Sny734 10 саат мурун
I want to know the name and model number of his battery maintainers. When you go to buy one "ours is the best"
DP Dutcher
DP Dutcher 10 саат мурун
My 2012 CTS V Wagon will dust anything in that garage.
anonymous George
anonymous George 11 саат мурун
Great video. Thanks.
Wolverines Fight
Wolverines Fight 11 саат мурун
I would love to see Jay Leno being given a tour of Tim Allen's garage then another episode where Jay Leno returns the favor.
Justin Alterman
Justin Alterman 12 саат мурун
dumb question... why are all the cars plugged in? i mean to charge the batteries? but why does it seem like all of them are plugged in? curious and thank you for this :)
Aska Dad
Aska Dad 13 саат мурун
I hope he is a good guy!
Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix Arizona 14 саат мурун
Awesome video awesome cars
Ron Lynch
Ron Lynch 14 саат мурун
This Mclaren looks modern even in 2021.😎👍🇨🇦
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson 14 саат мурун
Why don't help poor people?
Michael Shaffer
Michael Shaffer 16 саат мурун
Really like the marauder, go tim go!
Dredd 1
Dredd 1 16 саат мурун
He would sell some and donate all the money to the poor. He wants wealth redistribution after all
Don 2010 colorado
Don 2010 colorado 16 саат мурун
64 Ford, best car in the collection. He insulted it for 50 seconds.
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez 16 саат мурун
We're can You oder partes sir
Eric Pisch
Eric Pisch 17 саат мурун
Mclaren did x, mclaren did y. F1 err nope this car is 100% Gordon Murray, Murray did x, Murray did y
VANDIESEL 17 саат мурун
Ford RS200: Ken Block enters the chat.
D-.-RAiL Gaming
D-.-RAiL Gaming 17 саат мурун
You should of done subtitle inserts or corrections instead of voice overs.
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 18 саат мурун
That is NOT an LM. It is chassis 073, which has an LM engine and ultra high downforce kit. There were 6 LMs made. The "twin" of this car is chassis 018. For chief historian almost NOTHING he said is true! Hire me and I'll do it right!
Lassi Kinnunen 81
Lassi Kinnunen 81 17 саат мурун
anyone could do better with 5 mins of googling with this one. funny thing is they read/reply to comments but not into any commenting on the wrong info. that's not how to handle stuff really on youtube. just fess up, put the right info in the video description or redo the video, this is like "you're drunk go home" level right now. maybe write a script so if your intention is to _not_ claim that _this_ individual car won le mans then maybe not put it in the script that this(referred to as it) car won le mans. or maybe they're just trolling? maybe?
sooperdave70 18 саат мурун
that GTO with the honeycombs is sweet!!! Where's the 90 Taurus SHO Tim??
Happy Playz
Happy Playz 18 саат мурун
Holy shi* thats alot of cars, how many fuc*ing movies lol
Evan Turnau
Evan Turnau 19 саат мурун
Sorry Matt, but in the same regard to a Dog looking like its owner. Your pink safari 911 actually looks just like you! 😅🤣😂
Autolist Canada
Autolist Canada 20 саат мурун
This orange car is LM spec, but not a real LM.
boson 20 саат мурун
Oh dear, these cars are living in poultry farming cage, stressful............
chubbynoah 22 саат мурун
The nomad is Missing, can't believe he didn't keep that car from his show
Mark Patterson
Mark Patterson 22 саат мурун
Thanks for the video!!
Lewis Nash
Lewis Nash Күн мурун
I really liked Home Improvements, but i did not recognize him. He has really changed in appearance and speach. He is the real deal.
Charlie ZzZ
Charlie ZzZ Күн мурун
Q: Is the vehicle a left-hand drive or right-hand drive? A: Yes
Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum 19 саат мурун
good one!
hyper Күн мурун
Wtf are you talking about haha. If you want... this car is for you... you sound like a car salesman lmfao. They are 20+ million dollars cars. Hardly anyone can get a F1 haha that made me laugh hard 🤣
chitterman 1983
chitterman 1983 Күн мурун
Why is this the last season of last man standing?
Jk4 Fam
Jk4 Fam Күн мурун
Cant wait to come see it!
Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum 19 саат мурун
We hope to see you soon!!
Daniel Contreras
Daniel Contreras Күн мурун
MuleBurger33 Күн мурун
burdine estep
burdine estep Күн мурун
This is a race car /you see the fitted luggage it's called a touring car. When a cat is a dog that drives Formula 1 cars at Le Mans. Proof reader is canned.
Ryan Jordan
Ryan Jordan Күн мурун
Does he keep his coke supply in his garage?...snort!
joseph sudler, sr.
joseph sudler, sr. Күн мурун
Without a doubt one of the all time great sports cars of all time 😎
Dick Brown
Dick Brown Күн мурун
Thank you - enjoyed the tour.
Jason Claunch
Jason Claunch Күн мурун
So I do love the cars but the firearms are definitely more interesting.
Bob Horan
Bob Horan Күн мурун
love your attention to detail
Bill Carini
Bill Carini Күн мурун
This is what made me fall in love with cars! I always liked cars but when I was a teenager I came across this in a magazine and was astonished and love struck!
Democratic Detox
Democratic Detox Күн мурун
That truck story was FXCKIN hilarious 😂🤣🤣
Norwrussianese Күн мурун
64 Galaxie, very cool. I had one years ago, but mine was the undesirable 4 door. Still miss that car, gave it to my cousin when I decided I could not afford it anymore. Had the 352 in mine, and that thing was definitely not "fast" but still great to drive!
J Hales
J Hales Күн мурун
Came THIS close to buying one but not being able to get my McDonalds order through the window killed it for me, so I got a Carolla
ncsteeltoe Күн мурун
You cannot even begin to scratch the surface of an F1 in four minutes.
Elijah Күн мурун
Strange & dry intro.
Robert Serrano
Robert Serrano Күн мурун
I'm more curious about the M249 SAW in the office window.
John A
John A Күн мурун
Grinds my gears when gazzillionaires won't spend a few bucks to hire a competent cameraman to follow them around what is a most impressive collection, and actually show us what the host is talking about in real time without making us all seasick.
Michael Leers
Michael Leers Күн мурун
Thank you, Petersen Automotive for a great look and a great car! Much appreciated! :)
Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum Күн мурун
Glad you like it!
Luis Terrazas
Luis Terrazas Күн мурун
Love Tim allen and his collection is choice. One thing people don't realize is the history or the stories on how it came into the garage. Amazing memory on every car.
michael pike
michael pike Күн мурун
James Dean crash >
mike stang
mike stang Күн мурун
McClaren wanted to build 500 units, but only built 106, no interest at the time, some savvy investors bought a couple, like Ralph Lauren, and far-east investors, good move........
Lassi Kinnunen 81
Lassi Kinnunen 81 Күн мурун
could just as easily have been a very bad move like buying a current mclaren, hence only the 106. actually if it had sold 500 units it might not have been such a good move.
G Smith
G Smith Күн мурун
Please drive that. Somebody! So awesome thank you!
Clay Loomis
Clay Loomis Күн мурун
Jay takes us all out for a ride in _his_ F1.
Tiberiu Mihalcea
Tiberiu Mihalcea Күн мурун
There where 5 F1 LMs built and 1 prototype, a total of 6 cars. What you have there is chassis 073, one of the 2 normal F1s upgraded with the HDK, specific to the LM cars, but not an original F1 LM.
thiam1 17 саат мурун
If they only made two cars and the Sultan of Brunei has three of them, we have a problematic math situation here.
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 17 саат мурун
@Lassi Kinnunen 81 they made 6 LM versions to celebrate the GTRs winning LeMans. This is not even one of the 6 LMs. There were two McLaren F1's upgraded to "LM spec" which are 073(the one in the video) and 018.
Lassi Kinnunen 81
Lassi Kinnunen 81 20 саат мурун
@Tiberiu Mihalcea go to around 0:43 on the video. "_this_ car derives it's lm designation from of course the le mans race which _it_ won which is an incredible feat for a road going car", which indeed it would be. because it didn't look like one i did look it up. like, from the way the presenter presents it, he says this car won lemans. it's not obvious at all that the race cars were GTR variants, not LM cars. it was still pretty unexpected for a gt car to win the overall lemans but still, this roadgoing car is different. it's confusing. I don't understand why he needs to try to oversell it like that and make it look cooler than it is, it's still a pretty rare version of a pretty rare car thats really cool.
BillY2KFRC 20 саат мурун
Exactly, you can immediately tell this is not an actual LM; I was a bit disappointed the Chief Historian at Peterson would get that so wrong.
Tiberiu Mihalcea
Tiberiu Mihalcea 21 саат мурун
@Lassi Kinnunen 81 That's not the point...
crypto lego103
crypto lego103 Күн мурун
"Apple phone golf cart" xD
Moose Күн мурун
Fell in love with this car the second I saw it, everything thing about it is amazing, more thrilled that it has become a holy grail car over the years, wow wow and more wow
Moose Күн мурун
I could replay this video all day long and not get tired of it
James Straub
James Straub Күн мурун
Awesomeness. Would love to see more of this beautiful car.
Petersen Automotive Museum
Petersen Automotive Museum Күн мурун
More to come!
Ding-Dong Dingus Lazar And The Cult of Spaz-Nozzles
Ding-Dong Dingus Lazar And The Cult of Spaz-Nozzles Күн мурун
5 LM versions were constructed.
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 18 саат мурун
Actually there were 6 including XPLM1, 4 in Papaya Orange, 2 in the sultan of brunei's weird livery.
Gala Ceir
Gala Ceir Күн мурун
I was going to ask why he skipped the porsches and the Torino, but than i noticed that M249 on display in the office. Didn't know he was pro gun.
Thomas Van Tassel
Thomas Van Tassel Күн мурун
Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley Күн мурун
Agreed, it’s a superlative supercar, but a 4-minute video with seeing the interior or the engine leaves me underwhelmed. Sorry
That's one SEXY car right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👍🤜🤛
love Metallica..these are just o.k. for my taste. Now what does James spend his money on?
Jake Oviatt
Jake Oviatt Күн мурун
That’s the whittingtons brothers Porsche 935 so cool
Cody Waltz
Cody Waltz Күн мурун
Holy cow!!! One of my customers runs his vineyard, I've been to this place a few times (right next to this shop) working on equipment... I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS IN THERE!!! Pretty cool.
Mark Ibinsen
Mark Ibinsen Күн мурун
Turn down or eliminate the MUSIC!!! Don't you read these comments?? This comment has been made dozens of times!
Joshua James
Joshua James Күн мурун
How are you going to own a gt350 "Hertz" and not even know what the H represents? Its not a hurst or a mustang. Its a shelby and it was produced to be a rental car. Shame on you Petersens for letting Tim faceplant like this. Stopped watching where he said its the Buick of Cadillacs..You are from Michigan Tim?Embarrassing!
Ron Douglas
Ron Douglas Күн мурун
There is a beautiful and fascinating new book on museum exhibition design and the life and career of a famed museum exhibition designer now in his 90s. The title of the book is "The Object in its Place." The book is filled with historic and current photographs of the installations as well as a series of "lessons" for the reader that are called out in red. This book is a valuable tool for anyone interested in the process of museum exhibition design from the initial sketches to the final installation. Available at:
Dana Peck
Dana Peck Күн мурун
Raymond Loewy was right about excessive attention to aerodynamics
Dana Peck
Dana Peck Күн мурун
Whoever came up with the concept & execution for this series is my hero
antonthewall Күн мурун
I will never own an electric car fuck that
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan Күн мурун
10:40 " ... bulit in England so it is 'Left -hand (not right-hand) drive."
boson Күн мурун
1961 Buick LeSabre 26:00 , my jaw drops when this beauty appears on the screen, I love you 💖.
txprospector Күн мурун
Do you have the 67 Impala with the Muncie Rockcrusher from LMS?
kc550 Күн мурун
Why does it sound like he's about to yawn every so often. His voice moves into this weird octave and then returns back to its scratchy grumbly sound. Is he fighting back a yawn??
Anon Күн мурун
Tim Allen owning an RS200… didn’t expect that but hell yeah man
Kid S Adventurer
Kid S Adventurer Күн мурун
i like this man
Kevin barrett
Kevin barrett Күн мурун
This car proves there’s a sucker born every minute, just so awkward and ugly and dangerous.
PSCavalier 95
PSCavalier 95 Күн мурун
Red is my favourite Car Colour.
matthew kondakor
matthew kondakor 2 күн мурун
Nice to see not every celebrity is a scumbag fool. Good taste and nice guns too.
XXxxMULLINSxxXX 2 күн мурун
Take that stupid mask off, you’re by yourself ffs. Smh 🤦‍♂️