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tahlia •-•
tahlia •-• 23 саат мурун
This song has nearly a million views and I’m responsible for a solid 98% of them
Amukelani Mandlazi
Amukelani Mandlazi 23 саат мурун
this is too good man damn haha
Monty Ko
Monty Ko 23 саат мурун
"why do all these horses have strippers name" XD
Ol' Dreäddy
Ol' Dreäddy 23 саат мурун
... *H e l l Yeah*
Erika Schnidrig
Erika Schnidrig Күн мурун
Sofia isn't even on the top 50 now.. And tmg is 9
MEGA BEAR_18 Күн мурун
Ive been waiting for the dad song, this is lit.
Promises_ Promises
Promises_ Promises Күн мурун
noel as a dad tho....
Summer Bradford
Summer Bradford Күн мурун
Our point in the comment section is ... we don’t give af just make videos
Jacquelyn Busch
Jacquelyn Busch Күн мурун
Did they purposely make Cody look old in this??
David Y
David Y Күн мурун
this song sounds like the afdf muffin song
A catchy ass song about dads😂
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 23 саат мурун
shouldve called it dilf
Benjahmin Kahi
Benjahmin Kahi Күн мурун
thx TMG as a dilf i can say this is %100 accurate
Lily- Mmmm
Lily- Mmmm Күн мурун
Ghee they got old 💓
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi 23 саат мурун
Goes far too hard
Simon Hej
Simon Hej Күн мурун
i will vibe HARD to this in 10 years from now
avery steinman
avery steinman Күн мурун
dare i say it, this video is ✨frictionless✨
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz Күн мурун
7:04 Really, Jeff? Man, was that really interesting that he would say that if you knew Cody was going to say his name? Wow. This episode made me want to take an intro class to Cloutconomics.
Ryan Vergara
Ryan Vergara Күн мурун
I need that Noel Jesus candle
bob Күн мурун
ah yes, the father noel candle
Marcello Positano
Marcello Positano Күн мурун
No one talking about QUINN XCII?? Lol love that man
tugz Күн мурун
Broke bIthxts
Clementine DeWitt
Clementine DeWitt Күн мурун
Oh noooo I hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me 👀
VaidVilson Күн мурун
Love how they're both wearing the same colours as they did in Broke Bitch But it's dad shirts
Brevin Ross
Brevin Ross Күн мурун
Mary Maffei
Mary Maffei Күн мурун
so glad cody stopped dying his hair for this video. he should embrace it.
Official Skypie
Official Skypie Күн мурун
Ok, but Cody be looking fine 😅
Archie Maclean
Archie Maclean Күн мурун
Goes far too hard
Justin Cruz
Justin Cruz Күн мурун
Serial Hugger on the loose.
sick sick sicks
sick sick sicks Күн мурун
shouldve called it dilf
blairedemort Күн мурун
Cody kind of looks the same lol
Gabrielle Desmeules
Gabrielle Desmeules Күн мурун
facade Күн мурун
national *boomer* anthem
Beggin for Bluegrass
Beggin for Bluegrass Күн мурун
Diamond Pistols is just the 3rd member of TMG now
Anirudh Maiya
Anirudh Maiya Күн мурун
Cody’s verse was 🔥
hudojni4ka Күн мурун
Cody’s voice doesn’t match his face, neither does the other guy’s voice. Only Noel’s voice matches his face!
hudojni4ka Күн мурун
Күн мурун
I like it how they made noel look older but did not do eanything to cody😂
aidan uvall
aidan uvall Күн мурун
Cody's legs tho 😂
Violet Violence
Violet Violence Күн мурун
Yall need to collab with Leon Lush
Sarah Doiron
Sarah Doiron Күн мурун
A H O Y !
Decimal Ocean ง'̀-'́ง
Decimal Ocean ง'̀-'́ง Күн мурун
cant wait for the: ft Dr.Phil version
Brenda H
Brenda H Күн мурун
Who would have thought that youtube comedy music would come this far
Gabriella Pinelli
Gabriella Pinelli Күн мурун
okayyy this goes hard
Justice Harmsen
Justice Harmsen Күн мурун
Joanna Miller
Joanna Miller Күн мурун
Aleena was executive producer aww she’s so talented
Toxicc 2K
Toxicc 2K Күн мурун
Why didnt they give cody any makeup?
Kelsey Mountain
Kelsey Mountain Күн мурун
they just don't miss
Selin Guler
Selin Guler Күн мурун
everyone in this video has so much dilf potential
lexa chalamet
lexa chalamet Күн мурун
noel please start selling the prayer candle
Ella Huffman
Ella Huffman Күн мурун
Cody really looks like a dad
Sienna Emmanuele
Sienna Emmanuele Күн мурун
Collin Acciaioli
Collin Acciaioli Күн мурун
Ariana Hunt
Ariana Hunt Күн мурун
The. Gray. Hair.
OilyLiver Күн мурун
cody is so casual in this lol
liamCA Күн мурун
Legend has it Cody didn't even need makeup
Ashtynコリンズ Күн мурун
“Why do all these horses have stripper names”
clementine Күн мурун
aleena and kelsey listed in the credits as executive producer and producing assistants <3
Ellen Crowell
Ellen Crowell Күн мурун
Noel brings the best lyrics, Cody brings the vibe, and Quinn XCII (my sweetheart) is here for the god damn ride.
clementine Күн мурун
how is no one talking about "i leave the decorating to my wife, but imma rearrange her insides" and cody's wink right after because i had to replay that bit like 5 times
clementine Күн мурун
the way noel said "that dresser too heavy? daddy gonna lift that" unlocked something in me
clementine Күн мурун
mans did not have to look AND sound that attractive when he delivered that line
clementine Күн мурун
noel as jesus on the candle so true
stevanus gunawan
stevanus gunawan Күн мурун
Cody's gray hair looks waaay too realistic
Cynane Күн мурун
Quinn looking 20 years older
Emily Eve
Emily Eve Күн мурун
please tell me we can buy those prayer candles with noel’s face on them soon i need 7
Diamond Brown
Diamond Brown Күн мурун
noel is the perfect daddy bye
Diamond Brown
Diamond Brown Күн мурун
cody never cut your hair pls
Diamond Brown
Diamond Brown Күн мурун
it’s always so alarming seeing cody’s legs
Lex Lex
Lex Lex Күн мурун
livvi tiddi
livvi tiddi Күн мурун
I think I’m over the long hair cody
kieran smith
kieran smith Күн мурун
Leon lush looks different here
Purple_Pickle_Man Күн мурун
Cody looks like a mom more than a dad lol
tia nicole
tia nicole Күн мурун
cody looking kinda like a le$bean 🥰
Carol Lynette
Carol Lynette Күн мурун
Is this secretly the pregnancy announcement for Noel or Cody?
Bennett Sanderson
Bennett Sanderson Күн мурун
quarantine preview
Nikolet Күн мурун
No one gonna talk about how Cody looks the same?
Katherine Crunch
Katherine Crunch Күн мурун
I love how butthurt all the "equestrians" are who probably have never ridden hunting or western horses. XD Just let the dudes have fun
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna Күн мурун
Came for tiny meat...stayed for Cody's dad bod
Joe Random
Joe Random Күн мурун
No one: Cody and Noel: 👀 👄
emir avdagic
emir avdagic Күн мурун
Mark Wahlbergs verse was fire
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko Күн мурун
101:05 “anyone could think of this idea” Anyone did think of the idea. Subathons are a new thing. You two sound like some geezerdy ass fellows.