Gabe Vlogs
Gabe Vlogs 13 саат мурун
I can’t wait for this movie!!
Sonny Vickery
Sonny Vickery 13 саат мурун
I'm super stoked for the eternals
peppler99 13 саат мурун
when you realize it already said that on google for a long time
The Lazer Brick Lego
The Lazer Brick Lego 13 саат мурун
I am excited for all of them ngl.
Cameo Belafonte
Cameo Belafonte 13 саат мурун
Monica rambo was the original captain marvel after Mar-vel. Then Carol Danvers, at that time Monica took on Spectrum then settled on Photon after Mar-vel’s son I believe took over the mantel after carol danvers. I do like the way they incorporated the two marvel women. Perfect set up because captain marvel the movie takes place in the early 90s when Rambo is just like 11. So you fast forward now, carol would be in her 40s and Rambo would be early/mid 30s. Marvels planning is so intricate. It’s like a puzzle piece.
mrK00lness 14 саат мурун
They got Tony Leung in here so this movie better be EPIC!
DineroBrycee 14 саат мурун
I would figure Tony would watch the news in there universe 😂
Kevin Krauss
Kevin Krauss 14 саат мурун
Let me start by say, I think Chadwick Boseman is awesome and he will be missed. I have watched all of his stuff and loved it all. I still think they should recast King T’Challa. There is so much more that this character can bring to the scene. He is an awe inspiring character. He brings people together which is what we all need.
Kitterll Singleton
Kitterll Singleton 14 саат мурун
Can’t wait to see this movie hope it’s a blast🤙🏽🤙🏽
Godbless Godson
Godbless Godson 14 саат мурун
My favorite super hero is captain america
Erica Seaberry
Erica Seaberry 14 саат мурун
I loved Chadwick so much and he will always have the honor of bringing T'Challa/ Black Panther to life for us. BUT I fell in love with the Black Panther long before Chadwick took on the mantle. I don't believe he would have wanted T'challa's story to end. Especially as T'Challa's story was a long one and included such an amazing plot line. But I will be there for Wakanda Forever. We love you Chawick! <3
Tech stories
Tech stories 14 саат мурун
waiting for these movie
Andrew Frey
Andrew Frey 14 саат мурун
Wow we're really sticking to source material for the looks in 4. I'm hyped
Rohit Jadhav
Rohit Jadhav 15 саат мурун
I can't wait to see my childhood
KatieArtist 94
KatieArtist 94 15 саат мурун
WAKANDA FOREVER is the PERFECT title!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Tim Olofsson
Tim Olofsson 15 саат мурун
hey i liket itt on the otter akunt
Jan Olofsson
Jan Olofsson 15 саат мурун
Isnt the black panter character dead??
Mr. Lazer
Mr. Lazer 15 саат мурун
Hi guys
Jan Olofsson
Jan Olofsson 15 саат мурун
I allready know kong the bla bla bla.
Charles Garland
Charles Garland 15 саат мурун
White wolf will come back.
Gary L Rohlman
Gary L Rohlman 15 саат мурун
Good work. Loving it!
Brett Golightly
Brett Golightly 16 саат мурун
Seems like with so many hundreds and thousands of lives he has touched playing this role as Black Panther and not to mention other roles he has played the same mannerisms, touching so many souls and lives in more ways than just his loss, this sequel with utmost respect for him in the highest accords for us all that ate greatly impacted by him!!!!! 💕
Ahnaf Fahid
Ahnaf Fahid 16 саат мурун
First vedio 😁
Nqobile Shongwe
Nqobile Shongwe 16 саат мурун
I'd love to see a scene in honour of the fallen hero🙏🏽
pain killer
pain killer 16 саат мурун
Cuz he got 75mil to snap a finger
Kriz Reyes
Kriz Reyes 16 саат мурун
I'm just here to check if there's a camera man and yep! there he is. 0:02 LOL
Dizzy Mapping
Dizzy Mapping 16 саат мурун
I bet you will cover Loki being in Wednesday haha
warpcrafter 16 саат мурун
But then they went back in time and brought them forward to use them themselves so they're not destroyed! Pay attention!! Gaaah!!!
DANEO2169_ 16 саат мурун
Watched TFAWS no THUNDERBOLTS or Ross Which kinda makes these videos B.S.🤔 Great job 👍🏼✌🏼
The Lazer Brick Lego
The Lazer Brick Lego 16 саат мурун
Same hear Warn.
Ashan McNealy
Ashan McNealy 16 саат мурун
Were they affected by the snap?
Carl Nyberg
Carl Nyberg 16 саат мурун
Since Wakanda does move quickly to a select a new Black Panther, it seems like T'challa disappearing in the Snap (Infinity War) should have led to Wakanda selecting a new Black Panther. But Wakanda likely was diminished by more than half b/c of the losses in the battle before the snap. So, this might have disrupted the normal process.
Luis Avila
Luis Avila 16 саат мурун
Can’t wait to see the future of the mcu and wandavision and Disney+
Luis Avila
Luis Avila 16 саат мурун
Great video like always, my favorite superhero is Spider-Man because he is very relatable as a teenager
Joshua Beñas
Joshua Beñas 16 саат мурун
ikaw ba director? dami mo alam ahh
Ethan 1.0
Ethan 1.0 16 саат мурун
Does anyone remember the time when we called endgame t ha one name that I forgot?
Boba Fett Fan 4 Life
Boba Fett Fan 4 Life 16 саат мурун
I'm so stoked for this movie and looking forward to seeing it!
Sherman Shecapio
Sherman Shecapio 17 саат мурун
Dr. Strange readily offers to give Thanos the Time Stone in exchange for Stark's life, without even being prompted, or coerced to do so. Why did Dr. Strange so willingly give up the Time Stone he very explicitly stated he had sworn to give his life to protect? Because Doctor Strange saw the futures.
Jonathan 17 саат мурун
Captain marvel is like super girl she lifted heavy objects twice the size of her she can defeat thanos
Sean Young
Sean Young 17 саат мурун
Man I never used to cry about stuff and then I got Covid in January and ever since then, I cry over EVERYTHING! I know this movie is gonna mess me up now.
kuran Krishan
kuran Krishan 18 саат мурун
I hope shuri takes on the black panther mantle Kraven could be a villain in this movie
華晨宇HuaChenYu PHILIPPINES 18 саат мурун
Recast !
bestcore 18 саат мурун
514_Akshita R Nair
514_Akshita R Nair 18 саат мурун
i'm glad that they are not recasting Boseman. We can never imagine anybody else as black panther.
Mr.stealyomoneey 7
Mr.stealyomoneey 7 18 саат мурун
Great news! On the deleted scene where the Avengers take a knee, we can see Gamora from the past walk away. Black widow might be dead, but at least we get Gamora back!
francis vaz
francis vaz 18 саат мурун
Hi everybody
Mik han
Mik han 18 саат мурун
Want2c Michael jai white and his wife play blackpanther and storm from the multiverse.....
lara 18 саат мурун
I don't want him to have a love interest. He is the love of his life lol. No, but honestly, I've always kinda imagined him as aromantic/asexual
Big Woo
Big Woo 18 саат мурун
If they are gonna kill off Black Panther it better be epic... Like it better take Dr. Doom and Namor to take him out or something.
Fredd Berdejo
Fredd Berdejo 19 саат мурун
I hope whatever happens to this movie , we all glad that Kevin Feige and the rest of Marvel did this Part 2 , despite that Chadwick is no longer with us anymore..
Shaleen Dass
Shaleen Dass 19 саат мурун
During the giveaway announcement, u said cosmic culture and not cosmic wonder.... lol!
matthew wendt
matthew wendt 19 саат мурун
Am I the only one that is cool with them recasting black panther? Boseman Is a phenomenal actor and his death was tragic but these are just movies. Everyone is gonna die and life still goes on.
Lala 19 саат мурун
Called it
Elizabeth Vargas
Elizabeth Vargas 19 саат мурун
MCU you are getting better and better every time. Both in the movies and the shows. Danny Vargas.
TheErick01 19 саат мурун
They were all flexing with their "other reunions"
Antonio Atienza III
Antonio Atienza III 19 саат мурун
Will there be a movie called Iron Man vs. The Mandarin as the main sequel to this movie? In my analysis, the plot can only take place in 2014, the time between Iron Man 3 and the existence of Vision and Ultron.
CG5thepcgamer 19 саат мурун
i wasn't here yesterday but may the 4th be with you
RcFoamFighters 19 саат мурун
Marr Tinn
Marr Tinn 19 саат мурун
We all can’t really wait for the trailer tho
Ali Playtube
Ali Playtube 19 саат мурун
I Love youre Videos
peli tube
peli tube 20 саат мурун
Scott Soriero
Scott Soriero 20 саат мурун
If Marvel keeps on its own warped version of political correctness, im out. Falcon and the Winter Soldier could have been great, but was ruined because of it.
Starbrand. 20 саат мурун
Vordt 20 саат мурун
Soon getting a "Wakanda Forever" tattoo.
worsetactic 20 саат мурун
I feel like kingo is going to be a johnny cage like character
D-Repa slp
D-Repa slp 20 саат мурун
To many stories for BP they should recast
Scarlet Spider
Scarlet Spider 20 саат мурун
it sucks Chad 'Wick died alot, he died of cancer in a time where my dad was struggling cancer as well, it was hard to lose a hero in that time,
Alex McKinley
Alex McKinley 20 саат мурун
Renaming captain marvel 2 the marvels just further indicates to me that those Brie Larson Rumors are true
lain iwakura
lain iwakura 20 саат мурун
Tobey McGuire Spidey better do the dance from Spider-Man 3. And does this mean the best Spider-Man movie will on Disney+? And I do mean Into the Spider-Verse.
D-Repa slp
D-Repa slp 21 саат мурун
Dylan Brouwer
Dylan Brouwer 21 саат мурун
Imagine a reveal trailer where we see Iron Patriot fly into the screen, shot from behind as the helmet goes off and it's the back of Norman's head, cut to black.
Sam Bagnall
Sam Bagnall 21 саат мурун
He didn’t get a call. He got an email.
Sangeeth 21 саат мурун
I lke how he said Very few like there is a lot more to come
Richard Collins
Richard Collins 21 саат мурун
That's some BS!!! How do you know that Makari doesn't "Identify" as a Male? Don't "ASSUME" ANYTHING HOMOPHOBE...
L-JEY 21 саат мурун
So when do the Spiderman movies come to Disney+ ?
Abdulmalek AlSharif
Abdulmalek AlSharif 21 саат мурун
I really want that stormbreaker. If I win that would be amazing
Perry S
Perry S 21 саат мурун
Was surprised about the fantastic four
Ana Almaden
Ana Almaden 21 саат мурун
Rest in power our king
Shivshankar Bhoi
Shivshankar Bhoi 21 саат мурун
Wakanda Forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️