A G 3 саат мурун
no wes ct bananas or nany smh
Grilled Sleaze
Grilled Sleaze 6 саат мурун
*psst* Paramount+ if you pick up Wynonna Earp for a season 5, you will adopt a shit ton of fans/new paying customers to your service , just sayin 👻👹🤠
Nick222 6 саат мурун
What’s the deal with this animation style? It’s like a 15fps choppy cgi style... hard to watch.
Jason Austin
Jason Austin 6 саат мурун
I like John de Lancie as an actor, but ever since Farpoint, Q as a character has always been my least favorite. I wish Season 2 wasn't about Q.
my tube
my tube 7 саат мурун
She is clearly not in her 20’s. At all.
mark smith
mark smith 8 саат мурун
Don't feed me your BS Cher, If you were doing it out of the goodness of your heart all the money spent on the production of your self promotion would be used to free other elephants, we made you rich lady these things are to be expected not celebrated
john allen
john allen 8 саат мурун
Brent now sounds like his voice performance of his creator. The great actor that he was knew what an older version of himself would sound like.
winnie 9 саат мурун
Just watched the first few episodes, and this is so refreshing compared to the last few challenges we've gotten. The new ones aren't /bad/ per se, but the shows focus is entirely different now, it's missing the fun parties that happen between challenges and the banter between cast mates. I'm sorry but some personalities are so boring to me, like Fessy and Kaycee and I really couldn't stand Lolo with how much she whined about the game not going her way.
Pat Faldetta
Pat Faldetta 10 саат мурун
This was an awesome documentary - loved it
Clint Countryman
Clint Countryman 10 саат мурун
berdeleona 11 саат мурун
I hope this is better than the new charlies angels
Iloveyourtiddies69 Balzac
Iloveyourtiddies69 Balzac 11 саат мурун
I was watching all stars and I can’t believe how good Katie looks I always thought she was pretty but she looks even better with age it’s crazy!
Tari Huffaker
Tari Huffaker 12 саат мурун
Comedy is Star Trek...Best casting ever in a movie is the new trio of Kirk, Spock, and Bones. Chris Pines is a GREAT James T Kirk. But my fave character of the tv series is Data.
Tari Huffaker
Tari Huffaker 12 саат мурун
is he channeling the Captain from "Capitan and Tenille?"
Ro07ze 13 саат мурун
Dave Orton
Dave Orton 13 саат мурун
where can i see the whole video
ROMΛИ NUMEЯΛLZ 14 саат мурун
To set a wild thing free? 🐘 Very poor choice of words 🥴
kilroy987 14 саат мурун
Data could have cracked the columns at any time he was walking around. There was no reason to wait that long.
Alan Hero
Alan Hero 15 саат мурун
Kate Mulgrew is a goddess
Funkenstein 16 саат мурун
So Q is going to put Picard back on the Stargazer at some point. Got it.
Ghost Mummy
Ghost Mummy 17 саат мурун
Oi! Jake didn't get to talk...what the ......
Matty M
Matty M 18 саат мурун
aww look they've turned Janeway into a Disney Princess 😂
Van's Brigade
Van's Brigade 18 саат мурун
Dave is the definition of talented
Cookie Molly
Cookie Molly 18 саат мурун
Maybe it’s just me but she didn’t want to marry him Her first marriage won’t be same as second unless she learned nothing so is her excuse really legit?
Christy Hankins
Christy Hankins 21 саат мурун
I was excited to see that one of my favorite actors is in this, love Alex Skarsgard! But then I watch the trailer and see that you have that old, bitter, nasty, no talent, cackling hen that hates America in this too? 🤢🤮 I won't waste my time. No, I'm not referring to Amber Heard.
Jacob Conner
Jacob Conner 21 саат мурун
Does anyone else goose bumps watching this trailer?!
Jacob Conner
Jacob Conner 21 саат мурун
Imre Péli
Imre Péli 21 саат мурун
I would love to see Janeway in a live action series or movie as well, I am super curious of what happened to Voyager after she returned to earth, would they have been lying to Starfleet about being involved in time travel? Would they have to prove themselves as Discovery had(/will have) to? What happened to Seven and Chakotay? How would they be involved in the Dominion war?
Boyd Hansbro
Boyd Hansbro 21 саат мурун
I desperately want to enjoy Picard, but today's woke bullshit narrative just turns me away.... thanks Discover and Picard.... (Oh.. and the JJ verse alternate timeline BS, too)
Nicolae Breaban
Nicolae Breaban 22 саат мурун
Terry and Nana are still gorgeous, on top of being a spectacular example of human beings!
William Elder
William Elder 23 саат мурун
This is a very sweet story. Cl. But, I wondered why was she so amazed that she could accomplish thus. She’s rich, She’s famous Shes Cher!!! And secondly, when asked what she learned from this experience? She said she learned that she had “not seen everything’. Really!
Hellseeker 23 саат мурун
Didn't think it needed a remake so pass
kcoco 1701
kcoco 1701 23 саат мурун
yeah this show sucks. not Star Trek at all
Doug Zbikowski
Doug Zbikowski Күн мурун
They BETTER do this joke: Q shows up de-aged, looks at Picard, says “Oh, I forgot...humans age...”, then snaps his fingers and looks looks like he does now.
barbour29 Күн мурун
This next season of picard will be epic i cant wait to see it.they are bringing back some of the old cast members im glad that they are making this move.good interview will.
Informersinc Күн мурун
This is why they got whoopy in the show. She going to help Picard.
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson Күн мурун
let's hope they don't mess up the Japanese during the Ambojitsu match
Degamer422 Күн мурун
This I like some thing that highlights some thing that I always wanted from star trek animated series and that is more animals that are mentioned.I mean seriously with all the animals just mentioned in passing or all the things that Odo is associated with turning into.Nothing is made more perfect for an a Star Trek animated series then making animals.
Cher Live music and more
Cher Live music and more Күн мурун
Please post it on KGglobal for people who don’t have the channel
mirahsan2 Күн мурун
Why aren't the suits nano/pico tech?
Marasai Kai
Marasai Kai Күн мурун
eyy, its coming out on my birthday
Javier Lazaro Blas
Javier Lazaro Blas Күн мурун
They should put Back at the Barnyard (2007 - 2011) Barnyard the original party animals (2006) The SpongeBob SquarePants movie (2004) the SpongeBob Movie sponge Out of Water (2015) in Paramount Plus
Moma Ayala
Moma Ayala Күн мурун
What your favorite paramout in a nutchell
Mr. Yang
Mr. Yang Күн мурун
Season 3 had a bad ending
easy2120 Күн мурун
I met John at a Star Trek convention and he was extremely polite and friendly. Much respect and glad he’s going to be on Picard.
Michelle Mais
Michelle Mais Күн мурун
Greatest TV Show Theme Songs were: MI, H5O, Family Ties, The Jeffersons, One Day At A Time, Rockford Files, etc
Nikk-o K
Nikk-o K Күн мурун
Woke goes to space
MadDogHoek23 Күн мурун
Awesome to watch but turns out to be racist when brainwashed BLM supporting fools try to explain their side but don’t take into consideration that they choose to play the victim instead of lift the people above and beyond thinking everyone is against you and rise above. All people have something that others can be criticized about but you can’t play the victim. Becky needed more people on her corner.
Charles Quillen
Charles Quillen Күн мурун
I gots a feeling that the second season is gonna be remembered for a very very long time. Not only is Q returning, but Guinan as well. This is gonna be goood!
jbaz007 Күн мурун
Like who casts ezra miller? Let alone amber heard omg. I think it may have ruined the show for most people. Maybe the most annoying and the most unlikable two actors in the business.
kalletheowner Күн мурун
Was going to watch until i saw Amber Heard was in this. No thank you!
Dinkle Berg
Dinkle Berg Күн мурун
so that wasn’t my tv lagging, alright
Rockie_Road Күн мурун
I’ve got to get paramount plus now 💙💙
Patricia Eroz
Patricia Eroz Күн мурун
WE (💃🏽🕺😲) Are Looking VERY FWD To It . . .
ikawpipa Күн мурун
just bring a video inside a place where politicians meet and you have a reality-tv show of Twilight Zone.
David Ortiz
David Ortiz Күн мурун
Worst trek series ever
Lucas Tyler
Lucas Tyler Күн мурун
“ I don’t like standing if I can help it.” 😂
Venkata Sai Tarun Kasiraju
Venkata Sai Tarun Kasiraju Күн мурун
For some reason I find this rather disturbing and terrifying
tejo29se Күн мурун
I think the love you all have for each other transcended through the screen and that is why we as fans loved and still love watching your show <3 Sending you a lot of love from Denmark :)
AZOffRoadster Күн мурун
Rappelling is a blast, especially in a cave.
Douglas Schmidt
Douglas Schmidt Күн мурун
I hope they bring back Guinan. I wanna see a final standoff between Guinan and Q! They never told us much about her race. But Q was clearly annoyed and slightly scared of her and she certainly wasn’t afraid of him!