15 күн мурун
Imani Kamani
Imani Kamani 22 саат мурун
18:45 for me. he just slid across the floor 🤣
da goat
da goat 22 саат мурун
is it just me or does berleezy low key look like philza
Cayson Draughn
Cayson Draughn 22 саат мурун
Can we just take the time to enjoy the music the game is fire
bulletfastspeed 22 саат мурун
Damn Berlin, where's that "I'm immersed" energy at lmao
Maelah Jackson
Maelah Jackson 23 саат мурун
I think Berlin would be in Ravenclaw highkey
EstroxE 23 саат мурун
I'm already laughing at the beginning 😂😂
A N 23 саат мурун
michael puente
michael puente 23 саат мурун
Damn hope my check drops tomorrow so I got cash to get a collectable bru
ĘXĮTŁĮFĘ Numb 23 саат мурун
yoo berlin play blair Which bruuu
Tay Edits
Tay Edits 23 саат мурун
Haven’t finished watching it yet but I can FEEL Berlin’s anger building up 😂 (copping that figure when it drops too)
Lwazi Luvuyo
Lwazi Luvuyo 23 саат мурун
Collect all the glitches to see the other ending that connects this to the first game.
SpOnGeGAMING 23 саат мурун
My dude don’t know wtf is going on in the beginning of the vid
ItsDjango 23 саат мурун
*Please beat Mafia2 next*
kujinomics 23 саат мурун
Eugh peep the RDC mag cover behind the roach figure tho
伊长老Elder 23 саат мурун
Berlin so this is actually a prequel of the last game. The reason why all theses people look all messed up is because of the tv air waves from the signal tower are corrupting the citizens of the city And the reason why bag dad isn’t effected because bag dad is a special child he’s one of the type of children who get groomed to be like that giant geisha from the last game. And the thing that happened at the end of the game when bag dad turned into the thin man “A.K.A you” he gets trapped in there for years trying to form a plan. The thin man that was chasing you and trying to kill you You see the reason why he did that is because so he could end the cycle and yes there has been plenty of Time loops and plenty of bag dads and sixes. Btw the reason why I said this game is a prequel because while six is holding your hand to pick you up from the ledge she was actually stealing your powers and ever since she stole bag dads powers she got a stomach rumbling in the secret ending. that made her really hungry at times and that’s the reason she ate the geisha and the gnome because now she has an endless hunger.
T M 23 саат мурун
Makea dis up hahahha
Jay_fashoo 23 саат мурун
Berleezy could you do more Minecraft videos with hixen
Omari Saxby
Omari Saxby 23 саат мурун
Berleezy would never go EDP on us i feel secure here ❤️😩🙌🏾
Adelina’s Polaroid
Adelina’s Polaroid 23 саат мурун
I seen Coryxkenshin do this and I know the ending I think he’s gonna like it or flip out who knows 😂😂 love you Berlin
Celestial Panda
Celestial Panda 23 саат мурун
Awww it's cool how he's wearing Jasmine's merch!
Sincere Cartwright
Sincere Cartwright 23 саат мурун
Yo whos been a day one of berleezy since outlast 1 BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO everyone hit me with an eugh or im finna creep :)
Evelyn Mothibeli
Evelyn Mothibeli 23 саат мурун
The ending though😬
Bryson Carroll
Bryson Carroll 23 саат мурун
My theory is that everything is a time loop, bagdad has to defeat his older self then get left by six, after that the events of the first game start, and six eats the lady which is older six, and everything keeps looping.
G Wagon
G Wagon 23 саат мурун
I got me a Dashie one!
Rakim Jackson
Rakim Jackson 23 саат мурун
Cass da Ryda frfr!!!
Chaudai Green
Chaudai Green 23 саат мурун
OH MY GOD! I've been waiting for this! We all knew how passed tf off he would be! Shit i was heartbroken by this betrayal! Six just better break the dawn cycle! Mono is the second person that died! She let him fall purposely and the guy before got turned into a bugle and she ate him instead of the sausage he offered her greedy ass!
G Wagon
G Wagon 23 саат мурун
Gaming forever
Gaming forever 23 саат мурун
Did he stop playing Mafia2
TheMasterActive 8
TheMasterActive 8 23 саат мурун
Yo Berleezy my guy, since you a Harry Potter fan and all I'm expecting you to play that Hogwarts Legacy next year. You said whats that? Sum 🔥, look it up
Gaming forever
Gaming forever 23 саат мурун
Now play mafia 2 bruh
Trey Smith
Trey Smith 23 саат мурун
Just saw the thumbnail berlin looks just like his mom when he is confused just something I noticed
Abdurraheem Moore
Abdurraheem Moore 23 саат мурун
Yo what kinda headphones do berlin have
Larry Daughtry
Larry Daughtry 23 саат мурун
Bro dangenrompa 3 is out we need it !!!
Wrath 23 саат мурун
yung rula
yung rula 23 саат мурун
yo why i get a banyan ad while watching this lmao.
Bounty YB
Bounty YB 23 саат мурун
I LOVE YOU IBERLEEZY !,. love all the way fromKenya,.. you made my day with this funny jokes,. like... he got me walking on some cranberry hahahah,. what! ,.... another one,.
Itachiii Holmes
Itachiii Holmes 23 саат мурун
Six the new opp pack
Damai sparkman
Damai sparkman 23 саат мурун
You have to wacth the demo then part 1 then part 2 and you will be on the right track
Rakim Jackson
Rakim Jackson 23 саат мурун
This shit hard 🤣
Johan Mondragon
Johan Mondragon Күн мурун
Ay on that jazzyguns Merch gang gang
Kyra Күн мурун
When you watch the explanation video can you pleaseeeeee do a video of it
When my mom surprise dropped me off at my dad crib 22:55
Daes Күн мурун
21:03 the way he bounced off the wall
Transformed32 Күн мурун
Charleson Charles
Charleson Charles Күн мурун
When u get dropped by six u end up deep down slowly sitting there until u officially become the tall man trying to stop past you from going wit six. U try to stop ur past self (Baghdad you’re controlling) but your past self is stronger than you. It’s an endless cycle. When she held on to him she absorbed some of his powers, that’s why he’s never able to beat his past self when he’s grown
Kingkb2099 Күн мурун
When he said who got time to have a arm like that or who has a arm like that why did I instantly thought your rage
Delusional Reaper
Delusional Reaper Күн мурун
16:41 How accurate he was with that assumption wow 👏
20:58 she smacked the shit out of my nigga Baghdad 😂
Charleson Charles
Charleson Charles Күн мурун
Bruh wait till Berlin finds out tall man is actually Baghdad in the future
Anthony Snow-Young
Anthony Snow-Young Күн мурун
Either 6 knew Baghdad was Evil from when he kidnapped her or Baghdad been trying to save himself from 6 the entire time. Or Baghdad was trying to end the loop and 6 ruined it now he has to go chase his self again
Devo Күн мурун
Can’t wait the for the resident evil village videos
B RAT3D Күн мурун
That vinyl so fucking hard bro🔥🐐
Fynn the Fox
Fynn the Fox Күн мурун
Berleezy: **calls the bowler hat a top hat** Me: bruh.
Javons Account
Javons Account Күн мурун
Baggie dropped the bag like goku when he be taking hes shirt off (pause)
Angelina Genus
Angelina Genus Күн мурун
Is im the only person that dreams about my favorite KGglobalRS. And my favorite KGglobalrs upload that day because i just had a dream that berlin was hanging out with my brother and everytime i dream about him it showing me that he upload a video🤣
Bradd Күн мурун
When u found her she was playing with a jukebox
SalVerse Күн мурун
“On some scar shit” 😂😂💀
hermit_artemis Күн мурун
Yes to checking in on your homies
Isaiah Godwin
Isaiah Godwin Күн мурун
I waited for Berlin to finish the game, hadn’t seen the ending before. Honestly hurt my soul😭. RIP to the homie mono original personality
ThatGuyJy Күн мурун
Who else watched the ads all the way through 🥴
Jaja Queen
Jaja Queen Күн мурун
Took them long enough
Bloody Dior
Bloody Dior Күн мурун
So they ain’t realize in the new trailer the lady was the same one they saw in the little death clip with the rope ripping and here falling to her death ?Lmao
Chris Landers
Chris Landers Күн мурун
Juist uh saying it is 4 months into 2021 and we still waiting Berlin...
Mhammd_K Күн мурун
Bru play Yakuza kiwami
Christopher Boothe
Christopher Boothe Күн мурун
berlin you know damn well your toes dont look like that LMFAOO
Agnist Күн мурун
Even though i already know what the ending was, i wanted to see his reaction Lmao..also bagdad is Mono
littlepunkprince Күн мурун
Mono is forever trapped in the izanami Genjutsu
Chase Fields
Chase Fields Күн мурун
Please upload the next part to the rust reality show with pg and dontai they are so good please🔥
29:49 when little banyan got you bad tripping...
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神 Күн мурун
*Mama Mia Wabababababababah - Berluigi*
Polo Sosa
Polo Sosa Күн мурун
Mafia? 🥺
Sammi i
Sammi i Күн мурун
U know what bru ........ this was fire!!!!!!! yakuza kiwami
Ven %
Ven % Күн мурун
Okay, ion blame six for anything that went on here BUT I got a theory. ion know much about the game lore but what if it is a time loop and six is the mother lady from part one while banded is the slender man looking dude. But when six was kidnapped thin guy told her all about this and what was gonna happen and she didn't agree at first which is why he turned her into the monster in the boss fight. After she was turned back she knew what would happen if she disobeyed or w.e and said this would be for the best. And the whole thing is a constant repeat in time where no one gets anything out of it
Jayanti Jackson
Jayanti Jackson Күн мурун
1) there’s a secret ending and u have to see it!! 2) bro six didn’t know u were bad from the start. She’s just fake asf cause the loop had to start somewhere and it starts from Six for some damn reason betraying Mono and then Mono grows up to be the Tall Man and boom. Now there’s a loop of older mono trying to save his younger self from being betrayed by six but the end is inevitable. Poor Mono. All he did was help Six and she truly didn’t give a damn💀 it’s so sad that’s it’s kinda funny like wow she really just dropped the homie like he was trash.
Chad vanwormer
Chad vanwormer Күн мурун
I'm not sure if you'll ever see this berleezy but if you do I just wanna say thank you🙏 thank you for helping me through the lowest point in my life and showing me that life is still worth living no matter how hard it might be. The world wouldn't be the same without you❤
Deyvon Stirgus
Deyvon Stirgus Күн мурун
Bro thanks for posting, this night shift was getting boring.
Vincent Khan
Vincent Khan Күн мурун
Liked this video because of the first couple seconds into the video was funny. :)
SAGE ROSE _ Күн мурун
just got done watching his old walking dead series never cried like that before on season 4
Envy Күн мурун
Where’s Cory?