Taily 26 мүнөт мурун
I only noticed now but if all overwatch heroes were called to this battle was genji just running there 🤔😂
Elias Falke
Elias Falke 33 мүнөт мурун
The good old days, back when he had scatter arrow
su besing
su besing Саат мурун
Super suck game
su besing
su besing Саат мурун
Super suck game
su besing
su besing Саат мурун
Super suck game
su besing
su besing Саат мурун
Super suck game
su besing
su besing Саат мурун
Super suck game
Jan Baltes
Jan Baltes Саат мурун
Robot with Shell Shock decides to become a tree and vibe with a bird
Haze Haze
Haze Haze Саат мурун
i came from PEAR
Sunil Nair
Sunil Nair Саат мурун
Hum aise family se hai.. Jab ek. Sota hai... Dusra jagta hai... Jaag ke kya fayda.. Jab sona hai to... Woh bhi permanently... Ha ha ha... Kyu ji... BBC lole... Ghil Ghil pi le... Mere haath se marne se pehle sab ko batata hu... Uske gunah kya hai... Okay... Roflmao
mxeli Саат мурун
sigma male
endriusza 2 саат мурун
Sigma balls
Mo Atef
Mo Atef 2 саат мурун
5:57 Jesus, Zarya’s huge, the guys next to her barely came up to her shoulders! How big is she anyways?
Mo Atef
Mo Atef 2 саат мурун
Perfect way to introduce a character.
Mete Cebeci
Mete Cebeci 3 саат мурун
n o w w e d o a L i t t l e t r o l l I g
Blazing-Spider123 3 саат мурун
Let Orisa's sword be an Overwatch 2 talent!
Sachu • 6 years ago
Sachu • 6 years ago 3 саат мурун
Mission Failed, we'll get em' next time.
Alex Animation
Alex Animation 4 саат мурун
Reaper never got cookies......so did Lord Saladin
declan! 5 саат мурун
overwatch bad trollge good\
just some guy with no icon
just some guy with no icon 4 саат мурун
declan! 5 саат мурун
S T A N 5 саат мурун
Holy Jesus, I was not expecting that.
HARP SEAL 6 саат мурун
Honestly this should have got an award
cruzeal 6 саат мурун
You done
MiDeN 7 саат мурун
Repear saying cookies is hilarious and adorable to me lol
Pizza Box
Pizza Box 7 саат мурун
I like cookies 😋
Shady 7 саат мурун
Best origin story video BY FAR
Nicholas Monroe
Nicholas Monroe 8 саат мурун
istg i needa stop crying to this
Patrick Frost
Patrick Frost 8 саат мурун
I do not believe that Sigma has multiple personalities, nor does he have any form of psycosis. He is simply experiencing time differently than us. After the accident, he is imprisoned with little idea why. This results in him growing contempt against those who arrested him. However, when he takes his revenge, he is not in his present -- rather, he is taking revenge against the past versions of his enemies. This leads to him being apprehended, and eventually freed and recruited by Talon.
Sparxyz 9 саат мурун
Oil floats on water... 1. Cover yourself in oil 2. Wait for the universe to speak to you 3. Harness the harness 4. ??? August 19, 2020 "The man that defeated god" incident
Kevon Lopez
Kevon Lopez 9 саат мурун
Pro League players have the most fun with this game, I feel when I play the game is players boot into competitive but expect a quick play experience. Flawless logic.
Restore Defaults
Restore Defaults 9 саат мурун
Saitama was on that Moon.
Samuel Zhao
Samuel Zhao 9 саат мурун
Take a breather reminds me of an inhaler
fat balls
fat balls 10 саат мурун
Trollface could easily float in the sky with oil where this guy went insane trying to make a baby black hole
Lian Nartea
Lian Nartea 10 саат мурун
You're here because of oil meme?
just some guy with no icon
just some guy with no icon 4 саат мурун
Kade Dunlap
Kade Dunlap 10 саат мурун
I wish they showed play of the game
Edsamil Pomales
Edsamil Pomales 10 саат мурун
Sigh. I can't find it
Grant Parker
Grant Parker 11 саат мурун
POV: Blizzard makes one of their characters live through a blizzard
Eduard Senal
Eduard Senal 11 саат мурун
"This world is paradise, scenic and beautiful"
Eduard Senal
Eduard Senal 12 саат мурун
"Let me tell you a tale of two Dragons"
antonio vedenbul
antonio vedenbul 12 саат мурун
Kaplan skin is really nice :-D
antonio vedenbul
antonio vedenbul 12 саат мурун
this game makes sense only on private server.... sad
J. Busch
J. Busch 12 саат мурун
Oil Floats on Water 1) Wait for it to rain 2) cover yourself in oil 3) *you have harnessed the harness*
Another One
Another One 12 саат мурун
Space Wargamer
Space Wargamer 12 саат мурун
My respects.
Sanic Eepster
Sanic Eepster 12 саат мурун
Sigma is a villain confirmed.
Durge 12 саат мурун
I don’t think I’m gonna play overwatch ever now, because DVA CAN ONE SHOT EVERY DPS AND HEALER IN THE GAME, AND PUT SOME TANKS HALF HEALTH OR LESS
GLITCHIFIER 12 саат мурун
Please tell me this is a thing I can buy
André Oliveira
André Oliveira 12 саат мурун
1:31 Jonesy?
NoodleSnake Does Things
NoodleSnake Does Things 12 саат мурун
Meet The Demoman
DanFire Flare
DanFire Flare 13 саат мурун
_Covers myself in oil_ “Gravity is a harness,” _starts to rain_ “I have harnessed the harness”
NoodleSnake Does Things
NoodleSnake Does Things 13 саат мурун
Yo when did MVM get such good graphics?
Dabacabb 13 саат мурун
Imagine hearing this: "my ultimate is ready, prepare for duplication"
A B 13 саат мурун
Ah yes, 2015, back when comments made sense
terrangrunt 14 саат мурун
May 21, 2021 "Heaven Stairway" incident Ĥ̴̬͓͕͉͚̑̎͝͝͝͝ë̸̪̋̈́͛̍̓͜͝ ̷͓̮͇̜̝̲̇̐̾̂͋͐̈́̿̾i̸̫̝̅̎s̵̯̮̠̔͂̂ ̶̤͉̣͗̀̽̕ͅc̶͍̘̠̙̫̾õ̷̤̻͒̋̒m̴̛͇̅̇̊̃̅̀͐́̚į̷̘̟̝̠̱̣̣̦̈̔̄̒̏͝ň̵̢̛̥̞̐̀̄̈́͑͂͐̚ģ̷̱̜̫̙̐͒͗̓͗̈̀̕͝
Sad boi Cube
Sad boi Cube 14 саат мурун
ok troll face
Serena Yvonne Gabena
Serena Yvonne Gabena 15 саат мурун
Ultralagger R.E.V
Ultralagger R.E.V 15 саат мурун
We do a little trolling
Rick Mahnn
Rick Mahnn 15 саат мурун
Jeff Kaplan's LAST hero introduction
Lizard 15 саат мурун
We all know that Trollface did it way back in 2000...
帅脸熊猫 16 саат мурун
Alexander Senaviev
Alexander Senaviev 16 саат мурун
Yey Cookie
Hallaxfors Hallerfors
Hallaxfors Hallerfors 16 саат мурун
More like ligma am i right? No okay i'll see myself out
P C 16 саат мурун
Cover yourself in oil
bruh hhh
bruh hhh 17 саат мурун
who else is crying
kursed_kat 17 саат мурун
they never even continued this plot
Yusuf hussein
Yusuf hussein 18 саат мурун
That song at the end :D
Yusuf hussein
Yusuf hussein 18 саат мурун
0:51 When I saw reaper I was like "hol up"
Riel Jacob Bekemeyer
Riel Jacob Bekemeyer 18 саат мурун
I need help. I heard the word target has baguette from widow.
oxy 18 саат мурун
Raniel Dale
Raniel Dale 18 саат мурун
Easily the most interesting character in overwatch to me story wise, Overwatch two better have a great story to make up for the sheer lack of one they've given us
Raniel Dale
Raniel Dale 13 саат мурун
@DanFire Flare Oh dude totally! Like I wanna know so much more about sigma, what was his experiment? How is talon using him? What is he studying now? Does he know what he's doing when he snaps?
DanFire Flare
DanFire Flare 13 саат мурун
It feels like so many puzzle pieces are left shrouded, and I want to learn more.
Kolbae 18 саат мурун
Hanzo is a daddy
Azza fath elrahman
Azza fath elrahman 9 саат мурун
What? Yall are too wild lol.
Waitforme 18 саат мурун
stupid blizzard . %0.7 pick rate brigitte thx
Ozan-Gamer YouTube
Ozan-Gamer YouTube 19 саат мурун
i got one question, does 🇫🇷 NOT have the military power to outlast these mechs? I mean even fighter jets missiles would do.
Juji 19 саат мурун
oh hey why is is yasuo using a bow and arrow
Darkness 19 саат мурун
Genji is definitely my favorite character in Overwatch
Mungoo _
Mungoo _ 20 саат мурун
When your mom finally listens to what you have to say: 1:43
Ok 20 саат мурун
WIZE-XI 21 саат мурун
su besing
su besing 22 саат мурун
Super suck game
makeing a anime
makeing a anime 23 саат мурун
The reason for all the views is because of .yeah one more thing. Clips
》That Guy 《
》That Guy 《 23 саат мурун
I didnt ask for no horror game😬