched it up, he wasn't lying there is a sand mafia and I am loosing it.
FlashBlast Gaming
FlashBlast Gaming 9 саат мурун
Kymmiebleh 9 саат мурун
OMEGALUL bedrock had the minecart under water thing for a while yall just now getting it? FINALLY A +1 FOR BEDROCK PLAYERS
Elliot Keenan
Elliot Keenan 9 саат мурун
Philza taking multiple hours trying to find bad lands biom Me sponing in it
Dusted 10 саат мурун
Porque tu parece tanto o brunim neets
Elliott Rodgers
Elliott Rodgers 10 саат мурун
17:45 the tnt flying machine moving on time to the beat
William posta
William posta 10 саат мурун
POV: Your trying to find mumbo jumbo or grians comment
Banana Mation
Banana Mation 10 саат мурун
"oh its very laggy!" me: playing minecraft at 12 fps on my dell laptop
Max C
Max C 10 саат мурун
Bruh in so many of the clips he could’ve just worn the elytra why doesn’t he just do that
Lmeow XD
Lmeow XD 10 саат мурун
Why is my next recommended video the surgery mod is stupidly funny when I watched it the hour of release
Arievix 10 саат мурун
1:44 meglavonania lolol funy
AL3X _
AL3X _ 10 саат мурун
Strip mining has now been killed
MCKAYLA CADDEN 10 саат мурун
Dadza looks so happy
SirOoze 10 саат мурун
3:29 This part made me almost cry. All I can say is may Matthew rest in peace
Sushicat999 10 саат мурун
Please dad, we require a new video. Feed us papa :(
Topaz 10 саат мурун
"You've been watching frozen 2 without me?" Top ten anime betrayals
Elkan Jody
Elkan Jody 11 саат мурун
1:45 megalovania
Hero Destrin
Hero Destrin 11 саат мурун
Little did he realize, he would be turning one of these into a damn aquarium in some handful of years lol
Hero Destrin
Hero Destrin 11 саат мурун
I love these old hardcore, they're really great :') this is all the Minecraft nostalgia you need, these old Philza videos. The old sounds and graphics, the everything, it's so great!
dan 11 саат мурун
I was done watching a video and just saw dadza, with an angry face and I clicked so fast to see what happened until I read the title but am I still going to watch the video? Yes. Yes I am
grey822 11 саат мурун
why am I constantly getting mobile game ads?
Rainbow_Ramen YT
Rainbow_Ramen YT 11 саат мурун
Ooh the nostalgia seeing the chain link armor. Oh how I missed it. ;-; why do we not have it anymore?
Hero Destrin
Hero Destrin 11 саат мурун
Damn I love the old graphics of Minecraft :') such a small start to an amazing streamer, I love Philza and he's gotten me through quarantine lol
Frost • 999 anos atrás • 999 anos atrás
Frost • 999 anos atrás • 999 anos atrás 11 саат мурун
Dude, a Brazilian youtuber called: Brunim neet's he stole your skin, you have to report him !!! he already has 555 k subscribers !! Ph1lZa, you have to do something !! 
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis 11 саат мурун
Take this LuketheNotable Btw this is my 27th time watching this, great job!
Moon Cake
Moon Cake 11 саат мурун
"Let's make armor" *Immediately makes a cauldron*
mallory dagreatest
mallory dagreatest 11 саат мурун
alternative title: FragranceMan Makes Minecraft 1000% Funnier
Zero 11 саат мурун
Didn’t the recent version of Minecraft stop removing herobrine?
paarvaendhank 33958
paarvaendhank 33958 8 саат мурун
Yeah they did
Dylan Mathis
Dylan Mathis 11 саат мурун
hes on drugs lol
LifeIsNice 11 саат мурун
Everyone: PHILZA WAS SLAIN BY BABY ZOMBIE NOOOOO Me knowing that spider killed him: everyone is stupid except me
rundoobug 12 саат мурун
"smell my fucking glass
Kashiee. 12 саат мурун
I’m I able to play hardcore on bedrock?
rainbow cat meowers
rainbow cat meowers 12 саат мурун
It's not ok to eat sand
Sineox 12 саат мурун
Damn this is impressive
Oof 12 саат мурун
Ph1lza forgot alt f4 exist not giving drista enjoyment lmao