Banter Blitz with Liem Quang Le
Magnus Carlsen ranks Hou Yifan
Magnus Carlsen ranks Judit Polgar
Magnus Carlsen ranks Vishy Anand
Banter Blitz with Wesley So
10 саат мурун
Magnus Carlsen ranks Vladimir Kramnik
Banter Blitz with Aryan Tari
Banter Blitz with Jorden van Foreest
Ashutosh Dwivedi
Ashutosh Dwivedi 2 саат мурун
For me 10 10 9 9
Ashutosh Dwivedi
Ashutosh Dwivedi 2 саат мурун
Peter Friedl
Peter Friedl 2 саат мурун
except for the insanity his ranking of Fisher is ridiculous. One might ask what his motivation for this "joke" has been.
Igor Bednarski
Igor Bednarski 2 саат мурун
Hou Yifan reached the top 100 even though she isn't even a full time player, she became a professor at 26 , I mean that's just crazy. If she committed 100% to chess I bet she would be strong enough at least for the top 10 if not for the WC title.
Corteum9000 3 саат мурун
If the population of India was say only a million people, then his influence may not have been so great.
asdfasd 3 саат мурун
"Of course I'm a genius chat, I think I'm going to give myself a 9.5 to be fair."
Lema 3 саат мурун
I really want to know what the inside of his brain looks like when he's recalling past chess games. Someone should hook his brain up to view the activity!
int0therain 3 саат мурун
01:21 lol
ewallt 4 саат мурун
I thought he was low on genius and influence, both 10’s, and ok on the others. He talked about openings, but Carlsen’s influence is that he impacted how every top player plays, and many other strong players. His pragmatism, universalism, will to win, to grind, all these have had a profound impact.
Cristian Mandrille
Cristian Mandrille 4 саат мурун
Only he can put Magnus Carlsen an 8 in Genius 😛
Cristian Mandrille
Cristian Mandrille 4 саат мурун
I love this videos!!
Mehul Vermac
Mehul Vermac 4 саат мурун
I also have photographic memory, but damn.
Corteum9000 4 саат мурун
1:35 Here the world champion has no qualms adjusting his kajones in real-time as he speaks modestly about his influence.
grouchfan 4 саат мурун
Vishy is a really great and inspiring guy, totally agree with the score, especially 10 for sanity.
SC 4 саат мурун
He is incredible!
John Baker
John Baker 4 саат мурун
Fisher a 7 for genius...what? Magnus might be good at chess but he’s doodoo in any level of self awareness. I’d give Magnus a 2 for his ability to rank other chess players
jean menard
jean menard 4 саат мурун
John Baker : Carlsen knows that Fischer is the greatest player of all time ! He is jalous, that's all ! He plays so bad and he is losing so many games ! He should avoid ranking other players ! He would have been crushed by Fischer ! Anyway, Fischer is considered the greatest player of all time ! The fact that Magnus likes it or not wont change this ! Poor Magnus !
Nhật Quang Trần
Nhật Quang Trần 4 саат мурун
I love le quang liem
pukulu 4 саат мурун
Only a 7 for sanity? I always felt that he was a bit too intense and competitive for his own good but I still would have given him an 8.
Ev an
Ev an 4 саат мурун
**Magnus ranks Hikaru Nakamura** Genius: Decent Entertaining: Bongcloud Influence: KGglobal/Twitch Sanity: Decent
Rene Delanuez
Rene Delanuez 4 саат мурун
A 7? He is giving her the same like Fisher? No way man. Edit: in genius I mean
Duy Tran DLe
Duy Tran DLe 5 саат мурун
anh này chắc là cao thủ cờ vua
Corteum9000 5 саат мурун
Here's Stockfish 13's ranking: -Genius 20/10 (I'd be surprised if Carlsen could even draw against it out of 100 games) -Entertainment 19/10 (pit Stockfish against Play Magnus Age 29 and it's pretty damn entertaining i'd say!) -Influence 15/10 (because top players use Stockfish to analyze and prepare) -Sanity 0/10 (because it literally plays the most insane chess you'll ever see)
Jack Schwarzman
Jack Schwarzman 5 саат мурун
Polgar rated the same in terms of Genius as Fischer LOL, nice one magnus
FreedInsanity 5 саат мурун
Magnus is probably the only player I'd say is more naturally gifted than Kasparov. He's an 11 in terms of genius.
gg1275 6 саат мурун
Great series, genius, entertaining, influential and insane! I give you a straight 10
Vive Viveka
Vive Viveka 6 саат мурун
Sound quality for Ian could be improved.
Big Ben
Big Ben 6 саат мурун
Why is “sanity” even relevant?
J Olson
J Olson 6 саат мурун
Vishy is two points higher in chess genius than Fischer. LOL!!
PaganBeef 6 саат мурун
You can easily make a case for 10 on each of these - entertaining gets a solid 10
Hance Ibanez
Hance Ibanez 6 саат мурун
No doubt, a world champion he is!
Bell D. S
Bell D. S 6 саат мурун
I would rate him 10, 10, 8, 9 lol. And 9 as a top score for “sanity” because no real competitor is truly sane.
Alex Little
Alex Little 7 саат мурун
8 is too low
jaydee514 7 саат мурун
unreal. i can barely remember what I hate yesterday.
Dufasaur joe
Dufasaur joe 7 саат мурун
We have to face the facts that strong players have to play so much according to computer analysis in the openings. Magnus I believe just wants sound playable positions where hopefully he is able to outplay his opponent. He doesn't want a lot of forced computer lines where you could lose to a ten year old with a good memory. I think Magnus plays a bit like Karpov and doesn't play too risky. It is harder to play like Tal today and be successful with all the computer analysis and also that the best are really able to defend well.
Michael H
Michael H 7 саат мурун
Wow, he was crushing everyone until the last game (except for the unfortunate mouse slip game). But I understand the last opponent losing on time - he was trying to find a win in a winning position. Very difficult to do so against these 3100+ players.
Ahilan Palarajah
Ahilan Palarajah 7 саат мурун
I can't tell if it's his opinion or my opinion of his opinions. What what if he were to rate himself?
Michael Pawlowski
Michael Pawlowski 4 саат мурун
He did
aaron aragon
aaron aragon 7 саат мурун
Bobby: 26k views. Kasparov: 9k views. Fischer still provokes reaction...🐱🐺🐶🦁🐯🐅
pukulu 8 саат мурун
Hou Yifan had a very colorless personality when she first hit the international chess scene when she was around 13 years old. Now her personality is warm, courteous and congenial. I agree that if you're going to give anyone a "10" on the sanity scale, she would be one of those to receive it.
Billy Amurao
Billy Amurao 8 саат мурун
I cant even remember whats the next move after bXc4 on Queens Gambit Accepted.
Robert Beuck
Robert Beuck 8 саат мурун
Only the late great Robert James Fischer could even come close to this... In my humble opinion of course
Robert Beuck
Robert Beuck 8 саат мурун
It has been said and,not refuted mind you, that Magnus has in his active knowledge something like 10 million games
xander rex
xander rex 9 саат мурун
3:53 lmaoooo
Corteum9000 9 саат мурун
Why is "sanity" a criteria in this ranking? This ranking should be about chess ability, not psychological health. Wtf
Akash Bhat
Akash Bhat 4 саат мурун
@Corteum9000 I agree!
Corteum9000 9 саат мурун
@Akash Bhat Well that's just perpetuating myths and it's stupid. These guys need to pull their head out and focus on chess instead of trying to manipulate peoeples perceptions about chess players mental health. Ridiculous.
Akash Bhat
Akash Bhat 9 саат мурун
@Corteum9000 I don't think the intention was to judge them as players but to inspect upon the cliché that most chess players aren't "normal" socially.
Corteum9000 9 саат мурун
According to some of the best computers, Capablanca and Fischer are right up in the stratosphere.
Karl Johan Haarberg
Karl Johan Haarberg 2 саат мурун
Not true. Carlsen is by far the best according to ML algorithms on accuracy. Based on the same measure (encompassing all other methods), Fischer is far behind e.g.Carlsen, Kasparov, Capablanca, and Morphy.
Corteum9000 9 саат мурун
These are some very interesting subjective rankings. Would be interesting to see where Stockfish ranks everyone.
Karl Johan Haarberg
Karl Johan Haarberg 3 саат мурун
Several AI milieus have examined the accuracy of chess players, and Magnus has been proven to be the most accurate of all chess players. These AI investigations encompass all other approaches, including the futile discussions on ELO inflation, dominance over players at one's peak, ELO distance to top 10 contenders, etc.
Guillaume Lagueyte
Guillaume Lagueyte 4 саат мурун
Some people have analyzed the games of even pre-computer era player but there is no definitive answer. Interestingly enough there are many modern players, which makes sense considering how much the openings have been optimized recently thanks to computers, but apparently Capablanca was incredibly accurate. Of course the thing is that this doesn't account for the play styles, e.g. for a player like Tal, the key wasn't only the accuracy but also the aggressive and sacrificial combinations he played. Interesting stuff in any case.
Lucky Apple
Lucky Apple 9 саат мурун
I've met Carlsen personally in Sandnes. He's very humble and easy guy. Not poor at all.
TonyTiger6521 9 саат мурун
4:15 Why didn't he play c4
Lucas Kowalski
Lucas Kowalski 9 саат мурун
Magnus is humble here It should have been= Genius 9 Entertainment 10 ( because he really is entertaining ) Influence 9 ( he had this big online chess tournaments in corona times ) Sanity 9
Pavel 9 саат мурун
I just love the smell of a fisherfans butthurt . Americans are going crazy. Why our player is not so genius after all - they ask themselves. But the answer is simple - fisher was a great player, but stop praising him as a god. He was no god. Just a very stubborn man with a lowsanity profile. Good at chess, bad personality. Just like you but good at chess
Dalton Huntley
Dalton Huntley 10 саат мурун
Magnus is such a strange combination of both humble and arrogant all rolled into one. It’s amazing to think about how much he has done singlehandedly to grow the popularity of chess.
Elaniago 10 саат мурун
Greatest champ ever.
Captain Charisma
Captain Charisma 10 саат мурун
Raccoons don't lay eggs
Orion 99
Orion 99 10 саат мурун
I dont want to give myself this questionnaire 😄
Elaniago 10 саат мурун
Magnus is perfect in these scores as well, class act.
Elaniago 5 саат мурун
@3 unem Maybe he would have if he had continued playing. He did not.
3 unem
3 unem 5 саат мурун
Not really. Bobby has a perfect 10 in terms of genius and 10 on influence
Vive Viveka
Vive Viveka 9 саат мурун
@Lucas Kowalski ...consistently, in everything I've seen him answer or put his mind to.
Lucas Kowalski
Lucas Kowalski 9 саат мурун
@Vive Viveka he is always honest
Vive Viveka
Vive Viveka 10 саат мурун
And unusually honest.
Vincent Ouwendijk
Vincent Ouwendijk 10 саат мурун Qd1+ and Qxa4 would have won the rook
Zena Nakazato
Zena Nakazato 10 саат мурун
Chili challenge is the best
ChaBoiNeil 10 саат мурун
I rate myself a -M2.
Tafsheer Uddin Rafi
Tafsheer Uddin Rafi 10 саат мурун
my favourite banter is Liem Quang Le.
Hakim Walker
Hakim Walker 10 саат мурун
God I wanna see a Carlsen-Fischer match so badly.
John Baker
John Baker 4 саат мурун
Nobody’s beating Fischer at his prime, as short lived as it was
Ricardo Lui
Ricardo Lui 10 саат мурун
0:47 It’s the delivery Magnus. We love the delivery
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 10 саат мурун
Dropbox pays Magnus $9.99 per month for archival services.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 11 саат мурун
Elephants make jokes about how Magnus never forgets.
k n
k n 11 саат мурун
Fischer was insane because he spoke his mind. Only an insane man would do that.
runittwice 11 саат мурун
Assessments wording is just priceless. Just as simple as Tal.
Isaac Baez Sanchez
Isaac Baez Sanchez 11 саат мурун
What does the sanity category mean?
Isaac Baez Sanchez
Isaac Baez Sanchez 8 саат мурун
@orlock20 what
orlock20 8 саат мурун
There is a hard to find article listing the fates of the former world champions and only a couple came out OK.
s0undf0rm 11 саат мурун
you know you are the best when 1.they ask you to rate the others 2.people commenting are randomly putting names of good players, that somehow did not manage to qualify for the candidates or lost their wcc match 3. just staying on top of elo for so many years who do I talk about of those two amazing players and massive egos... :>
Godward Podcast
Godward Podcast 11 саат мурун
Such a dude. Love him.
Carson Zhang
Carson Zhang 11 саат мурун
why do they have the "sanity" category lol
Jake Moody
Jake Moody 6 саат мурун
Because chess greats are notoriously finicky. Not clinically insane but some fit the "mad genius" stereotype.
Fred Nimzowi
Fred Nimzowi 11 саат мурун
Not to rate himself above 8 in the first 3 categories is insane. So he get only the 1 point of presence from me in the last one! :-)
macleadg 11 саат мурун
He gave Fischer a 7 for genius. He also gave Judit Polgar a 7 for genius. Fischer became World Champion after a winning streak of 20 against the world’s top GMs. Polgar - excellent player, wonderful person - was never World Champion. Who here agrees that Polgar and Bobby Fischer should have the same “genius” score?
jean menard
jean menard 4 саат мурун
macleadg : Carlsen knows that Fischer is the greatest player of all time ! He is jalous, that's all ! He plays so bad and he is losing so many games ! He should avoid ranking other players ! He would have been crushed by Fischer ! Anyway, Fischer is considered the greatest player of all time ! The fact that Magnus likes it or not wont change this ! Poor Magnus !
Wielki Tarpan
Wielki Tarpan 11 саат мурун
to everyone who's confused by the 'low" sanity rating: go read about how kasparov was (and frankly still is) often toxic and argued about literally everything, in comparison to guys like anand or kramnik there's no way you can give him anything higher than a 7
stanley time
stanley time 3 саат мурун
@Yousef Sobhani or Karpov-Unzicker 1974
Yousef Sobhani
Yousef Sobhani 3 саат мурун
@G. H. G. It can work that way. A lack of mistakes does not mean a lack of inaccuracies. An example of a brilliant game would be the applause game (game 6?) from the Spassky-Fischer match where Fischer had paralysed all of Spassky's pieces. Another brilliant game (imo) is Kasparov's game vs Topalov which required a ridiculous amount of intuition and calculation. Yes, Topalov could have played better by not accepting the sacrifice but he chose to go down the critical line and was outplayed. Of course brilliant games require inaccuracies but in the aforementioned game between Radjabov and Kasparov both of the players didn't play completely accurately and the only reason it was dubbed "brilliant" was because it was so shocking that Kasparov lost with the white pieces.
G. H. G.
G. H. G. 3 саат мурун
@Yousef SobhaniBeauty prize should go to a beautiful game. Without mistakes, all games would be drawn. So it cannot really work that way
Yousef Sobhani
Yousef Sobhani 7 саат мурун
@eagle6122 I do agree with Kasparov. That game against Teimour didn't deserve a "brilliancy" prize as the sacrifice by Radjabov was a mistake and if Kasparov had refuted it correctly, Radjabov would have lost. A brilliancy prize should be awarded to a game which feature solid ideas and no major mistakes. Though I do agree Kasparov deserves a 7 in sanity. He's very short-tempered.
eagle6122 10 саат мурун
"The prize for most beautiful game was announced with Teimour Radjabov the winner for his win over Garry Kasparov in round two. Kasparov stunned the crowd by immediately rising and walking to the stage and speaking into the microphone: "How could you give the beauty prize to a game in which I lost a piece because of a stupid mistake? It has been selected only because it was the only game that I lost and I consider this to be a public insult and humiliation." Imo Kasparov probably more of a 6 then 7
Top Kek
Top Kek 11 саат мурун
Meh 2650 rating... Polgar or any super GM >>>>>>>>>>
Evzal Xheladini
Evzal Xheladini 11 саат мурун
Someone tell her to change her career!
Chris Mann
Chris Mann 11 саат мурун
I wonder what Hikaru whould rank himself................
Animesh Kumar
Animesh Kumar 7 саат мурун
10 I believe ...he has declared himself a Chess GOAT,GOD recently
Ramil Khalil
Ramil Khalil 11 саат мурун
What means "sanity" ?
Wielki Tarpan
Wielki Tarpan 11 саат мурун
probably if the player wasn't too toxic and scumbaggy