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twenty one pilots: Pet Cheetah VR
twenty one pilots - arizona
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nieMY 23 саат мурун
what happened to the twenty-one pilots logo, it doesn't happen D:
djdns dedadildo
djdns dedadildo 23 саат мурун
I think all the drama mini movie put's at the mini movie this music
Layne Maya
Layne Maya 23 саат мурун
When I gay~ Home
tyler's adamsapple
tyler's adamsapple 23 саат мурун
the intro gives me life
Karyawan Garuda
Karyawan Garuda 23 саат мурун
Amazing voice 😍 from indonesia .. Proud off you brother 😎
Гордеева Анна
Гордеева Анна 23 саат мурун
Cool! With love from Ukraine
hell evetor!
hell evetor! 23 саат мурун
لو عايز تفتح نت من أى شبكة واى فاى قريبة منك ومش معاك الباسورد ! ركز معايا ^ هتفتح جوجل وتكتب فى البحث mbc7 هتدخل اول موقع فقط تحط اسم الشبكة هيظهرلك الباسورد
Joshua Panuco
Joshua Panuco 23 саат мурун
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 23 саат мурун
Why everybody in comments is trying to prove others legend
Soham Biswas
Soham Biswas 23 саат мурун
2:49 ned😍❤️
imCOOLthe3RD 23 саат мурун
299 thousand comments lol
Gizem Sayir
Gizem Sayir 23 саат мурун
Geri Abigail
Geri Abigail 23 саат мурун
Cade Ridley
Cade Ridley 23 саат мурун
So if both the dog and bobble head were both real living creatures... what about the dragon
Gabriela Guerrero
Gabriela Guerrero Күн мурун
Mehari Gotsadik
Mehari Gotsadik Күн мурун
Mduduzi David
Mduduzi David Күн мурун
Love these guys 21 pilots in my my playlist for life thank you for the great music guys
איילת כספי
איילת כספי Күн мурун
אני כבשה
Janko Leovic
Janko Leovic Күн мурун
Ioknow why people dont like the song🤷🏿‍♂️.....
sean pascua
sean pascua Күн мурун
Simple detail I noticed: Notice how he focus on the dragon? Well, if you watched the whole video of their song "Shy Away" sometimes you can see a dragon in the background
High Azakite
High Azakite Күн мурун
Thank you for the song, This will help my mental health and life better!
CatGuevara Күн мурун
Where are the old twenty one pilots
jess ica
jess ica Күн мурун
SG Skills
SG Skills Күн мурун
I was born a choker.
Liam Kurniawan
Liam Kurniawan Күн мурун
Solène ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Solène ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Күн мурун
Nobody notices the paper on the window "You are Loved" ? It makes me smile 😳
Ariana- Күн мурун
I'm a goner
James Moynihan
James Moynihan Күн мурун
Their older music had a more rocky sound to it which I much preferred
клещ клещевой
клещ клещевой Күн мурун
Best forever
Vrosace Күн мурун
Still obsessed
iczorro the guy
iczorro the guy Күн мурун
So this is depression speaking. "I'm not worth it, and no one cares" Felt it. Feeling it. Nicely done
Harley Rose
Harley Rose Күн мурун
I absolutely love how Josh is just playing the drums, and the scenery of the music video. But I appreciated the message the song is sending. It's sad to feel lonely, and to feel like you have to steal something in order to find yourself, no matter what it is. And in the darkest times throughout these moments, you can lose yourself, and that it's going to be hard. But when you're caught in your darkest moments, and you're left alone, there's always hope. The sun is behind you, you just need to get through the storm. I love it. Everyone that has been torn down, will appreciate those words. 🤍🖤🙏🏻❤️ It was worth waiting for this song. 😊
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato Күн мурун
Me and my sister Watch this in my computer together I was so confused when tyler was singing and I heard nothing...I Ask my sis If it was muted..and she said yes I laughed so hard I called her a idiot and rewind the video again-
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato
can anyone hear a running wottah? Potato Күн мурун
iczorro the guy
iczorro the guy Күн мурун
This is about Tyler losing Christianity, right?
Kevin Daniel Delgado
Kevin Daniel Delgado Күн мурун
Tuvo buena
воробей воробей
воробей воробей Күн мурун
наконецто руского нашол
воробей воробей
воробей воробей Күн мурун
i love you twenty one pilots
Wuicho10L Күн мурун
Ohh yeaa!!!
Chrisnando Arya
Chrisnando Arya Күн мурун
5 years late 😅
hermosa melodia!!!
oof Күн мурун
i love this cover, im a fan of both of them
Evelin Valadez
Evelin Valadez Күн мурун
De las primeras canciones de twenty one pilots que escuche y hoy cumplo 4 años en el clique😭💗
BABYBLUE Күн мурун
un huevo
un huevo Күн мурун
Nooooo firulais!!!!!!! Psd: encontraste un comentario en español, felicitaciones
Abigaíl Villarreal
Abigaíl Villarreal Күн мурун
¡¡Viva Twenty One Pilots!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🤘
Syihan Rafiqy
Syihan Rafiqy Күн мурун
My favorite song of PES 2017
jordan James
jordan James Күн мурун
Gets me every time.
lucy_ clr
lucy_ clr Күн мурун
Itzae Gómez
Itzae Gómez Күн мурун
Te amo twenty one pilots por ti sigo queriendo vivir u.u♡
Abby Siskind
Abby Siskind Күн мурун
did anyone else notice the dema mug on josh's counter?
Carløs Jøseph
Carløs Jøseph Күн мурун
i love so much
K203 TM
K203 TM Күн мурун
Pero que ha pasao'?
potato potato
potato potato Күн мурун
Cool Lyrics
Cool Lyrics Күн мурун
After Choker ?
Fabs G-Errero
Fabs G-Errero Күн мурун
finally starting to like it. it's nice after so many years there new songs are still good.
Skully Күн мурун
Reminds me of their Vessel era. I'm so happy bc that's my favorite album from them
Flo Күн мурун
Bruh the big gun of josh
Pipeshop Babie J
Pipeshop Babie J Күн мурун
I’m here cause I know it’s a freestyle somewhere in here 👀👂🏽
espectacular cancion!!!
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Shopping Cart Күн мурун
Isabel Campos martinez
Isabel Campos martinez Күн мурун
Stay Alive
Corey Frazier
Corey Frazier Күн мурун
this has a while new deeper meaning for truthers. rid that flouride. when we perish in the war for freedom, don't save our seat. well be back (reincarnate) once the shift is complete. see you on the other side brothers and sisters 💚💜
A P Күн мурун
my fren : do ya like this song? me : No, *I love this*
jaquelina m.a
jaquelina m.a Күн мурун
Los amo💛
Axel Hernández
Axel Hernández Күн мурун
2:49 Esto es mucho mejor que la parte del tik tok ¿Quién más viene porque está canción los hace sentir libres y bien con ustedes mismos?
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Mikaelysson silva
Mikaelysson silva Күн мурун
Tyler e sua voz magnífica.❤️
Yakko Gamez
Yakko Gamez Күн мурун
I swear I thought my manz took out an ak like Tyler: *yoink* Josh: not today! *pulls out strap* not my limited edition misprinted white eyed blue dragon!
Josiah Pena
Josiah Pena Күн мурун
this song makes me cry.
Mittz The Trash Lord
Mittz The Trash Lord Күн мурун
Moral of the story: Don't try to steal a miniature blue dragon figurine or you'll be turned into a bobble-headed one.
zefanya Күн мурун
Dante nono
Dante nono Күн мурун
This guys are the equivalent of blink182 of this generation am i right?
Charl;e Күн мурун
I love this
Maelawan Le Dantec Gaussen
Maelawan Le Dantec Gaussen Күн мурун
the serotonin boost this song gives me tho>>>
H 2671
H 2671 Күн мурун
Aaand..... skip.
Take my hand
Henry Crevoisier
Henry Crevoisier Күн мурун
I love you guys
Jiexty M
Jiexty M Күн мурун
i returned to the fandom 🥰🖐
blueberry dreams.
blueberry dreams. Күн мурун
*don't let me be gone.*