yerxy 19 саат мурун
Those kids are going to be massive
VVoOꟻF 19 саат мурун
Brian competed in his own contest? That's kinda weird to me.
g-squared 19 саат мурун
Someone gave me one to try and it was not only horrible to the taste but it makes you feel completely sick for about 5 minutes. I like hot stuff, but this is just dumb.
You’re totally right But
You’re totally right But 20 саат мурун
Cutting the end off doesn’t just take the weight off...it will make it feel lighter because of the shorter distance to the fulcrum.
Jose Daniel Gemy Vargas
Jose Daniel Gemy Vargas 21 саат мурун
meanwhile mcgregor training wrestling against a 65kg young man hahahahaha McGregor out, your end is near
Shaun Gosling
Shaun Gosling 21 саат мурун
Wow big man u eaten like the weight of new born baby
Shaun Gosling
Shaun Gosling 21 саат мурун
Brian you r a big soft strong giant respect big man
john wayne
john wayne 21 саат мурун
my package is stronger than him...just saying
B 030
B 030 21 саат мурун
Song from 9.10 ????
Lee 88
Lee 88 21 саат мурун
Landon Evans
Landon Evans 21 саат мурун
Bro I can barely squat 3 plats and these guys are just pressing it like it’s nothing
Slow Joe
Slow Joe 21 саат мурун
Brian: Wanna see a trick? Us: Ohkei Brian: Pizza Slice in one bite ..............................................
Thunder_Lax 22 саат мурун
how many times does she workout per day? and how much time?
Slow Joe
Slow Joe 22 саат мурун
I struggle to believe that the other guy only ate 2000 calories a day and maintained that much muscle....?
shahrukh hasib
shahrukh hasib 22 саат мурун
when Dustin is referred to as just a UFC fighter.
A. Tayfur K.tığlı
A. Tayfur K.tığlı 23 саат мурун
Please write the kilos you lift
mr mint master
mr mint master 23 саат мурун
11:48 omg
getout you eccentric and unknowledged critic Nazi
getout you eccentric and unknowledged critic Nazi 23 саат мурун
Lars Andreas Lowum
Lars Andreas Lowum Күн мурун
The work this man does is legendary
blitzkrieg459 Күн мурун
Brian looks like a father playing with his son.
lovre brajkovic
lovre brajkovic Күн мурун
Brian just casually chilling in a t-shirt and shorts in the snow hahah
Scorn of the moon
Scorn of the moon Күн мурун
I'm over here trying to have a calorie deficit. Eating around 1500 a day. Brian shaw somewhere. That's a weird looking snack.
Jarmo Jauhiainen
Jarmo Jauhiainen Күн мурун
that sleeperhold did not even come clse to reaching around Brians neck lol so there is no way he could have made him sleep
Ann Otten
Ann Otten Күн мурун
At some point I could see Brian walking right through the roll up door with those weights on his shoulders 😂
Jarmo Jauhiainen
Jarmo Jauhiainen Күн мурун
shaw was toying with him lol
Jarmo Jauhiainen
Jarmo Jauhiainen Күн мурун
imagine Shaw pulling on his head when he had his arm areound his neck the neck would have cracked
Jack Of All
Jack Of All Күн мурун
Bloody awesome
Ann Otten
Ann Otten Күн мурун
I laughed way to hard at Brian kicking this guy. I wonder what would have happened if he would have kicked him with full power. Brain should go into coaching after his competitive career in strongman is over. He is just such a people person and as have many people already committed we are greatful that he has a gentle heart
Duy Ngo
Duy Ngo Күн мурун
You should have Matt Stonie with you when you do these challenges !! XDD That would be a sight to see!!
Tú Lê
Tú Lê Күн мурун
Strong men
Mellorifick Күн мурун
Bro, mans using creos songs less goo
Hidxmatador Күн мурун
Hey Brian would you ever consider donating gym equipment to people like me who can’t afford it
Ye et
Ye et Күн мурун
bruh if u put me on side control Imma tap
John O'neill
John O'neill Күн мурун
RIP to the porcelain god...
Makepunjab greatagain
Makepunjab greatagain Күн мурун
in punjab in history of strong men had round wieghts they were called modkar
Cole Larsen
Cole Larsen Күн мурун
This is comedy gold I love how competitive these guys are over everything 😂
Colt Worley
Colt Worley Күн мурун
Dustin and Brian = Guy and Haggar from Final Fight [SNES]
David Hlavaty
David Hlavaty Күн мурун
If only tool you have is hammer, every problem looks like a nail :) Greg has good and bad points as every mortal :).
Cole Larsen
Cole Larsen Күн мурун
Alright guys we just finished up, uh.... mens health, aka giants throwing medicine balls at eachother
Tom Gibson
Tom Gibson Күн мурун
Guys putting up numbers I’ll never hit in my life doing slow reps while casually eating a box of pizza too...honestly I love it
Cole Larsen
Cole Larsen Күн мурун
Brian took that 20lb to the face like nothing. That would of knocked 99% out cold.
Clayton Beilfuss
Clayton Beilfuss Күн мурун
You should do a food challange video doing the eggselent challange
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira Күн мурун
This is the definition of how to properly respond to critique video. Do some research on the person, present your argument, and move on..this is how you avoid bs youtube drama. Good stuff sir. Keep up the great work and good luck on your next competition
Erium Күн мурун
You are the coolest
rriley57 Күн мурун
Way too much food to eat at one sitting....not realistic
Earl Powell
Earl Powell Күн мурун
Paul Anderson? Mind blown. I'm 62 and he was old school, gawd. gotta find that history channel show
Chuck Mogavero
Chuck Mogavero Күн мурун
Awesome workout Brian! They're going to have their hands full of Shaw this year!
phychmasher Күн мурун
Brian Shaw is an absolute treasure. I dare anybody to spend 10 minutes with him and tell me otherwise.
Sanjay Sami
Sanjay Sami Күн мурун
This man could be one of the nicest people on KGglobal
piziskewl Күн мурун
Shaw - "the lightest is 180lbs." Me - "My adjustable dumbbells go up to 50lb each."
Gato Thug life
Gato Thug life Күн мурун
Imagine if a guy as big as that could actually fight, that would be damn scary
Travis Alder
Travis Alder Күн мурун
You’re looking good for this year! Bring number 5 home brother 🇺🇸💪🏻
Fielding James
Fielding James Күн мурун
Brian your a great guy :)
reelnative01 Күн мурун
Two cool guys but were is Eddie
Granit Mike
Granit Mike Күн мурун
This video was actually quite hilarious
Alex Bezet
Alex Bezet Күн мурун
Love his shirt
xXM60E4Xx Күн мурун
That night, Brian Shaw did not have sex
Friendly Old Bum
Friendly Old Bum Күн мурун
I could hear your shoes crying in pain while you were walking 😂
Sonny Delight
Sonny Delight Күн мурун
You will win 2021 strongman!
cquick 3
cquick 3 Күн мурун
Jesus Saves Love God ✝️
maxinell 23
maxinell 23 Күн мурун
If we ignore Brian's DEXA stats, we also have to discount Keri's awesome DEXA scores. Not saying the accuracy is on point, but with any weight loss journey we know that there will be muscle mass loss, especially with Brian's great body fat percentage to begin with. I hope you gain more lean muscle mass Brian, rooting for your 5th title this year!
SrNavi155 Күн мурун
This is so manly I grew a beard while watching
crunchy bacon
crunchy bacon Күн мурун
Here a year later
Dan Nguyen
Dan Nguyen Күн мурун
What would I do with those dumbell? I can't bench the lightest one. I can't squat the lightest one lol
cole hampton
cole hampton Күн мурун
2 events confirmed for worlds, fingals fingers and circus barbell press
Ryan Delgado
Ryan Delgado Күн мурун
9:07 Brian looks like the freaking hulk 🤯
unban this
unban this Күн мурун
6 prunes and 8 eggs, holy fibre
John Күн мурун
Eddie does't think himself as fat, he thinks it's all muscle.
M Q Күн мурун
Its not hot...as in heat...it a chemical defense evolved over millions of years to FUK predators up. Its burning your insides out. Funny for a sec...but stupid
Louis Hoey
Louis Hoey Күн мурун
great video Brian keep it up brother. it's easy to go out there and ge great when u are 💪🏽👍🏼.
NickCasciani Күн мурун
This was awesome to watch! 👍
Brian Swanson
Brian Swanson Күн мурун
I can only dream of lifting those new weights. My best press is 110 lbs.
Horacio Zimmer
Horacio Zimmer Күн мурун
Bryan: "came from the UK" Me: "I bet Eddie is inside that box"
Jacob Fritz
Jacob Fritz Күн мурун
To be fair Robert, I'm 13
Nether Dominater
Nether Dominater Күн мурун
May god have mercy on any poor soul that makes this man genuinely angry, they'd become meal #5 that day
4Mypeople Күн мурун
Has that dumbell ever bounced back up and hit you in the Nads Brian? That would suck
Steven Bowen
Steven Bowen Күн мурун
Paddy Mcdoogle
Paddy Mcdoogle Күн мурун
*GIRL PORTIONS for those GAINS Brian!*
Twerk team
Twerk team Күн мурун
Khabib got everybody training with bears
Gonnadiefirst Yt
Gonnadiefirst Yt Күн мурун
Gotta love the dog bark from the worlds strongest man sorry for calling you out just sounds like a dog bark
Drew Johnson
Drew Johnson Күн мурун
Let’s go baby!