The Reel Rejects
The Reel Rejects 15 саат мурун
In all sincerity, we love Andrew Garfield. Watch any review for any film we've covered of his, it's clear. Sincerely am hoping he's in it & that this is just to hide the reveal.
The Reel Rejects
The Reel Rejects 15 саат мурун
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Fear 15 саат мурун
I hope we get a Vader cameo
Mr Video Game
Mr Video Game 15 саат мурун
if i try to use the audio in that volume i ger copy R and the video get block
NC Zecro
NC Zecro 15 саат мурун
The guy in the Superman shirt always has such forced reactions. I know you guys are a reaction channel and I get that you guys have to some times over react, but it seems like 90 percent of his are like artificial. Where as the one with the Spider-Man shirt seems more natural, maybe he’s been doing his reaction longer. Not trying to be rude, just a little constructive criticism, you guys probably won’t even see this. Also I apologize for not knowing your actual names.
Danny Jones
Danny Jones 15 саат мурун
And the biggest wtf for a movie goes to midsommar 🤦🤦🤦🤦
MTL 15 саат мурун
Hyped for eternals cause it will have the first openly gay hero
Jordan Blackwell
Jordan Blackwell 15 саат мурун
Alexander Anunna
Alexander Anunna 15 саат мурун
If they're smart, they'll take a page out of Neil Gaiman's book (literally), and make Sprite the villain, since child actors make poor immortals...
Henrique de Almeida
Henrique de Almeida 16 саат мурун
I love how many actors from real sitcoms were on this show, a really nice touch
The Bear Geek
The Bear Geek 16 саат мурун
I hate Man of Steel and Batman V Superman. I hate Josstice League and I dont know why, I love Zack Snyder's Justice League.
Reed Coles
Reed Coles 16 саат мурун
You guys should react to Daniel thrasher with a video called when you just wanna vibe and musical nonsense to vibe to one and and two there pretty hilarious I can’t for Loki as well too
Emme Langley
Emme Langley 16 саат мурун
The girls father doesn’t have one of his arms maybe his wife died because of a sea monster? Or his wife is a sea monster and faked her death to return back to her true home and he thinks a sea monster killed her? Maybe even Lucas mom??
TECH REVISIT 16 саат мурун
I think it's Phase 4 not Fantastic four😅
Vinskiegaming XD
Vinskiegaming XD 16 саат мурун
“Them fighting” Na that was a beatdown ☠️
Justin Dykes
Justin Dykes 16 саат мурун
So is it just me or does Omega seem force sensitive? Like that talk with crosshairs felt like she had a feeling that he would betray them and she pleaded with him not to. And then she sensed that he was behind the door before he even showed up. Then made a really amazing shot despite having never held a blaster? Maybe she’s like a secret project to make force sensitive clones?
Commander 1612
Commander 1612 16 саат мурун
Those training droids are known as "Imperial Sentry Droid" or "DT Series Sentry Droid" NOT DARK TROOPERS.
INFINITE SADNESS 17 саат мурун
9 months to mars, not two years
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 17 саат мурун
Omega probably doesn’t have the advanced aging like the rest
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 16 саат мурун
@Emily Lewis maybe she does have the aging idk. I guess we’re gonna find out
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson 16 саат мурун
@Emily Lewis maybe she does have the aging idk. I guess we’re gonna find out
Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis 16 саат мурун
See that throws me off. Its said that its been 207 days since they were last on Kamino, yet they don't know Omega and it seems like Omega looks like a 10 year old.
The Whills
The Whills 17 саат мурун
He said “Stormtrooper” when he shoulda said “Clone Trooper”. GET HIM, NERDS!!!
DC fan
DC fan 18 саат мурун
I'm from future and in future snyders justice league trilogy,Bataffleck move and man of steel 2exists
claudio gonzalez
claudio gonzalez 18 саат мурун
I hope this becomes a trilogy
Layne A
Layne A 18 саат мурун
I wonder if the heroes and villains will team up to stop the Viltrimites. Some of those villains have had an awful lot of attention given to them.
Corinne Hackworth
Corinne Hackworth 18 саат мурун
I really think they did a great job for the small budget they had
Saradindu Sarma
Saradindu Sarma 18 саат мурун
Actually Tony didn't knew his weapons were used like this.
bigorange2082 19 саат мурун
Crosshairs has a very Clint Eastwood vibe about him.
Mehnoor Kaur
Mehnoor Kaur 19 саат мурун
Thats really frustrating.. you keep asking someone.. how?
AJAY JOHNSON 19 саат мурун
I wonder there will be no shows after loki this year. Since nothing have been mentioned in the trailer.
Max Hess
Max Hess 19 саат мурун
This should have been titled Florida Men.
Jason Spaulding
Jason Spaulding 19 саат мурун
Omega is such a fan girl to the bad batch especially Hunter
D P 19 саат мурун
I believe tarkin calls it cumino
Oleg P
Oleg P 19 саат мурун
So this is a minor detail but in the beginning battle I noticed a sound effect from republic commando when crosshair was up in the trees. Since this series is focused on unaffected clones maybe we will finally get a Sev story?
Dina Nahin
Dina Nahin 19 саат мурун
Hey reel rejects fans I think I have a theory greg alba's is an insane patient think about he laughed at things that aren't funny so if I my theory right he an insane patient and he should be in a mental asylum
Vet Oif
Vet Oif 19 саат мурун
Please watch and react to the I AM BATMAN DEMO, it's worth it.
Gino Duarte Martins Pereira
Gino Duarte Martins Pereira 20 саат мурун
Absolutely love you guys ! Keep up the work i beg you ! Also ! I think we can all agree that the Eternals are going to be unbelievable
David -A
David -A 20 саат мурун
Overall i enjoyed the whole movie! Ghost rider has returned
Lex Roll
Lex Roll 20 саат мурун
This is like the A Team of Star Wars. 😃
Jordan S
Jordan S 20 саат мурун
loki could be the xgene intro either that or eternals
Trevor 20 саат мурун
"Good thing you were tortured for so long... It's really paying off right now"
Peyton Newman
Peyton Newman 20 саат мурун
Honestly part of me wants to rank this among the greatest shows such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.
Timecircle Blue
Timecircle Blue 20 саат мурун
Hope this doesn’t overwrite the Kanan comic miniseries. But that “captain” was likely Commander Grey.
Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis 17 саат мурун
I saw someone explain that it does in a very small way, ie the bad batch being their, but the location and how it went down was so close that it doesn't really rewrite it.
Mossie Gee
Mossie Gee 20 саат мурун
Star Wars canon is like three other canons Star Trek : Here hold my Tri-Corder
Nick Bose
Nick Bose 20 саат мурун
I am going to guess that nobody will go see this movie, just to protest against it
David strange
David strange 20 саат мурун
Dude her name is Omega of course she's got a strong almost force sensitive abilities? Possible she's a clone who develops some force abilities
Mossie Gee
Mossie Gee 20 саат мурун
So is it possible Omega is force sensitive....she seemed to know Crosshair would go bad and that he was there before the door opened in the hangerbay
TMJ TV 20 саат мурун
well ull be scared because the leader here in PH is dictator cant say his name because staying out of politics hahahahaah
David strange
David strange 20 саат мурун
Okay saw gerrera is in Rebels and Rogue one and is voiced in animated shows by Forest Whitaker I don't know if if he voiced all of them but he is in Rebels
Dillon Martin
Dillon Martin 20 саат мурун
So does this mean the stones were somewhat alive?
kikikz 860
kikikz 860 21 саат мурун
I love this episode!!
David strange
David strange 21 саат мурун
The star Wars comic of Caleb Dune was very similar in the way that his master fights the Clones ( and they were just in a battle similar to what happened before hand ) Caleb was further away from his master an order 66 Happens and his master fights off the clones while yelling for Celeb to RUN!! an as she gets gunned down giving her Padawan enough time to run similar to what they show only difference is they didn't have clone Force 99 in there .and he is hiding out, hungry and alone he finds a Smuggler .. after some time changes his name stops using the light saber and cuts himself off from the force. But before he stopped living like a Jedi he gets caught by the commander who killed his master. at one point two of his new smuggler friends help him get away but what really helped him get away. Is after he convinced one clone that he was friends with , before order 66 . Celeb pleads with that officer how he and the other clones in the unit loved the Jedi then turned on a dime a murdered the Jedi!. It was like the clone forgotten his history with the General. That's partly how the control chip works they forget there feeling about the Jedi (and like the winter soldier of Marvel are filled with Hate and programming to follow orders no matter what and that's all that matters !) It's broad strokes version check it out its a cool comic line.
prideling 21 саат мурун
How had I never found you guys before now? You're amazing reactors: funny, insightful, sensitive to both the themes and the heart of the story, not afraid to show your feelings or how you can realate to the story... Can't wait to see more from this channel! What a ride!
Gundamn Mechas
Gundamn Mechas 21 саат мурун
"Tarkin's gonna go touch himself...create his own little bad batch, youknowwhatimean 😏" y'all foul for that one 😂🤣
Roblox Adventures with Prince job
Roblox Adventures with Prince job 21 саат мурун
"His unicorn crotch is very healthy that means thst his imaginations are healthy"
Aldren Siscar
Aldren Siscar 21 саат мурун
Halo-halo was the best part on this episode
Shane 21 саат мурун
Shout out to the prince (vegeta) !!!
pmo civilian police
pmo civilian police 22 саат мурун
they always make imperial droids stupid and annoying....
adibis 22 саат мурун
React to attack on Titan
Prabhakaran 22 саат мурун
12:52 That's when he realised watching this movie solo was a bad idea 😂😂😂
The zombie slayer
The zombie slayer 23 саат мурун
12:16 I think Ryan Right came out there 🤣
Jay_black264 23 саат мурун
Did anyone else notice that omega knew crosshair was coming through the door before he even did.
Adi Thale
Adi Thale 19 саат мурун
She is probably force sensitive
Boba Phet
Boba Phet 23 саат мурун
Every clanker death I feel. Roger roger.
SABAL 23 саат мурун
2021 HELLO 2016 PEOPLE
Amro Alhalemi
Amro Alhalemi 23 саат мурун
This is a true store
Ard Vlog
Ard Vlog 23 саат мурун
Tom & Andrew: Oh shit out of web!! Tobey: I missed the part where that's my problem..
Sujay Shenoy
Sujay Shenoy Күн мурун
I'm upset over the choice of video for movie reaction. Just check the indian reactions man.
Kush Mandey
Kush Mandey Күн мурун
I haven't watched clone wars. Would it affect my experience if I start watching this directly?? I only watched the movies.
Mini Sarge
Mini Sarge 21 саат мурун
It will make things make more sense but its not necessary.. They went out of their way to pick jedi that dont show up in Clone Wars, so it wouldnt affect ur watch value. Also the bad batch previously only show up in 3 episodes.
Come and take them
Come and take them Күн мурун
You keep calling him “Caleb,” as though you think that’s his ultimate name. His name here is Caleb Dume, and his ultimate name is Kanan Jarrus. You’re not getting “Caleb’s” origin, you’re getting Kanan’s, and you don’t seem to know the difference. Aka- once again exposed as posers. You didn’t even notice the “Good soldiers follow orders” line callback. You guys are increasingly disappointing.
Shravan Aragula
Shravan Aragula Күн мурун
This is the best batman trailer by far atleast he's being a detextive
Jacob de Vries
Jacob de Vries Күн мурун
Good soldiers follow orders. The line Clone Trooper Tup said right before he offed Jedi General Tiplar.
Dababy Күн мурун
lessss gooooooo
tim othy
tim othy Күн мурун
Slight correction, mark is, as the show states, "nearly full blooded" not half.
amisha suresh
amisha suresh Күн мурун
What if the pandemic is part of wiping off major population? Done by aliens.......
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly Күн мурун
21:28 What I don't like about the concept of *Crosshair* being a possible antagonist coming after them on a semi-regular basis is how _the guy who never misses_ may now have to miss *all the time.* 🤔
ACaptain Cole
ACaptain Cole Күн мурун
And they said that the inhebater chip lower/ stoped there agressive, and yet that's not what I am seeing here, 🤔
Mini Sarge
Mini Sarge 21 саат мурун
That was a coverup to the jedi and public
Jonathon King
Jonathon King Күн мурун
15:37 "The Smart character who was steps ahead of the others thinking they knew too but didn't and waited to tell them" cliche
games tech
games tech Күн мурун
omg...he is soo good
Alex Hartley
Alex Hartley Күн мурун
I really do hate to compare the two, but Warner Bro's decided to release this which is basically, as you said, a big "fuck you" to pretty much all their fans, at least a huge portion of them. Marvel, a day later, releases an MCU movie trailer, appreciating the past movies, the fandom and what they are currently doing. I don't understand why Warner Bro's wants to bring hatred upon themselves when they could, so easily fix their cinematic universe. Marvel and DC with never be the same, but it should not be this much of a difference. Warner Bro's are digging themselves their own grave at this point. Also note that Warner Bro's UK & Ireland posted Snyder Cut clips and not this trailer. This is all Warner Bro's HQ.
hellowhat890 Күн мурун
So... when the show was showing Master Billaba and Caleb Dune, I was so nervous when it revealed their Order 66 scene. But after I got over the sadness of it... I went back and found one particular detail that stood out to me. Notice that Master Billaba never killed her Clone Commander. I love that detail because it contributes to how Caleb survives later. She saw Order 66 relayed to Grey and was confused at first. But he fired on her instantly before she could question what that was all about. She disarms and kicks him to the ground. Doesn't kill him. She probably wanted to question him later but before she could even think, the other clones started turning on her with the order as well. Rapid escalation leads to her being overwhelmed. I'm not sure if they animated or did that on purpose in the show but... Commander Grey would eventually follow Caleb to Lahn in the comics. He would also realize that something had taken their free will when Order 66 was given. Spoiler: * He sacrificed himself to let Caleb/Kanan Jarrus survive. His last words when the other clones asked what he was doing as he blew themselves up to give Kanan a chance to escape... "Making things right." It's still one of the most epic and tragic one liners I've seen/heard a clone declare who executed Order 66.