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Jayne Doe
Jayne Doe 10 саат мурун
Cute, Jeremy Allen White is being purposefully bad as he is actually a dancer irl 😅
احمد ails
احمد ails 10 саат мурун
rayman 10 саат мурун
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 10 саат мурун
didnt know a 30 second video would make me wanna live 30 more years
S T 11 саат мурун
Sorry, this show is dead to me. It died with Deb, that was the final straw.
Braden Mick
Braden Mick 11 саат мурун
Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen again, and again.
Why is this necessary?? The ending of the show didn't make any sense at all, why even bother now with this... sequel?
Andy Mackie
Andy Mackie 12 саат мурун
Hawkwind? Does Dave Brock know about this.
X YouTube
X YouTube 12 саат мурун
Since the last time this show was on I'm pretty sure I've broken a rule or two from Harry's code .
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 10 саат мурун
dudeeee this gave me the chills
Feral Human
Feral Human 12 саат мурун
Can't wait to see my favorite Super Hero back in action!
Ice Station Zebra Associates
Ice Station Zebra Associates 12 саат мурун
This makes me so happy😊
Angela Shrum
Angela Shrum 12 саат мурун
Mmmmmm.... yummy.
Olivier Mosimann
Olivier Mosimann 12 саат мурун
The criminals who killed the series should be executed as the mad monk of Florence.
brandon brooks
brandon brooks 13 саат мурун
I still remember the shock i felt at the end of I think season 4 with the trinity killer and dexter coming home to find her in the tub. Felt like a gut punch. And then it kinda became shit after that season.
Diane Bennett
Diane Bennett 13 саат мурун
No one is calling me at work. Period! Text me but don’t expect a return until after work.
Benji Qiunn
Benji Qiunn 13 саат мурун
Khalid Arman
Khalid Arman 14 саат мурун
so she is alive
Khalid Arman
Khalid Arman 14 саат мурун
the best show ever
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 14 саат мурун
Oh yes the memories
Martys 14 саат мурун
김현영 15 саат мурун
Veddi inspires
Veddi inspires 15 саат мурун
"Our favorite serial killer." Never thought I would use those words.
Mickey Valenz
Mickey Valenz 15 саат мурун
Welcome back Dexter! I recorded a cover of Dexter's Blood Theme with my own original lyrics and vocals. The lyric video is on my channel.
Joe Bob Tarheel
Joe Bob Tarheel 16 саат мурун
Dexter Season 10 in 2024
Joe Bob Tarheel
Joe Bob Tarheel 16 саат мурун
Song is Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Nina Simone
Heyyy, Its Boo
Heyyy, Its Boo 16 саат мурун
So excited. I watched this the other day and someone mentioned the sound of muffled cries in the background.. then today I saw Jennifer Carpenter posted about the victim in the teaser and I rewatched. How did I even miss that? Soooo excited for this revival 💙
Tiago Silveira
Tiago Silveira 16 саат мурун
Unico defeito é a parede que não ta plastificada. erro pequeno, grande serie
Sar Liz
Sar Liz 16 саат мурун
dudeeee this gave me the chills
Luke Skywalker *
Luke Skywalker * 16 саат мурун
Boy Reagan was a way better President also he isn't self centered egoic and actually helped America
clownage123 16 саат мурун
Hes back!
Neon Rider
Neon Rider 16 саат мурун
fingers crossed they end it right this time
Carter Lau
Carter Lau 16 саат мурун
I know it’s only been 6 days Dexter trailer, but just checking up on you. Can’t wait to watch you😘
neptün 1
neptün 1 16 саат мурун
ı love dexter...
Joe Bob Tarheel
Joe Bob Tarheel 16 саат мурун
Wonder if they gonna have Harrison as a teenager
raphael ostrowski
raphael ostrowski 17 саат мурун
Why can’t Netflix make history shows like this anymore
Deidara Sandblade
Deidara Sandblade 17 саат мурун
Song please ?
Matt 17 саат мурун
Thank God this crazy is back!
Neville Evergreens
Neville Evergreens 17 саат мурун
Hit Kid
Hit Kid 18 саат мурун
i'm really curious what's his method of body disposal this time.
IceMan Cometh
IceMan Cometh 16 саат мурун
Probably burning
Maureen Alder
Maureen Alder 18 саат мурун
Could watch you all day long Micheal C Hall.... ❤💋 🇬🇧
Andsen Wilson
Andsen Wilson 19 саат мурун
These pricks are just running short on dollars. Dexter was a shit drama series then and the reboot will be even shittier.
Jessica Poot C.
Jessica Poot C. 19 саат мурун
I am so ready! Can't wait :D ~~~~~!!!
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 19 саат мурун
Ill only watch if Debra is back
SULAIMAN 011 19 саат мурун
Jess Serio
Jess Serio 19 саат мурун
Jan Sander Aasen
Jan Sander Aasen 19 саат мурун
I just started the series again for god knows how many times, perfect timing with this and i am so EXCITED
Jan Sander Aasen
Jan Sander Aasen 15 саат мурун
@butti fdft yeaah, thats true
butti fdft
butti fdft 18 саат мурун
just please make the ending good
hope white
hope white 19 саат мурун
Look in the reflection of the window 😅
butti fdft
butti fdft 18 саат мурун
This looks cool. I have watched 3 seasons and it got repetitive and boring after that. Should I watch the rest?
Vladyvids 20 саат мурун
weird casting choice with that nordic girl for Lucrezia, all too often such anglosaxon nords are chosen to portray mediteranean people, also there should be some spanish or italian actors
amraKarma 20 саат мурун
Nikos Tse28
Nikos Tse28 20 саат мурун
I think one of the reasons that made DEXTER unique was Miami.We were in love with small things and details. I'm gonna miss south beach, the rides with the car, the ocean, Dexter's boat and mostly Dexter's apartment.
Glynnis Gladys
Glynnis Gladys 21 саат мурун
This got recommended to me and I don't know why
PUBG mobile
PUBG mobile 21 саат мурун
Mosquito was his best kill period
dukejason 21 саат мурун
Wtf is he smilling about. Bad trailer. Reminds me of how Disney took advantage of starwars.
TOMMYMOM 21 саат мурун
うわああーーー‼️待ちきれない😭 楽しみすぎるっっ😁 日本に来るのは来年かな…😢
April Wootten
April Wootten 21 саат мурун
Such beautiful music as a backdrop for the teaser. The song is "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Nina Simone, recorded in the 1960's
Axe M.
Axe M. 21 саат мурун
That smile, that rammed smile.
B R O K E N 21 саат мурун
I heard this music somewhere Oh It's Nobody
Shepherd2305 21 саат мурун
Yes! Dexter's back baby!
Benny Harvey
Benny Harvey 21 саат мурун
So glad they've ditched the CSI Miami cast that dragged this show down since season 1.
Lootboy 22 саат мурун
im so fucken hyped
Luminous 22 саат мурун
Dexter is back yeay
SAM88 22 саат мурун
The best ever❤❤❤
Abhay Kalsi
Abhay Kalsi 22 саат мурун
This looks cool. I have watched 3 seasons and it got repetitive and boring after that. Should I watch the rest?
Slastic 22 саат мурун
just please make the ending good
Nekosky 22 саат мурун
I'm CoronaVirus Patient 0 B*tch
Hialeah E
Hialeah E 22 саат мурун
So this show is about how they destroyed top gear by making the US version?
DJ Dialize
DJ Dialize 22 саат мурун
hes back with a hair cut lmao
PickleJuiceVEVO 22 саат мурун
I first started watching this show around March or April of 2021 and I absolutely loved it. Even when rewatching it a few times it still never loses it’s touch. Hopefully this season will be good.
Robert Goggins
Robert Goggins 22 саат мурун
Police get paid to sniff coke and drink alcohol, it's Parton their undercover work
Robert Goggins
Robert Goggins 22 саат мурун
You want to the know the truth about the reality of this show? The black prosecutor who was almost murdered by anton. The click, that the Braxton Boys are at war with is connected to the black prosecutor, whose originally from Brooklyn, NY. He's a corrupt official, who have a gang putting in work for him. He don't like anton because anton looks better than him. Lmfao! That's why he became a cop. This is how he gets even. His wife is the same way. They wanted to be celebrities but they're not marketable. They're jealous the Braxtons.
jews beans
jews beans 22 саат мурун
So...he's still a lumberjack?
JD 23 саат мурун
Why am I not surprised? The show blew it's load after the 6-7 season . To dig up this old story and kick it over and over angain just shows there's more originality in Hollywood. I'm just shocked it's not a black female playing "Dexter"
Samuel Roy
Samuel Roy 23 саат мурун
Can't believe this is actually happening I am so excited. Hey showtime make it officially a 12 season journey alongside this dark passenger. This show must go on till 2033. With 20 episodes in each season.
sza3434 23 саат мурун
This show sucked after season 4, no one asked for this
Hallelujah Goat
Hallelujah Goat 23 саат мурун
Get Greg Rikaart to play his son..two peas in a pod...double the fun!
Gianna’s LOL SURPRISE UNWRAPPED 23 саат мурун
Their filming in my town, he’ll be in a place called “iron lake” seen a few scenes behind filmed